The History of the Colosseum (In LEGO!)

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This video is sponsored by the LEGO Group. Learn more about the LEGO Colosseum here:
We'd like to thank our friends at LEGO for giving us this magnificent excuse to gush over some of the most beautiful architecture in history. This type of architectural-deep-dive is a little bit out of the ordinary for us, but it was lots of fun, so please do let us know if you found it interesting, as we'd be thrilled to do more!
Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up.
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The Shameless Kid
The Shameless Kid Oy oldin
Damn Colosseum apartment, can you imagine would be amazing
Brady Weed
Brady Weed Oy oldin
Give us more Cleo
Lenny Lols
Lenny Lols Oy oldin
ur cats adorable
Randomweeb 69
Randomweeb 69 Oy oldin
Uh yell yh
Steel Oy oldin
It's amazing that you glaze over the context of Nero fighting against Roman nobility which could be the cause of his very negative portrayal in historical texts
Tin Watchman
Tin Watchman Oy oldin
D'awwww. Grey tabby.
Gingy The Brawler
Gingy The Brawler Oy oldin
I wanted to buy the lego coliseum but apparently it costs 500 dollars and now I’m whats known as “big sad”
DTOM 2 oy oldin
Cleo: "I'm going to destroy this hooman's entire Colosseum."
SAY UNCLE!!! 2 oy oldin
Cats can't do Legos.
Zarina A113
Zarina A113 2 oy oldin
You know what could make the Colosseum even better? A Dome.
ender_slayer3 2 oy oldin
Okay, now all we have to do is completely restore it to the way it was at the height of the empire so that we may truly admire it in all of its original beauty
CC Lewis
CC Lewis 3 oy oldin
I would love if this set had the option of building it as it was in the day
spore1176 3 oy oldin
Man I was here when this channel had like 3000 subs and now they doing lego promotions. The future is great
Xonix Striker
Xonix Striker 3 oy oldin
I want it
alexpover gaming
alexpover gaming 3 oy oldin
Lego star wars melienum falcon ucs more complex
Sola Haze
Sola Haze 3 oy oldin
God, Cleo is gorgeous.
Tropical Breeze
Tropical Breeze 3 oy oldin
How the south wall actually got destroyed: Large cat kept trying to sleep in it
Boki Woki
Boki Woki 3 oy oldin
Lego monkie kiiiiiddddddd
random guy
random guy 3 oy oldin
people don’t like sponsors but getting sponsored by THE LEGO? that would be apart of Jang’s bucket list
dragonfreakinlord 3 oy oldin
The cameo
Comrade Kilonova
Comrade Kilonova 3 oy oldin
what if restoration tho?
TheFullSkundo 2800
TheFullSkundo 2800 3 oy oldin
Damn your cat really be a carbon copy of mine. A bobby I presume? I'd be curious to learn the name if anyone knows!
Cosmo_Mask 3 oy oldin
I love this! I love Rome and it’s history! I also very like your voices, and it’s fine that it helps me learn and be relaxed! 🥺✌️
Dolfuny 3 oy oldin
The cat was like don't pspspsps at me you peasant
Jester 3 oy oldin
Okay but how much did it cost to actually get into the Colosseum and watch epic chariot races and naval battles
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 3 oy oldin
Does anyone else notice something weird with the music at like 4:25 to 4:35? Almost sounds like the tracks overlapped lol! One of their captured musicians they keep in the basement must have accidentally jumped the gun, now you just need to figure out which one did it and remove their window privileges for a week.
urlocallordandsaviour 3 oy oldin
It sounds basically like a continuation of the song, though somewhat quiet.
Hat Productions
Hat Productions 3 oy oldin
Is the affiliate link taking anyone else to the UK site?
Potter Pusheen And Company
Potter Pusheen And Company 3 oy oldin
“Oh man that looks like fun! I can build it with my family” *$449.99* “Ha ha....I don’t have money....”
Raymond Hamill
Raymond Hamill 3 oy oldin
So now I just want a episode where Blue and Red are just building the Lego Coliseum, while just talking about random things
Zac Craig-Claveau
Zac Craig-Claveau 3 oy oldin
No mention of the time Commodus fought a whale?
Zac Craig-Claveau
Zac Craig-Claveau 3 oy oldin
At least I think it was commodus.
The Northlander
The Northlander 3 oy oldin
Come for the history, stay for the wholesome cat.
Ginga Ninja
Ginga Ninja 3 oy oldin
Did the Colosseum fall victim to Cleo's war on legos? Or did that take too long to make for you to risk having it destroyed?
Fabian Sotomayor
Fabian Sotomayor 3 oy oldin
duckwhistle 3 oy oldin
infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me.
Matthew Walton
Matthew Walton 3 oy oldin
So the Colosseum was originally built as a slap in the face to Emperor Nero. I can dig that.
whiteraven181 4 oy oldin
So happy that OSP managed to get a sponsorship from such a big company! I was not too interested in watching lego-building at the end but still intending to to support the channel, but you guys knew how to hold audience focus. When in doubt add cats
ConnorSinclairCavin 4 oy oldin
Now just to convince lego to let use their blocks to create a full scale version of the undamaged colosseum, a true monument to building epic creations brick by brick! Mwahhahahaha!
Ana Perisic
Ana Perisic 4 oy oldin
it made me surprisingly excited to see that they got the pillars right. i say surprisingly 'cause i had an exam about greek and roman architecture the other day and i'm soooo done with that sh*t . i can't really tell if they made the ionic and corinthian columns slimmer than the doric colums, but they got the capitals right!
Henry Anderson
Henry Anderson 4 oy oldin
Yeah this thing is like $750
fucking finally some 10/10 content
adastic 4 oy oldin
Completely missed this video, put the podcast on hold to watch this
Dalek 446
Dalek 446 4 oy oldin
NOW this is epic
Gian Almiranez
Gian Almiranez 4 oy oldin
*Starts Pouring water in the Colloseum* Naval battles
Thatoneothergamer 4 oy oldin
1:22 naw naw lets completely disregard what humans can do because it was definitely aliens -conspiracy theorist
The Arab Socialist Al Ali
The Arab Socialist Al Ali 4 oy oldin
Mirrored red is....peculiar
Manek Iridius
Manek Iridius 4 oy oldin
You guys let a cat around Lego? You madfolk...
Rikhil Singh
Rikhil Singh 4 oy oldin
OSP and Lego. Merger of adulthood and childhood complete
Adri Leemput
Adri Leemput 4 oy oldin
5:03 IIII, YES!!! Go LEGO for low-key educating us on that one as well :D
Quintesson 4 oy oldin
Cleo is my favourite member of OSP.
Ethan Phillips
Ethan Phillips 4 oy oldin
So cool they got sponsored by lego
Adina Sayson
Adina Sayson 4 oy oldin
Omg it has numbered boxes like a Sears house
Luke Wishmier
Luke Wishmier 4 oy oldin
Seeing Red and Blue in the same video always feels like a in-universe crossover episode, and I love it. Also, congrats on the epic sponsorship.
Lady Pip Flemmbini
Lady Pip Flemmbini 4 oy oldin
“Nero, a self obsessed tyrant” Me: Oh THAT’S who they named Nero in A Series of Unfortunate Events after
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith 4 oy oldin
0:15 "plastical architecture"
Rich McGee
Rich McGee 4 oy oldin
So when's LEGO doing a Hagia Sophia set? That won't be awkward or anything.
Amy Villanueva
Amy Villanueva 4 oy oldin
I want more Cleo
Muggins The Jinx
Muggins The Jinx 4 oy oldin
There's already fake versions of it on Amazon for half the price 🤦‍♀️ why oh why didn't Lego patent their blocks / let the patent lapse, I can't remember but it's one of the two
Kigit42 4 oy oldin
5:26 Is that.... Is that supposed to be '4' in Roman Numerals?
Luiz Fellipe
Luiz Fellipe 4 oy oldin
Hey... What a about a vid on: Evolution Greco-Roman moon goddess overtime, from greek Selene to roman Diana.
TheWebofHope 4 oy oldin
Ryouma Koushiro
Ryouma Koushiro 4 oy oldin
Quick question.... How do you flood an entire Colosseum?
Germany can into Empire
Germany can into Empire 4 oy oldin
Wait so the Colosseum wasn't built until during the reign of Emperor Nero... during the Roman Empire. What about the Roman Republic then with the Third Servile War? Did Spartacus not fight in said Colosseum since it didn't exist at the time? I feel betrayed by Netflix!
Jonathan Herring
Jonathan Herring 4 oy oldin
So it was the circus maximus, not the coloseum that the romans fed chistians to animals? The coloseum was built after Nero. I wonder what got him so messed up in his later years?
Not a Person
Not a Person 4 oy oldin
honestly, a lot better than I thought it would be
alldayagain 4 oy oldin
Fun fact, this Lego set costs 46,200 Florins
Catherine Kimport
Catherine Kimport 4 oy oldin
jc5674 4 oy oldin
I have newfound respect for Lego’s media choices
Randi Michelle Rayne
Randi Michelle Rayne 4 oy oldin
Is it done yet? And does the cat hang out inside it?
Lemme Talk Bout This
Lemme Talk Bout This 4 oy oldin
So what I got from this is that people always have and always will built Giant Sports Buildings
fam Oladejo
fam Oladejo 4 oy oldin
Lego can turn anything fun even a place where people where sent to fight to their deaths
Ostblock Latina
Ostblock Latina 4 oy oldin
Cough*SELLOFFS*cough. Real honest and useful work still too damaging for your manicure/not paid enough for you but still paid well enough for the Eastern European and Third World labor force?
Tigrezz Artz
Tigrezz Artz 4 oy oldin
I love the video! Do you think that maybe you could make one on norse mythology?
Martin Rustan
Martin Rustan 4 oy oldin
Cries in broke lego loving college student.
BigBad Spyder
BigBad Spyder 4 oy oldin
Done it! From stumbling across OSP 3 weeks ago to sitting here wondering what day it is today I have watched every single OSP video. Keep going Red and Blue, loving it (and Lego)
Verity 4 oy oldin
Yer get that Lego money guys.
vazak11 4 oy oldin
Me (Sees the engineering and fleet stuff) Me: "These romans are crazy"
monteparnas 4 oy oldin
I have two problems with this episode, although I understand that the length of the video doesn't let it go much bigger, but anyways: there are already plenty of doubts about how much Nero was actually the tyrant he is portrayed as, since only recently people thought to question the bias of the main sources on him (that were politically invested in demeaning him) and started to look for info elsewhere. Secondly, among the gladiators there was far less bloodshed than people think, and by the time of the Colosseum it was just a sport, violent but rarely lethal and not meant to be. It wasn't even the most important or common event to happen there, this was the races. The Romans LOVED the races.
Red Sparks
Red Sparks 4 oy oldin
Been there. I was underwhelmed by it's size as compared to our modern sports stadiums but I was impressed by its construction .... or at least what was still standing ... and not pilfered.
Anna Terry
Anna Terry 4 oy oldin
Calvin Mendoza
Calvin Mendoza 4 oy oldin
This is awesome
Jamestown 4 oy oldin
There were a lot of points in this video where they seemed to want to swear but didn't. I'm guessing the LEGO sponsorship stipulated the video be family-friendly.
Abraham Atess
Abraham Atess 4 oy oldin
There's only 1 lego shape Rectangle
warren byrne
warren byrne 4 oy oldin
0:02 Pof.
GusCraft460 4 oy oldin
I’ve actually gotten to visit the colosseum in Rome.
GusCraft460 4 oy oldin
I love the cat for scale.
princess Snowwhite
princess Snowwhite 4 oy oldin
the vancouver library is actual colosseum
SuperAngel 4 oy oldin
I am incredibly surprised to see both, 1.Osp sponsored by ACTUAL LEGO 2. Red facing left
Cloudrunner5k 4 oy oldin
who else came here knowing they would get a live Cleo cameo during a build shot?
Ace Whisper
Ace Whisper 4 oy oldin
Nothing like money and a free lego set to get the band back together, eh?
sonorasgirl 4 oy oldin
“Conveniently located”...and serenaded fire. Sounds lovely 😂. Obviously Nero was just an early, misunderstood performance artist 😉. Obviously kidding - yikes...
Piero Caramelli
Piero Caramelli 4 oy oldin
One game that would be very interesting for you two to play would be La-Mulana (mythological and historic references out of the wazoo)
426mak 4 oy oldin
You missed out the fact that it was also the scene of the most epic fight ever captured on film, between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.
Tara Mccann
Tara Mccann 4 oy oldin
Do the myth of athena please
Esteban Romero
Esteban Romero 4 oy oldin
HOLY SHIT this channel grew
Lobo Muffin
Lobo Muffin 4 oy oldin
Ahh yes the influence of Denmark spreads. Yes yes
Guy from 2001
Guy from 2001 4 oy oldin
Lego and Overlysarcastic? Best video ever! The only thing to make this better is a video on the lore of Bionicle.
I LOVE LEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vangeli H.
Vangeli H. 4 oy oldin
is the set to scale?
strider04 4 oy oldin
This is amazing
MadPrism 4 oy oldin
Listen, as much as I learned in this very funny and informative video, I really want to pet Cleo right now. Her fur looks so soft!
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