Legends Summarized: The Poetic Edda

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For another cool legend, check this out: uzpost.info/vision/video/bsehmNehrGmxfWA.html
Norse mythology, baby!
The stories covered here are: Völuspa, Vafthrudnismol, Grimnismol, Skirnismol, Harbardsljod, Hymiskvitha, Thrymskvitha, and Lokasenna. Sorry if your favorite isn't included; cheer yourself up with the fact that Thor wears a wedding dress in this one.
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Alisa 18 soat oldin
8:48 is Loki wearing fishnet sockings-
Xman34 19 soat oldin
Giant called Ymir *did it release a chicken*
Daniel Chan
Daniel Chan Kun oldin
you know... elder scrolls VI: Hammerfell is comming soon...
Anthony Hayes
Anthony Hayes 2 kun oldin
I swear, Loki is just Peeves from Harry Potter
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 2 kun oldin
7:42 She was probably joking. Which is hilarious
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 2 kun oldin
5:35 So THAT'S where the genre started.
Rodney Ironcock
Rodney Ironcock 3 kun oldin
Icelandic words are pretty easy to pronounce, tbh, once you understand the system. Unlike German or African languages, they really don’t have any mouth sounds we don’t use in English. And your pronunciations weren’t that bad Except, it isn’t “eye-zer,” it’s closer to “ess-ear,” or “ass-ear.” For the word Æsir. Æ is like in between an “A” sound and an “E” sound.
First Last
First Last 3 kun oldin
Okay, here's the thing: Loki's procession of disses and insults was in the form of Flyting, what could basically be called Nordic Insult Wordplay. Yes, the Norse did that, they composed lengthy pun-filled insults that often drive scholars to drink because without proper context, it's had to tell what the person doing the Flyte is talking about. Look, the winters were long in the lands of the Norse, so they had a lot of time with which to craft god-tier Dad jokes that mocked their enemies. Assassin's Creed Valhalla does nothing to give these works justice. The point is, Loki's insults weren't random, you just had to be deeply immersed in Norse culture to understand them. For example, one of the gods insulted was a god of a specific sea, and the insult shot at him was "The daughters of giants piss in your mouth", which just sounds weird to us, but the 'Giants' in question were mountains (named after giants), the 'Daughters' were rivers whose sources were in those mountains (Named for the daughters of said giants), and these two rivers emptied out into the same bay, that god's 'Mouth'. So, on the one hand, it's a terrible insult, on the other it's a perfectly accurate description of the local geography.
Rebecca Forshaw
Rebecca Forshaw 13 soat oldin
Things make so much sense now that I have the proper context, thank you!!
Filipe Vasconcelos
Filipe Vasconcelos 3 kun oldin
I'm laughing my ass off at 2AM, i just fucking can't with these dude's fucking antics
Ian Tarry
Ian Tarry 3 kun oldin
A bit of a western centric world view. I'd be amazed if especially Chinese mythology and probably Japanese and Indian aren't studied at least as much as Greek if not more.... 🤔
Andre Jackson
Andre Jackson 3 kun oldin
Thor at the beginning of the video: who would mistake ME for a woman? Freya: yeah....who, indeed...
Kerosin 3 kun oldin
Who needs Thor to be a woman? Just get Chris hemsworth to wear a dress marvel it would make everyone’s decade
Jarrod Uland
Jarrod Uland 4 kun oldin
I thought it was a missletoe arrow
Comrade Nikita
Comrade Nikita 4 kun oldin
Moral of the story: *don't piss of the æsir*
Cookies S
Cookies S 5 kun oldin
You’re wrong marcel is correct now stop spreading lies
*.•StarCloud•.* 7 kun oldin
The mythological Superwholock (bear with me here): Greek mythology is Dr. Who, obviously, as it is the largest and most popular. Egyptian mythology is Sherlock, simply because they have that vibe, yknow? And finally, Norse mythology is Supernatural, i.e. the one that’s pure drunken chaos.
senselocke 7 kun oldin
"Do you have any fours" - "I DON'T KNOW!". I peed. Just a squort, mind you, but enough that I hadda take a shower. So... *shower scene!*
Jason Berryman
Jason Berryman 7 kun oldin
Norse mythology is a lot more fun and chill then Greek mythology asides from the whole end of the world thing
Wesley Molt
Wesley Molt 9 kun oldin
One does have to wonder how Loki managed to turn a vine into a spear hard enough to kill someone
Tarkrisha Blue
Tarkrisha Blue 11 kun oldin
my man loki
Cosmic 17 kun oldin
Dane gang!
Nova Mercury
Nova Mercury 17 kun oldin
Can you imagine if marvel brought in Greek mythology
Larson Davidson
Larson Davidson 9 kun oldin
They have. The Greek Gods have been around in Marvel comics for quite a while, Hercules is even a veteran Avengers member. And Russel Crowe is apparently playing Zeus in the new Thor movie.
Der Igel
Der Igel 17 kun oldin
I like your Loki.
galemygg 18 kun oldin
"leave your marvel based assumptions at the door there".. continues to call the jotun frost giants... sigh...
Gormathius Nightstrider
Gormathius Nightstrider 21 kun oldin
1:57 If you held me at gunpoint forcing me to pick a favourite bit from the entire Legends Summarised series, I'd pick that one before the gun left the holster.
Icarus's bungee cord
Icarus's bungee cord 21 kun oldin
@12:20 loki attemps to escape the aesier by employing self-care
ladyvoldything 21 kun oldin
i'm so stressed by how fast she talks
BloodiedShingle 21 kun oldin
The tale of crossing the river: Hairy man without goats meets ferryman with a boat.
kingbeauregard 21 kun oldin
About Heimdall being the "whitest" of gods ... Jackson Crawford (whose channel on all things Norse is worth your time) says that "whitest" can mean a few different things, and one of the possible meanings is "white-haired" (i.e., old). Personally, I think Heimdall makes sense if he's the oldest of gods. He allegedly fathered humanity, so that would put him near the beginning of things. It would also explain why he's a watchman rather than a roving ass-kicker, why he can come up with clever plans, and even why his eyesight and hearing are beyond compare (possibly a nod to how he's experienced enough that you can't get anything past him). Probably doesn't have the vigor of his youth, but makes up for it by knowing his job extremely well.
Delp4i 13
Delp4i 13 21 kun oldin
I am a no Norse Scholar, but the author has a huge amount of mispronounced words
Dr. Crazy
Dr. Crazy 22 kun oldin
I hate and love how you didn’t specify how Loki had to have sex with a horse just to get the horse that was carrying the giant’s rocks to build the wall, the giant asking for the sun and... uhhhh lady for wife.
Valeriano Costa
Valeriano Costa 22 kun oldin
"fun" fact, the rope that imprison Loki in the stone for eternity can't be broken because that's sadist of Odin made them out of Loki's sons guts and Loki can't broke them because he had promised them to never hurt them since they was the only non monster child he had, so he and his wife that keep the bowl to collect the poison of the snake, can't do anything at all to those restrain.
Connor Corsi
Connor Corsi 22 kun oldin
It's believed the ferryman was Odin. I guess he just wanted to prank Thor for some reason?
Rorington 22 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure Mjolnir is actually just to heavy for basically anyone to pick up, and Thor being the strongest Aesir (with help from Mejingjord [a belt that makes anyone wearing it stronger]) is the only one to use it because he's the only one strong enough to actually lift it (and the weight of it just makes it a fuck ton more dangerous than most any other weapon)
Alice Quinzel
Alice Quinzel 22 kun oldin
In Loki's defense... it's kind of hilarious.
Elija the cananite
Elija the cananite 23 kun oldin
Wait, so Odin, the God of Knowledge, knew exactly where to find Loki after he disappeared, but *didn't* know he killed Baldr in the first place?
Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson 23 kun oldin
At 3:07 the runes read “phone book”
Ian Yates
Ian Yates 23 kun oldin
Gonna have to go buy a "World's Best Horse Mom" mug now...
huggelion 25 kun oldin
thor did dress up as a woman and i think in some story's he could become one
Alexey Demidchenko
Alexey Demidchenko 27 kun oldin
"Mjolnir? I barely know 'er" - Loki
Brickmaster E
Brickmaster E 27 kun oldin
1:44 Wait so what does Audhumla do lmao
Milo Pall
Milo Pall 27 kun oldin
My personal favorite telling of the Baldur is dead myth is that Loki realizes what he did is wrong and is a sad boi, but some old mountain giantess whos the personification of sadness ir other doesnt. Ergo, Baldur dead and loki can stay the neutral guy
GeekGirl _Luv
GeekGirl _Luv 28 kun oldin
Red: “Loki is nowhere near as cute as Tom Hiddleston would have you believe” Also Red: draws Loki as an adorable smol gremlin boi
GeekGirl _Luv
GeekGirl _Luv 28 kun oldin
Plot twist- the missing pages contain a story in which one of the gods fucks up so hard that they straight up stole the pages to keep anyone from hearing about it
Mary McCann
Mary McCann 28 kun oldin
Red in 2015: Loki is not a misunderstood puppy dog. Red in 2021: ... Loki ''might'' be a misunderstood puppy dog.
Geraldine Lara
Geraldine Lara 29 kun oldin
i love how everything on their pantheon revolves around getting wasted and just fooling around
shadow raiden23
shadow raiden23 29 kun oldin
... Well now um ..
alfred lauridsen
alfred lauridsen Oy oldin
the vanir is like the proto indoeuropean gods and the aesir is the aryan gods brought by the indoeuropeans/aryans.
AlwaysinDanger Oy oldin
6:33 please tell me the first thing the ferryman says is a reference to The Avengers
Prophet Of Cthulhu
Prophet Of Cthulhu Oy oldin
How much do these guys drink? Yes.
LessCommonKnowledge Oy oldin
Let’s do get help. No I hate get help is humiliating. Do you have a better idea? 8:41
Holden Boekelman
Holden Boekelman Oy oldin
Greek greek greek is best (I'm saying this in a singing voice like a war song)
Earl Smith
Earl Smith Oy oldin
Thank you very much for this video. I had (and still have) the same two books that Red mentions at the beginning. 😊
RayzerSun Oy oldin
U forgot the part where Loki disguised himself as mare to woo the giant's horse away from helping him. Then he returned with his... son, Sleipnir. How he "found" it he was too embarrassed to say
coconut guy Christiansen fleksnes
coconut guy Christiansen fleksnes Oy oldin
Red trying to pronounce Ægir: eyeGiR
DJwoof937 Oy oldin
"that sounds like something a poor person would say!" is something i use on a weekly basis.
Scilla Blue
Scilla Blue Oy oldin
I can't get over Loki's 'World's best horse mum'-mug.
justinin trump
justinin trump Oy oldin
6:44 was the ferryman 12?
Xarena Not my real name
Xarena Not my real name Oy oldin
I feel like the ferry man was Loki in disguise on a bored day.
Animefan764 Oy oldin
No one can convince me that the ferryman wasn't Loki.
Nobody Broda
Nobody Broda Oy oldin
...I know its modern but the ideas gotta be similar...why didn't Loki's wife just hold an umbrella over him instead of a bowl?
vand jokke
vand jokke Oy oldin
As a dane a approve this video
Charlie Taylor
Charlie Taylor Oy oldin
Dear Red, Please do a miscellaneous myths on the mead of poetry, sincerely, everyone
Mackenzie Beeney
Mackenzie Beeney Oy oldin
“How much do these guys drink?!?” *immediately remembers Thor and Loki visiting an illusion king and Thor drinking several feet worth of ocean* “Right, stupid question” (Only in hindsight lol)
Jack Myers
Jack Myers Oy oldin
"Tolkien you hack!" Best line. I love Tolkien but yes, he did plagiarize a bit. Helps me when I see other fantasy genre with Elves, Dwarves etc. Especially Warhammer.
Jack Myers
Jack Myers Oy oldin
Pole for favourite Norse God/Goddess. Can be Vanir or Aesir. I'm going with Tyr.
Burning Dwarf
Burning Dwarf Oy oldin
3:09 seriously, the phonebook....
Tycoon Titian01
Tycoon Titian01 Oy oldin
“I should go to more weddings” -loki
Mr,Carterカーターさん Oy oldin
Dumb question why tis tyr missing a hand
Rebecca Forshaw
Rebecca Forshaw Oy oldin
that's a whole other myth...I don't remember all of it, but Tyr essentially loses his hand to Fenrir when they trick him into being tied up as a "challenge". Fenrir would only agree if one of the gods put their hand in his mouth.
Sang wOo
Sang wOo Oy oldin
"Theres this big old giant named Ymir.." The founding Titan? Lmao
FireMario Productions
FireMario Productions Oy oldin
7:30 Thaaaat’s Thor!
Dork at Arms Et cetera
Dork at Arms Et cetera Oy oldin
in the intervening 6 years, has our understanding of the Codex Regius expanded??
da best
da best Oy oldin
"hey Freya Do you want to see Thor's hammer" "HELL YE..I mean yes darling" I died
Lord Thunder
Lord Thunder Oy oldin
At 3:06 the runes on the book in Odin's hands spell: "phone book"
Rachel Guderjahn
Rachel Guderjahn Oy oldin
12:43 "and that, kids, is why earthquakes happen!" Me: *laughing*
Thomas Salmon
Thomas Salmon Oy oldin
Where's the part about Kratos and Atreus killing Magni, Modi and Baldur?
Kaitlyn Kittle
Kaitlyn Kittle Oy oldin
5:13 I love that trope.
Luna Oy oldin
Omg I just got the best idea, from what i know if you know how to astral project you can go anywhere and in anytime so that means that you could technically go to the time where Odin whispers whatever in Bauldrs(sorry I don't know how its spelled) and you would know what was said! But I really don't know if this can happen
John Kylander
John Kylander Oy oldin
I like the myth when to save his brother from a wolf, he covers himself in honey and gives it a french kiss.
vahn cedric yap
vahn cedric yap Oy oldin
like promethesus tied in a rock
Donald Hyatt the 3rd
Donald Hyatt the 3rd Oy oldin
Wait-is Loki’s eye venom thing like Prometheus and his entrails being torn out.
Curtis Hammer
Curtis Hammer Oy oldin
10:58 Ah, hilarious blind comedy! Better be careful, Red. Your blind audience members won't take kindly to you if they're paying attention to the screen during that- ... wait
Julian Parsons
Julian Parsons Oy oldin
11:14 ...Yeah, weird.
BattyRae Oy oldin
the story of HOW loki distracted said giant is even better tbh World's best horse mom
Xavier Gonzalez
Xavier Gonzalez 2 oy oldin
I just noticed the refernce that the ferryman speaks Nice detail Red
Liam Chester
Liam Chester 2 oy oldin
"And Thor isn't a chick" except for when he is
Moritz Reger
Moritz Reger 2 oy oldin
3:06 "phone book" cool use of old futhark; but it is weird that Odin has to look up phone numbers...he could just send his ravens...
Starkeeper_Email 2 oy oldin
You know Norse mythology is actually kinda hilarious
Juan Pablo Salazar
Juan Pablo Salazar 2 oy oldin
6:32 The ferryman: That's why yo momma dead.
Pathfind 2 oy oldin
"And Thor's not a chick," I mean... he does make a pretty nice looking bride
Draco Rex
Draco Rex 2 oy oldin
"Thor's not a chick." *ÞRYMR INTENSIFIES*
Simone Palermo
Simone Palermo 2 oy oldin
5:07 😂😂😂😂😂😂 It’s about that time Loki made Skadi laugh with his goat beard vs Loki junk tug-of-war! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Turner Fore
Turner Fore 2 oy oldin
“ Psst kid chuck it at his head. “ normal marriage stuff
David Draghici
David Draghici 2 oy oldin
4:19 Mimir in the corner: Am I joke to you? If he didn't give me his eye to drink from that water he wouldn't be such a smartass any longer.
Miraya Singh
Miraya Singh 2 oy oldin
When Red said,"Man, Norse gods do not play fair" I was thinking - And gods in other pantheons do??????. Love the vid!!
Jacob Blaylock
Jacob Blaylock 2 oy oldin
“And Thor is not a chick” Thor later in the story: is a chick
Sithari XAOS
Sithari XAOS 2 oy oldin
Every myth involving Freya, "Freya is having none of this."
Noah Manning
Noah Manning 2 oy oldin
How are you so good at doing men trying to pose as girl voices?
whitemoonwolf13 2 oy oldin
"i have a sneaking suspicion someone tried to wrangle christian monotheism out of norse mythology." no red. some tried to wrangle christian monotheism INTO norse mythology. yay religious rewrites! fun for the whole pantheon
DeathGodRiku 2 oy oldin
wait....so Odin is a bastard of a man? The Norse gods aren't complete assholes?
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