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Naxster 3 soat oldin
Naxster 4 soat oldin
- he murders boat capitain because he locked up a lot of people with monsters - hades was also portrayed in first game and it was rather different, this seems to be lower part of hades. And it kinda makes sense Kratos was never invited to the nice part - controls are messed up cause ps3 had start/select buttons but ps4 does not. And it's usual practice to shove them into sides of touchpad
Jay Nigma
Jay Nigma Kun oldin
Kratos: "ZEUS YOUR SON HAS RETURNED!" Zeus: "Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down"
Toa nuva
Toa nuva 6 kun oldin
46:50. Weird thing is, Every God of War game prior to this had the shields right. So IDK how they messed that up in this game
Walter Bigsby
Walter Bigsby 6 kun oldin
28:15 Highly astute observation, I personal think it comes from our puritan cultural ancestry
Walter Bigsby
Walter Bigsby 6 kun oldin
27:30 I struggle quite a bit with communicating with those that I care about, I don't keep consistent correspondence with any of my friends so in a way I treat all of my friends like those friendships of convenience you described, the ones you no longer maintain when you do not see that person in-person regularly anymore.
Alyssa Baney
Alyssa Baney 7 kun oldin
I would *pay* to see Wu Kong interact with Thor
wild rose
wild rose 9 kun oldin
Ryan Walters
Ryan Walters 12 kun oldin
Just want to say I'm a huge fan guys. I think you put together a great thing. I wonder if you guys ever go back and re investigate stories you've already covered and find anything new in the information. Sorta, gifts that keep giving. Endless gold threads and all that stuff.
Tadej Kramberger
Tadej Kramberger 15 kun oldin
havent seen any of your real selfs before and gotta say. prettymuch what i imagined youd look like from those animated videos.
GEAR CHIEF18 20 kun oldin
I want the original 5 hour version
Shugo Pendragon
Shugo Pendragon 21 kun oldin
I ship red and cyan
Daniel Bedolla
Daniel Bedolla 23 kun oldin
Lemuel Cang
Lemuel Cang 25 kun oldin
boat captain is basically the cabbage man from ATLA
Irongirltoni 26 kun oldin
They both look so much like their avatars and Blue looks EXACTLY how he sounds and that's scary
Tserof Skcuol
Tserof Skcuol Oy oldin
I think Tolkien made a reference to poseidon having a connection to horses, When that 1 else that's liked eragon was saving frodo from the ring wraiths
Ryan Mcquade
Ryan Mcquade Oy oldin
Red is both SMART and HOT
KillZone Oy oldin
For those of you who don’t know... posiden is a furry
revolver ocelotto
revolver ocelotto Oy oldin
Kratos mercilessly murders people by tearing apart their limbs with his bare hands: "Ahaha this is fun!" Exposed female chest: "Oh god please no, this aged so poorly." Sometimes it seems to me that americans need a very serious group psychiatric therapy session.
Paul Oltman
Paul Oltman Oy oldin
1:07:50 the flames of Olympus me "wow there burning man is crazy"
Renata L.
Renata L. Oy oldin
wow red really has those GUNS man
tame zealot
tame zealot Oy oldin
TIL i have imposter syndrome
Sancho El Fantastico
Sancho El Fantastico Oy oldin
Unexpected Zaibatsu
Jim 2 oy oldin
Bruh why skip all the epic cutscenes? Dumb video
Jerome Prince
Jerome Prince 2 oy oldin
"Take that youtube comment"
Sack fu
Sack fu 2 oy oldin
How is there any world left if Kratos just destroys everything. Unless every different place in the world is treated like it's own world entirely because of different gods or something, and if you where to incinerate all of the Greek world in this universe, the Norse world would miraculously be unaffected due to some magical invisible barrier that separates these regions like they are in completely alternate universes or something.
Andres Rocha
Andres Rocha 2 oy oldin
oh no....Blue is Handsome. NO!!!
Georgia Kouri
Georgia Kouri 2 oy oldin
It’s μικιναικα
University of Mars
University of Mars 2 oy oldin
Real red is almost exactly like I imagined her. Blue however is taller than I thought
Baggy 2 oy oldin
It's almost impressive how much gameplay footage you lost
AlmightyDotterandShamelessSocialphobe 2 oy oldin
29:10 It is implied that the Boat Captain is a Slave Trafficker, so really fuck that guy.
Ceetiguila Moreno
Ceetiguila Moreno 2 oy oldin
So grease believed in a jumble ball monster that caused earthquakes or was created from all the earthquakes while in the east China and Japan believed in the super gigantic catfish because the quakes interesting
Beta Maxis
Beta Maxis 2 oy oldin
Yeah I love the OSP guys, and I agree with them that the story of this game crapped the bed so hard I just go with the demake Bit of War, which goes more off of David Jaffe's original vision of how the story would actually go.
Mum 2 oy oldin
Kratos being the literal personification of strength and baldr being the god of light and also immortal(like everyone should be in this game even though that might ruin it) really destroys the new 2018 one
Abhisar Modi
Abhisar Modi 3 oy oldin
i want god of war 4 gameplay !!!!!!!!
Paul Oltman
Paul Oltman 3 oy oldin
He's murdering Cerberus bebes
18:33 Blue and Red singlehandedly increase unemployment rates.
Flufflestuff Gaming
Flufflestuff Gaming 3 oy oldin
Greek Gods in the Hunger Games, I’m actually convinced Pan would win. The guy could make his own map effects
1:01:28 dw i got the ref.
Jose Armando Gómez Rocabado
Jose Armando Gómez Rocabado 4 oy oldin
Why doesn’t red use red ????😖😖
Catty Leckie
Catty Leckie 4 oy oldin
See, while both the Roman army and the Spartan army are good, they are both wrong. The correct answer is the Myrmidons. They were brought to existence by a hero(I forget which), who was either founding a city or taking over one needed an army. So, lucky for him, one of the gods asked him what one thing he wanted to help him. He looked around and saw a bunch of ant colonies on the ground, working so hard, and said, "I want these ants to be my soldiers." So then the god turns them into this elite fighting force of really well trained warriors who have basically impenetrable skin from the ant shells, and are extremely strong because ants can carry half their body weight I think? Sorry, my ant facts aren't on par today. But yeah. They are the strongest army.
John Doe
John Doe 4 oy oldin
I can't be the only one who wanted to see the 5 hour version
Adam Barclay
Adam Barclay 4 oy oldin
Overly sarcastic prices should play hollow knight
KB 4 oy oldin
She looks like a discount hermione granger.
Grayson Soine
Grayson Soine 4 oy oldin
Hades legit just was like “why did I get shafted this hard, well at least I can be happy with my wife”
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 4 oy oldin
What has Hermes got to do with plagues? Apollo was the god of healing. His son Asclepius is the father of physicians. The caduceus was incorrectly used in place of the rod of Asclepius. Hermes has nothing to do with medicine.
Thomas Scott
Thomas Scott 4 oy oldin
the thing is this series depicts every part of hades that you mention like he meets his daughter in elysium at one point
Mark Tawfik
Mark Tawfik 4 oy oldin
What is the relationship between red and blue?
Google User
Google User 4 oy oldin
Is she really that naive to think no one put alcohol in her drink?
gordon thomas
gordon thomas 4 oy oldin
I’m sorry I’ve only found OSP and their streams now. There’s something really surreal about listening to individuals listening to how to deal with Imposter Syndrome while butchering mintoaurs
Lord DarkFluff
Lord DarkFluff 4 oy oldin
there's also the fact that helhiem was misrepresented as well as its described as an endless foggy forest if i remember correctly not a realm of pure ice
zar 4 oy oldin
2:09 Red: that's hades? Blue: yep Red: no
The one and only
The one and only 5 oy oldin
Wow you are real people neat.
Brainflayer 5 oy oldin
I'd honestly like to see Red and Blue play Hades, their thoughts on the game's interpretation of the Greek Pantheon as well as the visualization of Hades should be interesting.
SIKU Jacob
SIKU Jacob 5 oy oldin
Doesn't this game show the only time Hercules shows hubris? Also, I like that he looks like Lou Ferrigno, who also played Hercules.
Tristan Lane
Tristan Lane 5 oy oldin
Hades: "Kratos you alright champ? You seem to be struggling there..." Kratos " *_I'M THE GOD OF WAR NOT THE GOD OF F U C K I N G P U Z Z L E S!!!_* "
Callie Johnson
Callie Johnson 5 oy oldin
I love these nerds.
Daniel West
Daniel West 5 oy oldin
I’m just a guy who will occasionally send you funny cat pictures -Red, 2018
Gaufridus of the fire
Gaufridus of the fire 5 oy oldin
you cant be bad at some thing if your terrible at it instead. what i mean is you cant feel like an imposter er if you already know the only thing your truly good at is lying and maby drawing. also don't watch child prodigys they will make you very not happy about your skills.
OswinOswald 5 oy oldin
1:28 did anyone else hear the ow hear? Like a memeworthy ow?
neverdoubt11 5 oy oldin
Oddly this is exactly what i expected them to look like.
Paul Oltman
Paul Oltman 5 oy oldin
Paul Oltman
Paul Oltman 5 oy oldin
God of war Hades looks like a helping toe pick from Ben 10 omni verse
Nuclear Pogeon
Nuclear Pogeon 5 oy oldin
Nobody: Red: “tell me your seeecrets, milkshake”
Jens G
Jens G 5 oy oldin
Blue looks like a simp
yetimonster 14
yetimonster 14 5 oy oldin
So this would be ospp
That gay One
That gay One 5 oy oldin
Why the duck is blue so hot
Mr Krabs1938
Mr Krabs1938 5 oy oldin
I personally thought the divine comedy series was amazing
Techmoso 5 oy oldin
Sawyer Paul
Sawyer Paul 5 oy oldin
1:11:15 Wow, they foreshadowed KRATOS needing to get his Chaos Blades back. Hell, they foreshadowed ATREUS
Tom Cooney
Tom Cooney 5 oy oldin
Okay, it may not be true in God of War, but in the mythology, Kratos WAS Zeus's favorite. Like, he was LITERALLY Zeus's favorite mortal, was friends with Zeus, and got gifted with hella power BY Zeus because he liked him so much. At one point, Zeus was boasting about how great Kratos was, and the Greek equivalent of Apophis was like, "I'm stronger than him." and Zeus was like, "Nuh-uh, he would kick your ASS at wrestling!" So Kratos wrestled this ginormous snake guy for 3 days and nights, and then Zeus called it in Kratos's favor, though everyone present, Kratos included, was sure the snake had done better, even if there was no clear winner by submission or death.
the memorable novelist
the memorable novelist 5 oy oldin
why is red so hot and smart she is like a mary sue but not painfully annoying. 😍😍
JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l
JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l 5 oy oldin
*☼ **27:10** imposter syndrome/friendship @ distance (online)*
LordOfThe Flightless
LordOfThe Flightless 6 oy oldin
had to look up what ninja was, seems cool, will do it some time
Rivera 6 oy oldin
Blue looks like the geek he is
Roberto Pacas
Roberto Pacas 6 oy oldin
I died at “Small Athenian B*tch” hahahahaha
Zanda Claus
Zanda Claus 6 oy oldin
Magenta did such a great job with the hades boss draw over and he needs some screen time with his big sister
Tio Tsu
Tio Tsu 6 oy oldin
I find funny how Red picked Sparta as her army and Odysseus as her hero while Blue took Rome and Achilles, respectively. Why has no one picked up Arjuna or Krishna? Like bruh.
Jakeichan 6 oy oldin
omg they look exactly like their animated avatars
Dagoth-Ur's Beekeeper
Dagoth-Ur's Beekeeper 6 oy oldin
I like the brother's drawing. Good to get kids into the PS2 classics. I know GOW3 was on PS3 but it was still a PS2 game at heart, which is why my little heart smiled when it came to PS4.
Mozes Hoy
Mozes Hoy 6 oy oldin
I came here to find out how inaccurate this game us. But I have learned that I probably have imposter syndrome and that I really should value the friends that I have.
Francisco Guevara
Francisco Guevara 6 oy oldin
Kratos kills zeus and the new god of war shows Kratos being killed by his kid in the wall scripture
J T 6 oy oldin
Red really IS that floofy, her avatar isn't an exaggeration.
Kaea Tamariki
Kaea Tamariki 6 oy oldin
When I realised she said she'd go to New Zealand, I felt so proud
Pablo Tomás Llodrá
Pablo Tomás Llodrá 6 oy oldin
How about Hades, the Supergiant Games creation?
DarkHerculesKabuterimon 6 oy oldin
The Chimera is underutilized!? This is the fourth time it's appeared in a GoW game!
DarkHerculesKabuterimon 6 oy oldin
Athena and Poseidon were arguing again and had another "I'm batter at making things than you" contest. Athena made a chariot and Poseidon made horses (out of sea foam). The called it a tie because chariots are appariently useless without horses.
Philip’s YouTube
Philip’s YouTube 6 oy oldin
Although I think Thor will kill Kratos, leaving Atreaus the main character, I would like to see him fight his old self.
Kai Beighley-Laramee
Kai Beighley-Laramee 6 oy oldin
blue just looks so bored with reds monologue. like he's trying to focus and be supportive at the same time
damen whelan
damen whelan 6 oy oldin
Hermes is mercury right?
Choco Muffin
Choco Muffin 6 oy oldin
The whole boy where they were talking about the minotaur and tsunamis and stuff I only thought Minotaur: *eating people and shaking the ground* Poseidon: OH YOU MOTHERF-
Xavier Estellés
Xavier Estellés 6 oy oldin
Classics is to humanities what biology is to science
Luis Barboza
Luis Barboza 6 oy oldin
Cu-Chulainn and the Celts that were commanded by Brennus, they're my pick
Arron sheds
Arron sheds 6 oy oldin
Can I be a shade of green my last name is greenblatt
MrGibbification 6 oy oldin
It's been a while since I read it, but I remember Apollo's arrows inflicting disease and pestilence on the greeks in the Illiad, so maybe that's what they were drawing on?
hsequeira 77
hsequeira 77 6 oy oldin
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez 6 oy oldin
I love that at the start of the video, Blue just looks excited to play God of War 3
deew3 future
deew3 future 6 oy oldin
3:55 well it came out in 2015 what do you think?
deew3 future
deew3 future 6 oy oldin
@W4ndr3r and triangle
W4ndr3r 6 oy oldin
"yeah this game is a lot of pressing the square button over and over again... It's definitely not as shiny and nuanced as the new one" he's talking gameplay
deew3 future
deew3 future 6 oy oldin
@W4ndr3r nah totally the graphics
W4ndr3r 6 oy oldin
He was talking about the gameplay
Rambling Entertained
Rambling Entertained 6 oy oldin
40:23 where do they live so I can get those pictures? The internet must know!
Ianes Grécia
Ianes Grécia 7 oy oldin
They didn't even talked about the REAL god Kratos and the gold trinity with Nike
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