OSP ANIMATED: Breath of the Wild!

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The OSP gang talks lore, speedruns and ludonarrative dissonance!
Strangely, this audio comes from our recent Immortals: Fenyx Rising streams, archived unlisted in our Livestream playlist (uzpost.info/have/PLDb22nlVXGgcchPurej5QU8_UcLxm55yM)
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A DT 7 soat oldin
I love how they're all just chillin'
Andrew Siyaka
Andrew Siyaka Kun oldin
Is Cyan in this?!
Lando 530
Lando 530 5 kun oldin
I clicked on the link to the playlist just as Calamity Gabon started to scream XD
Red Crewmate
Red Crewmate 6 kun oldin
das wuffi
das wuffi 9 kun oldin
While i apprechiate that you do this stuff..... wish there would be simple best moment compilations.....simply cause then i'd have to wait less and could enjoy you guys moar (and yes i know i could watch the streams but those are.....they are super long and a bit too dry for me
Megazerik 11 kun oldin
That was so short! I want more long videos, I can’t get enough of Red’s calm and sometimes sassy commentary.
Cuan Chulainn
Cuan Chulainn 13 kun oldin
.... suddenly realizing they might be talking about smallant
Chad Norris
Chad Norris 13 kun oldin
Most Ganons get defeated by a warrior who has seen trials and tribulations, and acquired an armory's worth of items to use. This guy gets beaten by a boy with nothing but boxers, and a branch.
Megan Gibbs
Megan Gibbs 18 kun oldin
"I'm not even going to use weapons."
ezra spates
ezra spates 21 kun oldin
Hey Mr. and Ms. Overly Sarcastic Productions, are you guys planning to do The Pilgrim's Progress any time soon and if not that ok. Anyway have a good day you two and have a blessed day. God bless you.
JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l
JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l 22 kun oldin
*this is joy joy*
Am goose
Am goose 24 kun oldin
Who would win Thousand year old force of chaos Or Skinny teen with a stick, a pot lid, and soup containing godlike power
Rose Slade
Rose Slade 24 kun oldin
wait when did they add cyan?
Madmouse 101
Madmouse 101 27 kun oldin
The tales of greek heros? Nah nah nah, I like me the tales of Link and his underwear adventures.
Tobias Küchler
Tobias Küchler 27 kun oldin
Look up the one video of terminal montage on breath of the Wild, it’s exactly this.
Heihogamer 001
Heihogamer 001 Oy oldin
Hey, I think you let's play animations are hilarious, and I though of a game that might intrigue you: Just Shapes and Beats (by Berzerk Studio).
Charles Laporte
Charles Laporte Oy oldin
Wait I didn't think of that, these guys have been waiting 100 years and they're willing to wait the entire run, however long that is, just to make sure Link is prepared and the speedrun need just ZOOOOOM right over there immediately
Connor Bingham-Davis
Connor Bingham-Davis Oy oldin
I'm becoming more convinced that these OSP Animated are just a chance for Red to flex her effects skills
Ezra Cold
Ezra Cold Oy oldin
Now I just see Link as The Henry Rollins Character in "He Never Died"
Yik Long Tay
Yik Long Tay Oy oldin
A quote from the developer of Getting Over It: "...I think in a way the role of the speedrunner is like the exact opposite of the role of the game designer. A game designer painstakingly carves a beautiful sculpture out of wood. First, chiseling it out of a raw block and then gradually rounding off any rough edges, making sure it works when it's viewed from any angle. The speedrunner takes that sculpture and they look it over carefully from top to bottom from every angle and deeply understand it and they appreciate all the work that went into the design, all the strengths or the weak points. And then having understood it perfectly they break it over their knee. Well, that's why I love speedrunners,"
AgentKryptoNinja Oy oldin
Give me more
El Gordo
El Gordo Oy oldin
Link but feral in botw is my favorite thing cause it can either be really memey, or really *really* dark
Luis Stryker
Luis Stryker Oy oldin
Jackson Art n' Games
Jackson Art n' Games Oy oldin
I won’t lie I’ve watched this like 10 times and it’s still hilarious XD
Nicolas Kiergras
Nicolas Kiergras Oy oldin
Anita Jacquemin
Anita Jacquemin Oy oldin
Hello people of the internet I have a question! Who is cyan?
Henna Kylmänen
Henna Kylmänen Oy oldin
Blues' fiancee
Harley Lariat
Harley Lariat Oy oldin
Link wakes up and proceeds to use a rock and an axe to achieve the speed of sound in less than 5 minutes
Lyra Saruman
Lyra Saruman Oy oldin
of frick yes
Al To
Al To Oy oldin
Buen video, por cierto, que lógica de tiempo usa que faltó burlas, desde enemigos de noche a ser el clima y los truenos junto con los falsos npc que al hablar se convierten en enemigos, sugerencia.
dragonfreakinlord Oy oldin
Going to be honest. The Ganon expression when he goes "Ahhhh!" Brings me a type of joy I didn't know existed.
Star Studios
Star Studios Oy oldin
You guys should play Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia because they keep the deaths
HydraBorn52 Oy oldin
revali's like "what should i tell the hero after he frees me from this prison" link "time to get laid"
Natalie Marotzek
Natalie Marotzek Oy oldin
0:00 Free replay button for when you inevitably break yours. This is just that funny! 🤣
Corpsimmons Oy oldin
Who is Cyan?
Tania Bams
Tania Bams Oy oldin
This is so accurate.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SqurtieMan Oy oldin
Straight up just describing pointcrow
lola munchkin
lola munchkin Oy oldin
Wait ............who's cyan?
Lps Fnaf lover 636
Lps Fnaf lover 636 Oy oldin
This video came out the day after my birthday. (I turned 18 this year so yay. I can vote next election)
Aidan McElligott
Aidan McElligott Oy oldin
Can you guys do a summary of the Medea? I thought the sarcasm would blend well with the filicide but maybe that’s just me
Eryk Steele
Eryk Steele Oy oldin
i know everyone wants "regular content" but these are always so joy enducing :3
Heather Taylor
Heather Taylor Oy oldin
What happened to the Collage Survival Guide videos??
pumkin patchwork
pumkin patchwork Oy oldin
okay but y’all should TOTALLY play Genshin Impact-
Noah Manning
Noah Manning Oy oldin
Okay, this is my petition. Please make a myth video on the Mohave creation myth, it’s actually pretty interesting and I’ve found that it’s one of those myths that has a million versions which would make it really interesting and it also has this strange theme of medicine men, which is symbolic I guess. (I’m a very uneducated Mojave if you couldn’t tell) I also know the perfect song, “And Your Bird Can Sing” (it’ll make sense trust me) I’m begging you, as someone who rarely sees anyone talk about such a diverse and amazing culture, please talk about it. Pretty please extra please.
RG Oy oldin
Honestly, it's kind of a shame that this channel isn't more popular, like seriously this content is genuinely super entertaining and informational plus, Red, and Blue(not counting Cyan rn because she's usually seen in live streams and not standard videos, but don't worry still love her all the same as the rest, okay we good? Good)themselves are entertaining! Like boi, you guys definitely deserve more than you have
klosterdev Oy oldin
Hades will one day get this treatment there's no way they wouldn't right
Xeranad Oy oldin
Wonder if they've seen TerminalMontage's animation of a speedrun.
Imelda Garcia
Imelda Garcia Oy oldin
Ganon, the big bad of the entire video game: “Why do I hear boss music?”
Leonard Newton
Leonard Newton Oy oldin
So basically a speedrun Link fit the "Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass" type like the glove
Gabriel M Dagá
Gabriel M Dagá Oy oldin
StormyDarkLord Oy oldin
Always makes me think about all the 100 year old ghosts who died wretched deaths watching link and going "are you kidding me? I could've just hit him with a POT LID?!"
John Cook
John Cook Oy oldin
Link wakes up overflowing with bloodlust and carves a straight line to the castle.
no typing challenge dang I failed
no typing challenge dang I failed Oy oldin
Anyone seen terminalmontage breath of wild
Toothpaste Oy oldin
aw man you made me think there was another botw stream
Firman Syah
Firman Syah Oy oldin
Emily Mullaney
Emily Mullaney Oy oldin
Will you do more journey to the west?
Jinn Blankenship
Jinn Blankenship Oy oldin
Hard to believe the game has been out for four years now.
Captain Random
Captain Random Oy oldin
I love this...SO MUCH. The three of some in BOTW outfits just....I love it!
Lament Of Midna
Lament Of Midna Oy oldin
I just keep going back to the last frame of Calamity Ganon getting booped in the snoot to death.
burnin8able Oy oldin
"ok link, you have to wake up now. I've been singlehandedly holding gannon back for 100 years, I got maybe a year left in me. Think you can get the devine beasts online in that ti- why are you here?"
John John
John John Oy oldin
What about dog percent link Wakes up and he’s only reaction is to pets some dogs
Ameya Venkatesh
Ameya Venkatesh Oy oldin
I want more stuff like this.
Epsy Blue
Epsy Blue Oy oldin
Wakes up and immediately saves the day in [whatever quickest speed run time here].
Evalynn Churchill
Evalynn Churchill Oy oldin
Do more Legend of Zelda! Please :) :) :)
AGrayPhantom Oy oldin
I can't watch the original 😢
Vereor Nox
Vereor Nox Oy oldin
"like, you have to..." "HEAH!" *Sounds of crashing cutlery, tink tink Tink Tink TINK TINK TINK Twang VOOSH*
Reverse John Wick
Reverse John Wick Oy oldin
Heyo, OSP! Just wanted to ask -- is symbiotic parasites (i.e. things like the Symbiotes/Venom) a trope? I'm not entirely sure, but if it is, I could use some help designing something like that.
DogChickenCat Boi
DogChickenCat Boi Oy oldin
You gotta watch “Something About Legend Of Zelda Breath of the Wild”
doomsdayArtificer Oy oldin
Calamity Ganon: Ah, yes, soon I shall overwhelm the goddess... wait, why do I hear BFG Division? This isn't DOOM. Speedrun Link: *smashes through the wall equipped with only his underpants, a pot lid, a stick, and a hundred years of rage* HUAAAT AND HUAAAT UNTIL IT IS DONE!
Mr.Cobalt Oy oldin
I want to see someone do an animation of a BotW speedrun where Link just acts like Sly Marbo from If The Emperor Had a Text to Speech Device, using the same constant scream that one VRChat Link avatar makes nonstop throughout the run.
polarknight 537
polarknight 537 Oy oldin
Link after he realizes that for him to have woken up in his underwear Zelda would have had to have taken his pants off: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nicolin Rucker
Nicolin Rucker Oy oldin
This was a minute of pure giggles.
TheEgyptianFox Oy oldin
I need a new pair of lungs
ASquared Oy oldin
This also makes 100% (or near completion speed runs) even funnier, especially with glitches, cause then it’s like: Mipha: “Link, how the hell did you get here you were saving Urbosa 10 minutes ago?- wait where are you going, what are you doing for that tree!?”
Pepper Oy oldin
Your Discord link is invalid.
GrimSister Oy oldin
Zelda: “Link, we only have one shot at th-“ Link: “YEET!”
Lucas Kreitlow
Lucas Kreitlow Oy oldin
Next step: Killing Ganon with a leaf.
max Shafer
max Shafer Oy oldin
Can you three play a game called changed? It's on stem and it is very good!
The Great Gawain
The Great Gawain Oy oldin
Where and when do you guys stream?
Mysticalightvids Oy oldin
I loved this so much gosh it’s perfect 👌🏼 Game and animated Yes!
H I ,.,
H I ,., Oy oldin
Keishin Oy oldin
Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me princess!
Ailis Bonner
Ailis Bonner Oy oldin
Anyone else see Naydra?
Jessica Noël
Jessica Noël Oy oldin
10 perfect
Rotem Kahn
Rotem Kahn Oy oldin
0:35 the way you phrased this bit with your tone and all really reminded me of that Kevin Hart joke about the first time he was allowed to cuss, dunno if it was inspired by that or not but it made it twice as funny to me XD
Victoria Jacobs
Victoria Jacobs Oy oldin
I was literally just watching the other animated videos and I saw this and was like YESSS!
DelusionalDreamer Oy oldin
*falls over laughing*
Magnus Chronicle
Magnus Chronicle Oy oldin
Breath of the Wild is the video game equivalent of *" I don't know who I am, I don't know why I'm here. All I know, is that I must kill"*
Luke van Kleef
Luke van Kleef Oy oldin
I think I'm watching this channel too much. Last night, I had a dream where Red summarised various clans of fae from a fictional universe that was basically ancient Greece/Rome in space, which my mind had subconsciously come up with. Also, I found out that world building / mythos building is surprisingly fun if you just imagine Red ranting about it.
The Commando Crew
The Commando Crew Oy oldin
Speed run link is just “ I do not know who I am, I do not know why I am here, all I know is that I must kill”
Unownshipper Oy oldin
Aww, too brief. I absolutely NEED more of this stuff from you guys.
DeathBaronZ Oy oldin
Is it weird that I want a Zelda game with Zelda as the calamity? You know big shocking twist?
Logan Daley
Logan Daley Oy oldin
Speed runs are a great example of the triforce of courage in action.
Kieran Saul
Kieran Saul Oy oldin
This was like, the _only_ part of the Immortals stream that I saw and it gets made into a straight-up animation? Wth?
Callian r
Callian r Oy oldin
I love the idea that Link wakes up and he's just insurmountably PISSED at Calamity Ganon or whatnot, so he just runs outta the chamber with one goal in mind and that's to beat the hell outta Ganon as soon as humanly possible.
Whiskey Oy oldin
Link: wakes up Doesn't grab clothes Doesn't grab tablet Doesn't grab weapon Kicks open door and starts walking toward Ganon Link: "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TEACH YOU THIS LESSON, OLD MAN?!"
Salad Salad
Salad Salad Oy oldin
Till Tronje
Till Tronje Oy oldin
Who is light Blue?
Tenuka Oy oldin
Literally just finished my first play though of this game. Amazing timing or time travel? You decide
Sebastian Pijov
Sebastian Pijov Oy oldin
How do people possess the mental fortitude to commit to a speed run in breath of the wild? I haven't even finished the main story after 2-3 years.
AspienPadda Oy oldin
Is NO ONE going to mention the John Mullaney reference?!
Muhammad Kebba Keita
Muhammad Kebba Keita Oy oldin
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