Miscellaneous Myths: Enki and Ninmah

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Thanks to patron Derek Rucker for requesting this myth! It's short, sweet, and *utterly ridiculous*. TLDR, two gods get drunk and have a people-making competition. The one that makes the jankiest dude wins.
Make sure to pause for an unnecessarily in-depth explanation of what a harem actually is!
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Aceofacez10 Kun oldin
drunk red uwu
Andrew Machleid
Andrew Machleid Kun oldin
3:12 jeez Europe, you always gotta make everything you don't understand sexual, or write it out of existence your welcome, moving on
Daphne Shank
Daphne Shank Kun oldin
My explanation is: Once there was nothing. Then there was something. Oh and for the first parent thing it was a teeny tiny microscopic speck in the sea that every single animal /living thing evolved from.
Anna-Lee Henderson
Anna-Lee Henderson 2 kun oldin
Cute dragon of cutest dragon cute. Cute. Cute.CUTE. CUTE!
Lily Padilla
Lily Padilla 2 kun oldin
this a classic now
LashknifeTalon 2 kun oldin
Man, the King was probably a little bit baffled as to why all these disabled people were suddenly being DIVINELY ASSIGNED to his court, and why.
SuperAngel 2 kun oldin
“And so is his dick for some reason.” “Thanks Mesopotamia!”
Lyra Saruman
Lyra Saruman 3 kun oldin
Jalil 3 kun oldin
Ninmah: creates blind dude Enki: Turns him into Ray Charles
bogdan damaschin
bogdan damaschin 3 kun oldin
I had no ideea what harem really meant... Never consider yourself educated, you always find some obvious information everyone except you knows
Dumpster Jedi
Dumpster Jedi 4 kun oldin
If you think about it, Mythology is just OC fanfiction
Mj Uh
Mj Uh 5 kun oldin
If Jesus comes from God Where did God come from
John Weiss
John Weiss 5 kun oldin
Question: Why do bad things happen to God people? Ans.: Because God was drunk that day.
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia 6 kun oldin
This is so good. Thank!
Lenora Calamint
Lenora Calamint 6 kun oldin
Apparently the gods like to play The Sims with us.
blah thebleh
blah thebleh 6 kun oldin
2:10 Anything you can do I can do better
Anime King
Anime King 9 kun oldin
Sincerely thank you for that note I had no idea about the origins of the word harem and how its meaning has changed. It’s really cool you added that.
LunarCat42 10 kun oldin
I really love the fact Tiamat had to get Enki to work like I just imagine it's just "Look son, I don't mind that you killed my husband and then got someone to kill my second husband, and then me and then tear my body into heaven and earth. Like I can deal with that. But if you're gonna live here, on my corpse, then I'm gonna need you to put in the work and do your fucking chores like the rest of your siblings."
Ateium 10 kun oldin
And where did the gods come from ?
Credits unknown
Credits unknown 10 kun oldin
So does Umul just stay like that? Like dixk move Enki, wait no-
Haiden has a Cat
Haiden has a Cat 11 kun oldin
Malachi Werner
Malachi Werner 13 kun oldin
Wait.... The Enuma Elish considers Anu to be Enki’s father. If a Sumerian goddess equivalent to Tiamat (Anu’s great grandmother) is here considered Enki’s mother... *This genealogy is all kinds of wrong*
Shoelacexhatter 14 kun oldin
I love these videos SO MUCH. I regularly listen to the whole playlist while I’m at work. Your voice is so nice to listen to, Red. Thank you so much for these sassy myths. ❤️
Lazy Luca
Lazy Luca 14 kun oldin
0:19 Namma aka Tiamat Me a d&d fan: WHAT?!
Naturalistmind 15 kun oldin
would have been easier if C;thun hadnt given us the curse of flesh
Smithsonian smith
Smithsonian smith 15 kun oldin
Awesome and cool!
Gex The Stampede
Gex The Stampede 16 kun oldin
Love that little note about what harems are lol
Cavender Lane
Cavender Lane 16 kun oldin
I just discovered your channel, and I'm really loving it! You have a lovely singing voice, too!
Silver Summons
Silver Summons 16 kun oldin
Anyone ever think about the statistical improbability of evolution? Like seriously, it takes a huge leap of faith to buy into that.
Alix A.
Alix A. 16 kun oldin
Presumably, the intersex human was a singer. This would fit with the other myths concerning gala, i.e. trans and intersex priests of Inanna.
Nocturnal Sofia
Nocturnal Sofia 18 kun oldin
D1g1beast Pr1me
D1g1beast Pr1me 18 kun oldin
More OPS music pls
TheEgg 19 kun oldin
Hey, recommendation for a video here. The original troll, the Greek God Momus
Steven Walker
Steven Walker 19 kun oldin
Do Zagreus he has his own video game
Low Fung Win
Low Fung Win 20 kun oldin
My mom just says, from the garbage
PP God
PP God 20 kun oldin
Song: Anything you can do i can do better
Derek Bates
Derek Bates 20 kun oldin
I don't get it.
h 20 kun oldin
oh gee wilikers what a great video
h 10 kun oldin
Roberto Morales
Roberto Morales 10 kun oldin
h 10 kun oldin
Roberto Morales
Roberto Morales 10 kun oldin
h 10 kun oldin
George Uferov
George Uferov 20 kun oldin
If Umul's organs don't work, that means his brain doesn't work and thus he's dead. So yeah, medically speaking, Enki cheated. Or he made Umul capable of suffering
asdada asdasdasd
asdada asdasdasd 20 kun oldin
The ceaseless pest perioperaively chop because berry immunophenotypically suffer through a gaping cave. sassy, messy bit
Griffingirl 21 kun oldin
1:59 best bit!!!!!!
Draiocht Tepes
Draiocht Tepes 21 kun oldin
The beginning of this story is basicaly: Hire the laziest worker to do the worst jobs and he'll find a smarter way to do it.
Amazing Dancing Turnips
Amazing Dancing Turnips 21 kun oldin
A giant thumbs up for that harem explainer slide!!! Also I love the fish hair-do and I want more of it pls
Ice 13
Ice 13 22 kun oldin
Please do more on Ereshkagel as well as more Mesopotamian mythology
B 22 kun oldin
For the algorithm.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 23 kun oldin
hey red, you should do a video on the cargo cults with John Frum
ZEALOT FOR CHRIST 23 kun oldin
I mean evaluation as a theory still doesn't answer every question and in some ways is just the standing myth, without any of the fun stories
Elsa Anayati
Elsa Anayati 23 kun oldin
ooh i've been listening to this song so much :DD
Jordan Buckingham
Jordan Buckingham 23 kun oldin
I hope that you realize this was an elaborate ancient Mesopotamian shitpost.
orinoco sula
orinoco sula 24 kun oldin
Duranki- those who are made by their gods.
Christopher Wood
Christopher Wood 24 kun oldin
Finally got my Hades and Persephone pins. They are beautiful. Completely worth.
Joe Faller
Joe Faller 25 kun oldin
Reds impression of drunk gods cracked me up so good!
mason ray
mason ray 25 kun oldin
I love in the playlist for this there are to gods getting wasted as the thumbnail
zenfrodo 25 kun oldin
The Gods Being Drunk explains waaaaaaaayyyy too much about us.
mika chan
mika chan 25 kun oldin
Can you please do a video as to why Hera and Zues got married? You mentioned something about it not being consensual, and understand why you wouldnt wanna dive into that toxic relationship. I'm just curious and dont know what sources I should get my information from If you do decide to do a video I'd love that, but I love all your topics anyways
Charles Guzman
Charles Guzman 26 kun oldin
Will you ever talk about the myth Jason and The Argonauts?
Theturtleowl 26 kun oldin
3:12 Don't ruin my fanfiction before it starts Red!
Theeduckie 26 kun oldin
It took me longer to read the note on Harem than it did to watch the rest of the video. Made me sad. I’m a very slow reader.
Douglas Edwards
Douglas Edwards 26 kun oldin
The fish-head of Ekni is oddly appropriate. The Babylonians believed that all of their wisdom was passed down by the Apkallu, who were seven Demi-gods who were half-human half-fish. They lived in the deep abyss. So wisdom in Babylon was very much equated with fish people.
Nora Manalili
Nora Manalili 27 kun oldin
"Once you get a couple of humans you usually get more humans pretty quick" Red pretty much admitted that the first humans are horndogs 🤣🤣🤣
Foto 27 kun oldin
“medically classified as a hot mess” is my favorite line to ever be said
Des Roches Simon
Des Roches Simon 27 kun oldin
Here's a idea for your next video: Jason and the Argonauts.
Jayquill Berry
Jayquill Berry 27 kun oldin
Sounds like the Sumerians were a bit more progressive than other cultures in their creation myth.
Menelik Pendragon
Menelik Pendragon 27 kun oldin
Red, could you make a video on the origins of the Kraken? Love your work!
Schrodinger's TransCat
Schrodinger's TransCat 27 kun oldin
Enki's other greatest hits: (warning, this gets a bit NSFW, because Sumer) 1. That time his daughter Inanna (goddess of love, war and constantly trying to take over every other god's job) got him drunk and convinced him to give her all the laws of the universe including the law of giving great head, because Sumer only for Enki to sober up next day and go "oops" and dispatch a series of increasingly imposing monsters to fetch the laws back only they couldn't because Inanna and her maidservant Ninshubur were basically the hot and competent version of Pinky and the Brain seriously those two together were unstoppable and they got the laws back to her city which obviously became the best city and from then on Inanna liked to sleep naked except for the tablets of law tied to her lap which was presumably an upgrade from her previous state of just sleeping naked because love goddess although it did not prevent unpleasantness later on but I won't go into that (btw Inanna will later be called Ishtar so yes the same lady who once tried to take over the underworld and once applauded herself for her wondrous vulva because Sumer) 2. That time Enki hung out in the marshes of waterless Dilmun with a permanent boner for like a century and rooted* the first goddess to show up she was called Ninhursag btw and yes he did ask her permission first (take note Zeus) but she may or may not have been his wife (I can hear Zeus furiously taking notes) and Ninhursag then had a daughter in like nine days plus the world's easiest delivery because goddesses have all the luck it was I quote "like butter, like oil" sorry was that too much information anyway this daughter grew up and was like "oh dear, I really shouldn't go down to the marshes" and then went down to the marshes where, may I remind you, her father was still hanging out with his permanent boner whereupon Enki asked his trusted minister if there was ANY RELEVANT REASON why he shouldn't hook up with this hottie and his minister was like "Nah mate, go for it" and thus history repeated itself with a healthy helping of squick and she had a daughter who grew up and went down to the marshes whereupon history repeated itself with double squick and she had a daughter who grew up and went down to the marshes whereupon history repeated itself with triple squick and she had a daughter who grew up and went down to the marshes whereupon history would have repeated itself with quadruple squick ... EXCEPT Enki's original sweetheart had warned this chick (named Uttu) to ASK for something in return for letting Enki plough her field presumably because if you're the one who ends up holding the baby you may as well get some free stuff out of it ladies and gentlemen, the story of humanity anyway this concept of fair exchange momentarily baffled Enki because "we sex now?" had hitherto seemed to cover everything and he'd have to do some actual work to grow the fruit Uttu wanted but he said "OK fine, don't stop being hot, I'll be right back" and did some godlike Mesopotamian irrigating and eventually returned with a ton of apples and grapes and also beer for a proper Mesopotamian picnic so Uttu got some romance and sweet fruit out of the deal and was like "Very well, you may irrigate my canal" and thus Enki finally got some fruit too, nudge-wink say-no-more whereupon history interrupted itself with incalculably hilarious squick because Enki was so ludicrously pent up (possibly due to blue balls while waiting for the apple trees to grow) that things got MESSY so very messy seriously there was a lot of yelling and complaining and the actual tablet this story is written on got damaged at that point as if even history is embarrassed so let's just say that IN THE COURSE OF EVENTS some plants grew up in the marshes that were actually Enki's kids but he didn't know this and ate them and immediately knew ALL OF THE THINGS which pissed off Ninhursag for some reason she clearly didn't want us to know about because the tablet is also damaged here and she cursed Enki and Enki got sick and everybody hated him and the world was doomed but then suddenly a fox and Ninhursag agreed to [CENSORED FOR HIGHLY SPECIALISED INTERNET CONTENT] to cure him (no not THAT kind of highly specialised content, the fox was not involved) and eight more gods got born from that, but who cares, the funniest part of the story is already over no wait I forgot the other funny part see all of these shenanigans explain why dry old Dilmun was famously waterlogged and indeed an island by the time the story was written down because the Sumerians used the same symbol for 'water' and ... male precious bodily fluids so it's what we call "I see what you did there" despite this some scholars think the story was all serious and grim and a stern warning to young women while others say hey, basically everyone enjoyed themselves except Enki at the end, so it was probably meant as an R-rated sex farce poking fun at Enki's obsession with poking everything and how dumb guys in general get when they think with their boners and it's just the really difficult stilted translations from the weird Sumerian language that make it hard to get the joke but don't ask me how Dilmun could start out with marshes while being waterless also don't ask me what Enki's trusted minister was getting up to during the multigenerational incestuous shagathon like was he hanging out in the marshes perving on them the whole time or what? typical it was Sumer land of "we are but worthless slaves of the gods, but holy shit isn't sex great" anyway I hope all this makes it clear why Enki's wedding tackle gets major respect in other myths *pause for breath* I hope you enjoyed this shameless attempt to rip off Myths Retold and I hereby challenge Red to animate myth number 2 without getting the video age-restricted. *Australian for bang, in case you somehow haven't figured it out by now
jeweltara 27 kun oldin
and then his wife created the first divorce and took half his water,and that's why we have snow cap mountains
Han Gebza
Han Gebza 27 kun oldin
Ah Enki. If Poseidon would be a witty bro. Even though his decisions here are a bit boring. Kings court, kings court, kings harem, kings court... Were kings in mesopotamia forced ti take invalids in or something?
NoobersTube 27 kun oldin
Always love to hear their voice, very well spoken.
dreadnought 28 kun oldin
i just found out u guys play dnd to, just saying hello and keep up the good work
John Morgan
John Morgan 28 kun oldin
Sumerian mythology? Cool. Out of curiosity, did you guys cover the Epic of Gilgamesh?
Al 28 kun oldin
Umul is the definition of "GOD LEFT ME UNFINISHED!"
jash does stuff
jash does stuff 28 kun oldin
heres a idea for a cool series, but its a little out there; since theres some developing stories and mythologies in modern media, from movies and tv shows to stuff like creative writing websites like "the SCP foundation', one of the most common storytelling styles, and most likley the most "swept under the rug" kind of storytelling is story through a kind of digital interactive style, or to use the illliterate term for it; video games. now i know video games arent really a stlye of storytelling, but despite this, there are some exellent examples out there, most notably (in my opinion) is the "citizen kane" of gaming; "half life" now thats just one of many, but as an idea for a spinoff series, what if you guys could go over some of the most influential story in some of the most influetial video games out there. its kind of a long shot, but it would be really cool tbh
Douglas Edwards
Douglas Edwards 28 kun oldin
Always good to hear about Mesopotamian myths.
AMARNATH NAIR 28 kun oldin
What a dick move Enki?
Angels Rolling Cafe
Angels Rolling Cafe 28 kun oldin
What is the little hot mess human cripplingly depressed???
Mert Ensar Daler
Mert Ensar Daler 28 kun oldin
Where is the journey to the west 9
Eta.exe 28 kun oldin
Do you know What the green/roman mythologi views as evil? What is an act of evil to them?
George Cowsert
George Cowsert 28 kun oldin
Ay Red, I'm curious to know more about magical weapons throughout mythology and legends, and why more modern stories typically don't introduce new ones. The most interesting modern interpretation of a magic weapon I've been able to find is the Colt from Supernatural, since it's explicitly created by normal humans yet is capable of killing 90% of all supernatural entities, but has limited uses due to needing both the gun and the special ammo. Other modern magical artifacts could also include Kratos' axe and swords or Thor's Stormbreaker. Hell, there are even artifacts that fit the role of "magic weapon" without being magic, but rather super high tech. The Omnitrix, Lightsabers, Mecha; the limits are boundless.
Hidden Shadow
Hidden Shadow 28 kun oldin
Enki is Zora now!
Andrea Itt
Andrea Itt 28 kun oldin
Let's be honest, Umal couldn't understand Ninmah not because of how bad his hearing was, but because of how bad her speaking was when drunk.
Kitchen Jail
Kitchen Jail 29 kun oldin
missed opportunity to let Blue say "no you can't" during the credits song
Al To
Al To 29 kun oldin
Buen video, es interesante como todas las culturas desde las primeras civilizaciónes inventaron el estado de ebriedad y como ponerse hasta atrás, sin importar que parte del mundo y sin comunicación inclusive, se curioso, buen video.
Al To
Al To 29 kun oldin
Moraleja de rick Sánchez, deadpool, harlock y lobo dc, la borrachera salió mal... ¡¡¡
fuge74 29 kun oldin
something skipped over is that "third gender" is a typical term used by the ancients to mean eunich and may or may not be an actual hermpahraditic person. so when she says intersex, it is quite possibly a eunich and not a hermaphrodite. the whole thing about text being broken is true but I suspect OSP is using this as a cover to slip in unnecessary and factually incorrect LGBT propaganda.
Bhavya Tripathi
Bhavya Tripathi 29 kun oldin
Janick Jorgensen
Janick Jorgensen 29 kun oldin
"I have no mouth and I must scream" - probably that last person created
Lizard WithHat
Lizard WithHat 29 kun oldin
I love the fish hat for Enki ... he looks like a big dork X3
fckgov't. 29 kun oldin
Soooo glad the singing at the end of the eps is back! Great vid as ever
(STUDENT)William Giles
(STUDENT)William Giles 29 kun oldin
just for canals
kevin4gwen 29 kun oldin
Let's get drunk and try to out do each other because that's always a good idea 🤭🤭🤭
Kirara's Mom
Kirara's Mom Oy oldin
These characters resides in us all. We humans made ourselves a d charted what we wanted experience. Yes, we cam down in bv the physical to experience suffering. Dark side of love. It teaches us to be happy with the uncomfortable. This helps us gain experience and grow our soul with knowledge.
Star Boy
Star Boy Oy oldin
I want to make a religion from Red's singing.
CreativeInspireP380 Oy oldin
Up until Umal, Enki seemed like a rather wholesome drunk with a better vision for job access and equality than most today. Up until Umal, that is...
William Chamberlain
William Chamberlain 29 kun oldin
Yeah, Umal didn't get dealt a good hand there.
Cameron Echols
Cameron Echols Oy oldin
Is it possible for you to do videos of Slavic gods? Like Veles? Please and thank Im advance for your consideration.
Eclipsed Moon
Eclipsed Moon Oy oldin
"Apparently wenis-doesn't-work disease is caused by minor demonic possession" is now my new favorite sentence
Bickern Oy oldin
I know Enki is a god, but he literally won the contest on account of being cruel. Really shines on how comparatively benevolent Ninmah is.
Lefteyeofgia Oy oldin
Kamal Jha
Kamal Jha Oy oldin
Where's the part 9 of journey to the west plss reply
woodfur00 Oy oldin
End song would have been improved 100x if Blue had jumped in to do the second part.
Ender Sorceress
Ender Sorceress Oy oldin
basically, even if you're not related, it's still Alabama
Negi1001 Oy oldin
Poor Umel. the first created immortal human and his life is hell cause his parents are petty douches. he'd fit right in at Greece.
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