OSP ANIMATED: Ghost of Tsushima!

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This week, Red returns from the aether to animate something other than myths and tropes!
Audio comes from our recent Tsushima livestreams! If you missed 'em, they're archived unlisted on our Livestreams playlist (uzpost.info/have/PLDb22nlVXGgcchPurej5QU8_UcLxm55yM)
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Manny Moreno
Manny Moreno 2 kun oldin
Someone should make a video of random things blue and red say. Like in the start, Red once said: “What’s crackin big smackin”
Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant 2 kun oldin
In the last scene, I just heard Red's voice as Aku from Samurai Jack
University of Mars
University of Mars 2 kun oldin
It feels very much like Dungeons & Dragons when blue says ah yes this is dirt... oh wait horse tracks. A real nat one for perception moment
Sister Lilia's Armoury
Sister Lilia's Armoury 3 kun oldin
ah i'd love to have co-op streams like this one day
Bảo Khánh Nguyễn
Bảo Khánh Nguyễn 10 kun oldin
samurai blue is kinda cute ...
{عبود جملة
{عبود جملة 10 kun oldin
Nice job I'm from Iraq
Joshua Hullock
Joshua Hullock 11 kun oldin
Who is cyan?
Rebecca Forshaw
Rebecca Forshaw 7 kun oldin
Blue's fiancee
Kenyon Robinson
Kenyon Robinson 16 kun oldin
“So what kinda si-“ Evaporates into the 4th dimension
Cory Thompson
Cory Thompson 17 kun oldin
I kind of want there to be a plushie, a shirt, or a mug of Samurai Cyan peacefully drinking tea.
Tobias Holub
Tobias Holub 19 kun oldin
do you wanna cookie? I‘M DYING AHAHAHAHAHAHA
Panda 21 kun oldin
why are the ghost of Tsushima streams gone ); ?
Get Out Of Bed
Get Out Of Bed 21 kun oldin
Didnt know til just now there was a Cyan but ok
Aigsup1234 23 kun oldin
Is cyan new? I haven’t been here in a while
Valengar Septum
Valengar Septum 23 kun oldin
It'd be cool to see a take on Sekiro because it's ripe with mythological shenanigans. Dunno though on the history side of things.
lieutenant lettuce
lieutenant lettuce 25 kun oldin
plot twist: the birb wasn't stuck, it was just BLJ-ing to build up speed.
X.B. Pastrana
X.B. Pastrana 25 kun oldin
All I need in life Red screaming "My hubris!!!".
Niff Wasau
Niff Wasau 26 kun oldin
I want more of this
Dallas Rover
Dallas Rover 27 kun oldin
The "Please Stand By" frames are my favorite part. 💜
VelkanKiador 28 kun oldin
Show the poor birb your buns! D:
Zach ealand
Zach ealand Oy oldin
Red and cyan are two very different people and I love it wish I could be able to hit a livestream for once
Silverwolf402 Oy oldin
I lost it at the furry sword
Alice Quinzel
Alice Quinzel Oy oldin
Red's... horrifying little demon eyes as she murders that one guy. I see them in my sleep.
Fiore Ciliegia
Fiore Ciliegia Oy oldin
Is anyone else worried by how much skill Red appears to have with the mocking bedroom eyes? If she found herself motivated for whatever reason to turn that skill on us seriously we would all be doomed. Between the arms and the snark... she is too powerful...😱
Pink is Cool
Pink is Cool Oy oldin
I wish I knew were the birb clip is in
ReilPariz Orcullo
ReilPariz Orcullo Oy oldin
I'm fairly new so please tell me, are they all colors if so can I eat them?
Paul Ackerman
Paul Ackerman Oy oldin
this is their new journey to the west , and i love it!
Terral -Ferma
Terral -Ferma Oy oldin
Based on the way blue fires the bow, he’s left handed. Your welcome.
WitherWolf33 Oy oldin
Imagine you meet the enemy that's been terrorizing you and they show up wearing Red's rawr mask
Tia Zoh
Tia Zoh Oy oldin
I feel like this setting was perfect for yall. Also Blue's humor is underrated.
El Gordo
El Gordo Oy oldin
I love how Red's catchphrase is basically "My hubris!"
Brendan Yuki
Brendan Yuki Oy oldin
Whose cyan? Also are you guys related?
Rebecca Forshaw
Rebecca Forshaw 5 kun oldin
@Brendan Yuki Not entirely sure about that one...probably during one of the live streams.
Brendan Yuki
Brendan Yuki 5 kun oldin
@Rebecca Forshaw ohhhhhhhh ok when did they introduce Cyan, never seen her before
Rebecca Forshaw
Rebecca Forshaw 7 kun oldin
Blue and Red are friends; Cyan is Blue's fiancee.
Conspirasister Oy oldin
This kind of makes me want a show in which the protagonist is constantly surrounded by violence and death, but he always just laughs it off or is mildly impressed or amused. 😆
raniaden Oy oldin
Play more games!!! And more myths and history, please. All three. All three are good.
Spencer Manning
Spencer Manning Oy oldin
In-universe, maybe Blue, Red, and Cyan were 3 other Samurai who just HAPPENED to have survived the attack at the beginning of the game alongside Jin Sakai/the Ghost, probably because they were fooling around as opposed to actually fighting the invaders. Now, they travel across the island of Tsushima, battling the Mongols away from the Ghost's campaign.
Ethan Quirk
Ethan Quirk Oy oldin
2:02-2:03 do you mean “the cameow?”
Dark Rose
Dark Rose Oy oldin
Blue is me in most games. Oh a story location, better go the other direction lol.
knOw lOve
knOw lOve Oy oldin
What do you think about the UNIMUNDI EFFECT?
Kitchen Jail
Kitchen Jail Oy oldin
W H A T S ' C R A C K I N ' B I G S M A C K I N '
The Hogusha
The Hogusha Oy oldin
Moon bear's paw... is it what my dirty mind is probably thinking?
Firman Syah
Firman Syah Oy oldin
Brady Weed
Brady Weed Oy oldin
Red’s intro gives big “middle-aged uncle” vibes and honestly that’s pretty great
Georgia Kouri
Georgia Kouri Oy oldin
You ARE ninja
SSS 2 oy oldin
Hovek the artist formerly known as OXOTNHK
Hovek the artist formerly known as OXOTNHK 2 oy oldin
Wake up samurai theres a city to burn
BLACKIESBOY 2 oy oldin
Big Ninja, omfg. Imagine a McDonald's but it's run by ninjas.
Nick K
Nick K 2 oy oldin
On the topic of the Kicking in Swordfighting question, technically you can, but it is one of the worst things you can try. All swordfighting, no matter what kind or form, relies HEAVILY on correct footwork. On top of that, if you were to kick in a fight with a longer, bladed weapon (like a katana) that's less of an attack and more you just giving the opponent a VERY vulnerable target. If you are in full plate, then you can use your whole body as a weapon pretty effectively, but short of that, you just are throwing yourself off balance AND saying "Here's a target that, if you can hit it, will make me so easy to kill!"
Rahl 45
Rahl 45 2 oy oldin
Who the flippity flippity bird leading us to a hot spring is cyan? Did I just miss a video or something??
Jack Mintz
Jack Mintz 2 oy oldin
Wait is cyan the editor, or does she handle the livestreams?
Kestrel S.
Kestrel S. 2 oy oldin
“Nooo why won’t you do the plot!!” I feel your pain Red. 🤣
radknight 2 oy oldin
"so are there wild animals that aren't bears or are just having very bad luck with bears" sounds like something monkey would say.
Domex 39
Domex 39 2 oy oldin
Who is cyan?
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 2 oy oldin
I love these OSP animateds!! They're so fun
Ruka Desu
Ruka Desu 2 oy oldin
it's 5 am, I should be reading books for me final paper, but instead I'm here, getting deeply traumatized by voice lines and animations...
Spicy Meatball
Spicy Meatball 2 oy oldin
I call ghost of tsushima an interactive Akira Korusawa movie.
the gameisover1
the gameisover1 2 oy oldin
3:32 blue you got the girls
Vagrant Parodice Media
Vagrant Parodice Media 2 oy oldin
Is there a shirt of a distraught Red screaming "In my hubris!" If not I feel like that is a sorely missed opportunity
Hand Soap
Hand Soap 2 oy oldin
Red is peak ace icon when she's the only one making these cursed lewd memes.
Andrew Machleid
Andrew Machleid 2 oy oldin
0:14 literature nerd alert
Rhiannon 2 oy oldin
Cyan and her tea are giving off serious Uncle Iroh vibes in this episode🍵
Waki Paki
Waki Paki 2 oy oldin
Is Cyan the same design as Michael from Stranger in a Strange Land or am I imagining things?
Raze 2 oy oldin
Rawr!~ :3
William Pangelinan
William Pangelinan 2 oy oldin
Blue has a nice voice
Ukraineball Aviation
Ukraineball Aviation 2 oy oldin
Dear Khotun Khan, *E A T S H I T* that was sick.
Dragon Landlord
Dragon Landlord 2 oy oldin
Love all the Stand By images. 🤭😘
TazTheYellow 2 oy oldin
Cyan's so precious what the heck
Yovita Sri Mulyani
Yovita Sri Mulyani 2 oy oldin
please more OSP rangers :3
Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup 2 oy oldin
3:29 I don’t like this I am sad now
Parker Yancey
Parker Yancey 2 oy oldin
Girls- *Rawr* Blue- "HELL NO NOT IN MY HOUSE"
Omnitrickster 2 oy oldin
Cyan looks like such a cinnamon roll
Vicenzo Stella
Vicenzo Stella 2 oy oldin
Really liked that he mentioned The Ninjas, Blue's oldest enemies in the OSP world.
Catherine Mohan
Catherine Mohan 2 oy oldin
The steamed buns joke is so cursed XD I'm learning Japanese and one of the pronunciations of the "writing" kanji is "bu-n." My brain instantly went "writing = bun? -> OSP writes good things -> steamed buns!" At least I'll remember it :P
Clover 2 oy oldin
The playlist with this stuff is archived
Aaron Burroughs
Aaron Burroughs 2 oy oldin
Blue: Samuri who wanderers the earth, killing and getting killed Red: Bezerker who doesn't really bezerk Cyan: A noblewoman who got caught in this mess, and loves every minute of it
Gat the Man
Gat the Man 2 oy oldin
That rawr moment was pretty cute XD
Lelouch Vi Britannia
Lelouch Vi Britannia 2 oy oldin
That "don't worry, you'll both lose" is such a raw line.
ERRORcode 12
ERRORcode 12 2 oy oldin
2:40 this is why you don't text and fight, kids
Ginga Ninja
Ginga Ninja 2 oy oldin
I love how she glitches her character to go with the mic at 3:02
LunchTrey Gaming
LunchTrey Gaming 2 oy oldin
"We're searching for the hidden item........................WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!" EVERY. OPEN WORLD GAME. EVER!
ST6 For Kix
ST6 For Kix 2 oy oldin
I enjoy the thought that blue is an oblivious yet loveable fool and Cyan has to point things out to him a bunch like in 1:34
3ft Ninja
3ft Ninja 2 oy oldin
Wake the fuck up Samurai. We got a video to make.
Greg Jones
Greg Jones 2 oy oldin
Is "No! My Hubris!" Just Reds catchphrase at this point
matthew breytenbach
matthew breytenbach 2 oy oldin
I'd watch this anime.
Xíren Seo
Xíren Seo 2 oy oldin
"rwar" "rawr" "stop it"
The Sadistic Skitty
The Sadistic Skitty 2 oy oldin
Hol up, there's other colours on this channel besides Red and Blue?
Esben G.S.A
Esben G.S.A 2 oy oldin
I love how Blues fan wiki says human (probably)
Clone 2222
Clone 2222 2 oy oldin
Is the actual stream archived somewhere? If it is, it’s annoyingly illusive.
Zodiac Witch
Zodiac Witch 2 oy oldin
This would be a great anime. Blue and Red are just too used tobthis
Domex 39
Domex 39 3 oy oldin
Who is cyan
Exo7421 3 oy oldin
I've never related so hard to seeing a story quest and immediately going "Nope! Everything else first"
Nomi Starry
Nomi Starry 3 oy oldin
Gosh I love red's voice so much ;-;
Solanne 3 oy oldin
The sleeveless Red design is actually awesome and I’m totally stealing it
Cole Funk
Cole Funk 3 oy oldin
"Yep, that's dirt"
JS10 3 oy oldin
So Cyan is clearly the brains of the operation, isn't she?
W F 3 oy oldin
Is it wrong to root for the Mongol Khunt Uuls?🤣
Quinton Leander
Quinton Leander 3 oy oldin
You guys should totally play Hitman 3, I'd love to see that animated haha
Cody O'Hanlon
Cody O'Hanlon 3 oy oldin
Will there be an OSP Animation on God of War 4?
Lucy Kavanagh
Lucy Kavanagh 3 oy oldin
Blue, you gotta have both eyes open when you shoot! That's why you keep missing. 😆
Desmond Gentle
Desmond Gentle 3 oy oldin
It took me far too long to realize that that thing on Red's face was a mask and not a beard.
Silver the Red
Silver the Red 3 oy oldin
I will absolutely use whats crackin big smackin in normal conversation i love it so goddamn much
Dark Lord Of The Universe
Dark Lord Of The Universe 3 oy oldin
Red ,blue and cyan are all adorable dorks.
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