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15 kun oldin

Watch Blue die an improbable number of times
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Xavier Illa
Xavier Illa Kun oldin
Fiend and menace are also gender neutral
Sara Gonzalez
Sara Gonzalez 4 kun oldin
I love this video game!! 🥺
Bthsr71 6 kun oldin
I like marshmallows. I hate peeps.
Phreak Phayse
Phreak Phayse 7 kun oldin
you guys give me life XD
CJCroen1393 7 kun oldin
I'm a little surprised that Chaos referred to the Earth as an "it". Like...isn't the Earth their _daughter?_
TheWebofHope 9 kun oldin
YeeeeeEEEEEESSSS MOOOOOAAAAAAR I'm so happy yall came back to this
TheInkblot101 10 kun oldin
Okay I love these but jesus christ Blue you need to throw the damn spear once in a while.
Ben Michels
Ben Michels 11 kun oldin
Zagreus: Damn I still have no money Hades (voice echoing through the halls): your broke ass cannot afford to escape, if you had behaved better I would have given you an allowance. That slayed me.
Cortney Lane
Cortney Lane 11 kun oldin
The Game Grumps reference- SPOOFY
Major Robinson
Major Robinson 12 kun oldin
the ending of this video is amazing
Joi Isak
Joi Isak 12 kun oldin
Does he actually unlock the thing/skills in the mirror with the keys like he wanted last video?
Joi Isak
Joi Isak 12 kun oldin
Yay!!! He did
Katherine Clawson
Katherine Clawson 12 kun oldin
Jacob Marion
Jacob Marion 12 kun oldin
A word of caution on Jill Bearup, she does seem to be TERF, unforunately, and all the research I've done hasn't turned up any point that she's walked back on some of the very harmful things she's said previous. I could be wrong, I haven't watched her in years so she could have changed, but, yeah, if anyone can correct me, I would love that because there's enough TERFs in the world. I'm not saying you can't like her, I'm not saying you can't watch her videos, just raising awareness and making sure everyone goes into things full aware of the facts.
TK Wallace
TK Wallace 12 kun oldin
That’s why Zagreus reads like a himbo! Red cracked it (13:11-13:50). Our favorite would-be escapee is the only “child” in a world where everyone else has eons of shared history, mostly bad & always complicated.
eddy zagan
eddy zagan 12 kun oldin
Man would be really cool if you could do 1080p
Matthew Bohon
Matthew Bohon 12 kun oldin
50:31 im losing my mind over this exchange... Blue getting the hours right then saying there’s a 4hr difference between est and pst, Red saying no it’s 5hrs, then Cyan coming and blowing them both out of the water with adding 3hrs instead....i’ve been cackling for like five minutes over this
Beutimus 12 kun oldin
"She likes licking the sugary plastic". My cats like to eat/lick plastic. I have no idea why. I chase them off every time I catch them doing it.
Busterblader322 12 kun oldin
Apparently one of the unlockable weapons is a gun and the first time Ares sees it here remarks about how that weapon will revolutionize war which I think is great
Harry Hamzat
Harry Hamzat 13 kun oldin
If y’all wanna play two things together maybe you could play it takes two
Shinypanda 13 kun oldin
Yaaaaasssssss it’s baaaaaaaaack!!!!!
Rexmon Productions
Rexmon Productions 13 kun oldin
Cerberus is best boy deserves all the treats no one else
Yuno Takahashi
Yuno Takahashi 13 kun oldin
Lmao this is so confusing. I have a friend named blue online and I know someone who plays hades and me and blue often watch them together lol.
Alejandro Velasquez
Alejandro Velasquez 13 kun oldin
30:20 I think Red means ancient lamentation music.
zon3ful 13 kun oldin
1.59M subscribers with a video in 720p...
Cali Hoyer
Cali Hoyer 13 kun oldin
I love the very quiet thing where Cyan: “h E c k” Blue: “That is where we are, yes”
Elise Reitsma
Elise Reitsma 13 kun oldin
Red’s gremlin laugh brings me life
Marco Pohl
Marco Pohl 14 kun oldin
first TierZoo, now Jill Bearup? how is OSP always getting into UZpostrs as I get into them?
Crimson Presents
Crimson Presents 14 kun oldin
OSP Streams are not complete without a major technical difficulty. I still had fun with this stream though.
Ivan Martin
Ivan Martin 14 kun oldin
I've started playing this game because of you guys. I HAD THINGS TO DO THIS WEEK!
Uneti Tree
Uneti Tree 14 kun oldin
Madison Pikaart
Madison Pikaart 14 kun oldin
Blue i also play a cleric with a bow lol
Rincewind Twoflower
Rincewind Twoflower 14 kun oldin
Mad respect for the Jill Bearup shootout!
harjutapa 14 kun oldin
Yay for the Jill Bearup reference! I love her stuff.
DiminieDamnDominoes 14 kun oldin
"You just like Achilles!" "I do just like Achilles!" Me too, Blue.
dyslexicfaser 14 kun oldin
For guys who seem like they'd be really into the lore, you skip a lot of people talking
DragonFae16 14 kun oldin
I'm so glad the guys did another session of this game.
hmw 14 kun oldin
i’m so happy they kept streaming this game!!
Captain Random
Captain Random 14 kun oldin
Can we get an animated video from these streams now of Blue as Zag, Red as Maegara and Cyan as Thanatos?
Neil 14 kun oldin
@Ethan Strong and Bluegreus, and Reagara.
Ethan Strong
Ethan Strong 14 kun oldin
Cyanatos, if you will
ElzoBro 14 kun oldin
TK Wallace
TK Wallace 12 kun oldin
SPOILER question: Are we anywhere close to meeting Thanatos?
Spoon The Guy
Spoon The Guy 14 kun oldin
It’s been too long since the last Hades stream!
Tyson Ricker
Tyson Ricker 14 kun oldin
Since the last stream I've had enough time to buy and almost beat the game...watching Blue struggle against Meg kinda hurts lol
Chris Naden
Chris Naden 14 kun oldin
Indigo: "People are complaining that it's evening" ... No, I'm complaining that I live in the wrong timezone to catch youse guys live 😝 (I'd been asleep for a while when this started up)
Chris Naden
Chris Naden 14 kun oldin
Sorry I missed y'all - I was in bed by that time.
Piper Lawrence
Piper Lawrence 14 kun oldin
Artemis Beasty
Artemis Beasty 14 kun oldin
I have been praying on the more of this series I just want more Artemis, Achilles and patroclus, zagreus content☺
Artemis Beasty
Artemis Beasty 14 kun oldin
PS love that your shouting out Jocat and Bards for Bards
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 14 kun oldin
cheung chui hin
cheung chui hin 14 kun oldin
I MISSED ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!?????????
Jamie thiele
Jamie thiele 14 kun oldin
I’d love to watch an OSP geogessur stream tbh
ET Solomon
ET Solomon 14 kun oldin
What a great surprise after coming back from after crew practice.
TK Wallace
TK Wallace 14 kun oldin
I cannot WAIT for the OSP Animated for this game. Please feel free to play it forever. P.S.: Next time Cyan appears in an OSP Animated, she needs to be wielding a circular saw. Preferably dual-wielding a saw-and-sander combo.
MagnuMagnus 14 kun oldin
Started playing this a \bout a week ago. Finally managed to escape for the third time.
Enzo Palmer
Enzo Palmer 14 kun oldin
Jill+OSP collab on the pod?
anthony lewis
anthony lewis 14 kun oldin
Nerd game
Ryan Mcquade
Ryan Mcquade 14 kun oldin
Red is so hot, but more importantly so smart!
EyeOfCrazy 14 kun oldin
I'm actually going to say whenever like you have to make a choice between the two gods since you get both of their bones anyways at the end of The Challenge if Aphrodite is there pick her or you're not having a good time she's probably the hardest one to deal with
Richard Mayer
Richard Mayer 14 kun oldin
The first stream inspired me to get this game. And by the second stream I’ve gotten all the achievements and 120hours. Fun. (I have a problem)
Arnold Aguirre
Arnold Aguirre 14 kun oldin
What why did I miss this
Andrew Michael
Andrew Michael 14 kun oldin
Just got off work to some OSP Hades VODs. Thank you for the present
Andrew Fleenor
Andrew Fleenor 14 kun oldin
To the OSP crew if you see this, re audio, the stuff being put down on the same table as the mic or whatever was pretty loud. :)
taco_k18 0
taco_k18 0 14 kun oldin
Can you maybe do a video about Artemis if you haven't already?
GangrenousGandalf 14 kun oldin
Or Inari. They go a lot deeper than discussed in the Pride Tales video and I think they deserve a discussion of their own.
John Foy
John Foy 14 kun oldin
so im literally playing hades rn wow i love this heckin game
Mrhello314 14 kun oldin
Hello red and blue
mixed martial arts- Kung Fu Palestine
mixed martial arts- Kung Fu Palestine 14 kun oldin
I have missed you for your visit I was pleased with you 🇵🇸
TZG 14 kun oldin
Really Enjoyed The Stream Hoped You Had A Great Time And Also Hoped That You Liked My Joke
Dark Lord 0f Pizza
Dark Lord 0f Pizza 14 kun oldin
My data can be randomly sh**, so I though the crash was on my end. This is my first time tuning in to their live stream, hope they start up a new one soon.
Chris Naden
Chris Naden 13 kun oldin
The archived streams are *great* BTW- one of my lockdown management tactics has been hanging out with the crew in old streams. Some truly magnificent side-rants show up.
Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom 14 kun oldin
Hey if you see this can you reivew or read god is dead it's a comic where every god of mythology every pantheon go to war
Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom 14 kun oldin
@Chad Riggs still think it's kinda good the gore is good but the story not so much
Chad Riggs
Chad Riggs 14 kun oldin
I've read that comic, it's honestly kind of bad and unsurprisingly it focuses on the Greek pantheon the most of all of them.
Matthew dewey
Matthew dewey 14 kun oldin
Cyan said there was a new stream. Anyone know where it is?
Belle Oehler
Belle Oehler 14 kun oldin
Loves the stream! Although the ending felt a bit-
frank cusack
frank cusack 14 kun oldin
Love the idea of OSP ASMR
Derron Mendel
Derron Mendel 14 kun oldin
Wow. The stream ended according to UZpost, so I can comment. Good job, Blue :) Of course I kid. I love watching your streams, keep up the amazing content!
Dimitri Dionissiou
Dimitri Dionissiou 14 kun oldin
Love the content and love the miscellaneous myths videos, especially the Loki and Dionysus videos for being centred around one god. Keep up the amazing content and have a great time
Keira Workman
Keira Workman 14 kun oldin
hopefully they restart another one
Jurieli Javier
Jurieli Javier 14 kun oldin
The buffering was awful
Saules riets
Saules riets 14 kun oldin
R.I.P the beautiful
Zym 14 kun oldin
thatonegingerchick 14 kun oldin
“What the beans?” Stream crashes
Red Panda Gamer
Red Panda Gamer 14 kun oldin
Famous last words
Ahkuna 14 kun oldin
locatedonearth 14 kun oldin
Well that was rather unfortunate 😔
Christopher Castillo
Christopher Castillo 14 kun oldin
Camden Ditmore
Camden Ditmore 14 kun oldin
Oh no what happened
ms KURBBZ 14 kun oldin
Rip 💞
nova stricker
nova stricker 14 kun oldin
Keira Workman
Keira Workman 14 kun oldin
oh okay....
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace 14 kun oldin
stream borked
This Guy
This Guy 14 kun oldin
loved the ending!
Nazgul100 14 kun oldin
"oh wait no, just kidding" *dies*
Toothpaste 14 kun oldin
rip the stream i guess
Codysir 14 kun oldin
The Stream ended?
Codysir 14 kun oldin
It lagged out, for context.
fillertext 14 kun oldin
zero deaths
Danwar 14 kun oldin
Then why the heck is he in Hades?
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