Neoclassical Architecture

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You asked, I deliver: the Neoclassicism tangent receives the full-video spotlight it deserves.
But there's plenty more architectural and art-historical analysis where that came from. So if this kind of thing seems fun, please comment and let me know!
SOURCES & Further Reading: "Francesco's Venice" by Francesco Da Mosto, "A History of Venice" by John Julius Norwich, "Renaissance Architecture" via Britannica, and many many many hours spent staring at buildings in Italy.
This video was edited by Sophia Ricciardi AKA "Indigo".
Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up.
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Bo Han
Bo Han 14 soat oldin
Please from one nerd to another now is the time to need out
Venmis 21 soat oldin
10:33 My first thought upon seeing that: "Wait isn't that a csgo map?"
Chloe Dove
Chloe Dove 21 soat oldin
Make more of these
Johan 2 kun oldin
Keith Hagen
Keith Hagen 2 kun oldin
Let's be real blue If you know stuff about architecture Than maybe you should do a series on it. You got a crowd, ya like to educates people. So why hesitate
jobo 4 kun oldin
omg please do rococo!! i just want like 15 minutes of you agonizing over the ridiculousness of it all!
RynnAgain 4 kun oldin
I like hearing your thoughts about buildings, and would indeed like to hear more of them in the future
Robin Grimm
Robin Grimm 5 kun oldin
I have no personal interest in a lot of the topics you cover - I enjoy listening to the mini lectures (and would enjoy longer form videos!!) regardless of what subject you choose to speak on. In essence, please feel free to drop those Opinion Videos lol
Wren Paasch
Wren Paasch 6 kun oldin
Blue, I would love to hear you rant about historical fiction TV shows that live within your special interests; this video made me think of The Borgias and DaVinci's Demons, specifically, because there's a bit in The Borgias where the pope decides to restore some ancient Roman ruins and DaVinci's Demons, of course, Florence. Any chance of a rant, even if it's "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA THIS SHOW DRIVES ME NUTS"? :)
Vinx .909
Vinx .909 7 kun oldin
does anyone know if Venice ever ran into the problem dutch architects ran into that was "more marble would be great but our building would start to sink"? looked it up. appears as if Venice was more lucky then the netherlands in regards to the piles they build on. in Venice they rest on hard clay, in places like Amsterdam they rest on sand. in Venice they effectively petrified thanks to the extreme silt and soil of the water, a boon places like Amsterdam didn't have. (i now also know that if i want to buy a house in amsterdam i need to check with the city council if they have knowledge on the quality of the poles the house rests on, thanks osp for me maybe making sure in the future my house doesn't sink)
Livar G
Livar G 7 kun oldin
Loved it, more more more!
Roland Jacobs
Roland Jacobs 7 kun oldin
Neoclassicalism is white supremacy!!!!!😡
Khalil 7 kun oldin
Please please please do more architectural videos
theGloriousDipshit 8 kun oldin
Throwing shade at rococo without explaining why?? Gonna need a video for rhat
Michi Vallieres
Michi Vallieres 8 kun oldin
Please give us more buildings videos!!
jonh paul
jonh paul 9 kun oldin
9:19 This is where they betray the boss.
Teledaga 9 kun oldin
Blue, you silly fool, I don't think a single person would mind a 12 minute tangent about architecture in the middle of another video. You being an adorable geek is what makes mornings fun.
Hannah M
Hannah M 9 kun oldin
Umm... RE: the caption at 7:55, as someone who lives maybe 20-30 minutes from Prior Park, I'm fairly sure that it isn't scheduled to be built in 5500 years time lol
ammar nasser
ammar nasser 10 kun oldin
Domes are great because the make echos and if you got little ones they are hella fun
Huy Tong
Huy Tong 10 kun oldin
Christopher Bibula
Christopher Bibula 10 kun oldin
please more yes thank you
Cekseiro 11 kun oldin
*More* thoughts on architecture? *grabs notebook and pen*
Tin Can
Tin Can 11 kun oldin
Need to see a video like this on late roman, byzantine and neo byzantine architecture and styles
tyler schoenrock
tyler schoenrock 11 kun oldin
Great video! Would love to see this same format applied to Northern European Architectures
artdeco6t6 11 kun oldin
Pleeeeease! We NEED to have a architecture and history series!
A R 11 kun oldin
would love to hear your thoughts on art deco, gothic, and neoclassical design in Chicago through the years
David Mauricio Gutiérrez Espinoza
David Mauricio Gutiérrez Espinoza 11 kun oldin
Good, I was sad you cut this tangent in the other video. Now Red needs to do a video ranting about her favourite anime/manga/tv series/book/trope... idc I want to hear red ramble about something
Salvefrater 11 kun oldin
4:15-4:25 1357+51=1588 yep definitely
Chris S
Chris S 12 kun oldin
I love everything on this channel and I would also love more of this
Tirone 12 kun oldin
Yeeee do more of this good stuff
Will Battrick
Will Battrick 12 kun oldin
Gen M
Gen M 12 kun oldin
Me: Hmm, I wonder what the future will be like 5500 years from now Bath in the future: 7:55
Napolean Glover
Napolean Glover 12 kun oldin
We want more!!!
Napolean Glover
Napolean Glover 12 kun oldin
The blush on the building lmao🤣
Nellene Ulmer
Nellene Ulmer 13 kun oldin
How does that one bridge look top heavy or disproportionate?
Thomas Fieschi-Rose
Thomas Fieschi-Rose 13 kun oldin
Can you pleaaaaassse do more videos on different architectural styles and elements? It's so interesting and funny to see perhaps unconventional problem solving.
Cold Blazze
Cold Blazze 13 kun oldin
oh boy, did our boy Blue went deep into the architecture and oh boy, were we satisfied AF!
Manuel Freitas
Manuel Freitas 14 kun oldin
I just want a video of Blue ranting about Rococo for 15 min.
渡辺早季 14 kun oldin
Thank you for making this I was lowkey tilted when you didn't do this rant in the other video >:( More architecture videos pls. :)
Mantic Ore
Mantic Ore 14 kun oldin
what about this, but mayans, eh
Mantic Ore
Mantic Ore 14 kun oldin
rome was a republic the same way pain wanted peace
Jay Walking
Jay Walking 14 kun oldin
I definitely wanna hear blue lose his mind over rococo
Tritium 15 kun oldin
Washington, DC, sure likes Romanesque architecture: Administration Building, Carnegie Institution of Washington American Red Cross National Headquarters Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium Bureau of Engraving and Printing Building Capitol Building Chamber of Commerce Building Court of Military Appeals DAR Constitution Hall Dirksen Senate Office Building District of Columbia City Hall District of Columbia War Memorial Duke Ellington School of the Arts Eccles Building Herbert C. Hoover Building House of the Temple Internal Revenue Service Building James Madison Memorial Building Jamie L. Whitten Building Jefferson Memorial Lincoln Memorial Longworth House Office Building Main Interior Building Memorial Continental Hall National Archives Building National City Christian Church National Gallery of Art National Geographic Society Administration Building‎ Old Patent Office Building Postal Square Building Rayburn House Office Building Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center St. John's Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square Supreme Court Building Treasury Building Volta Laboratory and Bureau Washington Monument Washington Union Station White House William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building‎
John Alex
John Alex 15 kun oldin
we always want to hear more of your thoughts on buildings.
Den Bogachev
Den Bogachev 15 kun oldin
So that what it's called. I always loved this temple looking building, but never really got into architecture
Jacob Bishop
Jacob Bishop 15 kun oldin
Boltzothedragon 16 kun oldin
I think Neoclassical Architecture is my favorite Architectural style. It gives a timeless feeling whenever it's used.
Armando Salvador
Armando Salvador 16 kun oldin
Dude, we NEED an entire series on architecture history! This video is GREAT!
آدم خور
آدم خور 16 kun oldin
Oof I like this architecture stuff, a whole series would be dope
Serene Pastel
Serene Pastel 16 kun oldin
This reminds me of the class I took on Renaissance art when I studied in Florence. I wasn’t able to learn much about the art that was external to Tuscany though. Thank you for this.
blacksage 16 kun oldin
Now to be truly classic you take all that marble and paint it garish colors!
Javier Pacheco
Javier Pacheco 17 kun oldin
The only building that I know right now that is being built in the neoclassical style is the berilin city palace. The palace is a baroque style but You could check it out, and I think they will finish this year also if you want to you can donate them money so they can finish the project. Just wanted to tell people that there is small classical projects being built and I hope this excites you.
Byron Patrick
Byron Patrick 17 kun oldin
Please please please more architecture nerd out would be sick. This has intrigued me about it.
Corrine Dellah
Corrine Dellah 17 kun oldin
YES. More architecture, please.
Jaime C
Jaime C 17 kun oldin
omg I love this. I think the only thing Paladio forgot were colors (well, he didn't have microscopes and fancy chemical analysis as we do) and now our understanding of Classical Architecture is skewed and we think they had shiny white marble buildings when they were lavishly colored. Thanks for your awesome videos!
Pluffzee 17 kun oldin
I mean.... I like buildings so like. If you wanna continue, I ain’t gonna stop 🛑
Duarte Canotilho
Duarte Canotilho 18 kun oldin
I love architecture, and your take is so good. Since you like Venice (and it had a seperate style of gothic) you could make a video on Gothic (I know there is very different gothics, from the Flemish to the French and to the venetian. But that could make a series of their own :) )
Annalena 18 kun oldin
I do want to hear more of this.
gfox 1312
gfox 1312 18 kun oldin
*D Ö M E*
Colleen Butler
Colleen Butler 18 kun oldin
I know Blue has covered a lot of Italian history already, but this video has me wishing he'd do one on the Guelfi vs. Ghibellini feud that has them so opposed to each other that even the architectural flourishes on their buildings had to be different.
Some gal named Moss
Some gal named Moss 18 kun oldin
Milo Kim
Milo Kim 19 kun oldin
I don't think ANYONE would expect videos purely about architecture from a channel (or, well, half of a channel) which has exclusively been about history so far, but...I really like this! I'm usually kinda "meh" about architecture, but you really managed to get me REALLY EXCITED about it here, and I think that's precisely what OSP has always been about, from the very beginning! So yeah, I strongly support more architecture videos ( pun intended).
Nova Mercury
Nova Mercury 19 kun oldin
Have you done a video on megara I think that would be really cool
dave 00000
dave 00000 19 kun oldin
great more
Britney Morgan
Britney Morgan 19 kun oldin
Ok now do another one🤩
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 19 kun oldin
I always love hearing you speak so passionately about architecture it is one of my great loves. And hearing you speak of these place just wants me to go back and visit them again
Kenneth Keyn
Kenneth Keyn 19 kun oldin
More buildings please. Kthx. :)
Pedro o Raposo
Pedro o Raposo 19 kun oldin
This was amazing, please do more.
Merletastic 20 kun oldin
Guilty admission: I really prefer the bridge design they went with. It just looks...better, to me.
Morgan 20 kun oldin
5:15 After playing Diablo for 15 hours straight, those sounds hit different.
kchagenbuch 20 kun oldin
as a Brunelleschi super fan im living for this
-Dejected 20 kun oldin
Please make more videos about architecture, I loved this video, great content never stop👌🏽
-Dejected 20 kun oldin
Yes please talk about architecture more, I loved this video, great content
anonamuse 20 kun oldin
I've actouly really taken an interest into architecture and I'm thinking about studying it in collage and maybe even have it be my career in the future. This only excites me even more, please do it again. I'm VERY interested.
BradyPostma 20 kun oldin
I need recommendations. Who does for US History what OSC does for the entire rest of history? I need US history to binge.
shadowraven2006 20 kun oldin
Once again Blue, you show that you have always belonged in the world of OSP. Fascinating, entertaining, and with a contagious passion. Go ahead, nerd out about buildings or whatever again in the future. It's the kind of thing that just listening to someone else be happy and excited about something makes other people happy.
Nick Verbree
Nick Verbree 20 kun oldin
Man, now I want all the architecture videos. A Gothic deep dive would be awesome
Jean Martin
Jean Martin 20 kun oldin
💚 REALLY appreciate this...the cursing was a bit jarring.
Matthew Savy
Matthew Savy 20 kun oldin
Building good
Rebecca Marx
Rebecca Marx 20 kun oldin
im really not picky ur a good narrator and all art and culture interests me so if you wanna rant about buildings i will listen
Natasha Isaak
Natasha Isaak 20 kun oldin
This is an incredibly interesting genre of study I've never been able to tell the difference between the types of architecture!!! Please do more Blue. Plus I can hear joy and excitement in the tone of the video 🤣
Dany San
Dany San 21 kun oldin
Blue, I am letting you know in the comments that we want a whole Historical architecture sub-series / analysis / spinoff . Thanks.
matthew weaver
matthew weaver 21 kun oldin
Dumb facts about italy and this video are my absolute favourites on the Channel - they give a level of historical detail that gets brushed over far too often. It's the substantive meal of historical videos vs the easy snack food. More of this would be amazing :)
Bhagyata Bellara
Bhagyata Bellara 21 kun oldin
Can you plz do I inda myth sorry i have bad gammer
Gabe Leonard
Gabe Leonard 21 kun oldin
Definitely more architecture!
Brooke 21 kun oldin
"it's pretty" *Insert building blush* Me: awwwwwwww!
Gostovah S
Gostovah S 21 kun oldin
I appreciate the burn of Rococo --- I always call it 'the Gucci of History'
d3Rm0Nk 21 kun oldin
There are few things more enjoyable than Blue ABSOLUTELY fangirling about some old buildings Please never feel like we wouldn't appreciate some niche nerding That's why we're here
Jakob Randel
Jakob Randel 21 kun oldin
Please, more architecture stuff.
0 21 kun oldin
Red you are amazingly good with history and Greek stories but just want to one thing about you. are you good in mathematics
SHOSPLE COLUPIS 21 kun oldin
d o m e also i knew very little about arcitecture going into this and didn’t even know which one was neoclassical, but i learned a decent amount, got interested, and had fun hearing blue rambler
A to da K
A to da K 21 kun oldin
This is interesting and enjoyable. Do you think you could do something about Anglo-Saxon architecture so we can try to decipher what the heck that Taylor Greene person was babbling about?
chickenlord 21 kun oldin
I must apologize blue, but I will never not chuckle when I hear the term "Doge of Venice"
John Tough
John Tough 21 kun oldin
Please, sir, I want some more!
Sword of Tauberg
Sword of Tauberg 21 kun oldin
Blue, I'm a marine biology guy who has NO TRAINING in architecture. This video was great to listen to!
Prince Ereia
Prince Ereia 21 kun oldin
I love how you kept the original names of people and places and not "americanized" them- Grazie ^-^ P.s. congrats on the pronunciation ♡
nauthizzz 21 kun oldin
This was good, and I would like to see more.
FERRET milk 21 kun oldin
I watch some of your videos from time to time but this one helped me out for an English assignment. THANK YOU
MK_Oddity 22 kun oldin
Give us your building thoughts, Blue! This was fascinating :)
Sol Star
Sol Star 22 kun oldin
I'm an architect and I LOVE THIS!
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