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Blind Beholder
Blind Beholder 2 kun oldin
What about Resident Evil, a series where the Zombie Apocalypse starts in game 2 and ends in game 3, and only ever affects one city? And for everyone who knows their RE, we do not talk about 6.
Tyler Durham
Tyler Durham 2 kun oldin
It's funny hearing them try to figure out who Orpheus looks like because to my eye he's a very apparent riff on Dream from Sandman.
Scarlett Kara
Scarlett Kara 5 kun oldin
AHHHH RED MENTIONED THE MARVEL NETFLIX SHOWS. I FEEL SEEN. My heart has been silently suffering ever since they canceled Daredevil, esp after season 3. ... yes, that means years.
Silver Smith
Silver Smith 7 kun oldin
Not sure if it made it on this stream or if it got eaten when the scream crashed, but what was that UZpostr Blue was talking about? The one who does videos analyzing fight scenes, and who talked about "fight flirting"? I tried to look her up when I was watching a bit of the stream, but I couldn't find her. Help?
Ostblock Latina
Ostblock Latina 7 kun oldin
OMG what's next, a live stream of you defecating? At least you would be doing sth productive. Is YT monetizing this? If yes, you seriously need to go to your parents and repay them for all the money they wasted on your education instead of buying themselves a Porsche, because THEY WASTED ALL OF IT.
Wout ijland
Wout ijland 9 kun oldin
You guys should play hollow knight that would be fun
Noah Gray
Noah Gray 9 kun oldin
As a side, I think it would be cool to see the osp team play doom or doom eternal. It's a stretch from their usual content but I think it would be fun.
Hensynslose 10 kun oldin
not sure if you noticed blue, but the different horns tell you the different attacks each hydra head will have
Eric Sampaio
Eric Sampaio 10 kun oldin
My favorite channel and my favorite game together S2
Curtis Hammer
Curtis Hammer 10 kun oldin
Dear Blue, Zeus shield, charged shot, Dionysus on the special. That is all.
Vadan Drumist
Vadan Drumist 11 kun oldin
I can't wait for the animated version of this where all the gods have the looks we know and love. In other news, rate the pantheon in regards to assholeness! First, let's get the obvious one's outta the way. 1st: Zeus 2nd: Aphrodite
Landon Rife
Landon Rife 11 kun oldin
17:10-17:50 Nice VeggieTales reference, there! "The Wonderful World of Autotainment." *Ventril-O-Matic:* "Why did the chicken cross the road?" *OR* "What is the solution to the equation of 2 + 2?" *Rusty:* "I don't know. Why did the chicken cross the road?" *OR* "I don't know. What does 2 + 2 equal?" *Ventril-O-Matic:* "WEEDEATER."
Annonimoose Q
Annonimoose Q 11 kun oldin
Red is afraid of the army of faceless minions becoming a threat
TB96 12 kun oldin
I can't wait to see this in OSP animated version full.
Gherome Silvestre
Gherome Silvestre 12 kun oldin
Osp stream = at least one technical difficulty
Violet Sapphire
Violet Sapphire 12 kun oldin
Blue: "Is this the bone hydra?" Me: "The what?"
Alice Quinzel
Alice Quinzel 12 kun oldin
Is it just me or is Orpheus a Morpheus reference?
Scarlett Kara
Scarlett Kara 7 kun oldin
I can definitely see that-- it would be interesting if they chose to do it. Though Morpheus/Dream has always been a bit ambigious in the looks department, so it's possible that they could just be going for the goth/rock style
AtheNiify 12 kun oldin
These osp letsplays convinced me to get Hades and i love it so MUCH Ive sunk over 40 hours into this game and plan to sink at least 40 hours more
Yovita Sri Mulyani
Yovita Sri Mulyani 12 kun oldin
blue please do the history of great queen like dido, uracca of leon, or duchess matilda of tuscany
argella1300 11 kun oldin
Or Elizabeth I or Mary Queen of Scots!
86fifty 12 kun oldin
daaaaang, the discussion of Horror Is Like Spicy Food and Blue being like 'uh, I have nothing to contribute here' is SUPER relatable. I'm the same way. I don't like horror because it rockets up my anxiety levels, makes me feel both cornered and helpless with nothing to take it out on, since there's no IRL zombies to fight. Worse, if it's body horror like in The Thing or Alien? I just get suuuuper sick to my stomach. Recreationally inducing nausea is not an experience I enjoy, ya know? If I want a free recreational adrenaline rush, I can watch GoPro vids of people sky-diving. And I /do/! The 'sad ending' argument Red made really resonates with me too. I wasn't at all interested in Last of Us (or even Neir Automata - I really tried with that one. But, ugh. could NOT do it), for that very reason. I don't like being bummed out when I don't have to be, either. The only horror trope I do enjoy is the apocalypse one. I /do/ want to see happy-go-lucky, rich and comfy Karens and Kevins and Katherines in their big McMansion houses with their wicked, tiny, dogs and their manicured lawns... I want to see them starved of all the waste that powers their riches. I want to see them bamboozled and begging for help from people like me, who ALWAYS struggled in the before times. In the world that valued /them/. The world /they made/ to value them. Even the global lockdown was not enough to drown global capitalism - I'm already seeing headlines proclaiming the economy is growing again. I'm sick of it. I want the economy to matter less than the people who power it. I want to be valued for what I /can/ do, not denigrated for what I can't... I /know/ it will be outrageously tough to live without running water or electricity or water-proof housing. But it's /already/ outrageously tough to live on government social services money, jumping through every hoop they set up to KEEP ME OUT. I'd /rather/ learn to get over my squeamishness about skinning rabbits than spend another MINUTE on hold with a government agency, unable to reduce my resting heartrate below 120... I'm a direct-action kind of mofo - If I could skip all of this by catching and skinning my own small-prey-animal? By choking a sparrow in front of someone's face? I'd do it. And I'd fail at first! I know that! I don't HAVE the experience yet. But there's still canned food on the shelves. There's still super-markets to steal from, for at least a few weeks, into an apocalypse. There's a bit of a buffer. That will give me enough time. These are the sorts of fantasies I have, when I have the energy to daydream.
S,A,K 47
S,A,K 47 12 kun oldin
Red I hop you have plans on making a video about Artemis at some point cause I would really love to see it. She is in my top 3 greek deities together with Hermes and Dionysus.
zdron davis
zdron davis 13 kun oldin
a game where you die and bank suffers we call arcade machines
Gaufridus of the fire
Gaufridus of the fire 13 kun oldin
i love you guys sorry i never catch any streams i am a busy person.
D. J
D. J 13 kun oldin
Existential horror- yes. Zombies - nah; my kind of spooky vibe. 👌 A world where I could painfully turn into a zombie or watch a love one turn into a zombie and be left with the choice of having to kill them or not, I cannot.
TCM 13 kun oldin
Train to Busan was kinda dumb, why'd he just stand there like an idiot and get bit at the end? just throw him off the train 5 seconds earlier? or just, re-shut the door
Zepper Man
Zepper Man 13 kun oldin
Do you need an editor for making highlights?
baabaa9000 13 kun oldin
you guys should try Nioh 2
123supertwix 13 kun oldin
I had a tiny Aloe Vera plant for the last six years but this passed winter it didn't get enough sun, and is now dead, I was unable to revive it.
Anika Curry
Anika Curry 13 kun oldin
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Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 13 kun oldin
41:36 So, we can infer that the War going on is not World War 1, because the text on Exagryph (the Automatic Rifle) tells you that it's design "has not yet been discovered in a stroke of mortal inspiration, with which to conduct their wars." Depending on how far we interpret what the weapon's "cruel design" is, it can include: -If we exclude any modern automatic weapon at all, this puts us pre-Mahdist Wars, before the invention of the Maxim Machine Gun. This puts us right smack in the middle of that *lovely* colonial period. Interestingly, if we just exclude Automatic Rifles, we don't include that many more wars as potential candidates, as the Mannlicher automatic rifle was prototyped in 1885 and the Chauchat rifle would be adopted by France in 1908. -If we exclude rifled barrel guns, well.... we probably exclude any war before 1520, as this is when the first spiral grooved barrel most similar to the modern rifle originated in Nuremberg, while grooved barrels are attested to being invented in Austria in 1440. The first Musket would be invented in the Ottoman Empire in 1465. -If we exclude any sort of firearm at all, then we are before the 13-14th centuries, where what is attributed to be the first modern-style cannon used during the Battle of Ain Jalut by Ahmad Y. al-Hassan, although similar weapons may have existed in 12th century China and sources differ on whether the weapons used in the Battle of Ain Jalut constitute proper firearms and the overall history of gunpowder development. -Finally, if we exclude any sort of gunpowder-based weapon at all, this puts us before 10th-ish century China, during which period the Fire Lance was invented and would be most notably used during the Jin-Song wars.
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 13 kun oldin
@Luthien Iðunn This is very interesting! I didn't know that!
Luthien Iðunn
Luthien Iðunn 13 kun oldin
Small spoiler for the hidden aspect of Stygius (the sword): When you reach the final boss fight and have the aspect of Arthur equipped, Zagreus says "We made it, Stygius. I hope this Arthur serves you well someday." Which means that the game story would be dated before the legend of Arthur, which Wikipedia tells me supposedly took place in the 5th or 6th century.
sleepycryptid -send help-
sleepycryptid -send help- 13 kun oldin
3:57 this is for me to come back to
Jonas Simora
Jonas Simora 13 kun oldin
Red, I have to agree, zagreus is a twunk
wajmgirl 13 kun oldin
Elysium is pretty, just be mindful of the butterflies...
Nicholas Keeler
Nicholas Keeler 13 kun oldin
Please have a watch party, or stream of you watching the Fast and Furious.
Laverna Silver
Laverna Silver 13 kun oldin
What the beans
Johnathan Monsen
Johnathan Monsen 14 kun oldin
My problem with zombies is that they're boring. Nobody's done anything creative with them since the Brandon Frasier Mummy movies -- the Pharaoh's guards? Now THOSE were scary. Just people with fake blood and glassy eyes? You've seen one, you've seen all of them.
Jason Dobbins
Jason Dobbins 14 kun oldin
Finish Journey to the west already Please it’s been five
Sol 14 kun oldin
40:38 "Persephone may be your mother, but she's not your mommy" Like from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Tricky 14 kun oldin
The war on the surface can’t possibly be WW1 the gods make numerous references to how the adamant rail hasn’t been recreated by mortals yet. It’s the gun weapon. My personal opinion is that time works in a less linear way to immortals and gods than it does to mortals and that the time on the surface could be literally at any point in the entire history of Ancient Greece.
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 13 kun oldin
Depending on your interpretation of Exagryph's weapon text, we can be as early as 10th Century or as late as 1884/1885.
Pedro Silva
Pedro Silva 14 kun oldin
I don't think the time in the game is that right for guessing... I mean, there was already the Trojan war because of the heroes, but the world is still frozen because of Demeter and that should be before the war... So that part doenst make much sense
Lemme Talk Bout This
Lemme Talk Bout This 14 kun oldin
It brings me immense joy to hear that Red likes the Crow Gang
Kate M
Kate M 13 kun oldin
Me too, I adore both Six of Crows and OSP, and because I respect Red's opinions on media I was slightly terrified when she started talking about the show. So glad that she liked our steampunk gangsters
Lemme Talk Bout This
Lemme Talk Bout This 14 kun oldin
For anyone who's confused by the whole situation with Shadow and Bone: The novel was her first published book, and you can tell that it was, the author knows this, and anyone who read subsequent books knows this, because the writing becomes notably better with every book. And it was written in 2012 - it plays into a lot of tropes and stereotypes. (Edit: in this case, an almost fully white cast of characters - it's a trap/pitfall a lot of fantasy writers, especially when new, fall into, and it's a stareotype for the YA fantasy books of that time for a REASON - and she (the author) wanted to basically rectify her bad writing and lack of diversity in the show) The real-world racism they brought in was, I have to agree, quite a bit weird to watch. They are two countries that are _actively_ at war, it makes sense for animosity to exist. But in the books... The main character is not of mixed race, she's white/Ravkan, and so nobody really treats her badly bc of her looks-at least not in a racist way. But like.... It wouldn't be nonsensical for someone from a border town to be mixed, right? The border shifts back and forth a lot in that place, intersection of people in inevitable. And they wanted to include a more diverse cast as well, so that's how they handled it. There is racism in the books, but usually it IS bad guys (well, mostly) bc people largely don't really care, it's more a matter of country than skin. (Edit: it's, as far as I read it, less American Brand Racism™, and more europe-typical xenophobia and classism) But that's not how it translates to viewers, and that's really the problem. And in the books it doesn't really... Work that way either? People are _identified_ by their looks, yes, but it's usually only a problem if you have a problem with their country? Like, will a Shu not be welcome in Ravka bc they are actively at war? Yes. Will they also not be welcome in Ketterdam? Unlikely, bc Ketterdam is a trade city with people from basically all-over, and not at war with the Shu - but the dicey trading that they do, with the Shu trying to -at some point- pay off debt with basically fake-money? _That's_ a problem, bc trade and commerce are basically a/the religion in Ketterdam. But the merchants don't have a problem because they're Shu, they have a problem with the Shu because they're doing Bad Business, which is all that matters to the Ketterdam merchants. And there is a lot of terminology that will leave new people pretty confused, they don't have a handy list of all types of Grisha to look at like they are at the start of each book, or a map to flip over to for orientation. A lot of one-liners don't make sense bc they're a bit out of context, but readers will rave bc we KNOW why they are significant. And the plot lines feel unconnected because they are from two different series, they're not even MEANT to be connected - they're supposed to be set-up to bring these characters to the point they are at in the books - but the six of crows (the "steampunk gangsters") came AFTER the original trilogy (which is being adapted into a Netflix show), as books and in the in-universe timeline. In Six of Crows, the events of Shadow and Bone are already completely over. I'd say - for readers, it's a pretty good adaption! But for newcomers.... Eh, mixed results.
Lemme Talk Bout This
Lemme Talk Bout This 14 kun oldin
@I. Cs. Zámodits uhhh.... I wouldn't know honestly? I don't watch a lot I just saw some articles and reviews call it a replacement for GoT, I've personally never watched it I know the ending sucked, but apparently it still stands as something people miss and want a replacement in their lives for? I don't know why, I've just seen multiple people take that stance *shrug*
I. Cs. Zámodits
I. Cs. Zámodits 14 kun oldin
@Lemme Talk Bout This Since GoT ended EVERY fantasy show is a "replacement of Game of trones" Witcher, His dark materials, Shadow and bone, Netflix Avatar etc, why do you think there is a sudden boom of fantasy adaptations?
Lemme Talk Bout This
Lemme Talk Bout This 14 kun oldin
@I. Cs. Zámodits pretty much, yeah - at least that's how it always felt for me, and I am from europe. Also, it's just that (and she admits this readily herself) the author was very new to writing, and the first book is very stereotypical of ya fantasy from that time - predominantly white. She gets a lot better with that in her following works, even already in the second book, but... yeah. I'd say it's a pretty good Netflix adaption - like Red said, it's HELLA pretty, for one thing. (and you can stop reading here if this is too long, sorry) Though I dunno... like, I _really_ like it, despite the changes and the insertion of a made-up background for the Six of Crows cast (well, the arc with the two shipwrecked people is accurate). But I already KNOW this world, I know these people and who and what they will become, I know where the plot is going, so none of that is confusing, the one-liners make sense, I'm already attached to the characters so the show doesn't have to make me like them anymore, I'm _already_ invested. But what gets me is that I can SEE these characters, I can see what their clothes look like, the set, the powers - and for most people who read the books, we seem to agree that it's really good. Hell, the main plot stays on course, no weird added in stuff, OR left out, even if it got compressed - that's already more than most people ask for with book adaptions seeing how badly those usually turn out. Most reviews I've seen take the show as a replacement for game of thrones though??? For some weird reason? Maybe bc they're both fantasy, and there is political drama?? I don't know. That kinda angle I've only seen from people who seemingly only watch the shows, and not read the books, but idk man, idk. I CAN say they got pretty good humor, and it's definitely good enough to just take a lazy Sunday and sit down and watch.
I. Cs. Zámodits
I. Cs. Zámodits 14 kun oldin
So the books had a more C/E europe type xenophobia, meanwhile the show had american racism? Edit: Despite all of the changes and non beghiner frienlyness. Is it better than Netflix adaptations on avarage?
Thomas Donovan
Thomas Donovan 14 kun oldin
I’ve been watching Leverage too, still haven’t learnt how to spell it
Squidlord 14 kun oldin
During elysium I swear to god I hear the bunnings theme in the music
Illusion Fox
Illusion Fox 14 kun oldin
You HAVE to start at 0:00?
Dillon Shafer
Dillon Shafer 14 kun oldin
TK Wallace
TK Wallace 14 kun oldin
Bone Hydra… looked like Hungry, Hungry Hippos :).
Saaya42 Kun oldin
omg YES
AmeTsunami 14 kun oldin
Can’t wait for the osp animated hades
agenttheater5 14 kun oldin
Locking Orpheus up for refusing to sing - seems a bit much till you remember the whole 'nothing would let him die because it meant they'd never get to hear him sing'
Harry Hildebrandt
Harry Hildebrandt 13 kun oldin
Somebody get Loki in here to convince somebody to throw a stick at him.
Clone 14 kun oldin
Just escaped for the first time earlier tonight, can't wait to see more Hades from OSP!
Munch Lacks
Munch Lacks 14 kun oldin
Zagreus is a himbo Source: I have over 300 hours in the game
about 50 pyros
about 50 pyros 13 kun oldin
No. Zagrues is not stupid enough to be a himbo
Melis Veziroglu
Melis Veziroglu 14 kun oldin
I watched Shadow and Bone the day it came out and I was sad that I would have to wait for people to catch up but Red talking about it made me so freaking happy.
koopa159 14 kun oldin
It’s been 84 years....
HubblePie 14 kun oldin
I can’t wait until they talk to Orpheus more... Red’s gonna have a real laugh
Knox Shepard
Knox Shepard 6 kun oldin
@Tate Vivaan Yea, have been using Flixzone for years myself =)
Tate Vivaan
Tate Vivaan 6 kun oldin
A tip: watch movies at flixzone. I've been using it for watching lots of of movies lately.
Torlik11 13 kun oldin
I hope she won't lose her head over it... ... Get it? Lose her head... Like Orpheus... Ok, I'll se myself out.
pikayay 14 kun oldin
oh that was such a good joke when it showed up
Anzaia 14 kun oldin
Huh, I thought y'all would have been further into the game! Guess I can watch streams without fearing spoilers, that's lovely :)
Prronce !
Prronce ! 14 kun oldin
Damn these characters be lookin hot tho-
Saaya42 Kun oldin
@TK Wallace No wonder Aphrodite likes him XD
TK Wallace
TK Wallace 3 kun oldin
Zac Smith YES! I have spent a lifetime loathing Ares and now I… am confused and overwhelmed by his beauty :).
Zac Smith
Zac Smith 4 kun oldin
Loren Daemon
Loren Daemon 14 kun oldin
I need Blue to get the keepsake cabinet. I NEED it.
Ravn 14 kun oldin
Nooooooooooooo! I missed it!
Josephine Monson
Josephine Monson 14 kun oldin
it was 33 minutes ago...... AHHAHHHHH I was so close
Patria 14 kun oldin
They streamed this at 4 am my time TvT
A Shinx Fan
A Shinx Fan 14 kun oldin
Cerberus’ keepsake gives you an extra 50 hp at 3 stars, which makes the Chaos gates way more affordable.
Luthien Iðunn
Luthien Iðunn 13 kun oldin
@Cali Hoyer You might want to try out God Mode, if you haven't already. It's not as op as it sounds, but it does make things a bit easier. Around 30 or 40 hours of playing I kind of hit a wall, felt like I wasn't progressing at all, which frustrated me to the point of almost quitting the game forever. God Mode made the game playable again for me, and I've now put more than 170 hours into it. =D
Luthien Iðunn
Luthien Iðunn 13 kun oldin
Or just get Chaos' keepsake, with that you can enter the gates without losing any HP :) Though I would only commend that if you definitely plan to get Chaos boons during a run. Because it doesn't help at all with the regular fights.
Cali Hoyer
Cali Hoyer 14 kun oldin
It’s literally the only keepsake I use, partially for that reason and partially bc I suck at the game 😂
Hail Ghidorah
Hail Ghidorah 14 kun oldin
You also have a mirror trait that increases you max health, so invest in that ASAP.
A Shinx Fan
A Shinx Fan 14 kun oldin
@Enlong Jones The health cost scales over the course of a run, but not to your max health.
Raditya Andromeda
Raditya Andromeda 14 kun oldin
First one to say first
Ocean 14 kun oldin
Of course I miss the stream because I’m busy playing hades
The Noble Order
The Noble Order 14 kun oldin
If your biggest fear about the zombie apocalypse is the after math I recommend you watch some Townsends or bush craft survival videos. it gets a lot less scary if you know how to survive it and on that track maybe watch some weapon testing videos so you get a better understanding on how to fight back since every thing is less scary if you know how to kill it. (my personal favorite way to survive is live up north on a mountain. 🏔 the zombies would likely freeze solid since there already dead then at that time you scavenge for supplies and with a bat break any zombie popsicles you find along the way).
The Noble Order
The Noble Order 13 kun oldin
@Daniel de Vincenzo yeah good point but they are rotting so I guess there dead
Daniel de Vincenzo
Daniel de Vincenzo 13 kun oldin
I mean, the dead walking again is already violating all sorts of natural laws and fundamentals of biology, there is no particular reason to assume they must freeze. Depends entirely on how unstoppable the narrative wants to make them.
The Noble Order
The Noble Order 13 kun oldin
@Luthien Iðunn I know but if there really dead then I personally believe to just wait till winter so they freeze since there blood isn’t pumping. But yeah in a zombie apocalypse the biggest threat is other human and isolation. Hence I suggest learning kinesics the study of body language and to probably take some fbi interrogation courses if it’s possible. (Ever sense I was little I always had a sort of existential crisis type of imagination were I would think of all these scenarios and how to survive.) :)
Luthien Iðunn
Luthien Iðunn 13 kun oldin
​@The Noble Order Seems like you've thought about it a lot ;) However, I think the point they wanted to make was not necessarily that they personally are afraid of a zombie apocalypse and its consequences, but that they already know how basically every movie/TV series will handle the scenario. I.e. society is f***ed, every likable character will be traumatized in one way or another, and even if small victories are achieved, humanity will never fully recover.
The Noble Order
The Noble Order 14 kun oldin
The only problem is the maddening isolation and restarting society. so if it happens make sure you know of any small isolated towns in the area and once you’ve gotten your bearings start looking for other survivors . As well get a lot of books they can be used for trading and general knowledge and entertainment that you may need. Some subjects may include general survival, foraging, hunting, and some other ones for interacting with other humans like on how to read body language. Very useful for deciding who to bring along .
Mrhello314 14 kun oldin
Hello, Red and Blue
frank cusack
frank cusack 14 kun oldin
Hunter Ellis
Hunter Ellis 14 kun oldin
Unrelated, but are you guys thinking about doing merch about Nuada's shirt from the Book of Invasions: "Extremely Human Person"?
TZG 14 kun oldin
What Is Your Favorite Song From Hadestown
Cali Hoyer
Cali Hoyer 14 kun oldin
When the Chips Are Down is my favorite to sing along to-HARMONIIIIEEEEES
Davi 14 kun oldin
timestamp for hadestown discussion? also wait for me reprise
Mayi Kelley
Mayi Kelley 14 kun oldin
Way Down, Living It Up, or Epic 3
Matthew Bradley
Matthew Bradley 14 kun oldin
Either Way Down Hadestown or Our Lady of the Underground.
Yonatan Beer
Yonatan Beer 14 kun oldin
For sure any way the wind blows
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