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Ahh, fear! What a maligned concept. But everyone's afraid of something, and some stories really like putting the spotlight on what scares their characters the most. At worst it's a very effective halloween episode, at best it turns into a deep and gripping exploration of their character! Let's discuss how the Greatest Fear trope gets used and abused!
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Luke Cantwell
Luke Cantwell 20 soat oldin
Another thing with hawkgirls fear is how it contrasts the other 3, superman, flash, and green lantern all grew up living normal human lives, even superman, he thought he was a normal human until his powers began showing, so each of their fears relate to no longer being "human" they're afraid of losing control, whereas hawkgirl was born with her wings, she has no reason to fear them, instead, she grew up with the freedom that those wings granted her, and so, she is afraid of losing that freedom.
Serene Pastel
Serene Pastel 4 kun oldin
I’m not finished with the game yet, but so far Omori plays with the greatest fear trope really well. The protagonist is plagued by specific phobias that prevent the party from reaching different zones. Only by learning how to deal with these fears can the game move forward. Ex. A fear of spiders initially prevents you from going into a creepy forest blocked by a giant spider web. But overcoming the fears let’s you cut down the web and move forward. It’s very neat.
Angie_the_Alien 4 kun oldin
I was thinking Finn from adventure time fear of the ocean. Those episodes were so good.
The Cat Page
The Cat Page 6 kun oldin
I want to see this trope with a silly fear but instead of the teammates making fun of the silly fear they are sympathetic and try to help their friend
Noobmaster Ruben
Noobmaster Ruben 11 kun oldin
Bojack Horseman’s view from Halfway down isn’t really a greatest fear episode. But its a dream episode that broke me, such a visual treat to watch
CheesecakeLasagna 11 kun oldin
13:33 Can someone please tell me the big spoiler? It piqued my interest but cba to watch the show atm.
Nomad94 13 kun oldin
The captions are really off-base this time
Gemsineye 14 kun oldin
Stock episodes? Alternate universes? Oh! You mean the entirety of the Backyardigans!!
Mothpawbs 16 kun oldin
"this episode is sponsored by the Magnus Archives!" me: *vibrating uncontrollably* oh?
AbsolX Guardian
AbsolX Guardian 16 kun oldin
11:05 ...that is suprisingly less scary than the Sandman version of Dr Destiny.
AbsolX Guardian
AbsolX Guardian 16 kun oldin
I'm curcious if Rusty Quill sponsored you, so you chose a trope that applied to TMA, or they just sensed you were doing a relevant Trope Talk
Taxima 17 kun oldin
One of my favorites of these fear reveals was for Bulkhead in Transformers Prime. It starts out like the joke fear reveal. The big, burly robot is scared to death of these tiny hungry toy robot things to the point that he has a high pitched scream. But then he reveals this fear is more primal and rooted in PTSD. He's personally SEEN the bitty Scraplets eat a cybertronian alive from the inside out. He's so afraid of them because he knows the real threat they pose.
Ian R. Nava Huber
Ian R. Nava Huber 18 kun oldin
2 examples of this trope i personally liked were: - DOOM PATROL's episode "Jane Patrol" that manages to hit all the good marks of a "face your fears" episode, but with the spin in the formula that, technically speaking revealing Jane's greatest fear is the revelation of the episode also revealing her trauma AND Backstory Also the interesting part that, the titular Jane, had no intention of facing her fear. She was in a basically catatonic state and only decided to face her fear not to save herself, but to save someone else - The Ultimate Spider-Man episode where Nightmare and Doctor Strange make their debuts. It has from the fears that reveal something more about their characters (Power Man and Iron Fist (especially this one given he was tritagonist in this episode)), and the comedic ones (white tiger (who will later on get a more introspective episode) and nova (who at that point in the series was a jerk so it is technically fine to don't go deep into his fear)). AND THEN We have Spider-Man. what is his greatest fear? he already lived through it. and is facing it everyday. And it was kinda refreshingly impressive that Spider-Man actually managed to turn the usual "fear hallucination" into a comfortive moment for him. And was able to start the ball rolling to defeat a cosmic entity (the titular nightmare) and save everyone
Tirzah Davis
Tirzah Davis 18 kun oldin
7:00 I feel called out by that-
Bryce Weisler
Bryce Weisler 18 kun oldin
The only like greatest fear nightmare episode that ever actually really fucked with me was the fucking magicians one it does its job really fucking well
Malcontent 7
Malcontent 7 18 kun oldin
13:25 When you think about it, it kinda does reveal something about, just with a bit of subtlety. It suggests that she feels trapped. It just doesn’t reveal what she feels trapped by. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it.
Kate B
Kate B 18 kun oldin
This is why the beggar's in harry potter always disappointed me. They're supposed to show your greatest fear, but how many peoples greatest fear can be represented by a thing like that? Especially after the first book tackling the hearts desire. I mean Ron's heart desire is to succeed and prove himself when everyone around him has already done it, but his greatest fear is spiders? No.
silvertonguer 18 kun oldin
I love this trope. I always look forward to these kinds of episodes.
Pangol-Inn Takeaway
Pangol-Inn Takeaway 19 kun oldin
Maybe the real greatest fear was the friends we made along the way
PlaydoughMaster 20 kun oldin
I’m in agreement with Doof _Those vending machines are out to get us_
PlaydoughMaster 20 kun oldin
So that one Veggietales movie is a Stock movie?
Stealthyshart 21
Stealthyshart 21 20 kun oldin
Just in case I'm in a piece of media I'M VERY AFRAID OF MONEY. I COULDN'T TAKE IT IF I WON THE LOTTERY.
Jade Singer
Jade Singer 20 kun oldin
Of course the greatest fears video was sponsored by tma, what else was I expecting?
Hannah 246
Hannah 246 20 kun oldin
To be fair the Joker is probably the greatest fear for some of the DCU citizens and that's a completely justified fear of clowns
FerretWithAHat 24 kun oldin
My personal favorite Greatest Fear episode is Enchanting Grom Freight in Owl House. The entire thing is framed as a Prom meets deathmatch where a student at the school Hexside has to slay a demon who shapeshifts into their greatest fear. The main character’s greatest fear was the guilt that would come with her mother lying to her.
datpolakmike 25 kun oldin
Related: my LEAST favorite stock episode is the one where the main characters make a wager to see who can go the longest without doing the thing that's become their painfully over exaggerated defining trait
Mary Stratford
Mary Stratford 27 kun oldin
Let's not forget the 'switch minds' stock episode--aka one of my own greatest fears. (seriously. I can't even watch the scene in Cars 2 when Mater has to impersonate another tow truck because I loathe the concept so much.)
LUGERshom Dela Cruz
LUGERshom Dela Cruz 27 kun oldin
"I must not fear. Fear is a mind-killer. Without this fear, I only die once. I will face my fear and let it pass through and over me. When the fear is gone, only I will remain."
Craig Locklear
Craig Locklear 27 kun oldin
Your sponsor for this episode is totally a ripoff of SCP foundation. Which in itself is a ripoff of X-Files. Nothing new under the sun I guess
Alex Oy oldin
Right after watching this, UZpost decided I needed an ad for a horror movie themed around sleep and nightmares 🙃🙃🙃
ChainAttack641 Oy oldin
DragonkittyQueen MGA
DragonkittyQueen MGA Oy oldin
Red needs to write a book: don’t try to change my mind.
Michael Ramon
Michael Ramon Oy oldin
Regarding Hawkgirl in that Justice League episode, her fear being extremely mundane compared to the others makes perfect sense when you remember that her powers are entirely normal parts of her species and culture. Flash and Green Lantern got their powers after they were adults, and Superman's abilities are natural but he was raised in a context where they were deeply abnormal. So it makes sense for all of them to feel somewhat insecure about them. But it wouldn't make much sense for Hawkgirl's deepest fear to be related to her wings or flying, any more than it would make sense for a human's deepest fear to be about walking. (Not that a fear of walking is necessarily impossible, just that it's more likely to be something else.)
Casual Observer
Casual Observer Oy oldin
Neil Gaiman has the best rendition of Dr. Destiny imo
J̵̄a̱c͟r̶ā͞d̵ Oy oldin
I love how Justice League provides a lot of useful examples of tropes! Always great to see it referenced
The Narrator
The Narrator Oy oldin
I'd live to see a Greatest fear expand on an idea I liked in Hunter x Hunter. There Kurrapika, the stoic cool guy, has a hate/fear of Spiders. It's played for laughs at first but then we find out that the Spiders is actually the name of an evil organization that killed his entire rice and whom he's sworn vengeance against.
TemmieTube Oy oldin
Celeste: Hold my strawberry
Sack fu
Sack fu Oy oldin
Concept: We get one of these episodes and it seems at first that their fear is something mundane and silly at first causing their friends to tease them for it, only for the teasing to get crueler and more out of character as time goes on until we find out the characters real fear was that their friends wouldn't like them anymore if they found out they had some kind of past trauma that left them with a seemingly irrational fear of dolls or something and they will lose their friends and be seen as a laughing stock. I'm sure i just basically paraphrased the plot of some episode out there somewhere but hey, it seems like an obvious subversion of the trope so if it doesn't exist, i would be surprised.
Doctor Death Defying
Doctor Death Defying Oy oldin
In the Anamaniacs reboot, they did a parody of the nightmare episode. Nickelwise the clown scares people to death, so, he gets all three of them alone and freaks them out. Dot’s afraid of old age (not being cute anymore) and she quickly stares at the old variant of her in the mirror and said ‘You look amazing honey!’ And Nickelwise gets smaller and runs away. Wakko’s fear is that he’ll eat something and it won’t do anything for him or that it’s plastic. He eats the plastic anyway. Yakko’s fear is not being found funny. He’s put in an office building and his soul gets sucked out. The other two find him, shove his soul back in, they collectively roast Nickelwise back to the sewers and Nickelwise dies.
Bennie Wanders
Bennie Wanders Oy oldin
I don't think the idea that a greatest fear and a greatest desire are OPPOSED is accurate. It's more accurate to say that they're probably thematically RELATED in some way - for example, a lot of characters I find extremely compelling are ones whose greatest fear is that they'll GET their greatest desire (perhaps because they believe themselves intrinsically untrustworthy; perhaps because they believe the closest they'll get is the monkey's paw edition of what they wanted, etc.)
Fran L. Losand
Fran L. Losand Oy oldin
11:35 what the fuck
Joyful Sorrow
Joyful Sorrow Oy oldin
Gotta admit, I didn't think this would be about series but about movies... like Frozen or Rise of the Guardians...
Shadow Nomad
Shadow Nomad Oy oldin
The Undertaker is afraid of cucumbers. The grappling undead mortician biker wizard cult leader is afraid of cucumbers.
The Lonely Ghost
The Lonely Ghost Oy oldin
Caleb Douglas
Caleb Douglas Oy oldin
So in conclusion... Hello Jon. Apologies for the deception, but I rather wanted to make sure you started reading, so I thought it best not to announce myself. I’m assuming you’re alone; you always did prefer to read your statements in private. I wouldn’t try too hard to stop reading; there’s every likelihood you’ll just hurt yourself.
Caleb Douglas
Caleb Douglas Oy oldin
"'s currently in it's final season" I didn't need the reminder, I'm already terrified about what I'm going to do with myself once it ends
jamie king
jamie king Oy oldin
Reminds me of that one teen titans episode about raven
J Ku
J Ku Oy oldin
One of the best ones is Annabeth's Arachnophobia . For context, this fear was set up in The Lightning Thief but the true payoff was shown 6 books later. In the Mark of Athena, she gets a solo-quest to retrieve Athena's big-ass statue from Arachne the spider-lady and her hundreds of regular spiders. Bear in mind, Annabeth KNEW the spiders were there and yet she willingly took the quest anyway. In short, this is way she's my favourite Demigod.
issac thompson
issac thompson Oy oldin
After rewatching this for the 3rd time I started thinking of Ranma 1/2 due to the simple reason that Ranma is revealed to have felinophobia and it is played for comedy but makes it very clear that he has a VERY good reason for his fear. I mean, wouldn't anyone be afraid of cats if they were wrapped in a cat's favorite food while being surrounded by cats repeatedly because their father thought a good way to help rid them of the newfound fear would be to EXPERIENCE THE TRAMA ALL OVER AGAIN.
foldabotZ Oy oldin
Besides, we already got an episode of Batman's fear way back in Scarecrow's debut episode in Batman the Animated Series. As it turns out, his greatest fear is that he is shaming the family name and his father would think him a failure and disgrace. He would conquer his face by declaring the classic line. You all know what it is.
Smartin Tin
Smartin Tin Oy oldin
Read the title as Greatest Pears...
Aleksandar Katic
Aleksandar Katic Oy oldin
Surprised you didn’t bring the teen Titans episodes “Haunted” and “Fear itself”. In haunted you get to see Robin haunted by the defeated Slade through some form of hallucinogenic dust, where the main conflict turns out to be is robins fear of Slade returning coming between him and his team? Fear itself is arguably better, as after watching a horror movie, Raven tries to suppress her fear, and due to the emotion based nature of her powers the fear manifests as the monster from the movie and starts picking the team of one by one, only being undone when raven accepts that she is afraid and is actually allowed to fear things.
Aaron Oy oldin
Can we get more stock episodes? Specifically the color coded copy episodes
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber Oy oldin
One story I’d like to mention is the Doctor Who Episode “Dalek”. In that, the Doctor- who is at this point a veteran of a war that destroyed his home planet and the enemy force, leaving him the last survivor- finds another survivor of the war, but it’s a soldier of the enemy force, a Dalek. So here, the Doctor is confronted with his Greatest Fear, a surviving Dalek, and it finally forces him to confront the traumas and what he did in the war.
Ashie Lilystar
Ashie Lilystar Oy oldin
2:33 *hint hint* batman *hint hint*
Amanda Burris
Amanda Burris Oy oldin
My favorite Justice League episode!
Rory Beckstrom
Rory Beckstrom Oy oldin
Supernaturals take on this is that your greatest wish reveals alot too.
Bill Keck
Bill Keck Oy oldin
How about Indiana Jones being afraid of snakes!
A Mole Person
A Mole Person Oy oldin
Can I just say, it’s really cool that Rusty Quill sponsored this, I’ve been a fan of TMA for a while.
Centimetres Oy oldin
Me clicking on this video: i wonder if red will talk abt the magnus archives Video: *THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY THE MAGNUS ARCHIVES* im not complaining i am VERY pleasantly surprised :D
Nunya Biznes
Nunya Biznes Oy oldin
Yikes, I'm actually thinking of a character whose whole shtick is he can trap enemies in hallucinations and he's also kinda psychic himself so can and will probe for weaknesses before launching an attack. But mostly he just use it for the fear factor when fighting in melee, kinda like Scarecrow but without the gases.
Alonzo C
Alonzo C Oy oldin
Nah the best stock episode is the one we had the whole of last year... The pandemic episode. Like you don't realise how many pandemic-based episodes there are in sci-fi until you go through watching for them.
AceRaven 102
AceRaven 102 Oy oldin
This video is somehow really thought provoking and terrifying at the same time. Red was talking about how everyone sees people differently and people see themselves different to how others see them and I just had like 5 existential crises in two seconds and it somehow helped? I have no clue, good day.
Mai Miller
Mai Miller Oy oldin
i really liked when the owl house did this
team10leader1 Oy oldin
(INFINITY TRAIN SPOILERS!) When you mentioned that "fear episodes" are a way to explore a hero's character arc, I realized that in "infinity Train", Grace is a very special case of this. She's technically not a hero, in the sense that she was previously the antagonist of Book 2. But when she shares her worst fears by the end of Book 3, this allows the audience to see a whole new facet to her, a vulnerable side. She admits she's afraid of "being wrong, of disappointing others, of not being enough". All her actions were driven by her fears. Once she acknowledges her fears, and how her actions have lead to her worst fears coming true all the same, it marks the beginning of her personal growth. All in all, the beauty of "fear episodes" is that we get to see the hero grow because they acknowledged they're afraid and confront that fear.
ArentheAcrimonious Oy oldin
Bree G. Davis
Bree G. Davis Oy oldin
One of my favorite versions of this stock episode comes from Heartcatch Precure. In the episode the characters have to choose to go through their greatest fears in order to gain their strongest ability. We see each character have to confront a physical manifestation of their worst fears and past selves, however none of them win by beating this fear- they do it by accepting it. By understanding that their fears and past actions are a part of them, and that the only way they can grow is to keep moving past them. Another series that does something similar to this is Persona (particularly Persona 4) and I really really love both of them.
Key Smakka
Key Smakka Oy oldin
I’m a bit mad how Star Wars the Clone Wars hasn’t been referenced at least 300 times in this series
galning 27
galning 27 Oy oldin
15:21 idk if this is cannon but in LEGO Batman 3 beyond Gotham (spoiler alert for a 6 almost 7 year old game) in the level an aw-quard situation it is revealed that the one thing Batman is afraid of is seeing robin/his friends in serious danger
simply one hell of a neko
simply one hell of a neko Oy oldin
Red: basic fears like the fear of clowns is usually treated as a joke. Me: not for Sam Winchester. It shows that after all the monsters he's fought he's not afraid of them. The only thing that scares him is a basic phobia... Clowns.
Tim Kramar
Tim Kramar Oy oldin
One of Superman's worst dreams was...a good dream. What if Krypton never blew up? The Man who Has Everything, was a show where the Black Mercy gave Superman a good dream, which would eventually kill him.
Evan Kurasu
Evan Kurasu Oy oldin
7:20 Ah yes, my greatest fear... INTIMACY.
Mira CAM
Mira CAM Oy oldin
osp + tma? i can die happy thank you
Wing Dings_17
Wing Dings_17 Oy oldin
2:51 pretty much every Undertale character then...
The_Ideaist Oy oldin
Extremely funny to me that you used an Audio clip from 'The Piper' because that is like, the single episode of The Magnus Archives that I just can't listen to because it's so boring.
Add Infinitum
Add Infinitum Oy oldin
1.) It took you saying "because hawkgirl had psychic shielding" to put together why that was significant, having finished the show a couple of months ago. 2.) Your description of the Magnus Archives sounded very similar to the SCP foundation
Alyssa Brhyte
Alyssa Brhyte Oy oldin
Seeing the Justice League cartoon really brought back a wave of nostalgia I honestly can’t really explain.
emma maz
emma maz Oy oldin
the flash 🤝 kaminari denki do i even need to explain
Hayden K
Hayden K 2 oy oldin
Absolutely love the magnus archives and this channel and I can say with 100% accuracy that yes, it really is a doozy
Elystair 2 oy oldin
I love the Magnus Archives so much.
Mehga 2 oy oldin
Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins is the happy go lucky character from the show with a dark past. We find out in season 2 that he is immortal and has tried everything to kill himself, that when he does die he goes to Purgatory gets tortured and has his emotions slowly stipped away before he is put back into his body. Then in season 3, we find out that Elizabeth, his love interest is cursed with reincarnation. She is cursed to be reincarnated over and over. Every time she reincarnates they find their way back to each other and fall in love, only for Elizabeth to eventually regain the memories of her previous lives and brutally die in front of him in 3 days time. The story takes place 3,000 years after they were cursed. His greatest fear is losing her again which causes him to abandon his emotions to gain enough power to kill his father (Demon King) so the curses would be lifted.
TheDilloWolf 2 oy oldin
My favorite examle of this trope is probably from the 4kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "The Darkness Within." It's a very lovecraftian story and we get to see each turtle face an individual fear on their own (except Donatello, but I'll get back to that). Michelangelo faces an image of Leonardo acepting power from a lovecraftian horror and asking him to join them. We already know Michelangelo has an obsession with monsters and treats them as credible and horrible threats, but this shows us how much he idolizes Leo and how terrified and crushed he would be if he turned on his brothers. Raphael has an encounter with himself as thd shredder. This is a pretty standard case of the hothead fearing he will become the villain, but this balance and struggle has already been established as an important part of Raphael's character, and this helps reinforce that. And Leo has to face splinter dieing over and over again, sometimes by his own blade. This reinforces his love and devotion to Splinter and foreshadows his main character arc in the fourth season, where he has to come to terms with the fact he will not always be able to protect his family. All great scenes that add depth to the character reinforce a d important aspect of the character. And the Donnie just sees a kid they know fall of a cliff...and let's out an unconvincing "no." One 30 second scene, with no further development or explanation. Honestly with the exception of like three arcs, the writers seem to just forget Donatello has a character beyond "the nerdy one." They even had a great opportunity to give him an arc int the final Back to the Sewers season that could have been as good as Leo's in season four, but instead they just resolved it in a single episode and went back to being basically a toy commercial. I love that show more than any other TMNT incarnation (a bit biased since I grew up with it) but my god does the quality start nosediveing in season 5. Sooo, thanks if you read the whole comment. more OSP, cause they're cool.
Tills - PaintSplash
Tills - PaintSplash 2 oy oldin
Now I want to write a ‘greatest fear’ episode/chapter into my story
Garvin Hautmann-Kallmark
Garvin Hautmann-Kallmark 2 oy oldin
I really love your Videos BUT PLEASE GET MORE MUSIC I BEG YOU
Isaac Robert
Isaac Robert 2 oy oldin
Love the magnus archives and so happy their starting to sponsor people
EveEcco 2 oy oldin
I'm but I had to pause the video and have a fan moment when I heard that "The Magnus Archives" was sponsoring this video.
my story
my story 2 oy oldin
what's the name of the song playing throughout most of the episode?
Ebony_Farside 2 oy oldin
Just imagine if there was a story that spends the majority of the story inside of a huge dream, but the audience doesnt even know until [x] happens. Imagine there being a whole series that takes place in a dream, but isnt recognized at all until [x].
Controlled Chaos
Controlled Chaos 2 oy oldin
My favorite showing of this trope is in the Episode of the original Teen Titans "Fear itself" wherein after a fight with the joke villain Control Freak the Titans settle in for a movie night wherein they watch a horror movie picked by Beast Boy. After the movie strange things start to happen such as a green cloaked, betentacled figure appearing at random as well as a couple of the Titans disappearing. At the end of the episode it turns out that the Titans' resident half demon sorceress Raven was unintentionally causing the whole thing due to her refusal to admit that the movie creeped her out.
Darien B
Darien B 2 oy oldin
This greatest fear trope is why i've always liked Luigi. yes, Luigi. in the Luigi's Mansion games, and even in the RPGs, Luigi has been shown to be afraid of a lot of stuff, with ghosts being the biggest one. despite all of the times in encounters ghosts in the Mansion games, Luigi always goes in to save Mario, despite his fear. he's courageous, not fearless. and throughout all of the games, he's shown to still be afraid of this, but he is able to overcome some of it, with how he adopts the Polterpup. He's always going to be afraid, he just learns to cope with some of it.
p j
p j 2 oy oldin
I came here from the rusty quill community announcwment and now eill be bingind your channel.
GreenHat 2 oy oldin
Could you also talk about the dark reflection trope
zanzaro18 2 oy oldin
He-man greatest fear episode when you find out ram-man is afraid of the dark
zanzaro18 2 oy oldin
I remember the teen titans fear episode about raven being scared of horror movies
Controlled Chaos
Controlled Chaos 2 oy oldin
Which is ironic because in another episode when Robin asks what kind of movie the other Titans want to watch Raven suggests horror.
zanzaro18 2 oy oldin
Dont forget the stock Christmas episode
AnnePixie Bettinger
AnnePixie Bettinger 2 oy oldin
TerribleTyphon 2 oy oldin
On the topic of introspection in stories. I once read a story about a person who practices a magic system that has a side effect of manifesting their true inner self. Over the course of the story he uses this to judge his previous actions and give him glimpses of what he'll be like in the future. The first time he uses it, he's rather disappointed. Because it's just him but smiling. I found this cute and appropriate, cause he has no real secrets, dark desires, or negative manifestations. A clean start. The next time he uses it, the true self is just him but he's no longer smiling. He did just get out of a life or death situation, and decided that killing his enemy at the time was the best decision. The third time he uses it he sees himself but he's jacked, his muscles almost spilling out of his shirt. He's been spending most of his time hardcore training. Disliking how his inner self is starting to look like a steroid monster, he decided to spend more time in his old hobby of reading. After this the story doesn't use this technique that often, and when it does it's just for laughs. If you want to check it out it's a Chinese comic called Cultivation Chat Group. I really liked it, but watch out for its clones.
Phoenix the-writer
Phoenix the-writer 2 oy oldin
Batman Beyond's eggbaby episode was hilarious and clever.
Nicholas Rodinos
Nicholas Rodinos 2 oy oldin
16:32 An example of how mean-spirited the 'Haha This Character's Fear is stupid' episode is comes from Power Rangers Super Samurai episode 4 'Something Fishy' basically the sixth ranger Antonio develops a fear of fish because in a previous episode his soul was placed in a fish, and he was nearly eaten. Antonio was traumatized by this and looks like he has PTSD basically has a panic attack every time he sees a fish, and his weapon 'the Barracuda Blade' (just go with it) starts to look like a fish, making him unable to fight. But the Rangers act like his fear is nothing with basic 'conquer your fear' bullshit , while their mentor is just like 'Grow up, you crybaby.' Again it's treated like Antonio has PTSD and they either offer useless platitudes or tell him to 'Get over it.'
Amanda Purello
Amanda Purello 2 oy oldin
i hate the eps where they make fun of phobias, like get a hobby lol
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