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Welcome to Overly Sarcastic Productions. We make videos about myths, literature, and history - because learning can, in fact, actually be enjoyable, despite what prior experiences might have shown you.
Welcome to our channel!
Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up.
This video was edited by Sophia Ricciardi AKA "Indigo".
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The Parrot
The Parrot 8 soat oldin
Why is there under 1k comments on this video
Crafting with Margret Maria
Crafting with Margret Maria 2 kun oldin
I just found this channel, love it already
Pusheen Cat
Pusheen Cat 5 kun oldin
Can Red do a video on Hera
Ocean Bolts
Ocean Bolts 6 kun oldin
We need more Cyan and Blue and the ever amazing RED.
Marcelo Fernandes Galdino
Marcelo Fernandes Galdino 7 kun oldin
Are they brother and sister? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Friends? Or the same person?
David Perry
David Perry 9 kun oldin
Maybe a fun suggestion for either the history or myth shows: what the actual ages of some of the heroes mentioned might have been. The real Achilles probably died at age 19, while Theseus, as a youth and so beardless, had to have been 13 or so when killed the Minotaur. The average lifespan of Mycenaen/Hellenic Greece was 28 years, so these people were cramming a lot in...
St Louisball
St Louisball 12 kun oldin
He’s I am enjoying having skin, please don’t take it
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 13 kun oldin
1:41 what dis
big clover
big clover 14 kun oldin
0:46 1:09
SMB superfan
SMB superfan 14 kun oldin
Journey to the west is its own sub series... I like it
Kulsum Khan
Kulsum Khan 20 kun oldin
I MISSSSS your OG trailer though!
Omair Shafiq
Omair Shafiq 24 kun oldin
Blue When one went two When truth went half When white went blue Red be the other half I came down five One me, four laugh To live it through To cow from calf The red lived too As days that passed With blue became white For days to last But to words be true Time had to pass The truth that flew And the lie would last The time would come How I waited that That two be one That truth be fact That this world would Forever last Never would it fall Never would it cast A shadow dark A shady test As evil lurks At its very best We would last forever And through every life Blue would be wherever The red would be in sight -My own A fan ofcourse
Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies 25 kun oldin
So glad I found this channel. It’s amazing! :3
Codysir Oy oldin
Why didn't I find this channel sooner?
peytongonavy Oy oldin
With all the gods, stories, myths, and lessons, I'd go so far as to say... "you could make a religion out of this!"
NightRainPanda Oy oldin
Can we have "Are you enjoying having skin today?" merch? This is important.
DragonQueen Oy oldin
This is the only channel where a trailer is on the same level as everything else they post :D Great job guys!! I always look forward to watching your videos!
Shahab ahmed
Shahab ahmed Oy oldin
Sab srishti ko samjhao ki vo school na jaey monday ko
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Oy oldin
0:09 "War, am I right?" me:...........Wait.. Mirio pops out from the ceiling: "Trash, am I right?" Me: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Galaar Oy oldin
I've linked this video to more people than any other 1 OSP video, perfectly encapsulates what the channel is all about and saves me the trouble of trying to explain how awesome it is to strangers.
Craig VanSweringen
Craig VanSweringen Oy oldin
For Blue: i would like to know more about the connections between the Irish and Scottish people
Vincent Guerra
Vincent Guerra Oy oldin
Which trope talk is the last animation from with all the arrows pointing to what looks like Dionysus maybe? I’ll prob find it one way or another but still which one is it?
Raxynus Oy oldin
I’ve loved watching this channel for a long time and just recently introduced it to my wife. Now we check it daily for new content as apart of our nightly wrap-up during the week!
Wanderer Cayne
Wanderer Cayne Oy oldin
Ow my hubris!
Chris Ervin
Chris Ervin Oy oldin
You guys are great.
Danae Kelly
Danae Kelly Oy oldin
I didn't realise you guys had a trailer and it's brilliant
Benjamin moen Falstad
Benjamin moen Falstad 2 oy oldin
andrew gibbs
andrew gibbs 2 oy oldin
Enrico Boccardi
Enrico Boccardi 2 oy oldin
In this channel i basically see a lot of qualities i have seen in many other channels. And i don't mean as this to say you are copycats - hell, maybe most of those i have in mind are totally unknown to you or your audience! I see the cartoony explanations of Extra Credits that while being informative don't miss up on making fun of the source material. I see Sam'o Nella humor and quick witty recreations. I see the long essay format that are being extra popular latrely such as the canipa effect, or super eyepatch wolf, maybe a sprinkle of totally not mark? All of this relaborated by your own. Kinda nice discovery, 2021, Nice.
Ellijo Alair
Ellijo Alair 2 oy oldin
OSP the people we want to be our history teacher
numaTruehome 100
numaTruehome 100 2 oy oldin
Your favorite one punch hero... snek
yanapat puangsricharern
yanapat puangsricharern 2 oy oldin
Fat Westbrook
Fat Westbrook 2 oy oldin
been here since sub 10K followers
piemaker93 2 oy oldin
Robo Red is always a win
Sarah Abramova
Sarah Abramova 2 oy oldin
Looks awesome!
Shadowstriker 2 oy oldin
“When is a giant monster not a giant monster? When it’s a giant metaphor!” Cue the Comment Kaiju, where is my Comment Kaiju?
Maria Rosaria Trametta
Maria Rosaria Trametta 2 oy oldin
I am still in love with the Normans that kite-shielded their way to England, and the worst thing is that I don't know why!!!! What did Blue do to my brain??😂😂
NoobersTube 2 oy oldin
God, I'm so like this Channel, great Trailer, good concept, my inspiration. Just watched The Ottoman History Summarized, and I actually confused about where to begin to watch next, any suggestion?
Noahvader the Berserker Packin' Man and a Half
Noahvader the Berserker Packin' Man and a Half 2 oy oldin
Noberto Sanchez
Noberto Sanchez 2 oy oldin
Watch at x2 speed up until 1:40. You’re welcome.
Turbulent Noodle;D
Turbulent Noodle;D 3 oy oldin
I love this;)
Lorenzo Bato
Lorenzo Bato 3 oy oldin
lowk, mori calliope and red have the same inflections and i almost thought they sounded the same
TheBugWitch 3 oy oldin
Man I would love for Red to cover Cyrano de Bergerac. It's my favorite play, and even if yall don't like it, I would love to hear your insights! (BTW my favorite translation is the Brian Hooker translation, you guys are so cool I love what you do OKBYE)
Willow 3 oy oldin
0:30 This can stand alone as an out of context video-
Franky/ QuilavaFireblast
Franky/ QuilavaFireblast 3 oy oldin
I feel like there’s a certain level of appropriateness that is blue getting blown up with his own remote bomb in the middle of a Colosseum… Interesting
Genzu 3 oy oldin
I still love the "Deep thoughts with Heinlein."
R 3 oy oldin
My favorite chanel on youtube
MoonstonePearl21 3 oy oldin
You guys are amazing! You give such a wide variety of comedic and educational content in that amusing art style. It takes so much work to put out the content you do, and we all really appreciate it. Keep being a high quality channel on UZpost guys! I look forward to what new wonderful content you come out with this year :) I hope you take care of yourselves too. I know you work really hard for this channel, so don't overwork yourselves.
Walt Wilkerson
Walt Wilkerson 3 oy oldin
you both rock lol
Brandon Browne
Brandon Browne 3 oy oldin
Please do an oracle of Delphi video! 😻
Diane Insertlastnamehere
Diane Insertlastnamehere 3 oy oldin
I'm sorry. I had to dislike. I had to make it 69
Cordelia Explains It All
Cordelia Explains It All 3 oy oldin
"are you enjoying having skin today?" i mean, i dont think id enjoy the alternative so yes?
Isobel 3 oy oldin
Omg you should do Achilles
YodelingKiwi78 3 oy oldin
Am I the only one who want Blue hentai!
Amanda C.
Amanda C. 3 oy oldin
Wow. Showed up on home page immediately. Took 5 days to hit my notifications queue.
Finn Cleghorn-Brown
Finn Cleghorn-Brown 3 oy oldin
I like it, but I must ask why you would keep the original Trope Talk music in the video at the same time as the music overlay on this video? It doesn't sound good.
Matthew Walton
Matthew Walton 3 oy oldin
"Monkey found himself living out his worst fear; being the voice of reason!" It is indeed frightening when Monkey is the voice of reason.
Ray Zephyr
Ray Zephyr 3 oy oldin
1:25 I have been looking where this clip is from and I can't find it so where it from Edit: I found it
Some dude named Moss
Some dude named Moss 3 oy oldin
You know, I never watched much of Blue because Im not a history nut but... When he said 'Shakespearence' I instantly fell in love
Asuma Sarutobi
Asuma Sarutobi 3 oy oldin
Ooooo trope request: subverted wishes! (Ie monkey's paw, fey bargain, Faustian bargain, evil genie, etc)
Tropical Breeze
Tropical Breeze 3 oy oldin
They're self aware of their top tier sass
fruity monkey
fruity monkey 3 oy oldin
Commenting for engagement
Xman34 3 oy oldin
*are you enjoying having skin today* And I'm subbed
John kelly D. Arreza
John kelly D. Arreza 3 oy oldin
Can you add an episode of Succubus.
Jazzy S
Jazzy S 3 oy oldin
“Finally a good myth in this myth video.” “Well this is terrible! Awful! We have to do something!” I see what you did there well played.
Andi Lewis
Andi Lewis 3 oy oldin
I keep rewatching this because it's just so good!
Rich Rodriguez
Rich Rodriguez 3 oy oldin
Any plan of talking about immortals fenyx rising?
Wesly Z
Wesly Z 3 oy oldin
"Looming specter of colonialism."
Shilpa Rath
Shilpa Rath 3 oy oldin
I don't know if I should be concerned that I recognise 95% of these soundbites and their sources
non-binary nerd trash
non-binary nerd trash 3 oy oldin
Awesome Pro
Awesome Pro 3 oy oldin
Do you enjoy having skin today my fellow humans
Sleep Deprived
Sleep Deprived 3 oy oldin
I'm looking for a video that Red and Blue featured in along with some other animators. It was a history lesson on the fire nation from avatar the last airbender set up as a college lecture and I can't for the life of me find it or remember who did it. Please, if anyone knows, comment below!! Thank you ❤️
Hikari Mouto
Hikari Mouto 3 oy oldin
I just want to say I love you guys and in the crazy mess that has been this year you two have always been able to make me smile.
Megaleío Altura
Megaleío Altura 3 oy oldin
Who was that at 1:25 ?
Nurza 3 oy oldin
the phrase "ssance was being renai'd" is the quite that got my OH haha
fateshurly 3 oy oldin
Are you enjoying having skin today
vicki 3 oy oldin
i honestly say “𝓭𝓮𝓮𝓹 𝓽𝓱𝓸𝓾𝓰𝓱𝓽𝓼 𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓗𝓮𝓲𝓷𝓵𝓮𝓲𝓷” at least 7 times a day
Arcus_Maroon 3 oy oldin
1:27 no. Actually it fucking sucks.
Angeygirl 3 oy oldin
The fact I know the context for all of Red's bits is slightly concerning
Indianna 3 oy oldin
Fantastic! Love seeing where yall have been going with all this
Randy Goldberg
Randy Goldberg 3 oy oldin
"I'm so EXCITED!"
pearse gallagher
pearse gallagher 3 oy oldin
algorithm commentt
Salt Sketches
Salt Sketches 3 oy oldin
Wait, they’ve been doing this for 8 years and only now a trailer???
David Feliciano
David Feliciano 3 oy oldin
:)) 👍✨
Pot and Politics With Mr. Brophy
Pot and Politics With Mr. Brophy 3 oy oldin
Well this was interesting. I'm subscribed to both channels but it just recommended me OSP because of Bruva Alfabusa's channel and I immediately started picturing Red doing warhammer 40k stories with Blue popping in being jealous because it's a great history and context for examining the running of empires but it's literature so it belongs to Red.
Liz Crosby
Liz Crosby 3 oy oldin
“Are you enjoying having SKIN today!!!!”
Robbie Alt
Robbie Alt 3 oy oldin
Will you two adopt me?
Sergiusz Stein
Sergiusz Stein 3 oy oldin
if you could just unexist people you disagree with, you know, like a psychopa...
zoey 3 oy oldin
Love yall
Clare Miller
Clare Miller 3 oy oldin
My two favourite coffee mugs ever from RedBubble: World's Greatest Sage (equal to heaven!) Extremely Human Person
Stephen Brasel
Stephen Brasel 3 oy oldin
OSP does not condone violence. Or at least, not murder. And usually not violence. OSP CONDONES SENDING A MESSAGE.
Pinkajou 3 oy oldin
So, yeah
Zaddis 3 oy oldin
Red > Blue Change my mind
Tiffani Trogi
Tiffani Trogi 3 oy oldin
This is honestly my favourite channel. Im especially partial to the Myths and the Tropes, but you two clealry love what you do, and the production is so entertaining and fantastic. I wish you lots of success on all your next projects!!
Waleed Khalid
Waleed Khalid 3 oy oldin
Yes. 100 times yes.
Keep Perspective
Keep Perspective 3 oy oldin
“So... yeah.”
Biteso 3 oy oldin
Happy New Years! Hope we don’t get nuclear Armageddon!
nanardeurlambda 3 oy oldin
not enough trope talk 7/10
Lyras Otaku
Lyras Otaku 3 oy oldin
Happy new year everyone! I just quickly want to say THANK YOU for all the amazing content. Out of all the maaaaany channels I watch here on UZpost, I can say without a doubt that this one is my absolute favourite.
pink lemons make pink lemonade
pink lemons make pink lemonade 3 oy oldin
This is the best channel ever
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