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2 oy oldin

Watch Blue die an improbable number of times

Fire & Food Co
Fire & Food Co 20 soat oldin
2 things: 1: I read it as Meg, first of the furries 2: Trope Talk: Himbos when?
Adri Watergirl
Adri Watergirl 2 kun oldin
Damn, seeing a beginner’s House of Hades decor really makes me realize how much I’ve renovated in my own game AND how shitty that place was before I started Martha Stuarting the place
Mettaton’s Agent
Mettaton’s Agent 2 kun oldin
11:13 Dionysus was always amusing in those rooms because his dialogue after the fact kinda implies he blacked out and that was the reason he forgave you.
Lana Egg
Lana Egg 2 kun oldin
I just got the relationship with Thanos to max. and I'm screaming. I didn't expect what happened
Lightning Point
Lightning Point 4 kun oldin
Can't wait to see their reaction to the Orpheus prank! You know the one.
Ollie Chernaik
Ollie Chernaik 5 kun oldin
I am reading a book by Ed Catmull, founder of Pixar. They were told by Disney to make a direct to DVD sequel to Toy Story, and Disney told them it didn’t have to be good. But Pixar wanted it to be good enough to put in theaters, but they had nine months to make it. Everyone got burned out. One day, an employee had his baby in the car who he was going to take to daycare. At work, his wife (who also worked at Pixar) asked how dropping off the baby was. The guy left the baby in the car. It was in summer, so when the couple found the baby, he was unconscious. The baby was taken to the hospital and survived, but from then on, Ed Catmull decided to make sure burn out wouldn’t happen again because it almost killed someone. When Red and Blue were talking about burnout it reminded me of this.
Shinypanda 6 kun oldin
Can we have another hades live stream please I love the live stream and this game and really want some more please
Martijn Crawford
Martijn Crawford 6 kun oldin
so blue is the lancer....noted
Tsula Agenati
Tsula Agenati 8 kun oldin
5:30 what’s the cat their talking about?
Alice Quinzel
Alice Quinzel 8 kun oldin
20% less from the front, 10% more from the back. Red: O.o
Gearran 9 kun oldin
Ahh, the marathon description of game development. The only studio I know of that does this sort of style is Digital Extremes, who make Warframe.
M L 9 kun oldin
I’m just waiting for the OSP Hades animated
Loren Daemon
Loren Daemon 9 kun oldin
I hope they do more Hades streams, I wanna see their reactions to other stuff.
ReilPariz Orcullo
ReilPariz Orcullo 10 kun oldin
is red shenpai? /hj
Mme. Veronica
Mme. Veronica 10 kun oldin
Not even 5 minutes in and already a gay joke! This is gonna be good
Alex Shelley
Alex Shelley 10 kun oldin
Really hope they stream this game again
Anakin Miller
Anakin Miller 10 kun oldin
I heard welcome to the eternal prairie and though: wait, is the Underworld just Kansas?
ToastyGlow 11 kun oldin
OKAY HEY WAIT I'M REWATCHING THIS AND I DIDN'T REALIZE YOU MENTIONED MY FABIAN ANIMATION AT 1:11:40 a;lskdfja;dflkg. thank you!! though in fairness it does only play at 24 fps and it's mostly on 2s lol
Nugget the talking cat
Nugget the talking cat 12 kun oldin
Only gay people can read this
Katherine Clawson
Katherine Clawson 3 kun oldin
Nedyaj Ettessab
Nedyaj Ettessab 13 kun oldin
so i saw your animated shadow of the colossus video, and breath of the wild and i was curious if you guys streamed it on twitch or something?
DTOM 14 kun oldin
I kinda wanna see a game where Hades/Persephone get kidnapped and the other has to rescue them. Help people recognize *Dread Persephone.*
David Bost
David Bost 16 kun oldin
I would love to see the gang play more of this.
Andrew Michael
Andrew Michael 16 kun oldin
To quote Zagreus “Let us hereby have better seating On which I shall never rest you mark my words”
Andrew Michael
Andrew Michael 16 kun oldin
Just got this game last week after finally buying a switch
QuarionGalanodel 17 kun oldin
The bit about this game requiring a lot of concentration or you will die but if you do give it a lot of concentration you will still die made me think "Oh so it's kinda like Dark Souls" Also, there's a reason why the Japanese refer to that level of continuous crunch as "Death March"
Conner 17 kun oldin
As a strat, the first time I passed my first shield runthrough I abused the block function. Saved me in Elysium, and with Meg's dashes
Anis Optera
Anis Optera 19 kun oldin
Maidusa has to be my favorite quote of the stream.
kiekebe 19 kun oldin
I didn't come here for gameplay, because i had like 100 hours in here. I came for your mythology jokes
Evan Wittenberg
Evan Wittenberg 21 kun oldin
I'm a bow main, BOW FOR EVER
Killgorgamer II
Killgorgamer II 22 kun oldin
this is what gave me the push to get the game and it turned out that I am really good at it
Giovanni Prinzivalli
Giovanni Prinzivalli 24 kun oldin
Fun fact, she's the maid, Dusa. *MAID, DUSA.* Also hey y'all this autoplay came on and I love it. I found Red's Lovecraft special a while back but only recently started watching more and loving it. This Hades run is adorable!
GangrenousGandalf 25 kun oldin
Fun fact: You have to escape the underworld a total of 10 times to get the true ending.
Äike 26 kun oldin
Wait wtf why does blue have the nicest laugh y'all sound so pleasant to hang out with this is my first time watching a livestream vod
Avor A Variant of Roar
Avor A Variant of Roar 26 kun oldin
I love the patroclus-achilles storyline
Lessons Learned
Lessons Learned 27 kun oldin
I want this type of game but set in the Ulysses 31 universe.
The Sneaky Muffin
The Sneaky Muffin 27 kun oldin
"I'm a spear bitch! And a shield bitch!" God, Blue, what are you, some kinda ROMAN?
Steve Wondering
Steve Wondering 28 kun oldin
its awesome that they referenced dimension 20!!!
The legend
The legend 28 kun oldin
Fun Fact: If you try using a god's call boon while in a trial of the gods fight against them, they have special voice lines.
vonschlesien 28 kun oldin
"Well this is awkward"
nexuskld Oy oldin
RIP Prince of Persia
Kaitlyn Kittle
Kaitlyn Kittle Oy oldin
Me, a Hellenic Pagan, freaking out with Red as we notice mythological references: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lior cooper
lior cooper Oy oldin
watched the first video on the livestream playlist and uh blue definitely looks and sounds like the american version of the giy who plays the prince of wales in the crown in seasons 3 and 4
Mon trainer ash D
Mon trainer ash D Oy oldin
Zagreus is the best character, like his two life goals are fix your relationship and find his mom Aaaalthough, he does fall in love with Thánatos and Meg, both of which he thought were his siblings for most of his life Almost incest
Ziah Madsen
Ziah Madsen Oy oldin
Watching this stream made me realize we NEED a himbo trope talk.
Dragon Queen
Dragon Queen Oy oldin
Meg is the hardest of the sisters to defeat
gösta 42
gösta 42 Oy oldin
Cyan: blood for the blood god Me who watches technoblade: ............
Eri Oy oldin
Thanks! I was playing Hades with this on in the background and just beat the final boss! ... after a month of failure...
Andrea Fussaro
Andrea Fussaro Oy oldin
3:43 I mean with this game you never know
FrankyTheImmortal Oy oldin
Audio finally pog
N Nt
N Nt Oy oldin
BradyPostma Oy oldin
23:00 - Red is bad at languages! Therefore, despite longstanding appearances, Red is not great at everything! Just almost everything.
random artist321
random artist321 Oy oldin
Hey red! Zagreus is a real god, I'd love to learn about him, can you do a video on him?
Salty Oy oldin
17:10 Don't mind me, keep scrolling
Leocoka06 Oy oldin
I hate that Zagreus is not very used or representated in the greek mithology other then the story where he dies o_o such an interesting character waisted, those ancient guys didnt know what they were doing not gonna lie
Dylan Watts
Dylan Watts Oy oldin
25:41 That's a Gegenees/Gegeneis, an oft overlooked kaiju in Greek mythology.
Kris Oy oldin
this autoplayed for me while i was in elysuim and that fucking minotaur (i killed fucking theasus no prob) killed me when he was on his lastpoint of health. so pissed. i gotta redo the hydra which took me hrs to beat one time.
badassgrunt Oy oldin
With the right boons, I learned that the bow becomes a shotgun with its special.
Nichelle Milkas
Nichelle Milkas Oy oldin
I have recently started playing this and it’s because of you Red , Blue and Cyan. I don’t really care about winning but I do enjoy the idea and play style. Now if you’ll excuse me Imma make all the pretty people zags bfs and gfs.
DonutzCrew Oy oldin
"I'm a spear bitch" Could this be one of my people?
Grand Bean
Grand Bean Oy oldin
16:20 Implying that Devil may cry isn't goofy, silly, dumb and self aware. If anyone on the hades team wants me to help localise this game. I'm game. Born and raised in Greece.
David Draghici
David Draghici Oy oldin
Bro I hope you got the fists of malphon by now, damn those are some fun shits to plays with and op af.
25352 Oy oldin
two motormouths in background hardly help
Neutral Tired
Neutral Tired Oy oldin
in those rooms where you have to pick a god, there's an achievement for using that god's call ability, and a small voice line
Laurentius Oy oldin
I love Red half-apathetically describing youtube drama
Ly:bInhn DhInhm:Ateidr
Ly:bInhn DhInhm:Ateidr Oy oldin
Does anyone know why Megaera appears to have only one wing?
Taylor Wright
Taylor Wright Oy oldin
This game looks really fun...but I don't know if I'd be able to take in everything happening around me after watching that Zeus fight. Also, it probably costs money. XD
Katherine Buescher
Katherine Buescher Oy oldin
Im so proud that I started the "Patroclus is best boy" span chain
laurdes z
laurdes z Oy oldin
1:35 lmfao I''m playing skyrim while watching this and you are correct, combat fucking sucks
Baffled Pancake
Baffled Pancake Oy oldin
Given how many times I rewatched this are you guys going to stream more?
Critical Maz
Critical Maz Oy oldin
Was that Artistic Burnout or Autistic Burnout? They're described in practically the same way.
Lori Anderson
Lori Anderson Oy oldin
The puzzling softdrink spectacularly box because plate dfly owe through a jittery software. shivering, wrong lute
Octo Oy oldin
THANK YOU Zag is completely a himbo. He's so sweet and considerate and I just can't even believe how good of a positive masculine figure he cuts. I was with Red! I thought he was going to be Sasuke, basically.
Francesco Marasco
Francesco Marasco Oy oldin
I think i have missed something... who are Cyan and Indigo ?
Francesco Marasco
Francesco Marasco Oy oldin
@Bookish Rhi Oh thank you 🙏
Bookish Rhi
Bookish Rhi Oy oldin
Cyan is Blue’s Fiancé, and Indigo is the Jack of all trades who works with Red and Blue to keep the channel going (and runs/edits the podcast!) :)
Bickern Oy oldin
I was just thinking it would be awesome to see this
Fandoms huzzah
Fandoms huzzah Oy oldin
I really hope y'all do more hades streams, I love all the history/mythology commentary
Gyrre Oy oldin
*For a viable ranger build:* race; Variant Human (Sharpshooter for your feat) fighting style; archery (duh) subclass; Gloomstalker 1st spells; Hunter's Mark, Hail of Thorns, and either Cure Wounds or Ensnaring Strike. |||||| Start nearly all combats by casting Hunter's Mark as your opening bonus action _before_ attacking. Favored Enemy is largely contingient on what sort of campaign and character you're playing. Same for Greater Favored enemy. Though abberation, elementals, fiends, or giants are your four strongest choices. Remember, trolls and ogres are considered types of giant.
Greg Jones
Greg Jones Oy oldin
Everytime cyan or Red makes an Uwu joke my brain remembers the Tsushima video. "Moon Bears Paw" Same Blue Same.
Fandoms huzzah
Fandoms huzzah Oy oldin
David Hurt
David Hurt Oy oldin
Come on friends! Again Again Again!!!!
Aunt Vivienne
Aunt Vivienne Oy oldin
I didn’t even realize the Achilles bracer thing
Hades Vanir
Hades Vanir Oy oldin
I want to play this game.
Patrick Riley
Patrick Riley Oy oldin
Patroclus and achilles are gay in the canon of the game
Patrick Riley
Patrick Riley Oy oldin
Makes me so happy. Xp
Melissa Moura
Melissa Moura Oy oldin
I hope they continue the series. It seems really cool
Gyrre Oy oldin
Fun Fact 1: Darren Korb (one of the composers) voices Zagreus _and_ Skelly. Fun Fact 2: Gaston is secretly a Shakespeare nerd. He quotes "screw your courage to the sticking place" in the song 'Kill the Beast'. Fun Fact 3: The name of thoth (the Egyptian god of knowledge) is written in Ancient Greek as Θώθ, 1:42:08 OwO indeed.
Sammit Oy oldin
I really need to see an OSP animated version of this, even if it’s just so I can see Red and Blue in Zagreus’ getup
Sammit Oy oldin
I love this game to bits, but Achilles’ trinket making you take less damage from the front and more from the back gives me 100% more information about his and Patroclus’ relationship than I ever needed to know
Sadie Lynn
Sadie Lynn Oy oldin
To respond to Red about Zag being edgy... He's the bad boy who grew up on LoZ and who's sense of humor is doofus. If anyone has seen Liv and Maddie, he feels like Dumptruck.
Baby Pyroshark
Baby Pyroshark Oy oldin
These people are so nerdy and i love it
TheBigNCat Oy oldin
I've seen so many "out there" interpretations *cough cough* lore of olympus, *cough cough*, that I had serious scepticism for the game but I'd did a far better job of adapting the ACTUAL F**KING LORE and it's story is actually good and makes sense. I know that the myths are not real and thus can be interpreted freely and anyone is entitled to do so, but at least say so, don't name it lore of olympus and then making the Goddess of Death, f**king spring.
PheonixShadowXY Oy oldin
Red... Hello! Cyan I HAVE A BLANKET!
Babbleplay Oy oldin
I am sad; I was expecting joyous mythology nerd gushing from Red every time a new character was introduced.
Ed1749 Oy oldin
17:35 that does happen to be the items residing in the pottery. Red catches on quick.
Idris Astra-Ardua
Idris Astra-Ardua Oy oldin
Finding out zagreus sounds posh is so weird
Raggy123 Oy oldin
he sounds bri'ish
Idris Astra-Ardua
Idris Astra-Ardua Oy oldin
Also shout out to red for googling something I was trying to figure out weeks ago about boondock saints and if eyecoins are Catholic
keith david
keith david Oy oldin
Y'all talked about somebody randomly shuffling the underworld , achilles says daedalus is here working . This implies that the underworld now works like the labyrinth, growing and shifting organicly.
shinraset Oy oldin
I am zagreus the shield hero!
S,A,K 47
S,A,K 47 Oy oldin
So is Red's next trope talk gonna be about the himbo XD
Selah Silane
Selah Silane Oy oldin
25:47 look at that ghost in the chef’s hat!!!!
123supertwix Oy oldin
I love Snuff Out the Light! It was on the copy of the soundtrack that my family had growing up.
Toothpaste Oy oldin
I really want these guys to play hollow knight
Nitrogeninhaler Oy oldin
Devil May Cry isn't edgy its fucking hilarious what is red talking about
whynot ADs
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