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Giant monsters! Spectacular, awe-inspiring, best experienced when paired with a fine Giant Robot to taste! But if you're expecting empty spectacle combat in this video, think again - kaiju movies are often extremely politically loaded, since kaiju make very convenient analogies for any Giant Scary Threats that society might be dealing with! Spoiler alert - I talk about nukes a lot in this one.
EXAMPLES USED: Godzilla (1954), King Kong (1933, 2005, 2017), King Of The Monsters (2019), Chernobyl (2019), Pacific Rim (2013)
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Overly Sarcastic Productions
Overly Sarcastic Productions Yil oldin
All riiiiight, you've sold me, I'll watch Shin Godzilla! -R
Santiago Daxton
Santiago Daxton Kun oldin
@Ralph Harlan yup, been watching on flixzone for since december myself :)
Ralph Harlan
Ralph Harlan Kun oldin
A tip : watch movies at Flixzone. I've been using them for watching a lot of movies lately.
Slavic German
Slavic German 4 kun oldin
Its been a year.... where is it. ____________/----------\ |__________ , ______/==== \______| Put the review in the bag
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 5 kun oldin
Unknown 10 kun oldin
@The Italian Fukr Godzilla King Of The Monsters
Avichai D
Avichai D 2 kun oldin
I actually thought you were also going to discuss Kaiju roots - i.e. the fact that giant monsters are abundant throughout every mythology ever
bugman bugman
bugman bugman 2 kun oldin
It really isn't fair to just assume something is racist just because its made in 1930. it's a possibility, but don't act like its a fact unless there is some evidence.
Bread Lord
Bread Lord 2 kun oldin
I like to think that a modern kaiju is basically if earth had a nuke You hurt her once thats ok Twice thats fine The fifth time, even if humanity didn't deserve extinctrion, she's shooting the damn thing
Ribbons0121 R121
Ribbons0121 R121 3 kun oldin
"essentially people accelerated what the aliens were gonna do" well if that isnt the embodiment of "nah they dont need any help killing themselves"
Ribbons0121 R121
Ribbons0121 R121 3 kun oldin
why did i think this was gonna be about ghosts
FiNNiK 3 kun oldin
Is... Is "The Happening" a Kaiju movie...?
Jarrod Uland
Jarrod Uland 4 kun oldin
I dont think Kong is a kaiju, i consider him a Titan, and kaijus are lizard like. Godzilla would be a kaiju. Mothra to Mother Longlegs to Kong are titans to me
Koyi Chan
Koyi Chan 4 kun oldin
Vinícius Alves Vieira
Vinícius Alves Vieira 5 kun oldin
About the question at 12:11 -> I think that there is a Kurzgesagt video where they say the benefits of nuclear energy in comparison to fossil fuel and how it can help us to reduce the carbon dioxide levels while we make clean energy easier and more efficient
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 5 kun oldin
1:02 Piss it off A LOT and then climb on it. Prefferably its face. Like that one fly that won't stop trying to get you to slap yourself, but it's the 101st airborne in glider suits shooting godzilla in the eye.
Luan28 Martins
Luan28 Martins 6 kun oldin
It's so weird those new movies, where the United States army flights Godzilla. America: Oh no, a radioactive monstrosity is gonna destroy our cities. Japan: Sounds familiar.
serialkillerwhale 6 kun oldin
So you're saying a modern Kaiju would be a giant, blue, winged, monstrosity that shrieks in a thousand voices, and any who hear it are driven to an insane rage.
Matthew Chow
Matthew Chow 7 kun oldin
There's an extreme lack or Ultraman in this
Nuwanda . EL EMPERADOR DE LA LUNA 6 kun oldin
isn't Ultraman tokusatsu?
Blind Eye
Blind Eye 7 kun oldin
wow...just wow! I love this channel and maybe you a little bit lol. I just found you and I am caught between fanboy appreciation for your art and "how have I never realized that/this about those films." You have such a unique voice and style which keeps me on the edge of my seat wanting more. Keep it up and know that people out here love your work!
Thezerowulf 7 kun oldin
Fell flat. 83% audience approval. Meanwhile critics loved cuties..
mj91212 7 kun oldin
What about the Kaiju from clover field?
Bri Angel
Bri Angel 8 kun oldin
i always interpreted godzilla becoming a good guy despite still having nuclear powers was an optimistic portrayal of nuclear power, especially since a lot of the monsters he fights are clear allegories for pollution. nuclear power is actually very safe currently, but because of disasters like chernobyl people are still understandably nervous about the idea. its helpful to keep in mind that chernobyl was a recipe for disaster to begin with due to how it was built under a tight budget with little regards to safety and was staffed by people not properly trained for their job. in the new godzilla vs king kong it was pretty clear to me the enemy of that movie was corrupt capitalism. very fun movie.
Brandon C.
Brandon C. 8 kun oldin
As an American I feel no shame over nagasaki and hiroshima... you wouldn't either if you visited nanking when it was occupied by Japan. We also warned them by dropping thousands of pamphlets (written in Japanese) in those cities warning the people of the impending doom. It wasnt very American to censor any mentions of the bombs while we occupied them but still...
Brandon C.
Brandon C. 6 kun oldin
@Nuwanda . EL EMPERADOR DE LA LUNA we didnt stop attacking Germany at their original borders, we pushed well into their country, and rightfully so. Innocent citizens dying is the cost of war, but we warned the citizens in hiroshima and nagasaki that the bomb was coming. If they chose to believe their leaders and stay in those cities after the warning, it was their choice. America did what was necessary to end the war and prevent thousands more, American, and japanese soldiers from being drafted and killed in battle. If you saw the horrors of Nanking and other cities that Japan took over during the war, you wouldnt feel bad about the nukes either.
Nuwanda . EL EMPERADOR DE LA LUNA 6 kun oldin
@Brandon C. dropping a nuclear weapon against innocent citizen is coward
Nuwanda . EL EMPERADOR DE LA LUNA 6 kun oldin
@Brandon C. when you're a expansionist nation, you're not the defender, that doesn't even is your territory
Brandon C.
Brandon C. 6 kun oldin
@Nuwanda . EL EMPERADOR DE LA LUNA America's leaders HAVE acted cowardly at different times in history. WWII was not one of those times. GERMANY WAS DEFENDING DURING THE WHOLE END OF THE WAR! Being the defending party does not make you innocent, and as im writing this reply I realized that this kind of logic could only be coming from a child, so I apologize for raising my voice.
Nuwanda . EL EMPERADOR DE LA LUNA 6 kun oldin
they were horrible cowards, you were horrible cowards, so it was Germany welcome to international war if you're doing something else than defending, you're the bad.
Rambling Entertained
Rambling Entertained 9 kun oldin
What did she said Godzilla was?
Sonam Maki
Sonam Maki 9 kun oldin
i think we should all talk about pacific rim much morw
Toxon Lizard
Toxon Lizard 9 kun oldin
I think In King Of Monsters, instead of Nuclear symbolism, it's Christian Symbolism.
A Pan With No Plan
A Pan With No Plan 10 kun oldin
Ok but Shin Gojira tho
Connor Bunce
Connor Bunce 11 kun oldin
2:29 She said it right! FINALLY, A WOMAN OF CULTURE!!!
Harold Lindley
Harold Lindley 12 kun oldin
I think that Godzilla being referred to as a benevolent creature after being a horror monster isn't an attempt to make Nukes look good, but rather Nuclear energy. The bombs are objectively bad, but the fuel for them is a potentially utopian power source. Godzilla in that context represents that power source, and what we can accomplish with it. It's no coincidence that one of the things Godzilla and the other Kaiju help fix is global warming and representations of natural disasters. In the same context, Kong becomes not only a reference to cultural honor, but also nature and the bounty it can bring if treated with respect. Essentially, I think Godzilla and Kong are being used as allegories for using the insane amount of potential that our natural world has, the same potential that can swat our race like a fly, to instead make our lives better.
RaccoonNuggets 12 kun oldin
If Godzilla was a thing we would destroy states trying to kill him
Carter McGrath
Carter McGrath 12 kun oldin
I searched up what happened in bikini Atoll and I fucking hate the U.S. now
adrian dk
adrian dk 12 kun oldin
So, if godzilla represents the nukes dropped by the USA during the war, and the following movies focus on him fighting other kaiju's to keep the peace, even though he may sometime hurt people by accident. Haven't the metafor just switched, to godzilla representing USA, instead of the bomb, with the other kaijus representing other powerfull countries who also have access to nukes, with the space dragon representing communism russia. So, the story now focus on the cold war, and the conflict with communism and kapitalism, instead of the use of nuclear weapons.
Ashleigh Tompkins
Ashleigh Tompkins 12 kun oldin
I've seen a video that says Shin Godzilla is a metaphor for the pandemic we're currently going through.
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson 13 kun oldin
I already had a similar take to Guillermo Del Toro’s pacific rim for a story I’m wanting to write but I’m so glad you made this video so I can be reminded and enforce the gritty yet hopeful reality “yes climate change and nukes and racism are terrifyingly overwhelming BUT together through work we can overcome it.... and punch it in the face with huge bio mechanical beasts”
DarkSentinel 13 kun oldin
Clifford is 100% a kaiju
king_of_kaiju 2000
king_of_kaiju 2000 13 kun oldin
i always thought that 33' kong was an alligory for how humans in their serch of new land and exploration can mess with things that they shouldent.
TheDOPDeity 14 kun oldin
Paul Bunyan is a Kaiju.
SergeantSmilo 14 kun oldin
I really liked how the 2014 Godzilla movie set both Godzilla and the Mutos up as consequences of humanity's actions, and how no matter what they did, the humans were unable to have any actual agency over them. Nothing that the human characters do actually directly affect the monsters in any way. That was cool. That was the force of nature. THAT was Godzilla. And then King of the Monsters had that Orca thing and it completely derailed that.
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru 15 kun oldin
"Climate change" was proven wrong :/ And Godzilla is the enemy as nuclear energy is. Americans just do make the Godzilla! *Shin Godzila* is what the REAL kaiju should be...not beautifull, unstopable and...suffer!
Nuwanda . EL EMPERADOR DE LA LUNA 5 kun oldin
@Władca Wymiaru anything was proven wrong, do you know the carbon cycle? how can the carbon from our fabrics and excavation come back to the trees if it wasn't part of the cycle? easy answer, they don't, it's not hard or inaccessible to measure, we have more carbon dioxide now compared to the 1900 carbon dioxide as well as water vapour gets hot, easy chemistry and you can talk about Sahara or United States, but worldwide both the winters and summers are hotter. I mean, of course you can say it's everything a conspiracy... between a lot of governments and private institutions, but what about sea level getting higher? the fractures in the glaciers? the fact that we should be in a colder era because of the sun variations? climate change is just a fact, if you want to doubt about it it's okei, but you need counterarguments, explanations and alternatives, not just "X was proven wrong"
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru 5 kun oldin
@Nuwanda . EL EMPERADOR DE LA LUNA 1. I doubt. Climate zones are country-wide if not bigger. Sahara for example. Local climate varies A LOT! While the climate zone (defined by flora and fauna) didn't changed at all or trade with other zone. 2. The so called "greeenhouse gas effect" ws proven wrong! Even on dozen laws of physic include Gas Laws.
Nuwanda . EL EMPERADOR DE LA LUNA 6 kun oldin
@Władca Wymiaru my climate zone has changed... how can you explain the carbon emissions?
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru 6 kun oldin
@Nuwanda . EL EMPERADOR DE LA LUNA Yes, watch many of *Tony Heller* videos. As a *meteorologist* i research the subject for YEARS! No *climate zone* has changed in last 33 years, beside world going greener in 95%. Sahara lost 700 000 sq kilometers.
Nuwanda . EL EMPERADOR DE LA LUNA 6 kun oldin
are you really saying climate change is not real?
Top Snek
Top Snek 15 kun oldin
13:16 But this also applies to pretty much every Godzilla film except the first, so I don't see how this can be a criticism of the Monsterverse movies specifically.
Tom Curl
Tom Curl 15 kun oldin
The setting of SpongeBob SquarePants bikini bottom is in the ocean beneath bikini at all and the reason why all the characters are animal people is because of exposure to radiation from the nuclear test there which is confirmed by the late creator Stephen Hillenberg
Tom Curl
Tom Curl 15 kun oldin
King Kong is an interesting kaiju because he is typically take it as being fairly intelligent relative to other kaiju To the point that in his most recent film he was actually communicating with humans using sign language clearly demonstrated that he is sapient
Caleb Costrini
Caleb Costrini 15 kun oldin
I like how so much of this video is just talking about how good the 1954 Godzilla is.
Alexander Clayton
Alexander Clayton 15 kun oldin
Hey there! So I grew up with Godzilla films, my dad was a fan of Ultraman, and I've always been a fan of Japanese media. With the recent horrendous monstrosity that is the film Godzilla vs Kong (pun intended), I decided to go back to the very beginning and watch all the Kaiju films (including 1933 King Kong) in chronological order as they were released, specifically focusing on the ones from Japan. A month later I have made it currently to the year of 1964. I also have been incessantly discussing the philosophy of these films and the historical Japan/U.S. relations through the lens of Kaiju film (I'm an anthropology student) to my friends, possibly against their will. My bestie sent me this video and I have to say, you do a fantastic job of summarizing Kaiju philosophy and history. I absolutely loved this video. In fact, you taught me two things: 1.) I wasn't aware the U.S. issued a ban on even speaking about nuclear weapons and testing until 1952 (which clarifies a few things for me) and 2.) The People of Bikini Atoll (sweet satan how horrifying the casual neglect of life the U.S. treated those people with). I stopped the video to read the letter from the Japanese representative of the Prime Minister (if I remember that correctly, it's been an hour) and that basically in writing confirmed my interpretation of how the Japanese went from mocking the U.S. before WWII (as seen in Japanese parody films of King Kong) to suddenly going "Hey buddy aren't we great, yo, we're the best, we can do anything so long as we stick together hey we're sorry please don't hurt us again, we'll be better we swear, oh god, please no". All in all. Fantastic video. Subscribed. Keep it up. ::thumbs up::
Nathaniel Ashley
Nathaniel Ashley 16 kun oldin
You haven't watched Blade 2?!?
Curley DS
Curley DS 16 kun oldin
japanese history: NOOO! YOU'RE REWRITING THE MOVIE'S MESSAGE OF GODZILLA BEING A DISASTER!! americans: haha godzilla remake go brrr
Salvador Toscano
Salvador Toscano 17 kun oldin
Everyone over here being like, "gOdZiLlA aNd OtHeR mOnStErS pOlItIcAl AlAgOrIeS!" while I'm just here like, "New monster ideas go brrrrrr" :D I love Godzilla because he's a big blue -lizard- dinosaur thingy that bops other big thingies and implies to humans, "Don't piss me off if you want to live." I just wanna see monsters fighting monsters or humans fighting monsters; big things bopping big things. I likes the spectacle fights, sue me.
Emmanuel Lykes
Emmanuel Lykes 17 kun oldin
Blade II is great you should watch it!
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 17 kun oldin
“Uh oh. That sounds a lot like *that thing* that had just happened earlier that year.” The delivery on this line was amazing, I love this channel
Jesse McNeil
Jesse McNeil 18 kun oldin
Seem to me if you see a giant ape and think minority that says more about you than the giant ape movie.
Ace-Catel 18 kun oldin
I had a feeling Kaiju might bum me out, but this turned out to be much sadder than I thought when Godzilla origins came up.
CrazyLogical1 19 kun oldin
I know this video is old, but there is another interesting thing about King Kong movies. When you are watching each one, you are seeing the ABSOLOUTE BEST effects money could buy at the time. From stop motion, to suits, to animatronics to CGI and mocap. Each movie is an extremely expensive blockbuster and the first one is recognized as the first blockbuster in many circles. But yeah the first one is also racist. And it's not just the gorilla. The scenes with Skull Island's residents are...uncomfortable to say the least.
MovieMowDown 20 kun oldin
13:15 "Fell flat" only if you listen to the shitty journalist/critics. I mean look at the peoples votes instead.
ur6 21 kun oldin
2021 that you? .
ur6 21 kun oldin
huh .
ur6 21 kun oldin
what .
A113 21 kun oldin
Hell yeah.
Jon Do
Jon Do 21 kun oldin
Currently CURRENTLY!!!!! CURRENTLY!!!!!
Maxinator 21 kun oldin
*Let's not get too specific, that's how you track philosophers.* True.🤦‍♂️
Connor Crozier
Connor Crozier 21 kun oldin
I think hat one of the main reason people didn’t highly rate the Godzilla movies was not for the subtle question of Godzilla’s origin, but more of the not being able to see the monsters fight for more than 10 seconds at a time
George Zwick
George Zwick 21 kun oldin
Now I'm waiting to see a kaiju movie built around a pandemic. I don't know maybe the monster get's stronger (or more numerous?) as more and more people fall under it's sway? IDK but if Kaiju are built around nebulas hard to grasp societal issues the pandemic sounds right up their alley.
Vivarid 21 kun oldin
"...That Humanity would build giant robots to punch those monsters in the face."
Sister Lilia's Armoury
Sister Lilia's Armoury 22 kun oldin
the idea of kaiju being a good guy and a metaphor for nuclear weapons and a solution to climate change may be a less then subtle message from the nuclear industry saying "our highly dangerous and permanently polluting technology is a solution to the problem caused by our rivals in the coal and gas sectors
David Jennings
David Jennings 23 kun oldin
The original King Kong was about racism, but Kong was a victim of exploitation, not the villian.
woget264 23 kun oldin
I don’t really see why a lot of these King Kong movies can’t be seen as a allegory for destruction of the natural world. Is this racism angle really accurate, as in backed up by the writers, or is it a “all old things are racist” guess?
Minifridge 23 kun oldin
yeah but king kong is monke
Michael A.
Michael A. 24 kun oldin
Watching this right after the remake of Godzilla vs. King Kong came out.
Dubs 24 kun oldin
how is the giant ape racist?
Owen Tucker
Owen Tucker 24 kun oldin
AlexsGamingShow 24 kun oldin
Titanus Mosura or as we like to call her...MOTHRA! ❤️ 🦋.
James Garlick
James Garlick 25 kun oldin
While I am tired of people constantly making things of the past be about race when it usually isn't, there was a funny song around that time called "Run, N***er, run" and back then through the 80s, interacial relationships were culturally (and sometimes legally) wrong with groups like the KKK depicting through movie media some black man deflowering and corrupting the pure hearted innocent white female who is then saved by the dashing white hero. All in all, I concede "fair enough" on the allegory and recommend that racist song for those with a dark sense of humor and like going against what the PC culture tells you not to do (hence why I got into Harry Potter. Yes, conservatives were PC culture once upon a time)
Veggie tales
Veggie tales 25 kun oldin
King Kong is about a giant monkey who fights dinosaurs. LOL
Comrade Stalin
Comrade Stalin 25 kun oldin
I know I might be stretching it but hear me out.. What if instead of nuclear weapons it’s nuclear energy and Serizawa is our fear from accidents like three mile island and Chernobyl that eventually end to show how safe nuclear energy has gotten. Then Godzilla fixing everything like climate change could be how nuclear energy could be the answer for a lot of things including finding a big energy source to help faze out Coal refineries.
tsuki 26 kun oldin
Just seeing this vid now, but for a remake/sequel or whatever, a really good one done by Toho was Shin Godzilla back in 2016 that brought back the existential dread and nukes are bad and not the whole benevolent monster overlord message.
Jacob Evans
Jacob Evans 26 kun oldin
I think the message in the most recent Godzilla film was worse than that. It had someone with a strong link to the effects of a nuclear bombing detonate a nuclear bomb as ‘there was no alternative’. It frames the choice made in the film as that of the Pacific theatre of WW2, where the use of nuclear weapons to force a surrender was preferable (subjective) to a costly (in terms of allied and American lives) continuation of the island hopping campaign and therefore upcoming invasion of the Japanese mainland. It frames it as a ‘look, someone affected by this would do it to’ in a scenario with no/few viable alternatives.
↑ýr 26 kun oldin
I think that Godzilla's change of role over the years is also a representation of the evolution of the Japanese people's rapport with nuclear in general, not only the bombing. Before, the only use of nuclear energy was only use was bombs but now it not only provides energy to everyone but it is also the best transitional energy for ecology's sake. Sure, accidents can happens but if humanity is responsible enough those shouldn't happen.
Simon Lamkin
Simon Lamkin 26 kun oldin
hearing the words "a mysterious color unlike any seen on earth" again threw me so much i had to put down my sandwich
Baragon301 27 kun oldin
Screw King of The Monsters, garbage film
J.A. Dennis
J.A. Dennis 27 kun oldin
Id say if your first thought of king kong was about racism against black people probably makes you somewhat racist. Just because it was made in the 30s and has a white woman kidnapped doesnt automatically make it that comparison id say that is very much a reach. King kong was shown to be a victim at points in the film. If the film was truthfully about hate towards black people it would likely show him never being a victim especially given the era. On top of that using age kidnap white woman as a point towards that is kinda weird dont you think you can do that with anything if you phrase it like that can look problematic. Am I saying king kong is in no way a racist movie no atleast not right now but to say that and try and say anyone that disagrees to not disagree is very close minded
J.A. Dennis
J.A. Dennis 26 kun oldin
@Grimson Green if that was the intention it didnt come off to me that way that is understandable. I still think that king kong take was weird kinda like her takes on modern godzilla
Grimson Green
Grimson Green 27 kun oldin
She didnt say not to disagree, she just doesnt want a conversation about racism in the comments section. Its not about close mindedness or her being racist, its about keeping the comments relevant instead of focusing on a side tangent about the probability of a movie that may have been, and to an extent probably was racist given the political climate at the time.
Imsocliche Oops
Imsocliche Oops 27 kun oldin
My first thought was huh where have I heard this word before.... naruto??? But this just turned out to be very political
Creepys land of dreams 123789
Creepys land of dreams 123789 27 kun oldin
casually pisses on the square cube law
ShinJ1 27 kun oldin
Btw, Pacific Rim theme is rad
Paul Kersey
Paul Kersey 27 kun oldin
Gipsey Danger is meant to represent Nuclear energy, not nukes specifically. Mid way through the movie, all the other robots are knocked out by an EMP and Gypsy is the only one to keep on going, an effective allegory of the lastability of Nuclear energy. During said fight we saw multiple robots each representing a different reaction to climate change: The old gen 1 russian robot, "Cherno Alpha" that has been in commission for the longest time. Embodying old inefficient plants that are still in use. Gets defeated. The 3 man chinese robot, "Crimson typhoon" with "the thundercloud formation" and circular saws. Wind power and just more of them. Gets defeated. The fastest Jaegar in the world, "Striker Eureka, The fastest Jaeger in the world" I think represented unused new technology. It's described as "the first and the last gen 5" and it was decommissioned One day before a huge kaiju attack happened. Knocked out but not dead. Day eventually being won by The new hotness Striker Eureka and The Nuclear Gypsy Danger.
DieHardMusicMan9125 28 kun oldin
I appreciate the research that went into this. The only thing i wish she mentioned was the netflix Godzilla series. That series, in my eyes, just didn't know what it wanted to do. was it a commentary on the consequences of colonialism? was it about euthanasia so that resources can last longer? was it a satire about religion or how nature and death can beat all religion and technology? I mean all of this in a Godzilla movie with a moody teen that hates Godzilla just because he is there and has tera-formed the earth. it was just a confusing mess for me. I could be wrong but i just felt disappointed after the trilogy.
Tamás Aradi
Tamás Aradi 28 kun oldin
Also like at the end of the movie 'King of the Monsters' Godzilla takes down Ghiddorra, asserting his dominance and bending all other monsters into submission. So... he becomes that entity that bears with such vast power, that it scares away all the others to start any conflict. Does the narrative sound familiar?
Leon-Josip Dzojic
Leon-Josip Dzojic 28 kun oldin
16:11 "Focus on the only thing that really matters" Yes Red, I agree. Giant mechs that punch monsters in the face are the only thing that really matters. We just gotta get NATO on this.
Eli Dehmlow
Eli Dehmlow 28 kun oldin
acholly king Kong was the more popular kiju and king Kong vs Godzilla is what popularized Godzilla in Aramaic
Shane Shackleford
Shane Shackleford 28 kun oldin
Godzilla is still nuclear power. Japan still relies on nuclear power, so he can be pointed to the right direction. Serizawa now is modern Japan, nuclear scarred and nuclear reliant.
Azazel 28 kun oldin
Nha, i still wants to see a Godzilla movie with the same atmosphere as the first one
ObsidianDisorder 28 kun oldin
I have a different understanding of Godzilla KOTM. It's expressly eco-theistic. And narrative emphasis on his radio-synthetic abilities (absorbing and digesting otherwise harmful radiation from atomic/nuclear weapons) is in service to that. It's always been there, but here his ability to metabolize radiation is what makes Godzilla an essentially ecological beast who only would attack humans if they collectively register as a threat. Before, the absorbing radiation was an unfortunate accident that gave him powers. Also, Mothra and Kong have ALWAYS had human worshipers. But KOTM argues that becoming more like those people is what the rest of the world should do.
LegacyMuse 29 kun oldin
Wait. Waitwaitwait. Does this mean that the universally-panned 1998 Matthew Broderick Godzilla is actually closer in theme to the original than all the other Godzilla movies?
Jason Blalock
Jason Blalock 29 kun oldin
What really bakes my noodle when trying to decide if the 30s King Kong had a political agenda is the final line. "It was beauty killed the beast!" And the question is, did the filmmakers realize what a colossal hypocritical asshole Carl Denham was? Sure, it sounds nice and poetic... until you remember that EVERYTHING IS DENHAM'S FAULT. *He* killed the beast more than anyone else. Yet he deflects blame onto the woman. It's so blatant you'd think it has to be deliberate, but the movie never seems to point any fingers at Denham directly. And the thing is, the entire interpretation of the movie hinges on that question. If the filmmakers knew Denham was an asshole and expected the audience to get that as a takeaway, then it defangs a lot of the more negative interpretations. But if the filmmakers were on Denham's side, then it looks a lot worse. Particularly the "racist" interpretation, which would suggest Denham is blaming white women for tempting black men into doing violence. Honestly, I really hope that's not what they were going for, because ewwww. (Then again, there's my contrarian take that King Kong was a cynical attack on filmmaking itself by rogue filmmakers, depicting the sleazy showman as a manipulative greedy instigator bringing ruin to America for the sake of popular entertainment. Hey, a guy can dream, right? ;->)
Jack 29 kun oldin
So... Are Lovecraft's Old Ones proto-kaijus in a sense ?
Logan R Young
Logan R Young 29 kun oldin
The inhabitants of the islands can't even return to their ancestral homeland due to the rads for a couple more melina, or until someone gets the radiation eating fungus.
Sheep iShly
Sheep iShly 29 kun oldin
Think of it this way we’re once Godzilla represented an element used to destroy and salt the land. He know represents that same element that can save us. I e Modern nuclear power plants being the safest form of energy and producing the least amount of pollutant by far. And also Kong was the victim in most of his movies. But whatever
Delta 48
Delta 48 29 kun oldin
Ironically however, we are delving back into nuclear research. And with our now VERY UNFORTUNATE understanding of what happens when you take this kind of power for granted, we've started to look at lesser but still potent radioactive elements. Thorium is the scientist's answer to the big evil monster. Yes, it is still radioactive, but it isn't nearly as hazardous as its more...notorious cousins. While I certainly don't think the produces of these movies ever thought of this, their interpretation of the "lesser of two evils" Godzilla is what's happening today. A force for good to fight growing concerns of carbon emission and rising global temperatures, or monster against monster.
Soupigeon 29 kun oldin
I love Pacific Rim so much, I think it’s my favorite sci-fi movie (and action movie, dang it Del Toro why you gotta make such good movies)
outspacemaj 29 kun oldin
@9:34 where the lady’s into it so it’s consensual; don’t know anybody ok with that angle... well I’d say it’s worked for Dracula vampire/invasion tropes since around when Frank Langella played the ‘foreign prince’ (‘79). (I can’t recall any romantic/consensual D before then)
Geek Freak
Geek Freak Oy oldin
Maybe the real monster was the friends we made along the way!
Pixelmace Oy oldin
"But, big monster!"
Banana Zach
Banana Zach Oy oldin
"First and (currently) last use of nuclear warfare" This sentence fills me with a level of fear and anxiety.
Lorenne Bedminster
Lorenne Bedminster Oy oldin
On an unrelated note I watched Pan's Labyrinth when I was like...6? The Pale Man still scares the crap out of me whenever I see it.
Victoria Blanchard
Victoria Blanchard Oy oldin
You forgot to mention the cartoon godzilla who got summoned from the deep whenever he was "needed"
DarkINsides06 Oy oldin
King Kong is a racist depiction of boxer Gorge Jackson or so I was told growing up🤷🏽‍♂️
Xcelll Oy oldin
Oh thank God. This is the first piece of media I've seen that's pointed out Serizawa's role and death in the remakes is really weird and kinda bad.
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