Legends Summarized: The Journey To The West (Part VIII)

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Journey to the West Kai, episode 5: Fishy Business and Mountaineering Madness!
Danger! Intrigue! Sandy fights a carp! Pigsy gets two makeovers! Monkey reunites with several old frenemies, and Tripitaka gets less screentime than the horse!
(merry christmas)
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Nicole Cai
Nicole Cai 5 soat oldin
my dad actually told me there's a legit theory that Pigsy's this agent planted by the Jade Emperor - long story. Basically daoism vs buddhism - to sabotage the journey because of how useless he is
Kuzco Mufasa
Kuzco Mufasa 8 soat oldin
I Just Binge Watch This Whole Serious And I Need The Next Episode Released Expeditiously
Drasilvos 17 soat oldin
Omg I thought I got to the end I've been binging this series and it isn't even over God damn it's like an amazing D&D campaign! I Need More!
IamR Banx
IamR Banx 20 soat oldin
This channel has The BEST summary of JTTW
SpaceRoad 21 soat oldin
1:00 Every year!? How long has the goldfish been gone for?
insomniac Kun oldin
omg I love this series and the story it's so funny and yet so good very entertaining
Leah D
Leah D Kun oldin
Okay but I really like how the demon king looks this time. And he actually seems smart and some what reasonable. (The rhino one)
Varthal Gamekiin
Varthal Gamekiin 2 kun oldin
Can we please get Red and Blue some kind of movie deal for this? This is awesome! I literally have less than no money and I would still pay to see that movie!
Marcel Nesbitt
Marcel Nesbitt 2 kun oldin
Sssssoooooo you just stopped making videos of this or what?
Ba Ba
Ba Ba 2 kun oldin
There is a lego theme about a monkie kid now
Tenshi Akuma
Tenshi Akuma 2 kun oldin
Wait a minute, if the gold fish king was kuan yin’s gold fish who she lost for one day, how did they sacrifice 2 children per year?
Jack Donaldson
Jack Donaldson 2 kun oldin
When’s the next Journey to the West video
Funky Joe
Funky Joe 2 kun oldin
CrystalOtaku93 2 kun oldin
"Careful hes learning" Isnt that a good thing?
Christian Jiang
Christian Jiang 2 kun oldin
Lol imagine being a Buddhist and having Buddha in ur stories, as if we did “He went to Jesus home and Jesus was like yo jeez bro”
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 3 kun oldin
Monkey really is the main character of the story.
Haohao Zheng
Haohao Zheng 2 kun oldin
Monkey is way more talented than the Master.
DoobieKong 3 kun oldin
on last time of The Journey to the west. Virginia acted to micky and now goo go and christian stewart must fight.
Gindranis 3 kun oldin
Did we skip the all female kingdom or are we gonna get to that politically charged tale?
Haohao Zheng
Haohao Zheng 2 kun oldin
Female Kingdom followed this one.
AbZhz101 handle
AbZhz101 handle 4 kun oldin
I honestly cannot wait for the end. Where the number of problems these people have had to deal with becomes extremely significant.
Greese s
Greese s 4 kun oldin
so, Sun Wukong assembled the Jadestice league of heavenly spirits?
Sarah O'Brien
Sarah O'Brien 4 kun oldin
Hey Red, do you have recommendations of a version of journey to the west that is good for kids? My cousin who is in 4th grade loves the Netflix show about journey to the west, and I want to get her the book.
Haohao Zheng
Haohao Zheng 2 kun oldin
English translation of the original novel can be found online.
Eduardo D'Abruzzo
Eduardo D'Abruzzo 5 kun oldin
Are there gone be more episodes of this?
Fellowsoliderofchrist 22
Fellowsoliderofchrist 22 5 kun oldin
I wonder if they run into a demon who just takes one look at them and say nope
Mekhi Buford
Mekhi Buford 6 kun oldin
When does sun wukong meet the six eared macaque
Haohao Zheng
Haohao Zheng 2 kun oldin
After the Female Kingdom
Angus Z
Angus Z 7 kun oldin
can't wait to see what happens next
SomeNerd Hk
SomeNerd Hk 7 kun oldin
The next episode is gonna be EPIC. The Empire of Women is one of my favourite tales from Journey to the West. Spoilers: They drink from the well of fertility and give birth to babies.
LiliGirl_Gacha 7 kun oldin
Am I the only one who feels like Monkey is like the only character making any development?
Haohao Zheng
Haohao Zheng 2 kun oldin
Monkey made the greatest contribution. In the original novel (in Chinese), he was sometimes referred to as lead and Pig was referred to as mercury. These two together with “yellow dame” (Sandy as the moderator of lead and mercury) are basic elements of immortality pills in the context of ancient Taoist alchemical teachings.
LAZZY B Barry 5 kun oldin
no, and is that a bad thing?
Illusion Fox
Illusion Fox 8 kun oldin
cant monkey just fly there
Mielus 8 kun oldin
More please.
lapeace _
lapeace _ 9 kun oldin
Wukong can just shapeshift into a water creature every time they have to fight in any bodies of water but that's not an option, I guess???
LAZZY B Barry 4 kun oldin
@lapeace _ fine, your right
lapeace _
lapeace _ 4 kun oldin
@LAZZY B Barry He is the powerful Sun Wukong _and_ he is not alone. Pigsy and Sandy can fight for the team but a greater possibility would present itself with the presence of Sun Wukong in the battlefield. Anyway, the point is, for Sun Wukong, shapeshifting into a water creature is in fact, a viable solution. But for some reason, it's either he did not thought of that or perhaps he can't. That's the premise of my original question because posing as a water creature is a good option and it's not like Sun Wukong cannot make this a possibility considering his strength and reputation. This is a monkey who was able to toy with the gods on heaven. Battling a demon using a different shape should not be a problem. Even his stick is from an underwater god.
LAZZY B Barry 4 kun oldin
@lapeace _ your right, but it's an octopus vs A WATER DEMON
lapeace _
lapeace _ 5 kun oldin
@LAZZY B Barry an octopus and a giant squid have 8 appendages. A giant squid can cause harm in water.
LAZZY B Barry 5 kun oldin
you try being a fish with NO HANDS trying carry a poll that weights more then 17,000 POUNDS
Embee 10 kun oldin
Also, can I just say that the way you draw Tripitaka and Wu Kong really makes me ship them
Little N
Little N 5 kun oldin
@Embee For starters, the webtoon is practically a sequel to (a very dark and disturbing version of) JttW. Though the main character is (major spoilers) Sun Wukong himself, the story doesn't get into that until much later so if you wanna get into it, I hope you are into action/martial arts comics.
Embee 5 kun oldin
I will definitely look up 'God of Highschool' BtW
Embee 5 kun oldin
@Little N oh I definitely don't mind genderbending. I just love these characters in any form. I was looking up 'works inspired by journey to the west' earlier trying to find anything. If you guys can think of any other works with a 'tripxwukong' dynamic genderbent or not I'd love to hear them!!
Little N
Little N 6 kun oldin
If you don't mind genderbending and want more of this ship, I recommend God of Highschool webtoon.
Tim Tran
Tim Tran 6 kun oldin
@Embee there r multiple movies gender bending Tripitaka into a woman and have the 2 in a relationship (but it does cause a lot of controversy). Dragon Ball also sort of does this. Inuyasha is another one (Kagome is Tripi and Inuyasha is Wukong). But many also ship them as a gay ship, but that's more criticized becoz, u know, homophobia lol. Many believe making them gay disrespects these deities (since they're still worshipped as Taoist gods in many places).
hayden fields
hayden fields 10 kun oldin
this reminds me of Dragonball GT(I know dragonball is based on this but it reminds me of GT specifically).
Ender Archer
Ender Archer 10 kun oldin
No, go back I want to be NINJA MONKEY PONCH STICK MAN
PeterLiuIsBeast 11 kun oldin
The turtle will be semi-important later on.
Brendan Yuki
Brendan Yuki 11 kun oldin
But next time never came
Rogerthat YT
Rogerthat YT 13 kun oldin
Part 9 please !!
Nepter Nephylim
Nepter Nephylim 14 kun oldin
Eddwardo Chesterfield
Eddwardo Chesterfield 14 kun oldin
When do they ever make it to the West? How many voyages are left in this journey?
Haohao Zheng
Haohao Zheng 8 kun oldin
Around 50% is left or 70% if skipped stories are taken into account.
deng danielle
deng danielle 9 kun oldin
jonnieboykeys 14 kun oldin
when she said "without the filler." then took five years to make 8 episodes
Ethan Karp
Ethan Karp 15 kun oldin
Wow, when I started bingeing this earlier today I didn't think it'd still have more to come.
Tim Kramar
Tim Kramar 16 kun oldin
Is this a Chinese legend or Japanese legend? I've not heard of it.
deng danielle
deng danielle 11 kun oldin
Meghan Henderson
Meghan Henderson 16 kun oldin
Will Pigsy learn his lesson? Will Tripitaka's luck with rivers and mountains improve? No. Not at all.
AestheticGigi 17 kun oldin
I am so glad I watched this. Thank you Lego Monkie Kid.
sapphire kuran
sapphire kuran 18 kun oldin
Oh wow I thought this was finished ages ago....turns out still going xD daaamn
PurpleShadow0820 18 kun oldin
Wow I can't believe I've been watching this for over 5 years now who would have thought Man overly sarcastic Productions should be proud of themselves their content is so good it's been keeping me here for over 5 years
Hydragon Z.B.
Hydragon Z.B. 18 kun oldin
(Monkey King draws a circle for safety) SpongeBob: huh who knew circles can protect you from more things than a sea bear
No I won't sign your Armpit
No I won't sign your Armpit 18 kun oldin
Wait, doesn't the first Demon's backstory imply that Quan Yin didn't notice her pet was missing for several years?
No I won't sign your Armpit
No I won't sign your Armpit 10 kun oldin
@Haohao Zheng Ohh okay, thanks for the elaboration.
Haohao Zheng
Haohao Zheng 10 kun oldin
One day at Quan Yin’s place represents a year in the world where the journey took place.
ธนาเดช ศุภนัทนพร
ธนาเดช ศุภนัทนพร 19 kun oldin
“ *I AM THE BONE OF MY STAFF!* “ -Sun wu Kong
DTMDG 19 kun oldin
Ok since we're waiting for the next video, I'll put down a spoiler possibly the greatest challenge of Journey to the West ... ... ... There are many demons wanting to kill and eat Tripitaka, most of the challenges are demons related to heaven and threats to his life. But the greatest challenge comes from an ordinary person, with no intention of killing or eating him, no relations to heavens. Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy and all gods have no methods to stop or help Tripitaka as he has to face this challenge himself. If you watch the live-action, that episode is considered to be the most heart-breaking....
Nana The Spinel ink demon hybrid
Nana The Spinel ink demon hybrid 19 kun oldin
12:30 the best gag of the series has returned!!!!!! 🤣😂
Snow-Wing 19 kun oldin
I finally realized that Inuyasha is based of off The monkey king.
Harald Emerson
Harald Emerson 19 kun oldin
Sun Wukong: Son Goku Tripitaka: Krillin Sandy: Piccolo Pigsy: Gohan Dragon horse: Shenron, maybe? Seriously, The similarities are mind numbing.
Tim Tran
Tim Tran 6 kun oldin
The Japanese name for Son Goku is literally the exact same as Sun Wukong, just pronounced differently. The influence should be quite obvious lol
João Marcos Barbosa Silva
João Marcos Barbosa Silva 17 kun oldin
Pigsy is oolong, the journey to the west theming was way stronger on Dragon Ball IIRC.
Alex Palango
Alex Palango 20 kun oldin
If Son Goku is modeled after Son Wukong, does that mean Krillin is modeled after Tripataka? And DOES THAT MEAN OOLONG IS PIGSY?
Lord Oz0ne
Lord Oz0ne 20 kun oldin
ittybittyrynnie 21 kun oldin
honestly, i adore sun’s character development.
Mackenzie Beeney
Mackenzie Beeney 21 kun oldin
This spinning wheel has like three things on it doesn’t it? River, mountain, demon.
Gwafa Hazid
Gwafa Hazid 22 kun oldin
Apparently there have been recent updates to shrimp canon and they actually see fewer colors than us. They have more colors receptors than us because they don't have the brain power to blend colors and need a different receptor for each one they can see, ultimately resulting in them seeing fewer than us big brain primates who can blend the results of our fewer color receptors to perceive a greater range of color.
GoogleStoleMyAnonymity 23 kun oldin
Best anime ever
INFERNO LORD 23 kun oldin
Where is the next episode, I need my journey to the West fix
Gilly8890 23 kun oldin
Over halfway there!
Akis A
Akis A 24 kun oldin
7:15 Monkey knows about the bear fish attacks, so he's come prepared
K J 24 kun oldin
"GOLDFISH learned CRIMES" Is one of the best sentences ever
Μαυρουδη Βοριδης
Μαυρουδη Βοριδης 25 kun oldin
I remember seeing the show when I was little in national television and because it was badly translated to Greek and all the voice acting was bad half of the stories were incomprehensible
Seraphim 25 kun oldin
I’ve realized that I really relate to Sun Wukong A L O T .
Blake Daniel
Blake Daniel 25 kun oldin
"How can a circle on the ground protect them from anything?" Im getting some serious anti sea bear circle vibes.
Valkyrie Rain
Valkyrie Rain 26 kun oldin
*He's becoming self aware*
Greatbar 26 kun oldin
love how easy you make it sound lao tsu (think thats right) to beat the demon this episode
Felix Weingardt
Felix Weingardt 26 kun oldin
13:43 The face Buddha makes is just so Blue
Hello I'm Jordan
Hello I'm Jordan 26 kun oldin
While the Fate franchise may have turned Xuanzang into a girl, tbh her personality really fits what I’ve been seeing here.
Hello I'm Jordan
Hello I'm Jordan 26 kun oldin
You could play a drinking game for how many times Wukong solves everything.
Pandaand TheGecko
Pandaand TheGecko 27 kun oldin
The CCCP will exist by the time they go west
Pandaand TheGecko
Pandaand TheGecko 27 kun oldin
Where the hell have they traveled to?
The Yeti
The Yeti 29 kun oldin
I legit found a old hallmark mini series based on this. They call the pig demon "Pigsy" too.The Lost Empire
Ian Plocki
Ian Plocki 29 kun oldin
Monkey: No one move! I'm going to draw an anti-seabear circle in the dirt. Five minutes late... Pigsy: A dirt circle isn't going to do anything!
James Anderson
James Anderson Oy oldin
Isn't... There a spongebob episode??? With this plot??????
Em Beboso
Em Beboso Oy oldin
(gasp) "Oh dude! Do you still have that really sassy 12 year old?"
Not Player2000
Not Player2000 Oy oldin
Were is 9
Ashleigh Tompkins
Ashleigh Tompkins Oy oldin
I love how Pigsy's immediate reaction to anything attacking him is to thwack it with his rake
ebrdsht Oy oldin
Isn't it neat that the creation of this series is turning out to be nearly as long as the journey in the story? It's like, thematic and ironic or something! Seriously though, the Pigsy redesign and touch ups in this are soo good Red
3ThreeHeadedMonkey Oy oldin
I love these.
Robert Ghantous
Robert Ghantous Oy oldin
I just wanted to clean something up Red, the complete journey took around 14 years or so from what I could fine, we aren’t going to have to wait 14 years as well to get the complete story are we 😏.... just curious love you guys and your context. 🥰
Yik Long Tay
Yik Long Tay Oy oldin
Step one for being a competent demon. Eat the monk IMMEDIATELY.
GORIK kodak
GORIK kodak Oy oldin
Oh my god plz no make some more king man what is wrong with u .
Animation Park
Animation Park Oy oldin
All this time 13:33 monkey could have done that 🤣
floricel_112 Oy oldin
so what I've learned from this is that the monkey king is best boy, everyone should listen to him when he says something and not the goddamn pig, and that Guan Yin is a badass not to be trifled with
floricel_112 Oy oldin
also that I absolutely DESPISE the daoist pantheon with how bureaucreatic it is
SMB superfan
SMB superfan Oy oldin
Just remember everyone: After they get to the west, they gotta go back to the east... just saying.
Yik Long Tay
Yik Long Tay Oy oldin
If I remembered correctly, after reaching the scriptures, they blitz back at a breakneck speed with with very few incidences. I guess you can avoid all the demon BS if you retrace your steps through all of areas you pacified
yellow flower Baer owo
yellow flower Baer owo Oy oldin
Sorry but is there going to be more? I really like the narration
logan bravener
logan bravener Oy oldin
7:02 JoJo
Charlotte Foote
Charlotte Foote Oy oldin
There is a new seris on Netflix called the new legends of the monkey. It looks like it's based on a The journey to the west. Will let people know how if its good
Master of Pockets
Master of Pockets Oy oldin
I can't stop thinking about Spongebob considering Monkey drew an anti-sea-bear circle and then the gang got abducted by a rhinoceros-demon who I'm choosing to believe is a sea-rhinoceros.
sir andrew aguecheek
sir andrew aguecheek Oy oldin
my mother once refered to nezha as "meat boy" and i cannot stop thinking about whenever he's brought up in these videos
KatakiDoragon Oy oldin
Monkey: -turns into a shrimp- Nerites: First time?
The Corpse Bride Emily
The Corpse Bride Emily Oy oldin
Have they really known each other for 8 years at this point???
Vivian Kovisto
Vivian Kovisto Oy oldin
I’M SO EXCITED FOR EP. 9!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samantha Lott
Samantha Lott Oy oldin
You convinced me to get the book😁 cant wait for the next video
Castrik NM
Castrik NM Oy oldin
Our lesson for today everybody: watch your pets, they might be planning to escape and take over the world
Aveline Venter
Aveline Venter Oy oldin
How do all these demons know how tasty Tripitaka is or how eating him will give them special powers (immortality, youth etc.)? Is someone advertising it?
Crystal Moreno
Crystal Moreno Oy oldin
So the compatible falls for the monkey and the posse have been a fish and a bulls¿.... 😮
Lucid Oy oldin
Pigzi is Literally the inciting incident every time!!! Edit: never mind 15:30 you have beaten me to it
Oblivious Flyer
Oblivious Flyer Oy oldin
Hell tripitaka's face when sun says "buddah says hi!!" is amazing. hes probably confused on how a god-like psycho monkey king knows the best man with the universe in the palm of his hand, buddah
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