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Jm96RoCk 16 soat oldin
"Terrible news old chap, it seems her majesty has been cancelled" IS SENDING ME LMAO
BrientheGirl Kun oldin
go to 1:00 for the best quote of the stream ^_^
Angie Kelley
Angie Kelley 4 kun oldin
Where is the full stream? I want to watch the full video.
Anirex 8 kun oldin
"What ho, fellow humans? Are you enjoying having skin today?" When she said "having" I thought she meant it as in "eating"
Wadd 10 kun oldin
The part of red will be played by their little robot buddy: R3D
Gu MRM 10 kun oldin
Wait! U can play at multiplayer now?
Benjamin Johnson
Benjamin Johnson 12 kun oldin
Red predicted the queen getting canceled 4 months early
THE_KRAKEN 15 kun oldin
“What ho fellow humans! Are you enjoying having skin today?”
Wither 17 kun oldin
as some one who plays Kenshi consistently.....the joke about fellow humans wearing skin brings up some real fucking trauma...if you have played the game then you know what im talking about. if not....all i can say is SKIN BANDITS
Crystallation 18 kun oldin
1:17 Cyan is the imposter confirm
Kayla Rose
Kayla Rose 22 kun oldin
The only thing that makes me sad about the Cleo cameos is that they’re never called CATmeos. It’s a double pun!
kabob 007
kabob 007 26 kun oldin
1:15 For the Hell Scream.
RookoftheRookityRook 26 kun oldin
Where can I get one of the bingo cards?
Mon trainer ash D
Mon trainer ash D 27 kun oldin
*Hello Fellow Humans! Enjoying having Skin today?*
Jim Stoesz
Jim Stoesz 29 kun oldin
"Terrible news old chap I'm afraid Her Majesty's been canceled!" - Red, a prophet before her time.
Aveyond Fan
Aveyond Fan Oy oldin
1:12 what I want to know is what on earth caused Red to say this gem of a line 😂
KatieBirdie Oy oldin
i like that red calls it "journey's band" like yes, the band famously fronted by a man called journey, that band.
Jacob Rengen
Jacob Rengen Oy oldin
How did OSP predict that queen Elizabeth. Has been canceled Logically the used Blues time machine from the I am sorry video to travel from the past to the future.
Fiore Ciliegia
Fiore Ciliegia Oy oldin
I want a sticker of normal red chibi with the spinning wheel of doom face XD
Chris K.
Chris K. Oy oldin
We should bring back robo red for more robot jokes
Echo Oy oldin
Turns on the Queen HAS been cancelled
Dranen Stormwright
Dranen Stormwright Oy oldin
We need more of these to keep the sadness away. 🤣
lyric Oy oldin
1:12 damn can’t believe osp predicted 2021
Kiran Kurusu
Kiran Kurusu Oy oldin
I want a local creperie... Then again, I can't go out
Kree McCormick
Kree McCormick Oy oldin
1:12 aged well didn’t it
Cameron Berg
Cameron Berg Oy oldin
1:12 Surprisingly relevant right now
Kree McCormick
Kree McCormick Oy oldin
@Makani Hagiwara the Queen has been cancelled
Makani Hagiwara
Makani Hagiwara Oy oldin
I don't get it.
FlameWolf Oy oldin
Red: Are you enjoying having skin today? yes and I intend to keep my skin
Kree McCormick
Kree McCormick Oy oldin
Blue watched BDG confirmed
Fox o'war
Fox o'war Oy oldin
"What ho fello humans! Enjoying having skin today?" I have something I must animate now-
Sienna Hartle
Sienna Hartle Oy oldin
That BDG reference though
Elizabeth Woolston
Elizabeth Woolston Oy oldin
If I ever need a smile all I have to do is watch this video 😂☺️❤️
GrimSister Oy oldin
“MY TEA! MY PHONE!!!” The man has his priorities in order
Hannah McAleer
Hannah McAleer Oy oldin
Ahhhh there was Apollo merch I just missed it :( sorry dad 🤷‍♀️
Cloud Snipe
Cloud Snipe Oy oldin
My new favorite quote. "OSP condones sending a message.*sparkles*"
somerandom user
somerandom user Oy oldin
What noise did cyan make holy shit
M Oy oldin
I'm surprised the whole egg routine wasn't added.
Nicmadis Oy oldin
Such a missed chance for a dalek impression.
Keith Carson
Keith Carson Oy oldin
I know this has been posted a long while now... but Cyan kinda sus.
Not Mack Dalrunply
Not Mack Dalrunply Oy oldin
Ishaku Bagna
Ishaku Bagna Oy oldin
I just realized blue had that Playstation Colour
MOONWATCHER 404 Oy oldin
Red: “ArE yOu EnJoYiNg HaViNg SkIn ToDaY?” Me: *wheezing laughter*
shanerdude !
shanerdude ! Oy oldin
1:01 this is such a memeable line that I feel like I've already heard it before.
Georga Hasenstab
Georga Hasenstab Oy oldin
I love the captions for this video Cyan: ( demonic screaming) (Red.exe processing information..)
Ruairi Blake
Ruairi Blake Oy oldin
1:50 has BIG "but steel is heavier than feathers" energy
Chayse Neese
Chayse Neese Oy oldin
1:16 : the most sly BDG/Unraveled reference i've ever seen
Jack Strange
Jack Strange Oy oldin
Daniel West
Daniel West Oy oldin
Cyan and blue are a cute couple (sorry)
Arithmomania123 2 oy oldin
Hey my name's Cyan! 🙌🏽
Macabga 2 oy oldin
Leave it to Red to take a technical limitation... and turn it into a running joke. Why? Because Red
Wini Quartermaine
Wini Quartermaine 2 oy oldin
Red- I'm on that wavelength for your Journey song pick. They are a band and that was awesome!!!
Sammit 2 oy oldin
Red’s weird voice turns Journey into Among Us
Lucas Butler
Lucas Butler 2 oy oldin
Red being a robot and cyan screeching made me laugh
Louis Rosas
Louis Rosas 2 oy oldin
Osp condemns sending a message
Story Teller
Story Teller 2 oy oldin
Cyan "We at OSP do not condoned violence" Blue "We do however find a hilarious"
Will's Word
Will's Word 2 oy oldin
Blue spilled the tea
TheAnimewolfchick 2 oy oldin
I'm sending this to my therapist
Jordan Richardson
Jordan Richardson 2 oy oldin
1:38 I really love Red's singing 😍👏🏾
Tim Rogers
Tim Rogers 2 oy oldin
1:48 - Red's "CPU processing" is the best part of this video.
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson 2 oy oldin
In answer to Cyan's question, pepperoni!
Aries Thezodiac
Aries Thezodiac 2 oy oldin
"Osp condones sending a message." **Aries will remember that.**
David Martin
David Martin 2 oy oldin
Red, Blue and Cyan in Journey not to the West....I think.
joffrey zant
joffrey zant 2 oy oldin
It seems like red has joined the cult mechanicus
S_ SpiritStar
S_ SpiritStar 2 oy oldin
Timothy Creighton
Timothy Creighton 2 oy oldin
Red didn't scream "My Hubris" 3/10
Xanman 2 oy oldin
1:16 "There is one Impostor among us."
Tom Pirie
Tom Pirie 2 oy oldin
“OSP condones sending a message” -Blue
Zack Cloud
Zack Cloud 3 oy oldin
Who is cyan?
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 2 oy oldin
blues fiance
David Winton
David Winton 3 oy oldin
Red needs to do a cover of don’t stop believing
Andrew Bernal
Andrew Bernal 3 oy oldin
The only thing I got from this video is that Blue watches BDG.
Wolf Of Asgard Hobbies
Wolf Of Asgard Hobbies 3 oy oldin
Pineapple is my favorite pizza topping
AJ Lenoire
AJ Lenoire 3 oy oldin
I have no idea what this video game is, I know nothing about it, but I have watched this video like 10 times and I friggin love it
PassiveSmoking 3 oy oldin
Not gonna lie, when she said that we should sing Journey, that was my first thought too.
Unnecessary Journey
Unnecessary Journey 3 oy oldin
“Where in Journey” Me who is named Journey: 😳
rockyblacksmith 3 oy oldin
Did anybody else notice the "RED 2 - D 2 /Off" button at 1:02?
MoonstonePearl21 3 oy oldin
This was such fun video. You can tell you guys had a blast making it. I am unfamiliar with Cyan. Hello Cyan! :)
Fanged Games
Fanged Games 3 oy oldin
Blue be like NNOOO MY TEA, also my phone, but the teaaaa
Justine Wilson
Justine Wilson 3 oy oldin
1:39 I thought the same thing Red
CaptainRed1000 3 oy oldin
Part of me wants to see the three of them play Ori and the Blind Forest + Will of the Wisps.
CC 6871
CC 6871 3 oy oldin
Why do Piranha Plant have bone in it
Alice Quinzel
Alice Quinzel 3 oy oldin
Blue got his fancy robes even when animated
RookoftheRookityRook 3 oy oldin
"What ho fellow humans, are you enjoying having SKIN today" -robot red
Jamison Burton
Jamison Burton 3 oy oldin
Can I just have animation like this narrating my life? I feel it could make quite the comedy
Archives of Cybertron
Archives of Cybertron 3 oy oldin
I want those mugs
J17 3 oy oldin
Cyan is an Imposter.
justcallmeNiKki! 3 oy oldin
I like Hawaiian pizza
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 2 oy oldin
you monster
Galaar 3 oy oldin
1:01 "What ho, fellow humans. Are you enjoying having skin today?"
pearse gallagher
pearse gallagher 3 oy oldin
algorithm commentt
Pretty WithHorns
Pretty WithHorns 3 oy oldin
*cute begging eyes* please sirs, may we have another!! Love you guys so much. I learn so much while also laughing myself silly. Keep up the good work.
nobody 3 oy oldin
I kid you not, Red turned herself into a robot, funniest shit I ever seen.
Pablo Monsalve
Pablo Monsalve 3 oy oldin
Play the Pathless next! Has a very similar vibe!
René Holly
René Holly 3 oy oldin
1:17 I see Blue is a BDG fan.
Luke769 Animations
Luke769 Animations 3 oy oldin
Does this journey go… *WESTWARD PERHAPS!?*
Caitie Moors
Caitie Moors 3 oy oldin
The “red rebooting” joke is even funnier when her audio is like that
Puzzle Master
Puzzle Master 3 oy oldin
Cyan is the Imposter!
Sidney Jones
Sidney Jones 3 oy oldin
Me: remembers nostalgic Stampylongnose playing journey Me: looks up other journey let’s plays Me: sees OSP playing journey Me: ✨👀✨
DiscoKid_ L3500
DiscoKid_ L3500 3 oy oldin
I be drippin fr fr
Moomoo 953
Moomoo 953 3 oy oldin
I now genuinely greet my friends with *What ho, fellow humans! Are you enjoying having skin today?*
Aries Thezodiac
Aries Thezodiac 3 oy oldin
What ho fellow humans! Do you enjoy having skin today?
Yūi O'Neil
Yūi O'Neil 3 oy oldin
im kinda new to the gaming stuff, i really only watched reds content, who is cyan?
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 2 oy oldin
blues fiance
Simon Meadows
Simon Meadows 3 oy oldin
Cyan calling Cleo "little miss" is hillarious and really sweet
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