Miscellaneous Myths: The Zodiac

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Thanks to longtime patron Volt for requesting this topic!
We know their names! We know their symbols! We know there's a truly staggering number of websites dedicated to their stereotypical personality traits! But what do we know about their stories? Let's discuss!
FUN FACT I GLOSSED OVER IN THE VIDEO: like I said, it's REALLY hard to determine when these constellations entered Greece. Most people set the date at 300ish, when Eudoxus codified the Greek calendar based on the Babylonian one - but that clashes with the fact that Heracles's labors predate that by at least three centuries, and they've had those zodiacal themes since that lost epic poem was initially written. We know, therefore, that the babylonian zodiac entered greece between Homer's time (when he conspicuously didn't mention them - and neither did Hesiod in his Astronomia) and Peisander's time (author of the lost Heracleia), basically the interval between 800 and 600 CE. The phoenician traders carrying that info is a reasonable assumption, especially considering how important the stars are to sailors navigating at night. But it is WILD to me how hard this is to research and how nobody seems to have really explored the timeline here!
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Ryan Walters
Ryan Walters 32 daqiqa oldin
And no one was cramming anything into someone else's stories. They were telling their own stories, we are dumbasses because we don't know what those stories in stars and stone are. They're our futures. Each and everyone of us. This is the game of thrones. Or life. Get some living done and tell your own tales. Be warned, it's a no pain no gain. With beauty came much flooding.
Ryan Walters
Ryan Walters 34 daqiqa oldin
Can't cram two or three civilizations telling of their own knowledge of experience because they reference the map in the sky. That map is a bunch of dots. As times change and cultures change, so will each culture tell it's story in a way it's people will comprehend and recognize themselves and the future people, us, will be able to draw our conclusions from our experiences. To be honest, it leaves one feeling a personal and very close connection to its own childhood idols. Me, I've always been a philosopher since I could read. Sometimes it feels like we are riding chariots and rubbing elbows in the very same circus. Give me something more beautiful and valuable. Seeking truth in someone else's words is an illusion and you might miss the point. It can only be found on the track and field, never from a book.
Ryan Walters
Ryan Walters 41 daqiqa oldin
I love the goatfish. The Merman, the Mariner, he/she represents the outcome, goat or fish leaves one half of the potential achieved. A goat can't swim, a fish can't walk. Integration is the unification of the opposites. It's also the symbol of each IDs personal experience as to what all this means to them. Hence, why you don't need sources with names, if you are the source of the understanding. Who gets to reference themselves? Maybe I'll give myself a pen. And and make it sound official or I'll just claim I found Ptolemy's lost manuscript and claim he's the source being all reliable with a name like that. My name doesn't carry the "authority" the Lehman requires when lacking the knowledge for himself. Who doesn't love zodiac wheels a d stories. As kids we don't question why when we sit down to watch a movie or read a story, we naturally identify ourselves with the hero. As if we know what a hero's qualities are at birth and forget as soon as we get injured. Then we don't realize we are no longer the hero, we are the water bearer. Do we flood the world with tears? Or did we transform the years, into rain falling on crops. Crops produce fruit, sustenance. Maybe I could make my own videos. Or partner up. But I know this all just from experience and recognition of the experiences in each signs stories. One must know the words completely, start by learning letters. Will not be understood overnight or without the experience, allowing one to know. Knowing only comes from ones own journey. If you weren't there, no matter what name brings your a story, it's always belief. Belief is like buying fake Jordans. Shoes on the feet, lacks the value. Money isn't value it is paper. Won't last much longer than us. But gold, that's virgin pure for forever.
DemonlordMicah !
DemonlordMicah ! 5 soat oldin
Aquarius, Aqua ...base of a water god.... GUESS WHAT AIR SIGN
raul pop
raul pop 12 soat oldin
I thought this was a video about Ted Cruz
Ginger Snap
Ginger Snap 12 soat oldin
I'm so glad someone mentioned Ophiuchus when talking about the zodiacs even if it was just a one time thing. .-.
Karma Retribution
Karma Retribution 15 soat oldin
Capricorn Ignored Since Creation
Laura Chalmer
Laura Chalmer 16 soat oldin
I love the personal horoscope at the end 😂.
PieTheGoon 17 soat oldin
medicaoctavia 17 soat oldin
The Ancient Syrians had an explanation for Pisces being two fish. They had a mermaid goddess called “Atargatis”, who had once been a queen who slept with a commoner. She got pregnant and she either jumped into a lake with her son or they were flung in, but they were saved by turning into fish. She’s often associated with Aphrodite as well.
Edzilla 22 soat oldin
oh dam this is almost at 1 million views
thewalrusclown Kun oldin
16:28: Marijuana, there I found the source of the time-travling goat-fish for you, your welcome.
Dank_Smirk 2nd Channel
Dank_Smirk 2nd Channel Kun oldin
You know, I always assumed the reason that the Greek Zodiac kept the Capricorn was that it was originally meant to be changed to a Hippocampus but they just forgot to do it.
M 2 kun oldin
Sophie Pedigree
Sophie Pedigree 2 kun oldin
Red ripping astrology a new one makes my day :)
Jennifer Flores
Jennifer Flores 2 kun oldin
Me referencing everything with Fairy Tail: o:
zacke brorsson
zacke brorsson 2 kun oldin
Whats the pice of music at 9:55?
T. Nic Young
T. Nic Young 2 kun oldin
If I ever start a metal band its going to be called time traveling goat fish
The Mighty Gatekeeper Defender of the Realms.
The Mighty Gatekeeper Defender of the Realms. 2 kun oldin
I don’t care if the time traveling goat fish isn’t true that’s fucking sick! I don’t ever care about zodiac signs that’s so cool!
Zach Troy
Zach Troy 3 kun oldin
Okay but how cool would it be if the time-travelling goatfish were canon
Strange Alchemy
Strange Alchemy 3 kun oldin
also PLEASE make a video on the Chinese zodiac
Strange Alchemy
Strange Alchemy 3 kun oldin
Thank you Sonic Riders for getting me obsessed with Babylon since my toddlerhood, and thank you Red for associating Taurus with Babylon so now I like zodiac.
Princess Aurora 11
Princess Aurora 11 3 kun oldin
TELL US MORE ABOUT THE STARS!!!! I LOVE ORION BUT HE'S SOOOOOO HARD TO FIND INFO ABOUT!!!!!! At least for my dyslexic brain who can't read huge things just to learn about one constellation :(
Rebecca Forshaw
Rebecca Forshaw 11 soat oldin
@Princess Aurora 11 No worries! Enjoy :)
Princess Aurora 11
Princess Aurora 11 12 soat oldin
@Rebecca Forshaw THANK YOU!!!!
Rebecca Forshaw
Rebecca Forshaw Kun oldin
I don't know if you've seen it or not, but red's done a video on Orion...check it out if you haven't all ready
Bydnelg 3 kun oldin
Would love to see video's about other zodiacs
Jesse Matthews
Jesse Matthews 3 kun oldin
"Wow, such a Gemini thing for you to say" I'll hold them and you punch. No one mocks Gemini
Kick0a0cat 4 kun oldin
Goatfish reminds me of the linguist "joke" "ghoti". The joke being that it's pronounced like "fish"... yeah...
Tom Sdralis
Tom Sdralis 4 kun oldin
The ludicrous brian reversely cheer because tractor pragmatically curl midst a verdant goose. sordid, equal relative
Rachel Henri
Rachel Henri 4 kun oldin
Do the Chinese zodiac
Carlos Toro
Carlos Toro 4 kun oldin
"wow that's such a Gemini thing to say" "I will cut you"- LMFAO
Kaitlyn Ruminer
Kaitlyn Ruminer 4 kun oldin
I'm sorry, but my zodiac was once a skeleton?! Now I just want to know how it went from a skeleton to two fish tied by a rope
Rebecca Forshaw
Rebecca Forshaw Kun oldin
b3nzay 4 kun oldin
Isn't the time travelling goat man just a modern myth?
Lydia Luton
Lydia Luton 4 kun oldin
The Pricus/Capricorn myth was invented around 2015 by Julie Loar, a writer and astrologer for a magazine called Atlantis Rising. The magazines in the same vein as Finding Bigfoot and Ancient Aliens, and her article provided no sources that I could see.
Cultist of unn
Cultist of unn 4 kun oldin
As a Ares that’s not a constellation that’s line with a Bend fight me
Cultist of unn
Cultist of unn 4 kun oldin
Taurus looks like a adorable frog
Gossiper Zoroark
Gossiper Zoroark 4 kun oldin
Ah yes, the true shape of a scimitar *Hexagon*
Natalí Stoian Silva
Natalí Stoian Silva 4 kun oldin
19:41 OWO
Connie Marden
Connie Marden 5 kun oldin
Hot take: the goat-fish was just like,, a seal spotted in the distance
Collin Evans
Collin Evans 6 kun oldin
The stars are beautiful but you can thank light pollution for hiding them.
Blade Clifford
Blade Clifford 6 kun oldin
Hey I really like watching your vids yesterday we started learning about greek gods
Tree 6 kun oldin
Anyone else just tired of all the people who use the zodiac as just an excuse to be space-racist? Especially when their knowledge of the subject basically boils down to memes and tumblr posts
Here and Genderqueer.
Here and Genderqueer. 6 kun oldin
The Goatfish myth sounds interesting, in one of my English classes in highschool we were told to create our own constilation and myth behind it. Maybe someone liked the story and posted online way back when?
Eva Schiller
Eva Schiller 6 kun oldin
lola munchkin
lola munchkin 6 kun oldin
Why didn't the Greek match up scorpio with the lernean hydra when scorpio does notably resemble a multi headed snake(maybe not 9 heads but still multi headed)
Chris Main
Chris Main 7 kun oldin
Am I the only one who sees a uterus in Pisces? Each fish is an ovary. That would jive better with the Ishtar/Aphrodite association too, no?
That one theater kid :3
That one theater kid :3 7 kun oldin
Don’t let my profile for you I’m interested in plenty of things such as astrology horror movies of course theater and anime
Some Internet Guy
Some Internet Guy 8 kun oldin
0:23 when I was really young I lived in the far Northern U.S, no neighbors and a 20 car ride to get to civilization. I have never felt at home anywhere but under the stars, I miss looking up at the sky and seeing wandering colors wave across the sky with awe inspiring distant stars littered across the blank canvas of space
haunted cliffside
haunted cliffside 8 kun oldin
The closest thing in Greek and Roman mythology for Capricorn is the hippocampus... Half horse and half fish... Over time the horse half slow change back into its Babylonian form.
Michelle Rabey
Michelle Rabey 8 kun oldin
This was so entertaining and reminded me of a highschool project I really enjoyed (we had to study our own zodiac constellation). Sadly nobody else seemed to like it and submit anything so we never shared our findings... 😅 I didn't get to hear about any constellations besides what I had learnt about Taurus so it was nice to hear about them here!
Yeet Haw
Yeet Haw 9 kun oldin
Aries: ram Taurus: bull Gemini: twins (sometimes snakes) Cancer: crab Leo: lion Virgo (my sign): WOMAN I'm a dude btw
Kat Needs Sleep
Kat Needs Sleep 9 kun oldin
Red: Here's your horoscope- *starts listing off every trope in her arsenal*
Vincent Whitehead
Vincent Whitehead 10 kun oldin
Fun fact,According to some demonologies..humbaba was brother to pazuzu ,one of the princes of hell
Lotti B
Lotti B 10 kun oldin
As a country gal that kept moving the city then back, I strongly agree with 0:35 , stars are absolutely beautiful in the country.
Tiago Fernandes
Tiago Fernandes 10 kun oldin
The journey ost in the background was greatly appreciated
Margot Kix
Margot Kix 11 kun oldin
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn 12 kun oldin
The defintion of what is a zodiac is horribly inconsistent because Aries doesn't sit on the ecliptic plane, its above it. But if the ecliptic is actually a band then Orion Ophiuchus cetus and about 3 more are all technically zodiacs. YES LEO DOESNT PASS AND IT BOTHERS ME WHYYYY
Bogdan Cvetkovic
Bogdan Cvetkovic 13 kun oldin
Never thought I'd find a relatively "mainstream" chanel openly talk about axial precession.
pink was not the imposter
pink was not the imposter 13 kun oldin
Dawniella Castleton
Dawniella Castleton 13 kun oldin
Also if the goat fish was a bull fish it could be considered the bull creature that was part of a prophcey that who like ate it or something would be able to like throw the gods that's the story I think of it makes the most sense to me
Vultania 5178
Vultania 5178 14 kun oldin
Could you do something on the constellations myths of the southern hemisphere? Also apparently the Southern Cross can be seen up to about the latitude of Hawaii. Are there any cool myths based on that one? (Mainly asking because it is my favourite constellation (mainly because it's the only clear one I can recognise from my house in the suburbs of QLD besides Orion's belt))
abbyjing1117 14 kun oldin
White people astrology isn't real astrology just saying
abbyjing1117 2 kun oldin
@Almighty Smeg Non white people astrology
Almighty Smeg
Almighty Smeg 2 kun oldin
The fuck is real astrology?
Tay Drew
Tay Drew 4 kun oldin
No astrology is real astrology
Tree 6 kun oldin
Astrology isn’t real anyway. But yeah “white people astrology” is even more bullshit than “real” astrology
Roberto Morales
Roberto Morales 12 kun oldin
"White people astrology"
doot lord
doot lord 14 kun oldin
my grampa was a cancer and died cancer
Guardian Eris
Guardian Eris 14 kun oldin
shit the Twins being associated with gate guardian gods probably explains the myth of Janus, who is a two-faced or sometimes two-man Etruscan and later on Roman god of beginnings and ends, dichotomies, and heavily associated with doorways and gateways, and similar to the burying of the Babylonian Twins effigies under doorways, Janus was carved on top of gateways as a symbol of protection
LyricBrony 14 kun oldin
I feel like they could have made the goat fish the old man of the sea without that much effort
Porg Power
Porg Power 14 kun oldin
Who else is a Goat fish?
09lilalli 15 kun oldin
i LOVE how my sign, Aries, only has 3 stars despite being one of the most stand offish power hungry signs EVER
Wayfaring Stranger
Wayfaring Stranger 15 kun oldin
Don't always assume it's "someone from the 70's" re-writing myths, current culture's kids are trying to re-write history itself and the sad thing is how they don't even have to try to sell it or convince anyone, people just line up... End of the day, misinformed is misinformed and ya just gotta let it go, it's hard, I know. Remember, being MISinformed is a CHOICE. I don't like it, that's why I watch this channel.
Cecily Jess
Cecily Jess 15 kun oldin
I would like to share my favorite Zodiac. The Bees. If you look up at the sky and see all those specs in the night sky, congratulations, you've found The Bees. People born under the sign of the bees generally have emotions, think of things, breath... Exist(?????) (I saw this somewhere else, just can't remember where)
Olufi 16 kun oldin
Fun fact 1) 10 thousands years ago, none of the stars were in the same place as we see them today so no current constelation existed. Fun fact 2) 10 thousand years from now, none of the stars will be in the same place as we see them today so no current constelation will exist.
Jackson Butler
Jackson Butler 16 kun oldin
You might like the Natal chart! It is the exact point of everythinf when you were born
Aaron Scrivener
Aaron Scrivener 16 kun oldin
Yes and Yay Now We Know Astrology-is-Myths and Astrological-Mythologies and Astrology=Pseudofanatsy and Astrology-Myths=Fantasy Says Me.....
Shinryu 949
Shinryu 949 16 kun oldin
i think chiron(often misidentified as the saggitarius) in some versions is identified as heracles' teacher. idk
Flowey is cute if you Don’t count the murder
Flowey is cute if you Don’t count the murder 16 kun oldin
Being a Gemini is great, we are hated by everyone, BUT WE GOT RED.
MisterTutor2010 16 kun oldin
Killer Video :)
yukiandkanamekuran 17 kun oldin
Interesting about Capricorn because Saturn rules Capricorn, and you know who Saturn is, Chronos/Cronus. So I don't know about the tale specifically but that may explain why it's Chronos of all gods.
DudeWatches 17 kun oldin
See, you think there is no goatfish. But the truth is that the Time Travel worked. And thus there is no longer a Goatfish story...but the legends live on! *Goatfish logic*
MrAwsomenoob 17 kun oldin
Wow that's such a Gemini thing to say. "I will cut you!!" That too was a Gemini thing to say..
rin 17 kun oldin
me: meh theres no way the stars define my personality also me: (checking some aries traits) wait why does this sound so much like me? (started obsessing over the zodiac things)
Lord Hades
Lord Hades 18 kun oldin
*Me watching the Zodiac wheel spin round for the entire video* WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!!
Zachary Heiner
Zachary Heiner 19 kun oldin
"Milky Vault." Guess that's being added to the oh so large list of "Way which one may refer to Breasts."
PixelaGames2000 19 kun oldin
I’m not really into astrology but it is interesting nonetheless Also I’m an Aquarius because I was born in January I have a friend who’s into astrology and he asked me witch zodiac symbol I was And I was like idk so he asked me when my birthday was and I was like January 25 and he was like oh so that’s means you’re an Aquarius And I was like oh ok neat So I’m basically a water bender cool
William Smith
William Smith 20 kun oldin
Please do a video on Mithraism! There seem to be so many zodiac symbols in Mithraen artwork, but it's all pretty tricky to decipher. Defo worth a vid. Great work on this upload btw.
Ellie Stockwell
Ellie Stockwell 20 kun oldin
pisces is my Zodiac sign...and i thought half the shit i think up is confusing.
Only Lauren
Only Lauren 21 kun oldin
I didn't learn anything.
SweetieWolfGirl 23 kun oldin
"I will cut you" I never hear anyone else say that, and that's the one thing I've been consistent said for years. Also, never really believed the things until one has been hitting me nail on the head over a year now, which is... something. yeah has those little one liners but those are well... they're not focused on, it's a weekly, monthly, yearly sorta thing. Ex: "A person with a secure attachment style will never try to control you" (that one liner, that just is so incredibly generic) "Today it feels like something is missing. you try to put everything into a letter, but the whole thing comes out like a ransom note. Assert yourself by asking for what you want or saying no clearly. Do not assume that others will figure out what you want. You already know what it means to give without strings attached, and that's a start." (I'm sure you can already see how different this is from the first. It's in depth, focused, and even gives things you might want to work on) "This month, you have to make a choice between being social and being solitary. You're not you best self when you second guess yourself" (the next part fluctuates between days) "Don't change the core parts of yourself to accommodate other peoples expectations"/"Get comfortable with duality" (Which is more vague but still way better. This one may disappear on certain months) And "Your main challenge right now is to pay attention to your unconscious mind without taking its messages too literally, and to protect you psyche from people who try to pull you into their negative emotional spirals." "The difference between change and stagnation is effort. Positivity is a quick burning fuel that leads nowhere unless combined with diligent and purposeful work."/"The thing about character is that you have to keep building it." (so yeahhh.) And that's barely even the surface, there's pages upon pages to go through if you decide to look through lower. There's three categories, (power, pressure, trouble. Little work, a thought on your mind, and what you're struggling worth), and they're for 6 topics (routine, self, sex & love, thinking & creativity, spirituality, social life). And they vary daily, a little paragraph written below them. if you click on it, it sends you to a large page of paragraphs (which I ignore cause it's a bit much.) There's even a "little" chart of which planet and what was where during your birth, and below it explains it all in little paragraphs. It's more novelty, despite the work put into it, but it's nice to look at on days you might be struggling or are unsure of what to do. It's and oddity I just felt I had to point out, and yeah it might hit me well and I'm not exactly the most... normal, average, whatever you want to call it... but it might hit you well or might not. nothing is just a one thing for all and their never will be, it's just a tad too far fetched By the way, if you were curious if what I mean by very different, my name is Actaea amongst all of my friends and shit, the only people who use my birthname is my very close family who I don't share much of anything. They honestly have no clue I prefer to dress tomboy-punk. I'm sure you've heard of the dude if you've looked into Artemis story of turning a guy into a deer cause he saw her in the bath and then had her dogs/wolves eat him
Rebecca Forshaw
Rebecca Forshaw 21 kun oldin
I hear ya. I usually read the horoscopes in the restaurants in my area for entertainment only. And "normal/average" as I understand it, is determined by the masses. Just keep on being yourself my friend
Raihan Alfitra
Raihan Alfitra 23 kun oldin
What if, capricorn is actually a hippocampus? There’s no goat fish but there's a horse fish. That is pretty intresting to me.
Caitlin 23 kun oldin
Ha ha ha I watched fruits basket and fairytail im practically an expert on everything star signs and zodiac 😤😤😤😤
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller 24 kun oldin
Still waiting on the time-traveling goatfish merch
Ruby: Amateur Tactician
Ruby: Amateur Tactician 26 kun oldin
15:04 For the goatfish rant
DustOnPage12 26 kun oldin
If this was released back in 2011-2013, we'd have a very different kind of comments section
Julia Kahrs
Julia Kahrs 27 kun oldin
But if the god for Aquarius was a water god why is Aquarius still an air sign?🧍‍♀️
Celest_bonfire 27 kun oldin
As a capricorn watching red get confused about capricorns history is quite humorous to me lmaoo
Jasmine Jay
Jasmine Jay 27 kun oldin
All of these have a background but you just couldn’t find them. Ask your followers for help lol
Tim Zappa
Tim Zappa 28 kun oldin
well the, constellation that represents Ishtar could be related to girdle of Hippolyta
DJ Refresh
DJ Refresh 29 kun oldin
I've been sharing this video to all the Bible Facebook groups I am a part of. The Babylonian Zodiac was really influential for the Hebrew Bible. Some scholars think the four heavenly creatures (oxen, eagle, lion, and man) that show up in Ezekiel and Revelation are based on Astrological signs.
Definitely Not A Dimension Guide
Definitely Not A Dimension Guide Oy oldin
“Me and the stars go way back” sounds so much like something an immortal would say. Wait, hold on-
ThatGuy Zorv
ThatGuy Zorv Oy oldin
Red I know you're a cityfolk but when you fish you often tie the fish to a weight in the water and thats why pisces is 2 fish tied together
Kahlil Tijidor
Kahlil Tijidor Oy oldin
this was really just a Trope Talk about reskinning things with the caption (and how they're all bad). Like Onigiri as Donuts.
Cody Craddock
Cody Craddock Oy oldin
"Thats such a gemini thing to say" " i will cut you" This is my reaction also 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brian Lewis
Brian Lewis Oy oldin
Ah~ I remember when I was a kid, growing up only seeing a few stars in the sky like Red. Then one night everyone's power goes out and your dad ( most likely ) tell you to come outside./ Or you and your family we're out and when you get out of the car you look up and.... *HOLY F#$K! IS YOUR ITTY BITTY BABY BRAIN BLOWN!!!!!*
AwesomeBeedrill Oy oldin
Some old book suggests that Jesus was born under the time-traveling goat.
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