Zelda Dragon Rush! (Stream Highlights)

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Didn't get a chance to see our Breath of the Wild streams the first time 'round? Want to relive the agony of The No-Dragons Dragon Rush a second time in a more condensed fashion? Well this stream compilation is the thing for you!
This video was edited by Sophia Ricciardi AKA "Indigo". www.sophiakricci.com/
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Jack Writer
Jack Writer 20 kun oldin
There is this constant question in my mind... Did Links Left Nut only donate so much, so we would his name the whole time on the right Part of the screen?
Carly Rosenbloom
Carly Rosenbloom 23 kun oldin
Cowboy hat
Cowboy hat Oy oldin
Not a dbfz vid =(
Idongesit Usen
Idongesit Usen Oy oldin
Link used Dragon Rush. Its not very effective...
Comic Rian
Comic Rian Oy oldin
Who is Cyan? Is she Blue Girlfriend?
Mon trainer ash D
Mon trainer ash D Oy oldin
I’m very upset y’all copped out an talked to impa
Luis Stryker
Luis Stryker 2 oy oldin
Idiocy at its finest... I love you guys
Ashleg 83
Ashleg 83 2 oy oldin
Red's commentary on the Tree-climbing: Completely and entirely true, to a point. Past 60 feet, they start getting scared you may fall. No joke, has happened to me many times. Still does. and I'm in my 30's...
shaw miserix
shaw miserix 2 oy oldin
ya know the dragons don't all spawn in one region the snowy mountain by hateno village is where the blue dragon is you saw the yellow dragon but the red one is over by the rito and the gorons
Sadie Lynn
Sadie Lynn 2 oy oldin
Honestly, I accidentally got the dragons to spawn very quickly and I nearly died for it. And this was after I helped my little brother do the same thing super fast. Then I tried to warn my best friend how to not get lightninged and he blew himself up. Repeatedly.
Ryan Rivera
Ryan Rivera 2 oy oldin
Do the full streams exist anywhere besides this highlight reel. I would like to watch their full breath of the wild let's play.
4492 2 oy oldin
Yeah - they're in their livestream playlist :)
MOONWATCHER 404 2 oy oldin
Is there any way to find the Full Dragon Rush streams? Also, I seriously think getting a horse would have saved them so much travel time. But that’s just me.
Fallenfantasy174 3 oy oldin
That april fool's video has conditioned me into blaming Red for the reason the dragons are hiding.
Machete Penguin
Machete Penguin 3 oy oldin
There is a thing that can stop you 30 feet up a tree it’s called a gun.
Chilly Croissant
Chilly Croissant 3 oy oldin
This sparks joy
animefallenangel 3 oy oldin
I can't wait to see this stream get animated XD
Glimare 4 oy oldin
... You had to talk to Impa first? I saw dragon before I left the plateau. Weird...
MadisonSoda 4 oy oldin
the real dragons was the friends we made along the way
GoodNeutralEvilChaos 4 oy oldin
I wanna see an animated version. Who's with me?
Jacksonian Sonex
Jacksonian Sonex 4 oy oldin
curb your dragonrush
Nathaniel Lieberman
Nathaniel Lieberman 4 oy oldin
my favourite part of stream is everyone yelling to boop the snoot
1stPCFerret 4 oy oldin
Looks like the dragons got tired of waiting for you to show up, and left.
Daysri 0167
Daysri 0167 4 oy oldin
Why you guys hate Impa?
Lightning Point
Lightning Point 4 oy oldin
[tax attorney tells them Red's video on the Inca was helpful to his daughter] Blue & Cyan: "D'aww!" Red: [remembers what the Inca were like] *"What?"*
John Ward
John Ward 4 oy oldin
I'm so glad you throw Raid sponsorship offers in the trash.
TheLonely Kloud
TheLonely Kloud 5 oy oldin
"Seek out impa we wont do that" Impa: so you've chosen death.
CartoonishIdealism 6 oy oldin
grim the gost
grim the gost 6 oy oldin
Who's cyan
Little Ghost
Little Ghost 6 oy oldin
When I was playing botw I was wondering why they went for a silly name for the dragons and then when I started playing oot I realized why they did it and I was like -_-
geoshark12 6 oy oldin
All I been thinking while watching this is the scp here be dragons
Jhamirh 7 oy oldin
4:57 the horses name was friday
Peter Marsella
Peter Marsella 8 oy oldin
The majority of the stream has "top donation: link's left nut" and I love it
Macaroni and Cliches
Macaroni and Cliches 8 oy oldin
If that had been like $2 I would've looked at that name, been amused, and then kinda rolled my eyes But there's something really sweet about the fact that they put 550 fucking dollars just to be like "Here's a moment to remember."
Guarding Dark
Guarding Dark 9 oy oldin
omg this is so sad guys 1 like = 1 dragon
Teal Golem- Gaming Anime Reviews, Games, and More
Teal Golem- Gaming Anime Reviews, Games, and More 10 oy oldin
How many “colors” are there in the universe
Marsho Li
Marsho Li 10 oy oldin
Where do you stream? When's the next stream? Why didnt i get a notification? Why do i have so many unanswered questions?
Lintree 11 oy oldin
I remember climbing a really tall tree at school when I was like 7 and everyone was standing below like get the hell down from there while I was just there like "how about you come up here and make me, because I forgot how I got here"
_Tuziehr 11 oy oldin
I asked my mom what the horse’s name was and she said it was Aó Bǐng
Jade Yil oldin
0:54 Link died from stubbing his toe
Jean-Paul Audette
Jean-Paul Audette Yil oldin
Ah, I'm so disappointed I can't see the full-length stream.
May-Tine Yil oldin
Where did all the streams go? I was looking and It feels like a lot of the covid streams are not listed anymore
Lord Felidae
Lord Felidae Yil oldin
I vote for them his to be animated!
QuarionGalanodel Yil oldin
the horse's name is Bai Longma
Jay Haryu
Jay Haryu Yil oldin
“Pick it up, Right Nut”
TheLonely Kloud
TheLonely Kloud Yil oldin
I fear no man but that thing ( *flashback to Impas Trolling* ) it scares me
Samia I
Samia I Yil oldin
I love how we get to see Blue's descent to dragon madness in a minute
The Northlander
The Northlander Yil oldin
"RHAM EHM BLUH" Oh god, that microphone quality... OH THANK GOD, it gets better!!! :D
Anya Thurmes
Anya Thurmes Yil oldin
What a delightful stream. The sheer joy and catharsis at finally finding the one damn dragon was more satisfying than a successful dragon rush could ever be.
Emily H
Emily H Yil oldin
The thing about Breath of the Wild is, when you are trying to find a certain thing, you always find everything BUT what you're looking for. But when you're JUST about to give up on finding it, that's when you find it. That's how I found the Eighth Heroine statue.
Volt Siano
Volt Siano Yil oldin
4:57 "...it's a very good name!"
Volt Siano
Volt Siano Yil oldin
_When the static sounds between clips are louder than their voices._
supersmily 5
supersmily 5 Yil oldin
2:17 Red being the best person on the stream.
Andy Hall
Andy Hall Yil oldin
Where are the dragons? This video is just as shity as every Assassin's Creed game ever.
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 Yil oldin
Dragon beard!
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 Yil oldin
Links left nut lol
Omnitrickster Yil oldin
A stubbed toe killed link
Areo Morales
Areo Morales Yil oldin
There’s only 5 rest stops in Oklahoma so it’s a jigsaw game trying to find where Red and Blue are
Ally S
Ally S Yil oldin
Man I wish I had the connection to watch this stream last week
Isaiah Yil oldin
he's gonna find out that the only dragon that spawns near the plateau is the lighting one, and he won't be able to see it from the plateau :/
Kane Fisher
Kane Fisher Yil oldin
Lambeard Yil oldin
This was much easier to enjoy than finding 4 hours to watch the entire stream, thank you.
Neon Swing
Neon Swing Yil oldin
The Authentic Zelda experience.
Joe Bob
Joe Bob Yil oldin
Bless the tax return guys daughter, search for that knowledge girl! Search it!
Temporal Toast
Temporal Toast Yil oldin
2:52 _There goes my hero_
Elizabeth Yil oldin
Ugh I am so bad at this game.
Rincent Van Uggh
Rincent Van Uggh Yil oldin
This video undermines the experiences of those who watched this steam for 78 years before seeing a dragon.
mizuki7uchiha Yil oldin
I love your videos but unfortunately I can’t watch this one. Im sensitive to sound due to a medical condition and transition noise between clips is too much. Maybe next time you guys could consider using a softer noise or none at all. :)
Peter Marsella
Peter Marsella Yil oldin
This is like going on a road trip to see a concert only to find out the concert has been cancelled
Fiona Carew
Fiona Carew Yil oldin
I love all of the bdg references
vazak11 Yil oldin
(Hugs Blue)
fairycatLJT Yil oldin
Did anyone else immediately know that the horse is named Epona?
GentlemanPenguin Yil oldin
*Link:* Is a mighty warrior and hero of Hyrule *Also Link:* 0:54
trajectoryunown Yil oldin
2:17 This quote from Red is life.
Tanglemorph1009 Yil oldin
I think the "talk to Impa" thing must have been patched in; I ran into Farosh first thing off the Great Plateau in my first playthrough.
Tamerlein Music
Tamerlein Music Yil oldin
I love how deadpan Red is through all of this.
Little Raven Designs
Little Raven Designs Yil oldin
Awnnn poor Blue
EnvyDragon Yil oldin
Real talk though, I would buy these guys a copy of Supergiant's Hades if they play it onstream. I need to know their opinions. I NEED TO.
TheGhostiestHatRack Yil oldin
0:56 I can't stop laughing! XD XD help! XD XD
Jack Windrammer
Jack Windrammer Yil oldin
The stream audio is stinky stinky stinky
Darwin Xavier
Darwin Xavier Yil oldin
Where are the dragons Blue. You said there would be dragons Blue. How long until we see the dragons Blue. You promised us dragons Blue. How come there aren't any dragons Blue. Omg can we finally see the dragons yet Blue! Blue: If you don't STFU right now I will turn this stream right around and NO ONE will see dragons!
Tamara Stroyan
Tamara Stroyan Yil oldin
We need moar!!
FrostedFirefly Yil oldin
Day 5 of suggesting a video on The Count of Monte Cristo :-)
deadstickel Yil oldin
Gotta admit, that color bar transition got very grating very fast.
James Phillips
James Phillips Yil oldin
I think my favorite part was when blue was saying "I am convinced the developers make it spawn when your-" "there it is" *yelling celebrations begin* I felt that
SensaiRyu Yil oldin
I was hoping for an animation but this is good too
Creatv Lioness33
Creatv Lioness33 Yil oldin
The dragon horse is literally named White Dragon Horse(白龍馬). -probably why no one can remember it
Bethany Moore
Bethany Moore Yil oldin
It took me a while to realize that it's "Benefiting Feeding Americans" and not "Benefiting Feeding Animals".
Rai Knightshade
Rai Knightshade Yil oldin
Blue is doing his best please keep him in your thoughts
naufalino rabbani
naufalino rabbani Yil oldin
Ah yes, all of Blue's pain in one video
Alec Gunson
Alec Gunson Yil oldin
I think we all want more streams.
Vasilisa Vasina
Vasilisa Vasina Yil oldin
My favourite moments from the stream were: "Imagine how this looks to Impa though; her 100-year-old amnesiac friend kicks down the door and you’re like ‘oh, you’ve finally returned, now you can save Zelda’ and he’s like ‘WHERE ARE THE FUCKING DRAGONS OLD WOMAN?’" "The world is an unforgiving hellscape until the moment you have a paraglider and can yeet yourself off every single building with immunity." "Suspicious stump, suspicious stump, gotta climb the suspicious stump, why did it save when I climbed the stump? That’s really weird."
assassintwinat8 Yil oldin
oh i can't wait to see them attempt naydra
Deku Lily
Deku Lily Yil oldin
RIP Blue's sanity.
Matrixie Kitty
Matrixie Kitty Yil oldin
I love how chaotic this was lol, especially Red and the 4 leather jackets comment😂
Cerebrum Maximus
Cerebrum Maximus Yil oldin
They get to play, and I have to do HOMEWORK 24/7! Aaah, the inequalities of Quarantine....
Guess my name
Guess my name Yil oldin
This stream was a nightmare
Poppy Ngbaronye-Burgess
Poppy Ngbaronye-Burgess Yil oldin
Blue forty minutes in: ah we're never gonna find these dragons People who've seen the stream: I'm gonna wreck this man's whole career AHAHAHA
Poppy Ngbaronye-Burgess
Poppy Ngbaronye-Burgess Yil oldin
Anyone who didn't see the actual stream doesn't not appreciate the search for impas approval in it's true majesty. It was a straight HOUR before they noticed people. I do not kid. The thirty seconds break between those clips? Lies. LIES.
Johey Jonsson
Johey Jonsson Yil oldin
I've been through the meadows on a horse with...what's its name again?
KeRen Tan
KeRen Tan Yil oldin
"red, what's the horse's name?" "it-uh-it has a name" haha true, i'm reading JttW now and i can't remember myself
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