Trope Talk: Magnificent Bastards

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Ahh, magnificent bastards, the villainous archetype that's at least 50% charisma by volume. Let's talk about what makes a bastard truly magnificent, and what traits bar them from that rarified air of magnificence!
"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (
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Gormathius Nightstrider
Gormathius Nightstrider 52 daqiqa oldin
Constantly trying to reassert how cool a character is is never cool, but it can be cute which I believe is a trope in and of itself.
Charisma Sands
Charisma Sands 7 soat oldin
Does that mean I'm a magnificent bastard? Because if so ill take it.
Innokentiy Iakounitchev
Innokentiy Iakounitchev 16 soat oldin
-- 17 soat oldin
Xanatos is the best
Sabir Alikhan
Sabir Alikhan 22 soat oldin
This reminds me when Kars kills some people in a car to stop a dog from being run over (JJBA)
John McCarthy
John McCarthy Kun oldin
I clicked on the video because looking at the thumb nail, the dude on it and me only reading "Magnificent B-" I thought this video was going to be a trope talk on "Magnificent BEARDS". while watching it I wasn't actively waiting for it to talk about beards, but I only realized it was about charismatic villains and that I hadn't payed attention enough to know what video I had just clicked on just after a minute in when the image of the TV Tropes website pops up and she said " This produces the archetype known as the Magnificent Bastard".
Daniel West
Daniel West Kun oldin
But that’s totally subjective and a magnificent bastard could just be a garden variety bastard -Red 2021 the woman that deserves a medal for saying this with a straight face
彡Halcy Kun oldin
absolutely no one else in the comment section is going to know what i'm talking about but BELIAL GRANBLUE FANTASY
Zach Estrada
Zach Estrada 2 kun oldin
Admiral Zhao and Cutler Beckett come to mind as a few of my favorite magnificent bastards Edit: Maximilian Pegasus too
ymmij X
ymmij X 23 soat oldin
"hey it's that megolomaniacle billionare who kidnapped my grandfather's soul and tried to kill me but now he's our friend."
Mason Crist
Mason Crist 2 kun oldin
Gul Dukat from DS9, a parallel to literal real-life war criminals, still manages to come off as charismatic AND has an excellent character arc where he goes utterly bonkers over the course of the series. (Red, watch DS9)
EllePhoenix-Plays 3 kun oldin
In anime, I think Light Yagami is a magnificent bastard. Near can seem like a magical genius.
Mr Sandman
Mr Sandman 3 kun oldin
After watching Falcon and the winder soldier , I declare that Zemo is a charismaniac
Eric is probably full of shit
Eric is probably full of shit 3 kun oldin
Captain Nemo is a magnificent bastard for sure. Although he's a bad guy doing bad things he has a code and thoroughly charms our humble narrator and his friends.
Parker White
Parker White 3 kun oldin
"Kick the dog moment" John Walker is quaking-
Chris890 3 kun oldin
This really just makes me appreciate how good of a villain Handsome Jack is.
Cassidy Walker
Cassidy Walker 3 kun oldin
Would Van Kleiss from Generator Rex count as a Magnificent Bastard? I mean, he's very charismatic, has schemes upon schemes and very goal driven. He's also likable because he's cool, but you hate him for being cool and outwitting the hero for much of the story...
Joy 3 kun oldin
low key quick tip: "magical genius" is exactly the right way to apply a clairvoyant type character. source(s): dude trust me
Pietro Danz
Pietro Danz 3 kun oldin
You magnificent bastard, I've read your BOOKS!
Star Sprinter
Star Sprinter 3 kun oldin
Came back after watching episode 12 of Star Trek Discovery My husband fell over laughing when I was like "Oh Lorca... you magnificent bastard."
Melis Veziroglu
Melis Veziroglu 3 kun oldin
Big Iron
Big Iron 4 kun oldin
Butch Cassidy is a Magnificent Bastard change my mind
Andrew Childs
Andrew Childs 4 kun oldin
Thrawn is a magnificent bastard, even as a protagonist. In his books his goal is to bring benefits to the chiss empire and the galactic empire. His goals may seem divided but he is always In control. He has a code but that code always must come second to the end goal.
Bigsepticc 4 kun oldin
They got through the whole video without mentioning GLaDOS or Alex The Large. The first is magnificent bastard because 1. for lack of a better term, borderline Stockholm Syndrome and 2. constant witty, sarcastic, and hilarious comments and 3. eventual redemption (sort of) The other one would be totally awful and fucked except for the fact that he’s very eloquent and kinda charming. Also he’s a bit of a victim of circumstance. So basically we will like a villain if they’re the only one to like and have a shred of likable traits.
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 4 kun oldin
Sounds like Batman Because it is
Danielathan 4 kun oldin
3:44 "om-knee-sent" xD
I need no channel youtube!
I need no channel youtube! 4 kun oldin
Rommel, you magnificent bastard! I've read your book!
Jon Galonja
Jon Galonja 4 kun oldin
For people who want an example of a charismaniac of a more modern time: Baron Zemo from the MCU. Principled, intelligent, devious but exceedingly calm.
Ivan Opina
Ivan Opina 4 kun oldin
"Do the tides command this ship?"
Illien Galene
Illien Galene 5 kun oldin
And here i wonder, when Red will do a colour coding episode with purple=color of evil involved. 🤔
Valletta Petra Cyneran
Valletta Petra Cyneran 5 kun oldin
Code-driven: John Marcone
Michael Drzyzga
Michael Drzyzga 5 kun oldin
Question: is it possible to be a magnificent bastard and a complete idiot? My example: Tatsumi Kotaro from Zombie Land Saga
BlackSh1rtandJeans 5 kun oldin
The villain is always the hero of their own story. And the thing about good heroes is that they have very admirable traits. Determined, brave, quick witted, and yes, charismatic. A Magnificent Bastard is just a hero with different goals.
richard amuzu
richard amuzu 5 kun oldin
Lord orochimaro😂
Caleb Taylor
Caleb Taylor 6 kun oldin
I swear, just listening to these videos makes me want to practice writing my own stories.
Scratchman 6 kun oldin
2:37 - 3:47 In little over a minute you managed to explain why Sherlock, and by extension Stephen Moffat, are poorly written ego-vehicles. Bravo.
holzdoesthings 6 kun oldin
so considering magneto's character in x-men apocalypse, what do you think went wrong?
Fig 6 kun oldin
i feel like esidisi, whamu, and kars from jjba are a great example of goal vs standard villains
Cody J
Cody J 6 kun oldin
For me, what makes a character a good Charismaniac is that they'll often do things a hero would do, only taken to an extreme that might be somewhat uncomfortable even. A villain hero who stops an attempted rape will just beat the bad guy up but a magbas might break bones or even kill them but then likely have the charisma and personality to actually offer a small degree of comfort still despite the brutality.
Spacekittybye 6 kun oldin
How did Azula not come up ONCE?
DangerOne 6 kun oldin
"He kind of mellowed out" is a nice way of saying "The show moved to ABC Family, and that kind of grey thinking is not allowed there, so he either had to be pure evil or good." lol
Lemony101 6 kun oldin
AKA: Light Yagamis
Satchel Crockett
Satchel Crockett 6 kun oldin
Yoshikage Kira
Lander Bennewith
Lander Bennewith 7 kun oldin
This helps me understand why I would let Sire Denathrius do anything to me. He is one magnificent bastard.
Draoch Var
Draoch Var 7 kun oldin
3:26 you know you've read too much Sherlock Holmes, when instantly recognize the story referenced fro just those doodles.
Milan Blagojevic
Milan Blagojevic 7 kun oldin
In jojo all vilanns straight up kill dogs
Ashin Joy
Ashin Joy 8 kun oldin
Does the akatsuki count
Johnny Ringgo
Johnny Ringgo 8 kun oldin
Also kinda like Benedict from oceans 11 and 13
The Senate
The Senate 9 kun oldin
Tywin Lannister comes to mind
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 9 kun oldin
zanatos was good i think trayce kushranada from gundam wing was a magnificent bastard.
Seb Luthy
Seb Luthy 9 kun oldin
Baron Zemo
mel anie
mel anie 9 kun oldin
So . . . Loki
AT THE CORE 10 kun oldin
I'd call out Dr. Doom as a hybred of type 1 and type 2 Brilliant Bastard. He's type 3 because he never betrays his villainous nature. The Fantastic Four almost died several times, but Dr. Doom saved them out of pride. "Only I may destroy the Fantastic Four!" - Dr. DOOM
AT THE CORE 10 kun oldin
The 'Brilliant Bastard' is just the ENTJ personality type from the Myers-Briggs test. It's a fun character type for the Double-Crossing good guy within the bad guy group.
AT THE CORE 10 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks this channel and the channel, Bad Writing Advice, should do a video together?
destin cook
destin cook 10 kun oldin
I wonder where the joker fits here, if he even does
cheesilad 10 kun oldin
I love Glokta from The First Law - he doesn't really fall into this trope in the trilogy itself because he's most definitely not magnificent by the start of it, but it's always hinted at, and a short story shows off his past directly. "Glokta had everything, and what he didn't have, no one could stop him from taking. Women adored him, men envied him. Women envied him and men adored him, for that matter. One would have thought, with all the good fortune showered upon him, he would be the most pleasant man alive. But Glokta was an utter bastard. A beautiful, spiteful, masterful, horrible bastard, simultaneously the best and worst man in the Union. He was a tower of self-centred self obsession. An impenetrable fortress of arrogance. His ability was exceeded only by his belief in his own ability."
Monica Brooks
Monica Brooks 10 kun oldin
So Raymond Redington.
gabriel morgen
gabriel morgen 10 kun oldin
I call my cat my little ray of sinshine
Zburator 10 kun oldin
I think Gus from Breaking Bad might be my favorite example of this trope. Who else has a favorite?
CheesecakeLasagna 10 kun oldin
6:09 Carmen Sandiego is the antagonist in her show? Granted I never watched it nor know the premise (and I don't even know the title of the show, lol). Also, I thought it was primarily a video game where she scouts the world for adventure or something.
DKlett 10 kun oldin
I would really like a trope video on villain protagonists because they don't quite fit into antiheroes, reformed villains or even the fallen heroe category .Sadly this trope isn't used very often so there probably won't be many examples for it .My facourite version of the villain protagonist is a Charismaniac where we get to see the creation and execution of their villainous schemes from behind the scenes
Lizy Cole
Lizy Cole 11 kun oldin
Desperaux in Psych? 10/10 a prime example of this trope
Moop 12 kun oldin
The film version of Artemis Fowl is a perfect example of a magical genius.
Beat soup ?
Beat soup ? 12 kun oldin
“Rommel, you magnificent bastard!”
Ismael Jiménez
Ismael Jiménez 11 kun oldin
I read your book!
Friggin Paco
Friggin Paco 12 kun oldin
SallinKari 12 kun oldin
So I'm actually working on a story that's basically from the perspective of a magnificent bastard(goal oriented). To put it simply he is fighting an existential threat that will wipe out all life, so all methods on the table for him, but he prefers to avoid unnecessary deaths if at all possible. It's sort of an exploration in just how much you can justify your action with noble goals.
Danochierus 12 kun oldin
Elijah from the originals is my Magnificent bastard.
Ser Robert Strong
Ser Robert Strong 12 kun oldin
Griffith from Berserk anyone? I'm surprised he's not getting mentioned anywhere, this guy is the biggest charismaniac in the history of charismaniacs.
Lunacorva 12 kun oldin
One strength that David Xanatos has is that (At least in the first season), he doesn't really HAVE an overarching plan. There's no grand scheme that he's working towards. No end goal. Instead, he like to experiment, run tests, play around. He's less playing chess and more playing minecraft. Toying around in a sandbox and having fun seeing what'll happen and what he can create. It's this very thing that actually makes him so flexible. Without an end goal, he has very little stakes. Little skin in the game, and that means that the losses he suffers won't hurt him all that much. Compare to Hans who had things like the detonator which were key to his plan, for David it's "Oh, the detonator was stolen? Oh well, I'll play around with robots then."
Harry KouSei
Harry KouSei 13 kun oldin
Does fang yuan count as one from reverend insanity
Benjamin Jones
Benjamin Jones 13 kun oldin
Oh so Bester trope good to know.
George Klimeck
George Klimeck 13 kun oldin
How could she forget the most magnificent bastard of them all, Thrawn?
ERRORcode 12
ERRORcode 12 13 kun oldin
Would light count?
Lunacorva 12 kun oldin
Controversial to some, but for plenty, YES.
Harleylover14 13 kun oldin
I see David Xanatos, I click.
Ken He
Ken He 13 kun oldin
Anyone know the true meaning of Bastard?
Kingsnake Command
Kingsnake Command 14 kun oldin
Curtis Roush
Curtis Roush 14 kun oldin
Dio’s existence has resulted in the death of multiple dogs and he still has a fan base bigger than I’d care to admit.
•Spookii• 14 kun oldin
0:41 - Includes pushing Sucrose.
rogantu 14 kun oldin
Mara Mackenzie-Mann
Mara Mackenzie-Mann 15 kun oldin
My favourite Magnificent Villainous Bastard is Thrawn. He even takes his death well. He's stabbed and all he says is 'But it was so beautifully done'.
Aldabraika 15 kun oldin
I think my favorite magnificent bastard might be Gaunter O'Dimm from the Witcher 3. Such a well written and interesting antagonist and character
Avetx16 15 kun oldin
There’s a possibility that Gargoyles will be coming back with the original creator and voice actors. There’s a petition to help bring it back and I am soooooo down!
Some Kid
Some Kid 15 kun oldin
Is it me or was the spider guild from Hunter X Hunter basically a team of charismaniacs? Sorta hit me that way just before the mention of Batman but curious what anybody else might think
Nes dsa
Nes dsa 15 kun oldin
Lex Luthor.
Goodghost 12
Goodghost 12 15 kun oldin
I’m very tired and miss read the title as Magnificent Beard, I was so confused for a minute. I need more sleep...
Abaddon 15 kun oldin
I’m sorry but all I can think about is the Whiskey Tribe calling everyone a magnificent baaastard.
Michael Caboose
Michael Caboose 15 kun oldin
"Kick the dog" exist to get the audience to hate the villain. DIO incinerates the dog and becomes beloved by the readers
Zachary Cloutier
Zachary Cloutier 15 kun oldin
Basically a Chaotic Lawful will do everything within the limits of the law to f*ck you up and you can't do anything about it
In2sanity 15 kun oldin
Well tbh it can make a villain more memorable.
Envy May
Envy May 15 kun oldin
i was literally thinking about kimblee 30 seconds before he appeared on screen
Joseph Stallin'
Joseph Stallin' 16 kun oldin
Admiral Thrawn is a brilliant example of this, he seems almost omnipotent yet every time he figures out the Rebel’s plans he fully explains or even better comes to the conclusion himself.
Trent Baker
Trent Baker 16 kun oldin
Scorpius- Farscape
Themos 16 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure that making a video on Magnificent Bastards and not mentioning Handsome Jack is a legal felony. But seriously, I get that some people think he's over-explored, but he is still **THE** case-in-point example of magnificent bastards in gaming. So much lends to his character: he is a huge threat that clawed (strangled) his way to being the head of the universe's largest mega-corporation. He has a vast amount of power, is seemingly omniscient, and always is progressing something somewhere in the world the player is inhabiting. He legitimately believes himself to be a hero on the basis that his goals and ideals --cleansing Pandora of every person he sees as a bandit/criminal. He's written with some expert dark and fucked up comedy, and is the bastard that you both love to hate, but also can't stop laughing at his fucked up jokes, like when he tries to play the universe's smallest violin after killing the pet of one of your closest allies. But most importantly, the progression of his character, as displayed to the player characters, is perfect. It's made clear that he's the villain since you're introduced to him by finding out that the train you're on is meant to blow you up as planned by Jack. After this though, he's mostly just joking around with the PCs, lulling them into thinking that he's not an active threat to them. Things like him joking around about what he should name his diamond pony (buttstallion). A little later down the line, Jack's seeming disregard of the PCs as threats is revealed to have been him slotting the PCs into a plan to obliterate Sanctuary, and the PCs along with it. After the plan fails exclusively due to team Protagonists having a trump card in the form of Lilith, a siren (super powerful magic person only 7 in the universe blah blah blah), he slowly becomes more and more aggressive. He never loses his cool, and he keeps his maniacally whimsical touch, but the stories he's telling have transitioned from buttstallion to this: "Argh, this is so frustrating. Y'see, this is what I don't get about you bad guys. You know the hero's gonna win, but you just don't die quickly. Example: this one guy in New Haven, right? City's burning, people are dying left and right, yadda yadda yadda. This jackhole rushes me with a spoon. A fricking spoon! And I'm dying laughing, right? So I scoop out his stupid little eyeballs with it, and his kids are all, waaahh!, and, he can't see where he's going, he's bumping in to stuff, and ah... I don't know, maybe you had to be there. The moral is: you're a total bitch" Then, comes the end of the ending of the second act and opening of the third. As you near his daughter (also a siren who he's using as a power source) he 'slips'. He never expected you to make it this far (rightly so given how little the PCs have done up to this point). He is literally pleading with the PC as you get closer and closer to killing his daughter. Of course, you don't listen given that his daughter also hates him for keeping her locked up. You just killed his goddamn daughter, and he is **fucking livid**. Gone is the joking, gone is his whimsical touch. Jack wants blood: specifically yours, preferably scattered across the room. But, just to reaffirm that he hasn't lost, he kills the leader of the resistance you're a part of as well as capturing Lilith (the siren), all right in front of the player. As you progress through the third act, he shows just how much ruthlessness is behind his sadistic comedy. Tooth and claw, it comes down to a brawl between the PCs, and a giant monster that was the fruit of Jacks planning throughout the entire game.
sean 16 kun oldin
Reminds me of The Rock wrestled as a heel , circa 98-99 WWE
The Lightning Rod
The Lightning Rod 16 kun oldin
14:57 the imagery she used could only make me think of Sir Rattigan... Which she then used as an example immediately after lol
Danyel Rash-Sawyer
Danyel Rash-Sawyer 16 kun oldin
Purpleman! 👊🤛✊
David Abernathy
David Abernathy 16 kun oldin
While I agree with a heroic magnificent bastard being great because you can actively route for them, it can make them overpowered at times. Batman has a bad habit of having plot armor, most notably in the comics. The DCAU version is perfect because it often shows that Batman doesn't always have that plot armor.
astral vids
astral vids 16 kun oldin
So is this all about zuko
Luiz 16 kun oldin
Dio is literally the "Kick the dog" moment inside the handsomest man you will ever meet (And he literally kicks a dog)
I dunno man I'm just some guy
I dunno man I'm just some guy 16 kun oldin
tbh I think the "for the greater good" villain fits here as well. They know they're evil, they feel bad about it, but they feel like they have to to save the world.
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