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History is full of Rulers, but most of them (especially some famous ones) can be Kind Of Terrible upon closer inspection. So let's take a look at two kings we can actually consider to be Good - not perfect, not blameless, but a heck of a lot more virtuous than the average ruler, that's for sure.
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SOURCES & Further Reading: The Great Courses Plus lectures "Being Persian" by Robert Garland, "The Persian Era" by Jean-Pierre Isbouts, "Saladin: Chivalry and Conquest - 1187" by Eamonn Gearon, and "Saladin and the Defeat of the Crusaders" by Dorsey Armstrong.
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Galahad 4 soat oldin
Great Men history is right in my experience as a historian to be honest. But that might be because my area of study is mainly on leaders lmao.
Hanna -Liminal-
Hanna -Liminal- 8 soat oldin
Blue hissing furiously about great man theory truly nourishes this historian's heart
Wife beater 9000
Wife beater 9000 16 soat oldin
If you wanna love Saladin more just watch kingdom of heaven directors cut
illwill1991 19 soat oldin
Yeah too bad Cyrus's son is now (rather unfairly) know as history's biggest villan and the potential end of western democracy.
G r i z z
G r i z z 20 soat oldin
saladin: there's a difference between being a villain and being cruel.
S.S.A Kun oldin
It is sad how these days in the middle east, facts about Saladin, the Ayyubid dynasty and the median empire are censored due to their heavy connection with Kurds, Kurdish identity and history
Bi-Product Kun oldin
I studied the crusades under a very devout Christian, and even she thought Saladin was cool.
Leras Kun oldin
For the algorithm
Akshit Gaur
Akshit Gaur Kun oldin
Ever heard about Ashoka?
Lava Popsicle
Lava Popsicle Kun oldin
2:48 i believe you meant : "greens beans tomatoes potatoes lamb ham"
Philipe Arakaki
Philipe Arakaki Kun oldin
Man, Kush mountains. mountains.
Amelie M
Amelie M 2 kun oldin
There’s a play called Nathan the wise wich plays in Jerusalem under Saladins reign it’s pretty good
Chris Bumface
Chris Bumface 2 kun oldin
Funny thing about Thomas Jefferson is that he was a huge fan of Cyrus the Great. He even had the book Cyropaedia by Xenophon which was a somewhat fictional biography of Cyrus and the Achaemenid Empire.
Gabriel Nguyen
Gabriel Nguyen 2 kun oldin
what about baldwin
budakbaong siah
budakbaong siah 2 kun oldin
Nobody mentioned Sejong the Great here? Wow. I suppose the Hallyu wave does not reach its history. The man got his moniker not from conquest but from his reforms! He did conquer Tsushima and defeated the Jurchens, but he's best remembered because he made the Korean alphabet! He wrote a book about farming techniques for his farmers, he reformed the Korean calendar system, and even gave the women serfs of his land maternity leave!
Theo 2 kun oldin
Everyone always gets mad at the tyrannical rulers and maybe the should. However, I ask you: have you ever tried to herd a million cats? How well did that go for you? Perhaps you started to get a little...stern with them. lololol
menoloe homobavones
menoloe homobavones 2 kun oldin
Orientalist. Barbraphilos.
Ahmed El-barbary
Ahmed El-barbary 2 kun oldin
5:50 did blue just nearly nailed the Arabic name 😗😗😗
FlameWolf 2 kun oldin
Most rulers: Be more like me or die king Cyrus: Pay your taxes don't brake the law and we cool
M.M. G
M.M. G 2 kun oldin
Love it. How about Emperor Akbar of the Mughal Empire? Was a brilliant tactician -- at the age of 16. He built infrastructure, created an audited tax system with auditors who audited the auditors; invented the mansabdhari system to prevent the centuries of succession wars that had occurred under the Delhi Sultanate; refused to build or live in a capital because he didn't want to be out of touch with the provinces, and so spent his life traveling in a tent city; and worked to end religious divisions by sponsoring public debates between Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindus, arbited by himself.
Suclox • 12 years ago
Suclox • 12 years ago 2 kun oldin
What about Hitler?
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu 3 kun oldin
Genghis Khan (or Chinggis Qaan) was pretty good.
Nitul Deshpande
Nitul Deshpande 3 kun oldin
Saying that Cyrus runs on China's mandate of heaven thought process is kinda stupid, cus the idea of gods favouring one place/family over others has existed for thousands of years in areas where the monarchs are thought to be gods in themselves.
boahkeinbockmehr 3 kun oldin
I would raise the holy roman emperor Friedrich II. as a candidate. As he grew up in Sicily he had a lot of exposure to the muslim world, was tutored by and friend to many muslims and even kept on to them as advisers as an adult, in a time when the majority of both cultures would slit each others throat at the first opportunity. He was pressed by some early vowes securing him the imperial crown and the pope keeping him to it (he was excommunicated over it multiple times) to lead a crussade to recapture Jerusalem. Eventually he called upon the German knights order, as it was the only one that heeded his call and shipped himself to Palestine and succeeded in "capturing" Jerusalem without spilling a drop of blood as he was held in high esteem by the muslims and they had grown tired of waring over the city amongst themselves. So they basically just gave it to him for him as he was known to be a reliable and just ruler that wouldn't abuse or hinder any muslim inhabitants or pilgrims
boahkeinbockmehr 3 kun oldin
Saladin? Isn't that the guy who had a couple of thousand pilgrims he had taken hostage executed at the other side of his domain over his war with richard the Lionheart and his slaughter of hostages? I mean he was a noble ruler for his time and showed a lot of restraint towards other noblemen, partly due to his character, partly due to the need of peace with the crusaders while simultaneously being forced by some promises that solidified his rule earlier to engage them due to inner islamic conflicts pressing the issue for him. So he had an interest to be magnificent in victory to not provoke a swift retaliation. But like so many other supposedly great rulers in history, be it monarchs or dictators, didn't care at all about the lifes of the little people under his power. Just like European knights would according to the code of chivalry spare hostile knights and ransom them, but slaughter without the blink of an eye any man at arms or levied farmer left at their peril.
phoeniximperator 3 kun oldin
you're oversimplifying history and cherry-picking the parts that you want. One doesn't build an empire that large without spilling a lot of blood and wiping out entire nations from existence
Keyan cent
Keyan cent 3 kun oldin
Both men are of Iranian descent 🤩
Tyrant-Den 3 kun oldin
I'd love a video where he talks about monarchy in general.
Ramiro P.
Ramiro P. 3 kun oldin
I'd like to see something about Emperors who, besides being virtuous like Saladin, also despised the idea of being conquerors. The only ones that come to my mind are Ashoka (after converting to Buddhism) and Marcus Aurelius (who was a Stoic philosopher). Anyone else?
J Soth
J Soth 3 kun oldin
Saladin also had all the military order troops hacked to death by amateurs and smiled, and cyrus started a war because he was rejected by a warrior queen. Also the lack of ashoka was kinda sad. Love your content, thanks for your time and work.
lughman watandust
lughman watandust 3 kun oldin
By the way Saladin was a Kurd Weird that you forgot to mention that 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️
Isaac Hirsch
Isaac Hirsch 3 kun oldin
saladin was an atual good guy hollywood : unfortunatly for you history will not see it this way.
Isaac Hirsch
Isaac Hirsch 3 kun oldin
you know its bad when even the christian enemies cheer for your other enemy
Lithium 1995
Lithium 1995 3 kun oldin
"...this is known as 'Great Man History' and it's stupid" Literally the whole of history of mankind would like a word with you, Blue.
Vyllckart 3 kun oldin
Napoleon. No i will not elaborate.
xHASSUNAx 3 kun oldin
I grew up Shia and have always heard of Saladin as a mass-murderer who hated Shias. Is there any source that can attest to this?
Loot Looted
Loot Looted 4 kun oldin
blue is a venician reincarnated
saket mundhada
saket mundhada 4 kun oldin
You mean history as written by victorious
Jakub Wojciechowski
Jakub Wojciechowski 4 kun oldin
I recently began imagining that Blue wears the clothes appropriate for the era below his waist in each of his episodes and I kinda like this mental exercise. It really let you feel the era a bit better
Emily Angelica Bridge
Emily Angelica Bridge 4 kun oldin
Can you guys do Vlad the Impaler thing?
Bernard Walking Crow
Bernard Walking Crow 4 kun oldin
Ever you just said. I love it
Steve Jakab
Steve Jakab 4 kun oldin
You should do Henry IV of France. His nickname was lirerally "The good king".
卵戦士 4 kun oldin
"Named after a distant ancestor" who didn't actually exist and was made up by Darius
MrMaltasar 4 kun oldin
I wouldnt call Cyrus kind if his motivation was pragmatic. Just a clever politician.
Chad Peterson
Chad Peterson 4 kun oldin
One ripple effect of Cyrus' not-suckiness is the fact that Persian is one of the only languages of its age still spoken regularly and in widespread manner, just under different names.
HybridEqualist 4 kun oldin
Lol, that one bible class I took for funsies one semester finally bears fruit. I knew Cyrus!
David Moore
David Moore 5 kun oldin
Must remember the past to learn from it. These guys definitely deserve to be learned from
Beneko '11
Beneko '11 5 kun oldin
7:25 - “not to disturb the tower” ..... dude, hang a sock from the window
lidular 5 kun oldin
Be brave, like Salah ah-din!
Voryn Rosethorn
Voryn Rosethorn 5 kun oldin
Cyrus wrote his own history through clever propaganda and leveraging local interests to insure loyalty to him and a positive interpretation of his actions, he also knew how to construct a good myth that would sell well with the people at the time and was a good judge of character. The Jewish depiction also influences all interpretations very heavily, and they called him a messiah for freeing them from bondage. His actions however seem to be pragmatic and cynical tempered by a strong personal moral belief system but not an overwhelming one, counter to the standard goody two shoes depiction (which no good king has ever been as such a character leads to more abuses not less). Saladin was favoured by Christian sources Muslims ones are a lot less focused on him except for the ones he commissioned, they also are less blinded by the whole chivalric foe ideal and far more willing to depict him as a opportunist warlord who spent more time fighting other Muslim warlords than anything and tended to view fighting the crusaders a source of legitimacy rather than and end in itself. He is also depicted as very fickle and as giving mercy and favours in so far as he could see them benefiting him or his image. He was lucky that the crusaders tended to write off his acts of cruelty as they tended to effect the unimportant and lower class doing so even in the cases where they were Christian. The modern habit of self guilt also popularised a caricature of the Christian depiction of him in which he's the second coming of Christ (so long as Christ has bizarrely modern principles and lives in a medieval period that little resembles our own).
RNG Lillian
RNG Lillian 5 kun oldin
Just to show how cordial and respectful Salidan and Richard I were to eachother during the third crusade, it was proposed and seriously considered that Salidan's Brother Al-Adil, who was one of his best and most trusted advisors, and Richard's sister Joan, who was his favorite sister, be married. In this arrangement, Jerusalem would be a wedding gift to the new couple and they would jointly rule it. The only reason it seems that it fell through and Salidan didn't accept Richard's proposal was that Richard insisted that Al-Adil convert to Christianity
DeMattMorency 5 kun oldin
King Benjamin
Jason Martin
Jason Martin 5 kun oldin
About Saladin: "If he punched you, you would have to fight the overwhelming urge to thank him."
Napoleon III
Napoleon III 5 kun oldin
Where is Napoleon
Battlez 5 kun oldin
Monarchy is no more innately bad than republics, you could have picked all the various constitutional monarchies as well
Kris Napier
Kris Napier 6 kun oldin
Cyrus was chill and i live him
Ignacio Cañas
Ignacio Cañas 6 kun oldin
After playing Assassin's Creed and Age of Empires II I think I'm some kind of expert on Saladin as well, you know?
Chevy Elmo
Chevy Elmo 6 kun oldin
Love these videos!! ❤ Can you summarize Nostradamus and his predictions?
Harris Rihan
Harris Rihan 6 kun oldin
no such thing no gods no masters baybee
J Santos
J Santos 6 kun oldin
Saladin: Take the Castle! But be mindful of the two love birds in the tower. It's their honeymoon you know! The Army: Awwweeehhhh 🥰🥰🥰
Tombstone490 6 kun oldin
"some good rulers" having only some good rulers over the course of thousands of years says a lot about humans
gfox 1312
gfox 1312 6 kun oldin
What if we had no rulers?
Vinco Galzu Tzu
Vinco Galzu Tzu 6 kun oldin
🤝Breathtakingly elegant analysis/&dissection👑📽
j. jimenez
j. jimenez 6 kun oldin
Hey hey hey What about David?
Fandom Cake
Fandom Cake 6 kun oldin
Thank you for taking time to talk about the Good Boys of the Middle East. I love hearing about these two loveable guys (And i MEAN loveable! Even the people other ENEMIES liked them more.)
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine 7 kun oldin
King Baldwin The Leper was also cool.
William Hocter
William Hocter 7 kun oldin
Augustus Caesar is one of the best rulers from history hands down.
Cristian Pissai
Cristian Pissai 7 kun oldin
Feel like Pedro II from Brazil was a pretty model good ruler. As in, it's kind of hard to think of bad things that he did. Granted, he is not as glorious as others, but was definetely on the good side.
That one servant of Satania
That one servant of Satania 7 kun oldin
This better have my boy Huey Long in there
K.S. P395
K.S. P395 7 kun oldin
Could you guys pls make a Hades pin pls
RobinTheViking 7 kun oldin
I know it's not classical history, but I recently learned about Nestor Makhno, and as one might expect of an anarchist warlord, he was a class act.
gfox 1312
gfox 1312 6 kun oldin
He wasn't really a ruler tho
Илиан Тодоров
Илиан Тодоров 7 kun oldin
I would love to see Blue paly Crusader Kings 3 or two doesn't matter.
CW Eckert
CW Eckert 7 kun oldin
Are we talking about the same Cyrus whose alcohol-laden trap led to the death of the son of Tomyris, who in turn then promptly crucified Cyrus and, some suggest, made his skull into a goblet? Clearly after all his good deeds, he decided to drop the nice guy act at the worst possible time. :)
CaptainXJ 7 kun oldin
@4:10 that is not a good source for, well anything really.
TheModer8ter 7 kun oldin
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Jesus, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from the second death, then you have everlasting life in heaven.
Aarón Tyranus
Aarón Tyranus 7 kun oldin
What about Charlemagne?
Motion Pictures
Motion Pictures 7 kun oldin
ok Columbus and Jefferson are evil becouse of slaves and saladin is good inspite of slaves. sounds legit. The only one of the three that sold slaves was Saladin Jefferson inherit his slaves and columbus never enslaved people, he just used the european rules of serfdom.
Cianuro26 7 kun oldin
People in those times: "Amazing conqueror. Very tactic yet respectful. Five stars. Would get conquered again"
Stefano Morossi
Stefano Morossi 7 kun oldin
Saladin is not recognized enough in the comments. He was a man of culture, philosophy and knew how to behave as a leader even in hard times as we all have seen with reynald. He also treated well his prisoners and gave them great respect
Epifairos 7 kun oldin
actually there was a high possibility, that Saladin stalled on purpose as a part of his strategy because keeping so many POWs alive obviously required a lot of resources. And Richard saw through this and refused to play along (or he might have just perceived it as so) but he was still generally great guy to be around.
UpSky2 7 kun oldin
Note that the modern Egyptian flag's center bears the Eagle of Saladin as its emblem.
ItsYourSam 7 kun oldin
4:35 Minor correction. The books of Nehemiah and Ezra. Isaiah was written before the Babylonian captivity.
Cody Hines
Cody Hines 7 kun oldin
“It is hard for s good man to be king.” -T’Chaka
Kecap Soya
Kecap Soya 7 kun oldin
Don’t be like Reynald
im19ice3 7 kun oldin
this one made me happy :D
B4TTERY 7 kun oldin
but then cyrus tried to invade scythia and got beheaded by a warrior queen, in battle btw
arash kamkar
arash kamkar 8 kun oldin
Just a fun fact Saladin was a Kurdish Sunni Muslim namely Kurdish people are an iranic group ,Cyrus was the forefather of Iran ,historically called Persia by westerners now the weird thing is Iran in itself means land of the Arians (yes THOSE Arians) as they trace themselves back to Germany so considering all this, all the west vs east of these battles were technically infighting not to mention at some point the apex of west was the holy roman empire who was ruled at some point by king Fredrick who was also king of Germany that led his armies in the third crusade. just wanted to say looking back at history all this seems dumb AF. btw: I'm a half Bakhtiari and half Soranî Kurdish and that's 100% Persian so I absolutely loved the video thanks blue:)
Keş Orangutan
Keş Orangutan 8 kun oldin
Hey Blue, can you do this more often? It's like BadassOfTheWeek blog.
Volk551 8 kun oldin
What about the founder of San Marino?
accquizzer 8 kun oldin
"I don't like Big Man History" Simon Whistler would like to have a word with you
Cameron Pearce
Cameron Pearce 8 kun oldin
I like the phrase inherently morally perilous
Khrashing Phantom
Khrashing Phantom 8 kun oldin
Honorable mention for Mansa Musa? Lol. This was great!
Euan Smith
Euan Smith 8 kun oldin
Reynald, "Make Antioch Great Again!" Cyrus, [sigh]
nishadh singh
nishadh singh 8 kun oldin
"don't trebuchet the sex chamber" -saladin
Expelleddux 8 kun oldin
Looks like Cyrus wrote Alexander's playbook
Mx Fate
Mx Fate 8 kun oldin
Hey this is a comment for Blue because I’ve noticed in too many of your videos youve been saying slurs!! Any words you’ve likely picked up from Hollywood movies for people who seemingly don’t care about other people or get super angry for seemingly no reason that end with the letters p, a, t, and h, are all slurs for people with personality disorders. And the shortened versions are too. Please acknowledge this in an apology video or just reply to this comment because you have been saying slurs and this is understandably upsetting.
dReliq 8 kun oldin
I am speed
اباتراب علي زامل
اباتراب علي زامل 8 kun oldin
Wait, thats impossible!
Deathmax 33
Deathmax 33 8 kun oldin
Abbas Damda
Abbas Damda 8 kun oldin
another fun fact about saladin. when he died he was so poor that they couldn't afford to buy a casket for him. he just kept on giving away his wealth
Hol0gam23 8 kun oldin
Cyrus is that dude that sees someone being toxic and rekts them to humiliation
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