Miscellaneous Myths: Hades and Persephone

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You asked, I've answered! Today let's discuss greek mythology's most beloved AND most maligned relationship - but which reputation is truly deserved? You all know where *I* stand on the matter, but today I'll do my best to justify my hot take that Hades And Persephone Is Romantic Actually.
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Joakim Lundgren
Joakim Lundgren 24 daqiqa oldin
Where some see docile librarians others see death-fairies with vast psychic power.
Jasmine rose Wilson
Jasmine rose Wilson 2 soat oldin
I rly like ur voice
Tobias Higginbottom
Tobias Higginbottom 4 soat oldin
OK real talk here, having your ruler-of-the-underworld death goddess called just "The Mistress" who's real name is kept secret and is so frightful that namedropping her is inviting her presence is unironically metal as shit
Lian Zhu
Lian Zhu 6 soat oldin
8:50 Zeus just eating his sandwich there
Fire & Food Co
Fire & Food Co 11 soat oldin
Persephone: Origin Kora: Yes mother, it is a wonderful time to create flowers and plants and do other snow white things Despoina: I'm back nerds! Hey you, I heard what you said about me while I was gone. I'll kill all of you, I'm the gaddang Queen of the world!
Sola Haze
Sola Haze 12 soat oldin
The one thing that prevents this from being a perfect pairing is the whole Adonis thing, who was given to Persephone by Aphrodite to help raise, but Persephone fell in love with him as he grew up. Then there was also Minthe and Hades but that was before Persephone showed up.
Sola Haze
Sola Haze 12 soat oldin
4:11 I also believe ancient greek doesn't actually have a proper word for "rape". Rape in ancient greece could easily be the word used for "kidnapping" or simply marrying a woman and having her leave her family. Some marriage ceremonies included the groom coming to the bride's house in the night, the ceremony happening, and then the couple leaving (usually this was arranged and the woman had no say but that's another topic). So, the "rape of persephone" as some artists entitle their work does not actually mean Hades raped Persephone. Rather, he kidnapped her and separated her from her family. This however does not mean that anywhere you see the word "rape" it means kidnapping. It just means that the word has some dubious definitions because of language and cultural barriers.
TreeFolkDruid 14 soat oldin
I recommend you all to read "Lore Olympus". It is so good.
Kara Schmidt
Kara Schmidt 15 soat oldin
@OverlySarcasticProductions just wondering, how much connection does Persephone have with Ereshkrigal, the Sumerian goddess of the underworld? The “dread Persephone” narrative definitely appears similar on the surface.
COLORADO AUTO 17 soat oldin
This made me realize the creator of Lore Olympus REALLY did their research for the comic and I'm just even more in love with it now.
Lucia Lanczová
Lucia Lanczová 18 soat oldin
17:30 I´m sorry I was vibing to Take a hint so hard I needed to rewind and listen to what you were talking about xd I love how you managed to talk about the deeeep roots of this myth after telling the probably most known version, this was very informative and fun to listen to
Redwood Littletree
Redwood Littletree 18 soat oldin
I feel like perhaps Hades/Persephone were both titles of Poseidon/Demeter, and they split off from each other in the way deities sometimes do in Myths. Perhaps Persephone was an epithet for a much older more violent version of Demeter, or perhaps the story of winter in older tales was when Demeter/Persephone went to the underworld to be with her Husband Poseidon/Hades. And the "Pomegranate Pips" thing is quite frankly probably a more modern addition to the story, or perhaps a reference to some kind of marriage ceremony that we simply do not have the context to recognize.
Redwood Littletree
Redwood Littletree 18 soat oldin
I also feel like this jives with the idea of spring as the season of birth and rebirth, a time of growth, if the Earth Mother Goddess went to lay with her husband and returned full of life, and that more modern retellings are colored by the rather sexist attitudes of Ancient Greece, which in large part seem entirely intended to strip away the agency of the Earth Mother Goddess and portray her as fickle or intemperate. Alas, we shall likely never know, unless by some miracle we find perfectly preserved texts from before known written Greek history.
Kit Paterson
Kit Paterson 19 soat oldin
Olympian soft boy
Francisco Ruiz
Francisco Ruiz 20 soat oldin
Maybe old Hades was the underworld itself.
Ajehy 20 soat oldin
I had the exact same book! It was awesome, but now it’s falling apart.
Murilo Benicio
Murilo Benicio 22 soat oldin
So when come the video about the marriage of Hera and Zeus?
Joshua Torres
Joshua Torres Kun oldin
7:02 what's the name of the song in the background? Like I've heard of it before and I want to know.
kain699 Kun oldin
We as an audience are primed to think of gods as good guys, uh nope not all us us 😆
DannaGoneToFar Kun oldin
Just to clarify, Dionysus and Aura's shit was Artemis's fault. (Or that's what I managed to read lol)
Ancient Freezer
Ancient Freezer Kun oldin
20:05 unclear insturctions! Kidnapped their parents
Joakim Lundgren
Joakim Lundgren Kun oldin
Zodiac Scorpio & Virgo. Some think Persephone & witch deity Hecate are the same idol, maybe that is why some were reluctant to say the name. Or even think it.
Xander Kirk
Xander Kirk Kun oldin
15:50 whats this song. I’ve heard it but can’t remember what it’s called
Cathy Piper
Cathy Piper Kun oldin
Impressive scholarship , really impressive.
NE KO Kun oldin
I knew the story as Persephone being the one that brings spring and Demeter being her lover..
Jo Nemo
Jo Nemo Kun oldin
These theories of yours wouldn't have anything to do with you developing a Lore Olympus obsession would it?
Elisa Soundara
Elisa Soundara Kun oldin
Off topic but, has anyone read Lore Olympus?? If so how did you all feel about what Persephone did to Minthe??
DJ Refresh
DJ Refresh Kun oldin
I do love how wholesome the romance between Hades and Persesphone is. There ought to be a movie about it.
Annie Leonhart
Annie Leonhart Kun oldin
I liked Supergiant's take that Persephone just REALLY needed to get away from her mom.
jacob matt
jacob matt Kun oldin
Plot twist: prosephone was secretly in love with hades and gave zeus the idea of hades kidnapping her
Clayton Weyl
Clayton Weyl Kun oldin
Idk, you talk about how gods change as people and culture changes. I'd argue that our sanitization of Greek mythology for our own sake is just an example of that. Furthermore, it's not the same as ignoring the actions of a person, since these guys didn't ever really exist. However I will also concede that authenticity is extremely important, and censorship is a quick way to go blind to new ideas and viewpoints. TL:DR, Modernizing mythology is complicated.
citation pending
citation pending 2 kun oldin
I love your singing!
L3 K0
L3 K0 2 kun oldin
I see the Hades Poseidon thing but I'd think that older gods are designated to do more jobs like Poseidon being the earthshaker, sea god and Husband of a persephone that was death as well as growth goddess maybe even because the death of nature in autumn lets the leaves rot to turn the earth more fertile for new plants which also could be mixed into the mother daughter duo. In the winter they are apart and let nature take its course of dying without their help and the other time frame they work together to regrow the nature for the life that depends on it. Also just theorizing of course
Janelle Wright
Janelle Wright 2 kun oldin
After watching your videos iv learned all gods are self absorbed assholes and hades got did wrong
LB Entertainment
LB Entertainment 2 kun oldin
Theory: Mycanean Posideon and Demeter are the parents of Persephone, Demeter took Persephone away from the Gods because of Zeus so Posideon kidnaps persephone and takes her to the underworld because shes his daughter as well, in short two parents fight over custody of their daughter while the uncle is being inappropriate
Craiglemuffin 63
Craiglemuffin 63 2 kun oldin
Anybody know the music playing at 19:06?
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 2 kun oldin
I've got a question... if eating stuff from the realm of the dead makes you part of that realm... and persephone only had to eat 6 pomegranate seeds to be "forced" to stay there for 6 months of the year... either shes never eaten in hades since, or she's a full time death goddess now who can never leave... so would persephone just be a death god now?
AndyG94 2 kun oldin
5:50 Needs to be a poster :D
Sonic THD
Sonic THD 2 kun oldin
This video went from "ok she is gonna tell the same obvious parallell that Hades is not bad but actually a chill dude" to "holy shit"
Imsocliche Oops
Imsocliche Oops 2 kun oldin
I like hades I mean eh... I like him
Jakin Luk
Jakin Luk 2 kun oldin
wait isn't hades persephone's uncle? hmmmm...
Thepotato-overlord 2 kun oldin
I thought it was said kor
iRinnda 2 kun oldin
_Nah, just kidnap her. Never fails for me!_ Forget Illuminati, Scientology and all such. Surely there is a whole Zeus cult of human trafficking no authorities have yet encountered.
Ashykitty 2 kun oldin
Nope. They absolutely cheat on each other. Minthe and Leuce both were Hades' mistresses, and Adonis is Persephone's.
RailwayFalcon 2 kun oldin
Minthe and Leuce seem to both be Roman additions on the grounds of "there's no way any brother of Jupiter and Neptune wouldn't be sleeping around", so Hades seems to have been originally seen as faithful. Adonis is an import character, and Persephone is here drafted into to play a role in a retelling of a foregin myth, so again it's external cults modding the character to fit their own needs (also, the source material makes just as much sense with Persephone as a clingy mother, which seems rather ironic given modern interpretations of Demeter). Basically any instance of either having another lover comes either from outside Greece (or the alternate mythology of Orphism), and the surviving sources for these accounts seem to all be fairly late, so it does seem that at least in earlier interpretations they were both faithful - and any cheating is very much a "depending on the narrator" thing rather than an absolute hard fact (but then that applies to most of mythology).
Raz Bender
Raz Bender 2 kun oldin
Lore Olympus fans stan Hades x Persephone
Fif0l 2 kun oldin
I just found out the story of Zeus and Hera's marriage. That was horrible. Go read it. It almost makes him look very nice and respectful towards his lovers by comparison.
Inonge Simakumba
Inonge Simakumba 2 kun oldin
16:46 I guess you could say it's just a theory... *A MISCELLANEOUS THEORY!*
Eliza Edits
Eliza Edits 2 kun oldin
If you've ever read Percy Jackson, you'll know this scene: (This is roughly what happened) "He's too skinny. Honestly, what have you been feeding him?" -Demeter "Here she goes again.."-Persephone "HE NEEDS TO EaT CEREAL!"-Demeter "Mum!"-Persephone" *Later* "I'm hungry. What's for breakfast?"-Persephone "Cereal."-Demeter "MUM-"
Lissa Quon
Lissa Quon 3 kun oldin
My brain is having a hard time working this. But this feels like a maiden/mother/crone thing. Hades/Poseidon - fathers the maiden- Demeter is the mother and he marries Dispoina/Persephone- the crone so to speak. So they could just be facets of elements of life death and rebirth that got pared down into separate gods. Maybe?
Person Name
Person Name 3 kun oldin
In a nutshell hades is the only of the three brother which the unchanged story is better then what media likes to portray now a days.
Luigi Diana
Luigi Diana 3 kun oldin
Hades and Persephone: the only kinda functional couple Modern pop culture: HADES IS BAD, HE KIDNAPPED,RAPED AND FORCED HER TO BE THE QUEEN OF THE UNDERWORLD, CANCEL HADES1!!!!11!1111!!!1!!!!!1!1!
Person Name
Person Name 3 kun oldin
Zeus and Poseidon: *nervous sweating*
Kambria Delaney
Kambria Delaney 3 kun oldin
People just need to try and put themselves in the mind set of the og consumers
Mettaton’s Agent
Mettaton’s Agent 3 kun oldin
-And that’s why I finally went and bought Hades and played it
That one Percy Jackson fan
That one Percy Jackson fan 3 kun oldin
never thought true love Existed: Persephone and Hades. I stand corrected .
Supreme commander Drak
Supreme commander Drak 3 kun oldin
Hmmm. Reads “Lore Olympus,” gets recommended this. Coincidence? I think not!
Dank_Smirk 2nd Channel
Dank_Smirk 2nd Channel 3 kun oldin
Modern Persephone: Innocent flower girl. Kiddnapped (sort of) by Hades. Goddess of spring and fluffy bunnies. Ancient Persephone: Yog-Sottoth. Existed before most of the Greek gods. Say her name and you’ll die.
lil nas x Burger
lil nas x Burger 3 kun oldin
I remember this one book I read with hades and Persephone (I don’t remember the name but it was essentially Trojan war but a comedy) and it portrayed hades as NOT a bad guy. He was actually pretty chill.
eroorefuluf oo
eroorefuluf oo 3 kun oldin
i'm gonna create a mystery cult around how the prophet muhammed and jesus are the same people and see what historians in 2000 years from now get mixed up about abrahamic religions
Site Director Astarte Snowfall
Site Director Astarte Snowfall 3 kun oldin
PANDA GAMING 3 kun oldin
can we just take a moment to appreciate how long this video this is, thank you
Mohammed Yousef
Mohammed Yousef Kun oldin
The loki video is even longer
BluFudge CrispyRice
BluFudge CrispyRice 3 kun oldin
There was a really cute webcomic about the romance between Persephone and Hades.
Tserof Skcuol
Tserof Skcuol 3 kun oldin
Hmmmm... Loki's daughter, Queen of the dead, I wonder if the Queen of the dead is older then Greek and nordic mythologies?
Doctor Death Defying
Doctor Death Defying 3 kun oldin
Persephone wanted to go to the underworld to escape her mom and Hades was like ‘ye sure.’ They fell in love down there, where she immediately ate the pomegranate. (One third for late fall/winter) Demeter, who wasn’t invited to the wedding, storms down because she learned from Hermes and yells at the two. Persephone and Hades didn’t want to leave each other, but he said it was all good for a bit. He comes up on earth to chill with her during spring (that’s April cause rain). Demeter changed the story to make Hades the villain because she couldn’t believe her daughter had a better relationship than she did.
Doctor Death Defying
Doctor Death Defying 37 daqiqa oldin
@I’m mildly Bored. Apologies. , read basically a fan fiction series where Hades told all the Greek myths. That’s how they told it, I know it’s wrong
I’m mildly Bored. Apologies.
I’m mildly Bored. Apologies. 5 soat oldin
no… this is just… wrong in every sense like legit goes against every source we have lmao
naturewerewolf girl
naturewerewolf girl 3 kun oldin
What if the mom told the boy to kidnap the daughter
naturewerewolf girl
naturewerewolf girl 3 kun oldin
I mean this jokely because my mom said this jokely
Cyra _The _Jedi
Cyra _The _Jedi 3 kun oldin
So I’m not the only one who likes Hades and hates Zeus... Good.
James Mortimer
James Mortimer 3 kun oldin
Hades, the original lawfull chad allignment
Powerhouse616 3 kun oldin
Ahem.... F*** ZEUS
Aaron Dichoso
Aaron Dichoso 3 kun oldin
So Hades was just clingy to his goth gf
The scrapb0ok
The scrapb0ok 3 kun oldin
ok so just for kicks I researched each of the male gods in the main 12 to see if any of them other than Hades weren't disgusting, and there was one. One god whose relationships were never explicitly described as non-consensual *in the sources I could find*. This god was, I kid you not, Ares.
Xid Javier
Xid Javier 4 kun oldin
Fun fact ovid told the villainouse versions of the gods cause he was exiled
Ocular Galaxy
Ocular Galaxy 4 kun oldin
If you want a bit more modern twist on the "Kidnapping" of Persephone, read Lore Olympus it's a comic on Webtoon and it's amazing as a fan of Greek Mythology it's one of my favorite renditions of the whole Hades and Persephone dealio.
bubble ross
bubble ross 4 kun oldin
omg i hate how you pronounce zeus damn it irritates me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
TheDancerMacabre 4 kun oldin
What's the muffled song @17:30
TheDancerMacabre Kun oldin
@Ridhima _ OHHH! It sounded so familiar. I blame Box Box for this.
Ridhima _
Ridhima _ 3 kun oldin
take a hint from victorious
Lazeh Boiyo
Lazeh Boiyo 4 kun oldin
I havr a feeling that Hades kidnapping Persephone started the eloped couple trope in romance genre albeit no kidnapping and more saying fuck you to the parents.
michael pickett
michael pickett 4 kun oldin
Conspiracy: What if Persephone is the Snow Queen lol.
David McLaren
David McLaren 4 kun oldin
if I'm correct i might be wrong but didn't hades cheated once with a chick named minthe who was sent by Demeter but Persephone stomped her out but ma more metal and my favorite version is Persephone has dead people hold her down as she ran over her with hades' chariot
Andrew S
Andrew S 4 kun oldin
I sure love being a modern christian and having the historical context to separate satan from other underworld gods, in the bible he isn't really all that much of an underworld god (or like, a god at all), he's more a corrupter/general evil figure, his underworld "duties" are downplayed and eventually revoked entirely along with his regular powers. Actually knowing source texts and following said religion really helps you to separate reality from fiction, and judge things based on their own merit.
Healer Of Sorrows
Healer Of Sorrows 4 kun oldin
I forgot she sings at the end of videos and now I want to watch every one just to hear her sing at the end
Daniel Lawrence
Daniel Lawrence 4 kun oldin
The Yoshi noise when you swear was so subtle but also so distracting, I had to rewatch some parts to make sure I was hearing it.
pinkhairedrat xo
pinkhairedrat xo 4 kun oldin
Song: Let it Snow Me: *pfffffffff*
Fede 4 kun oldin
The humidity of the ocean brings out the fertility of the earth. Maybe Poseidon as king of the ocean was Persephone's father originally, and left the Underworld to Hades as Persephone's husband? And his figure was created as HER king, as such he is more passive, because his power comes from her? This is a crack theory
Salvador Espinoza
Salvador Espinoza 4 kun oldin
Do we know better now thou?
Paul James
Paul James 4 kun oldin
Wait, I don't know if anyone else has said this, but I thought Ishtar isn't a Indo-European god, she's a Semitic god because she's from Mesopotamia right? Maybe I'm misremembering, but wouldn't that mean Persephone's descent and ascension from the Underworld a borrowing, like Aphrodite? Not that Persephone as a god is a borrowing, but her chthonic journey is.
Cameron Holman
Cameron Holman 4 kun oldin
If anyone's looking for the song/music at 18:37, it's Waltz No 2 by Shostakovich.
Schylar Cook
Schylar Cook 4 kun oldin
They have the best relationship and I have loved them for so long 😭💜
Emma Iadicola
Emma Iadicola 4 kun oldin
Why the only one who realized Persephone married her own uncle? Now that is next tier sweet home Alabama
TheDancerMacabre 4 kun oldin
All of the Gods were incestuous in some way.
6dig-S 61
6dig-S 61 4 kun oldin
*when the ruler of the underworld is one of the least terrible people in Greek Mythology*
shadowreaperjb 4 kun oldin
Could it be the Mycenaean Greece had a even more severe paranoia about death and only wrote of hades in a way that referenced a less scary deity, ie poseidon or persephone.
PrinceJarming 5 kun oldin
So in the version where Posidon and Demeter are Persphone's parents the whole splitting her time between the two of them just sounds like joint custody between two divorced parents
Worth, The Shiner
Worth, The Shiner 5 kun oldin
Hephaestus...? Was he good?
Worth, The Shiner
Worth, The Shiner 2 kun oldin
@YesThatMousyIris you may be correct
YesThatMousyIris 2 kun oldin
I think Hestia and Hecate are they only ones that haven't caused trouble.
Worth, The Shiner
Worth, The Shiner 4 kun oldin
@The Britlanders Goddamn it
The Britlanders
The Britlanders 4 kun oldin
Sorry to say this, but he attempted to umm... "force himself" onto Athena.
Estefani Reyes
Estefani Reyes 5 kun oldin
I wish i could've gotten the pin but sadly they were limited edition
Tserof Skcuol
Tserof Skcuol 5 kun oldin
16:50 Really makes me think Ancient Sumeria, If Anki represents Poseidon, And Enlil represented Zeus, Then it would also make sense for anki to represents Haitis as well
Mohammed Yousef
Mohammed Yousef Kun oldin
Explain please?
Em Beboso
Em Beboso 5 kun oldin
Hades: I want Persephone to be my wife. Can I kidnap her? Zeus: Of course you can! Hades: kidnaps Persephone Society: HADES IS SATAN!!11!
Alexander Chippel
Alexander Chippel 5 kun oldin
So Hades is Zeus's brother. And Zeus is Persephone's father. Actually considering how bad some relationships were it's still far from the worst.
Fraxxxi 5 kun oldin
“Except you aren’t a villain,” I said. Dark, dark eyes turned to me. The fire popped and crackled. “Granted, I’m basing that on the classical tales,” I said. “Which could be so much folklore, or which could have left out a lot of details or wandered off the truth in that much time. But you aren’t the Greek version of the Devil.” “You’d hardly think so from the television,” Hades said mildly. “TV rarely does the original stories justice,” I said. “But the stories bear out that you might not be such an awful person. I mean, your brothers got up to all kinds of shenanigans. Like, utterly dysfunctional shenanigans. Turning into a bull and seducing a virgin? How jaded do you have to be for that to sound like fun?” “Careful,” Hades said, very, very gently. “I do not deny anything you say-but they are, after all, family.” “Yeah, uh, right,” I said. “Well. My point is that they each had a sphere of responsibility of their own, and yet they seemed to spend a lot of time maybe neglecting that responsibility-which is not my place to judge, sure, but such a judgment might not be without supporting evidence.” Hades flicked a few fingers in acknowledgment of my statement. “But the thing is, there’s no stories about you doing that. The others could sometimes show capricious temper and did some pretty painful things to people. You didn’t. You had a reputation for justice, and never for cruelty. Except for that . . . that thing with your wife, maybe.” Fire reflected very brightly in his dark eyes. “How I stole Persephone, you mean?” “Did you?” I asked. And regretted it almost immediately. For a second, I wanted very badly to know a spell that would let me melt through the floor in a quivering puddle of please-don’t-kill-me. Hades stared at me for a long, intense period of silence and then breathed out something that might have been an extremely refined snort from his nose and sipped more wine. “She came of her own will. Her mother failed to cope. Empty-nest syndrome.” I leaned forward, fascinated despite myself. “Seriously? And . . . the pomegranate seeds thing?” “Something of a political fiction,” Hades said. “Hecate’s idea, and my brother ran with it. As a compromise, no one came away from it happy.” “That’s supposedly the mark of a good compromise,” I said. Hades grimaced and said, “It was necessary at the time.” “The stories don’t record it quite that way,” I said. “I seem to recall Hecate leading Demeter in search of Persephone.” That comment won a flash of white, white teeth. “That much is certainly true. Hecate led Demeter around. And around and around. It was her wedding present to us.” I blinked slowly at that notion. “A honeymoon free of your mother-in-law.” “Worth more than gold or jewels,” Hades said.
Jonathan Jernigan
Jonathan Jernigan 5 kun oldin
I absolutely adore the art in this video
CodingMonster 5 kun oldin
When red says even that one when I am thinking of Athena and Artemis
Jacob Hoeft
Jacob Hoeft 5 kun oldin
I've watched this video like 6 times since it came out. My D&D pantheon has warped itself around the idea that Persephone is known as the Dread Queen. Hades is just the lord of the underworld, she brings the subjects.
beccatron 5 kun oldin
yeah webcomics seem to love the Hades and Persephone story as that tends to get adapted a lot in webcomic form outside of Lore Olympus. And another weird webcomic thing is Zeus doing the awful Zeus thing is frequently portrayed as a curse set on him by Gaia.
Cultist of unn
Cultist of unn 5 kun oldin
Greek mythology is a fanfic I will fight you for that cause you know it’s true they had ship wars for gods sake those writers spat some fire for the ships
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