The Cleo Cameo

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Only wholesome pranks are allowed - cats qualify.
Advertisement proceeds from this video will go towards supporting local animal shelters, including as the one where Cyan & I adopted Cleo.

TRACKLIST: "Scheming Weasel (faster version)," "Sneaky Snitch," "Fuzzball Parade" Kevin MacLeod (
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Eis Soat oldin
Man Cleo sounds a lot like my cat: 20% of the day is high-octane running and screaming and the other 80% is sleeping in chairs and beds
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown 8 soat oldin
Sir, that's a tiger
artiestroke 9 soat oldin
Eathon Howell
Eathon Howell 10 soat oldin
Anybody else here have a cat that looks EXACTLY LIKE Cleo? Like, the exact fur pattern...
Austin Hoover
Austin Hoover 18 soat oldin
Was anyone gonna tell me Blue and Cyan were engaged or did I have to learn it from an April fools video
David Martin
David Martin Kun oldin
This probably best cameo ever
Professor Butters
Professor Butters Kun oldin
Oh, quick thing, sorry...most cats are lactose intolerant, so if she gets the runs later on, that's probably why. If she likes milk and no problem, no problem.
Alchemist Magavyn
Alchemist Magavyn Kun oldin
You call this a prank. I call it a victory.
The Man Behind The Mask
The Man Behind The Mask Kun oldin
Ok this video is adorable and I love it but is no one gonna acknowledge the fact that Blue looks like Benedict Cumberbatch?
Nugget the talking cat
Nugget the talking cat 2 kun oldin
Owen Knowlton
Owen Knowlton 2 kun oldin
Alright how is this an april fools prank? This is just a cat living the good life and being adorable.
Legolas Greenleaf
Legolas Greenleaf 2 kun oldin
This is adorable but please don't give her milk, she might like the taste but its not healthy for adult cats who are all lactose intolerant!
Under Fall
Under Fall 2 kun oldin
“Chars tail” wow that guy is fast
Kids Boyd
Kids Boyd 2 kun oldin
more taby pls.
Kids Boyd
Kids Boyd 2 kun oldin
Jester 3 kun oldin
This is clearly the best thing you have ever produced
Emma Field
Emma Field 3 kun oldin
I just watched this and you know what? I think that was the best birthday gift I got, even if I discovered it a little late. UwU
Elisha Berry
Elisha Berry 3 kun oldin
Cleo is such a lovely kitty.
Lenox Avalon
Lenox Avalon 3 kun oldin
Blue: Normal content will resume- Me: b-but catto...
danny darkstar
danny darkstar 3 kun oldin
Now this is my ideal april fools joke
TrashDragon 3 kun oldin
We need a Mortal Kombat version of Cleo vs Gate
The Chinese Russian
The Chinese Russian 3 kun oldin
I just started watching this channel and am confused by the lore. Who is blue? Who is red? Who is cyan? Its 4am and I need answers
TRD Gaming YT
TRD Gaming YT 3 kun oldin
Cleo is even cuter than my cat and my cat is the cutest therefore our cats must be infinetly cute
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson 3 kun oldin
kost g
kost g 3 kun oldin
I am not going to lie i feel disappointed WHY DIDNT YOU PUT MORE MINUTES ON THE VIDEO
Scarlet Bard
Scarlet Bard 4 kun oldin
The real prank is the fact you give your cat milk. Most cats are lactose intolerant.
a turtle
a turtle 4 kun oldin
Rose Ann
Rose Ann 4 kun oldin
Cleo should 100% be the new regular content ❤️
Angsty Cinnamon Roll
Angsty Cinnamon Roll 4 kun oldin
Hello I’m going to steal your cat
Ishaku Bagna
Ishaku Bagna 4 kun oldin
Cleo, the perfect engagement gift Blue and Cyan approve
LadyRandomnessa 5 kun oldin
Looka da baby!!!!
slavin manov
slavin manov 5 kun oldin
I live for this. She is so cute 🐱🐱🐱
Ian B
Ian B 5 kun oldin
We name our cat Cleo too
Box Ox
Box Ox 5 kun oldin
fun fact! cats only have 470 tastebuds as opposed to our 9000,, and so they like cantaloupe because it tastes like meat to them. also fun fact! they can't digest milk and it ferments in their stomach.
Nic Chopin
Nic Chopin 5 kun oldin
Cleo looks like my cat lilo!
Kenneth Guo
Kenneth Guo 5 kun oldin
Wait they married?
pinkhairedrat xo
pinkhairedrat xo 4 kun oldin
Engaged can mean married or in a boyfriend girlfriend relationship But they are out of college so maybe?
Cultist of unn
Cultist of unn 5 kun oldin
That cat knows she is the puppeteer of your lives and I think that’s something to accept
Mikkachu 5 kun oldin
“Who can say no to a nice brushing?” I answer dear blue, my cat, he usually is refusing the brushing, by attacking the brush
KillZone 5 kun oldin
This isn’t a April Fool Prank. It’s an April Delight.
Rhiannon Rainey
Rhiannon Rainey 5 kun oldin
Zoro King
Zoro King 5 kun oldin
My cats cuter
Forgefarther Loki
Forgefarther Loki 6 kun oldin
I needed this rn thank you
kora Knight
kora Knight 6 kun oldin
I’m not even mad, this is adorable
Zadok Ingram
Zadok Ingram 6 kun oldin
Maybe I just wasn't paying attention but I didn't realize that you were engaged so I'm going to say happy engagement or good for you. Have fun at the wedding? IDK I'm apparently a year off so yeah.
CharmedMoon91 6 kun oldin
Cleo looks just like my cat Nancy. She even has brown fur on her tummy.
Ren Thewerecat
Ren Thewerecat 6 kun oldin
such a pretty kitty!
Dylan Pino
Dylan Pino 6 kun oldin
HEY!! OSP!!! What rules has celo set for your home.
Jyzaes Gerard
Jyzaes Gerard 6 kun oldin
Awwwwwww, Cleo!!! I’ve heard about her from both channels but finally get to see her in all her poofy glory!
m0chicat 6 kun oldin
iSkyMine 6 kun oldin
cyan and blue are engaged im so happy ;-;
Omni Cupid
Omni Cupid 6 kun oldin
Doctor: You have 3:57 minutes to live. Me: *watches this video* Doctor, talking to my parents: She died early due to an overdose of cuteness.
Taiyama2 6 kun oldin
3:44 Wait, it's not his speed! He's using Chaos Energy to warp!
The man of the cubes
The man of the cubes 6 kun oldin
This is why we need more cats
Imperial Histati
Imperial Histati 6 kun oldin
You people are engaged???!!!
Imperial Histati
Imperial Histati 6 kun oldin
I thought cyan was the third wheel
Parker Dixon-Word
Parker Dixon-Word 6 kun oldin
This is my favorite kind of April Fool's content, when we just do something heartwarming and off-topic.
alec christiaen
alec christiaen 6 kun oldin
Blue created a tangible body for his virtual being to inhabit so he can pet his cat.
Sigrun Pihlaja
Sigrun Pihlaja 6 kun oldin
Now this is quality content right here!
MO BO 6 kun oldin
....who is cyan?
Aibadenshi 7 kun oldin
Something make feel like your 3 actually living together and basically 1 boy 2 girlfriend kind of stuff.
Jacoby 7 kun oldin
You thought it was normal content, but it was me, CLEO!
Sarah's Story Chronicle
Sarah's Story Chronicle 7 kun oldin
She's so cute!!!!!!!
Juan Pablo Salazar
Juan Pablo Salazar 7 kun oldin
Me: It's friday, so time for history video. Blue: C A T
Ann Aled
Ann Aled 7 kun oldin
Best April Fools EVER!! (And yes, I'm late. I was saving this for when I needed it most. It worked fantastically. So thanks!!
BlackCover95 7 kun oldin
I have a question for OSP, but I don’t have a discord. Would someone be willing to ask for me?
Last Minute Wonder
Last Minute Wonder 7 kun oldin
Wait are blue and red engaged ? 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😍🤗😭! I hope so i hope u have a happy life together!
Aesthetic Yellow Stars
Aesthetic Yellow Stars 7 kun oldin
This is literally my cat
Clare K. R. Miller
Clare K. R. Miller 7 kun oldin
Hello Cleo I love you 😻
Foibos Iapetidis
Foibos Iapetidis 8 kun oldin
46 fanatical dog-lovers pressed dislike
Khersy 8 kun oldin
The more I think about it, this channel is REALLY based off of golden age UZpost
Phiro 8 kun oldin
Do a video on legendary swords
Cole Asbill
Cole Asbill 8 kun oldin
Blue. You should do a video on the travels of zheng he. Would be cool to hear about that
Suddenly Switch
Suddenly Switch 8 kun oldin
I'm a simple man: I see Cleo, I like.
Bern Everything
Bern Everything 8 kun oldin
Travis Elledge
Travis Elledge 8 kun oldin
Why'd you name her Cleo? Everyone has a reason for naming their animal with their name
OCT2108BOI 8 kun oldin
Midnight Boba
Midnight Boba 8 kun oldin
Make more legend summary about the Journey to the West
Seth Smith
Seth Smith 8 kun oldin
While there is truth to Cleo being cute, my cats are cuter *^* You can meet me in the pit if you want to argue your point. Bring the cat too
Cefri Naldi
Cefri Naldi 8 kun oldin
Day 5 of asking osp to create Goddess Hestia Video
6 million bees
6 million bees 8 kun oldin
Shelly Rainbows
Shelly Rainbows 9 kun oldin
Even though I have quite the task of completing a 2000 word essay by tomorrow (quotes don't count, but they make up most of my commentary, so yay for me), I took time to watch Cleokitty frolic like the unemployed, cutie-pie all cats are. I just love cats. Shame you can't train them to write stuff for you xD
Command-D 9 kun oldin
zenfrodo 9 kun oldin
Awwwwwwwwww, Cleo looks exactly like our Shell! Have you hit the point of "cat is napping on me, therefore I can't move"?
J Wright
J Wright 9 kun oldin
Oh I get the prank You're borrowing hello future me's channel focus for a video I guess all hail Cleo🐱😂😂😂 honestly I love your cat 😍😍😍😍😍
Xion Dion
Xion Dion 9 kun oldin
Cleo looks like my cat :)
Alakazamlover4 9 kun oldin
so im more of a dog person (Cat hair irritates my allergies ) but my dog acts like a cat she naps a lot....though she's 12 so that might just be because she's an old lady she loves people and yea
Quintusblake 9 kun oldin
I feel truly quite bamboozled
The Christian Penguin 22
The Christian Penguin 22 9 kun oldin
I am happy this is in the world
Don Mora
Don Mora 9 kun oldin
I didn’t know they got engaged. Belated congratulations, Blue and Cyan! Also, Cleo is adorable.
Sarah W
Sarah W 9 kun oldin
please I adore her
Christia Zeiter
Christia Zeiter 9 kun oldin
Comment for the algorithm
Brendan Kane
Brendan Kane 9 kun oldin
Lauryn Edel
Lauryn Edel 9 kun oldin
2:22, all car owners ever just had a deep connection
Tigger Bane
Tigger Bane 9 kun oldin
This is the quality content I have subscribed to OSP for.
Esmay 10 kun oldin
This is the content we have al been waiting for
Patrick Ma
Patrick Ma 10 kun oldin
Downvoted, last scene should be spelled ‘stelth’
kingbeauregard 10 kun oldin
True fact: every brown mackerel tabby I've ever met that doesn't have white patches, has been intelligent, sociable, and even-tempered. In other words, high-quality cats.
Pierrot Parade
Pierrot Parade 10 kun oldin
I support Cleo's Cat Crimes
21 Swarnendu Das
21 Swarnendu Das 10 kun oldin
This is making me question whether i am a dog person or cat person
Zac Evans
Zac Evans 10 kun oldin
Can you guys please do a video or two about Maori or New Zealand?
Kate Rose
Kate Rose 10 kun oldin
this has to be one of the cutest April fools prank ever
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