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Alas, alack, and all that jazz - today let's discuss a genre we all love to watch crash and burn!
"Scheming Weasel" Kevin MacLeod (
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Overly Sarcastic Productions
Overly Sarcastic Productions 2 oy oldin
By popular demand, the "Monologuing Is Not A Victimless Crime" quote is now on our Redbubble! (and it hits different on a mask, just saying 👀) -R
prasanna VK
prasanna VK Oy oldin
Always an entertaining thriller comedy,
Abraham El-Gothamy
Abraham El-Gothamy 2 oy oldin
Red: I was wondering if we can get any videos discussing critical literary lenses - e.g., feminism, post-colonialism, marxism, etc? and maybe some good stories that represent those ideas I took a Women's Literature class and I loved it. We discussed Selah Saterstrom, Edwidge Danticat, Edith Wharton, Harriet Jacobs, Zora Neale Hurston, etc. Honestly, I cried at some of the stories and it made me feel intellectual and emotional at the same time. So it might be a cool idea
Jeremy Barrett
Jeremy Barrett 2 oy oldin
@Matthew St. Cyr Indeed.
Matthew St. Cyr
Matthew St. Cyr 2 oy oldin
@Jeremy Barrett I never heard of that version, probably because every version I read had the sphinx thing happen before all the tragedy stuff.
Jeremy Barrett
Jeremy Barrett 2 oy oldin
@Matthew St. Cyr Ah that is one version. See what walks on two legs in the morning like a man,on four like a beast in the afternoon and then on 3 in the evening is Oedipus himself. A man before he'd laid with his mother,a beast when he crawled on all fours with her and on three after he gouged out his eyes in horror. Always liked that version better for the symbolism.
Patrick Richardson
Patrick Richardson 3 soat oldin
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 6 soat oldin
18:00 In the words of a character from "The Simpsons"; "It's like watching a monkey swallow a hand grenade!"
zoey 2 kun oldin
Holy shit bugs is a trickster deity
Imsocliche Oops
Imsocliche Oops 2 kun oldin
Turn their strengths into weaknesses and make it a story
jason kimball
jason kimball 3 kun oldin
IS RANGO A GREEK TRAGEDY?!? But like if a tragedy at the end turns around and becomes good at the end.
Justin Wahlne
Justin Wahlne 4 kun oldin
I now want to see a rom-com where the asshole boss shoots the gay best friend.
Rokka 5 kun oldin
Kullervo anyone?
TheRhuen 5 kun oldin
I am starting to realize why I dislike early 1900s thriller and mystery movies...the writers based them on the layout of Greek Tragedies rather than what we today think of as thrillers and mysteries. I had this massive collection of horror movies from the 1930s-1950s, mostly in the former, and all too often it was a case of a small cast, the audience knows who the killer is the entire time but it stills plays out as a mystery that the cast is trying to waiting for the characters on screen to play catch up with the audience. As a note these weren't like slasher villains, no the story treated these as a genuine mystery story with the one exception that we the audience saw who the killer was while they were killing. So those scenes where the detective is trying to put clues together and everyone is gathered in the parlor, has zero mystery for the audience.
Raven Bryant
Raven Bryant 5 kun oldin
Not gonna lie, the existence of the Greek chorus in a play is the ancient equivalent of a reaction video before the 21st century.
Mettaton’s Agent
Mettaton’s Agent 6 kun oldin
Thinking about it, is The Wolf of Wall Street a tragedy? The main protagonist is brought down by his own fatal flaw, half the movie is about how much he and other people get destroyed in one way or another by his actions, the ending is a resounding bad one for the perspective, and it’s all justice served from the average view.
Arctic Lemur
Arctic Lemur 6 kun oldin
As soon as she said Kung Fu Panda 2 I was like: YES! I'M NOT THE ONLY CRAZY ONE HERE!
Sean Birtwistle
Sean Birtwistle 7 kun oldin
didn't they try to ban death of a salesman for being commie propaganda?
Shawn Ravenfire
Shawn Ravenfire 8 kun oldin
I think another element to a good tragedy is how close the characters get to a happy ending without getting it. Juliet's plan to fake her death was a good solid plan, and it might have worked had the messenger ridden slightly faster. Hamlet could have glanced behind the curtain to see who was there. Penny could have taken the relic through the portal to Vacuo, or alternatively, Ruby could have asked Ambrosius to make the portals Cinder-proof, or hell, even asked Jinn what Salem's plan for Atlas was. (Okay, that last one's still fresh in my mind, so yeah.) It's all about how close we can get to everything working out and have it still not.
Celt of Canaan Esurix
Celt of Canaan Esurix 8 kun oldin
Have you ever heard the tragedy of Fëanor the wise? I thought not, it’s a story the Ñoldor wouldn’t have told you...
Ronald P
Ronald P 9 kun oldin
Shakespearean or Western tragedy is not a natural successor to the Greek tragedy, it is a completely different animal. For one thing in Greek tragedy the hero is a victim of situation, and is unable to leave the situation due to their fatal flaw. The tragedy in Oedipus Rex begins with his birth and the prophecy, then crystalizes when he kills his (unknown to him) biological father during a fight in a crossroads. Now the fight happens due to Oedipus having the fatal flaw of stubbornness. Oedipus' stubbornness continues to prevent him from leaving the trajectory of the tragedy. The Western tragic hero is Faust. Yes he does have a tragic flaw, desire for knowledge. However he is not a victim of circumstance. Instead Faust seeks out Mephistopheles. Faust then signs the contract that sets him on the trajectory for tragedy.
Charles Lonon
Charles Lonon 9 kun oldin
I can't believe Death Note didn't come up at all!!
MaxOfFewTrades 10 kun oldin
Trope talk: walking Characters often need to get place to place in their stories, most famously in lord of the rings. Walking makes for a great way to frame character dialogue and strengthen the group's dynamics while still carrying forward with the story by keeping them on their way to the goal of their quest
No Zer-0
No Zer-0 11 kun oldin
Just uh... gonna drop a quick subscription... there we go.
CheesecakeLasagna 11 kun oldin
8:13 Holy shit. brb imma write that movie.
CheesecakeLasagna 11 kun oldin
Ya'll should play Elsinore. It's a Groundhog Day x Hamlet video game where you play as Ophelia trying to prevent her death and the doom of the kingdom, in whatever means you can find. Clues and actions are in the interactions of the many characters you join in or watch from afar. The best thing for me is that it puts Ophelia in a much more significant role and character than the original version. Also, the dynamics of other characters along with others is pretty deep once you connect the dots.
GippyHappy 13 kun oldin
Dang now I kinda want a short movie that's just Shakespeare stories with the characters switched around.
jedimasterpickle3 14 kun oldin with this video in mind...Fate/Zero contains two concurrent tragedies that don't really interact all that much. We have Kiritsugu Emiya and Kariya Matou as our tragic protagonists, and the whole show becomes a tragedy in hindsight or with prior knowledge of Fate/stay night. So, my thoughts about it in order: 1) Starting position: Both are Masters in the Holy Grail War, which is a big opportunity. Kiritsugu has a loving wife and daughter, as well as partner he works extremely well with, and an extremely powerful Servant in Saber. Good position. Kariya...scrapes his way into being a Master and summons a powerful, but difficult to control, Servant in Berserker at the cost of rapidly declining health. Not a great start already. 2) Fatal Flaw: Kiritsugu's is his cold pragmatism. His entire philosophy is "sacrifice the few to save the many". He clashes frequently with the idealistic and heroic Saber over this. Kariya's is obsession. While he entered the Holy Grail War to save Sakura and reunite her with her mother and sister, his focus turns to getting revenge on Sakura's father Tokiomi. 3) Reversal of Fortune: For Kiritsugu, it'd be learning the Grail is corrupted and having to choose between ever seeing his daughter again and essentially mass genocide. For Kariya, it was being manipulated by Kirei into being framed for Tokiomi's death 4) Things go downhill: Kiritusgu compels Saber to destroy the Holy Grail and sacrifices everything he had left for the sake of humanity's survival. Sakura's mother, Aoi, comes across Kariya with Tokiomi's body, and he chokes her near to death, causing permanent brain damage. Both end up destroying everything they were fighting for. 5) Catharsis: Really only in Kariya's case. After losing Berserker to Saber, he stumbles back home and dies, while Sakura looks on. The only tiny hope she had of going back to her birth family is gone. 6) Collateral Damage: This is Kiritsugu's end. Destroying the Grail caused a huge fire to break out, which wrecks the city and causes a massive death toll. Kiritsugu ends up as a shell of the man he was at the beginning, Sakura's sister Rin has lost both of her parents and is now (unknowingly) in the custody of the man who killed her father, and Kiritsugu's daughter will never see him again, only to be told he abandoned her. Starting the Fate series at this point, these things don't come across immediately. But rewatching it, especially with knowledge of Stay Night, makes it apparent. We know that the Fourth Holy Grail War caused a huge fire since that's essential to Shirou's character. Rin and Sakura are estranged, and only get the chance to start to work on their shattered relationship in the final route of the game. All three routes show the Grail's corruption. So going back to Fate/Zero, we know Kiritsugu and Kariya are desperately reaching for impossible goals, only to fail so badly in ways they never could have imagined. Both went in with noble goals only to unwillingly achieve the complete and utter opposite. Kiritsugu wished for humanity's salvation and ended up killing 500 innocent civilians. Kariya wanted to reunite a family, and instead contributed to nearly destroying it.
Sarah Nicole
Sarah Nicole 14 kun oldin
Ah yes, the kings of tragedy, Lord Shen and Lord Vader
Shoyren 14 kun oldin
So what you’re saying is that Romeo and Juliet is the Madoka Mágica of Elizabethan Romance.
Elvina Chidley
Elvina Chidley 15 kun oldin
I always thought of Oedipus fateful as being his desire to know, his unending quest for truth, the way he places knowing above all else But stubbornness, that changes everything It also shows how easy it is to have differing interpretations of the same text because ultimately the outcome of his fatal flaw is the same, but the difference is on what is the fatal flaw. Both work but have very different consequences for the meaning of the text
Illien Galene
Illien Galene 16 kun oldin
And now I want Red to play Nehrim and analyse the crap out of it!😱
Klervia 16 kun oldin
I do think that Antigone is a rare case of a double tragedy : Antigone AND Creon lose in the play (her life and fiancé/his family) due to their common hamartia : selfish pride Taking care of the dead was a pretty big deal in ancient greek, whatever they've done in their lives (like Sisyphus, who litterally came back to organise his own funerals with the gods agreement), so that would make sense that Creon was as unreasonable as Antigone (I don't know if this is very clear, I'm french and english is kinda hard sometimes T-T)
The little red haired girl from across the street
The little red haired girl from across the street 16 kun oldin
Very late so not sure if anyone will see this, but Eminem’s Stan is a wonderful example of modern tragedy. Stan is by now means in a position of power, but he has a girlfriend, a little brother he cares about, and a daughter on the way. His obsession with Eminem is his tragic flaw, driving him mad as his parasocial relationship with his idol isn’t reciprocated, to the point where Stan ends up killing his girlfriend and unborn child and traumatizing his little brother. At the end we even get a hit of dramatic irony as Eminem finally acknowledges Stan only to find that he’s already dead.
Liam Keating
Liam Keating 19 kun oldin
Is ancient comedy up next?
Madison Myers
Madison Myers 20 kun oldin
Has my life turned into a Greek tragedy? Has many people's in this pandemic? I'm probably being overdramatic.
Pacifico Studios
Pacifico Studios 21 kun oldin
Too bad Shakespeare didn't write a play about Fortinbras, and how he won a war with Poland and became the new King of Denmark. Sweet!
Sam Chafin
Sam Chafin 21 kun oldin
"trickster-deity Bugs Bunny" - 1000% yes Also, would love to see produced comedy of swapping Hamlet and Othello.
vanDaalstad 21 kun oldin
I can only imagine the show that made European playwrights realize they needed to clue the audience in more, likely prompted by an actor or playwright just losing it at some schmuck asking too many questions and explaining it all in detail right from the stage, and then that kinda stuck
Elizabeth Holland
Elizabeth Holland 22 kun oldin
Red: "... but damn if it doesn't tie up all those loose ends into a nice little bow - which is coincidentally, also what it did to Oedipus's family tree." Me: *+literal spit-take+* RED!
NoahOfTheArc 22 kun oldin
Really interesting video! It's neat to see this breakdown of the ingredients that make a tragedy.
it me
it me 27 kun oldin
In English class we're reading Romeo and Juliet. I play Mercutio and next Monday we start act 3. Guess I'll die
J Mace
J Mace 27 kun oldin
Tragic flaw: you say “omniscient” weird.
J Mace
J Mace 27 kun oldin
Imagine being the OTHER Greek playwrights finding out that none of their plays survived but the Incest Trilogy is what made it.
Catherine 28 kun oldin
I really really love all your videos but can you please change your music, I have adhd and it’s so hard to not just listen to the music and then I have to keep going back :-(
Samuel Berry
Samuel Berry Oy oldin
her "murder eyes are bigger than her murder stomach" great line.
George Kouris
George Kouris Oy oldin
Great video
Justjust55 Oy oldin
The Great Gatsby is a perfect example of a tragedy.
Dylan McNab
Dylan McNab Oy oldin
I now understand why Shakespeare was a good storyteller.
Russ Olson
Russ Olson Oy oldin
Rome didn't write tragedies but man was it one
Vincent frye
Vincent frye Oy oldin
Oh man I think I actually found something else I felt like subscribing to. Maybe I need to watch more youtube or maybe I'm just too picky about video essays.
The Damned
The Damned Oy oldin
I have finally gotten around to watching this more than a month later after constantly forgetting to do so, and I must echo the sentiment that I would be all for seeing something like 8:15, if only so the world is spared another terrible rom-com. Also, thanks for making a point that _Romeo & Juliet_ is foremost a tragedy than anything else. It still bothers me a lot how many people and how much society sees their relationship as actually romantic.
WildLightsStudio Oy oldin
There is this short horror story that I think is more a tragedy. Man loves woman, woman tells man to never touch the ribbon around her neck, they live happily for some time, but then one day, his curiosity gets the better of him. He removes the ribbon and her head falls off. Yeah, his love was a ghost or zombie or whatever, which may be scary in certain lights, but it is more a tragedy because his curiosity cost him the love of his life and his love her life.
Evolved Copper
Evolved Copper Oy oldin
Othello is a glorious psychological thriller from the perspective of Iago, who is the best character in the play, dont at me
Doctor Death Defying
Doctor Death Defying Oy oldin
But have you ever watched an opera about Italian-Americans in a casino trying to get a stripper and normie chick switch places because the stripper’s really nice and also mafia?
Silver Star
Silver Star Oy oldin
You know, your talk about tragedies dread factor is REALLY applicable to Wanda Maximoffs backstory episode from WandaVision.
sir andrew aguecheek
sir andrew aguecheek Oy oldin
*whats the background music in every trope talk video called?*
Brandon Reza
Brandon Reza Oy oldin
I thought Angel Beats was tragic but now I don't know anymore
Sarah Graves
Sarah Graves Oy oldin
I... I love this channel. 😭
MishiMashi Oy oldin
fhrowback to doing antigonick in highschool drama, being in our 3 person chorus and yelling at Kreon at the end was very cathartic. I was taught how to tie a noose for that and was told to never use that skill.
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson Oy oldin
I absolutely love how Red just straight up reverse to Bugs Bunny as Trikster Deitie, because when you think about it it really does describe him perfectly.
Notta Reelname
Notta Reelname Oy oldin
Ah, yes. the endless tragedy of Dr. Doofenshmirtz
SmolMouseChild Oy oldin
Honestly 90% of musicals are considered tragedies by someone's viewpoint(excluding most comedies).
Raffael W.
Raffael W. Oy oldin
Will you do a Trope Talk about the 'Rag-tag bunch of misfits' - trope? It should fit well with the five man band
Coffee and Sarcasm
Coffee and Sarcasm Oy oldin
It's like you were given the prompt "Explain why Hadestown is so good without mentioning Hadestown. "
Lady Talksalot
Lady Talksalot Oy oldin
Consider: UHF, by Weird Al, but from the perspective of the villain RJ Fletcher. Everything that goes wrong for him is his own fault resulting from his flaw: the constant need to be a jerk. You could call it karma, but calling it a tragedy is more fun :).
Joyful Sorrow
Joyful Sorrow Oy oldin
Shakespeare. good at his job - that is to say, leaving the audience grumpy and dissatisfied and wondering why they paid all that money to go see this stuff and what they're doing with their life... I didn't think Kung Fu Panda 2 would get involved in this... but I have to say... well played....
charl X
charl X Oy oldin
So i have a idea for a new movie, totally original idea, not inspired by a single thing The mean boss shoots the gay best friend a quarter of the way through the movie, and our romcom protagonist goes full john wick
deadlypandaghost Oy oldin
I had a Pathfinder character following a tragic storyline. When he died, the dm wanted to res him. Nope nope nope. Kamikazeing the problems he caused was the best end he was going to get :D
Rohan Zener
Rohan Zener Oy oldin
Sooner or later we'll need a trope talk about Hate Sinks.
piemon Oy oldin
you have the amazing power of making me very interested in whatever you talk about
Kari Herrejon
Kari Herrejon Oy oldin
In my theatre class, we learned that Melpomene (she who sings and dances) was the goddess of tragedies but before she actually took on the title as goddess of choir and song. We don’t know much about Melpomene the muse but she was depicted in a lot of paintings along side Dionysus, so that may be the reason tragic plays were sung in choir and many used the Melpomene mask of tragedy.
coloraddiction Oy oldin
Naïve Me: "This anime feels a lot less like an anime and a lot more like a shakespearean tragedy. But like, without the tragedy." Future me looming over past me: "So you uh... picked up on that tone didja?" "...yeah..." "But you didn't think it was actually going to be a tragedy." "... ... ... -well I was hopi-" "WELL YOU WERE WRONG."
Katakesh Oy oldin
I'll always find those prequel jabs quite jarring and just flatly wrong
lfdoidao Oy oldin
Is the princess kaguya movie a tragedy? It feels like so
Jordan Kalmov
Jordan Kalmov Oy oldin
Is... is John wick a tragedy.... especially with the end of movie 2? And 3?
James Mortimer
James Mortimer Oy oldin
"Which is coincidently also what it did to eudipusses family tree." BRA MY I EJECTED MY CHOCY MILK THROUGH MY NOSE
yerbhaw Oy oldin
red: tragedy is less about the character trait and more about the circumstances that turn that trait into a fatal flaw me: *aggressively taking notes*
Luke Austin
Luke Austin Oy oldin
Red: The comic relief dies. That'd be like if the dickhead boss shot the gay best friend. Me: So you agree? Mercutio is gay and in love with Romeo?
Pamber 13
Pamber 13 Oy oldin
Favorite modern tragedy is the Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor on Netflix. It's fucking amazing oml
Treegona Oy oldin
For a "this character's backstory is a tragedy", The Untamed (and its source material) have a main character who is fresh off the heels of his tragic backstory, having just been _summoned from the grave._ We see some interactions between him and those who used to be His People before the first flashback, and as things progress we learn more and more about how a kid with such potential ended up literally thrown to the dogs for the choices he made then and, given the chance, would probably make again. Classic tragedy.
Postmodern Guava
Postmodern Guava Oy oldin
My favorite aspect of the tragedy in Lord Shen's story is that the prophecy is _not_ "A panda will kill you," but is in fact "A panda will foil your plans of conquest." Shen could have easily thwarted his prophecy if he wasn't so devoted to his ambitions of taking over China.
Nova Oy oldin
What about a Trope Talk on superheroes and/or superpowers?
Ian Kelley
Ian Kelley Oy oldin
"A fatal flaw is just an innocent character trait in the wrong place at the wrong time" Thats actually a really cool way of explaining that. "He is Prince Macintosh a fair and noble lord who protects his kingdom justly, his love of apples being his downfall as the cruel trickster points him towards his doom at the gardens of the fickle goddess Despoina and her sacred apple groves"
Mr.Preston 16
Mr.Preston 16 Oy oldin
Do a trope talk on super powers so you can talk about rules and Norms of them
Ace Tuber Jason
Ace Tuber Jason Oy oldin
Can you do a reboot of the older videos with the better production quality you guys have now?
Gaiven Stalter
Gaiven Stalter Oy oldin
It’d be awesome if we could get an episode about weird powers like “mouth beams/special breath”
First Last
First Last Oy oldin
The thing is, a number of stories can become tragedies if the story just ends at a certain point. Consider Gundam Wing: The main hero, Heero, is effectively a cold-blooded murder machine who was sent by the colonies to murder tyranny to death by murdering the people in charge of Earth. However, his talent for cold-blooded murder ends up causing a tragedy when his penchant for killing anyone from the United Earth Sphere Alliance causes him to kill the people who were ready and willing to end the war. If Hiro died right then and there, that would make the series a tragedy, as he'd not only failed his mission but done an act that would have indisputably made everything worse than when the series had started. In fact, it goes even further towards the Greek tragedy formula because Heero's cold-blooded murderiness is in fact his fatal flaw. Anyone watching who is familiar with Gundam will know that this habit of indiscriminate murder will come back to haunt him. Unlike some traditional series like Star Wars where all the guys on the bad guy side are irredeemable villains and the guys on the good guy side are all super-saints of incorruptible pureness, Gundam has a history of blurring the lines between hero and villain pretty often, with good people being on the bad side and bad people being on the good side. So, anyone familiar with Gundam is going to know that sooner or later, Heero "Perfectly Okay With Killing People Without Hesitation" Yuy was going to kill someone he shouldn't sooner or later, in a situation where a minute's worth of hesitation would have prevented the whole tragedy. And surprise, his habit of cold-blooded insta-murder ends up killing a jet plane full of people wanting peace and effectively undoing any good his previous acts of well-intentioned murder of the previous oppressors might have done, where if he'd waited literally sixty seconds, he'd have been told that the people on the plane were the one and only people in the United Earth Sphere Alliance that he must not kill. So, yeah, the first major arc, at least for Heero's character, follows the Greek tragedy formula pretty closely.
Nai 2013
Nai 2013 Oy oldin
I wonder if Asgore Dreemurr from Undertale is a tragic hero and his backstory a tragedy. He starts out good. He is a king adored by his people . having led them through a war in which his race , monsters were sealed underground with a magical barrier by humans. He is their hero , built their new home underground from scratch , etc. He has a loving wife and two kids , one biological and an adopted human.HIs kingdom is full of hope and hsi children are a symbol of peace between the two races and a possibility of them being freed. So far good; Then one day his human child dies and in a fateful attempt to free his people with the power of his sibling's soul , the king's son ,Asriel is killed by humans. Here Asgore's fatal flaw would be his wrath , as when he learns this , he in a fit of rage vows to kill any human who falls into his kingdom and with their souls he will break the barrier keeping them trapped and then wage war on humanity , taking the surface back for monsters. His wife is horrified by his declaration and leaves him. When he realizes what he has done , he obviously regrets it but it's too late. He cannot take back his word otherwise his subjects will lose all hope and "fall down"(read:die). So he in the end his loses both his children , his wife and is forced to sacrifice his own morals if he wants to not see his people lose all hope. I may be wrong , but it does seem like a classical tragedy , on the surface at least.
Daniel O'Brien
Daniel O'Brien Oy oldin
Anyone else genuinely shocked she didn’t mention avatar?
Ivana Glb
Ivana Glb Oy oldin
Can you make a video about The Decameron? I never understood what it was about.
Renee Morehead
Renee Morehead Oy oldin
bugs bunny as a trickster deity is the analysis i didnt know i needed
mechaman13 Oy oldin
Hey Red, this is the third (or so) trope talk video where you've used Star Wars: The Clone Wars as an example. I'm starting to think that you're a fan of the show.
Yolotzin CervantesNixon
Yolotzin CervantesNixon Oy oldin
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise? I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life... He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic he could save others from death, but not himself
Mary Mohr
Mary Mohr Oy oldin
So you're telling me my anxiety thinks everyday is going to be a Greek Tragedy
Floyd Harper
Floyd Harper Oy oldin
Very relatable
pugtrees Oy oldin
Did videos older than 4 months get deleted off the channel or is my computer being weird??
Yehuda Levi
Yehuda Levi Oy oldin
Red, after watching 25 of your trope talk videos I've got to suggest a fantasy author who's books you will definitley love if you like reading fantasy at all. Brandon Sanderson. Particularly his books in the Mistborn trilogy and Stormlight Arcive. He's simply an incredible author, and every single trope you mention in the videos I've seen so far he either doesn't include, subverts, or uses in the way you describe as being best. Every time I think I know what will happen because the setting seems familiar, I'm wrong. And what ends up happening is way more satisfying and cool than what I expected.
Cinnamon Oy oldin
is Flowers For Algernon not considered one of the greatest modern tragedies?
Katie Wade
Katie Wade Oy oldin
Does Dear Evan Hansen count as a tragedy? It basically follows the general arc until the end, where things get better, though the ending is bittersweet.
Benjamin Armitage
Benjamin Armitage Oy oldin
Shakespeare’s stories were about sinking ships, not overblown rowboats.
Lord Mayor of Oofington upon the Oofus
Lord Mayor of Oofington upon the Oofus Oy oldin
I think you should do a trope talk on coming of age stories
Makice hit
Makice hit Oy oldin
I love that the character flaw was called "the sin" makes it so ominous lmao
Anwen M
Anwen M Oy oldin
The musical Wicked, while I have no idea what it counts as in its own right, is a tragedy from the Wizard’s perspective, because he causes the ‘death’ of his own daughter. His fatal flaw is his ego and his need to be wonderful, which was probably what led him to have a daughter in the first place, and then absolutely what led him to ‘cause her death’
bouboulroz Oy oldin
That awkward moment when you realize you only ever wrote textbook shakespearien tragedies without ever noticing.
alex s
alex s Oy oldin
I wonder if Falling Down could be considered a tragedy. Love your vids. they always give me fuel to think about.
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Trope Talk: Pure Evil
Overly Sarcastic Productions
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New SECRET WEAPON Added in the Fortnite Update!
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How Quando Rondo Talk 😂😂
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Best Origami Wins $5,000 Challenge | ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts
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Dax - "WHOOPTY" Remix [Official Video]
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Chelsea vs. FC Porto: Extended Highlights | UCL CBS Sports
Champions League on CBS Sports
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Just One Day - 2winz² (Official Video)
brian david gilbert
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Why South Africa is still so segregated
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DBFZ - Lobby ShenaniganZ 5
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Paris Saint-Germain vs.Bayern Munich: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports
Champions League on CBS Sports
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Moneybagg Yo - GO! (with BIG 30) (Official Audio)
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