Journey to the West (APRIL FOOLS SPECIAL)

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LAST TIME, ON JOURNEY TO THE WEST! Everything was a lot… flatter?
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Gustav Åkerman
Gustav Åkerman Soat oldin
Skeleboi = Bone Demon Zombro = Flesh Demon Creepie = Destruction Demon Spider = Spider Demon Enderbro = Shadow Demon Pillager, Vindicator = Demon Guard Evoker = Demon Summoner Ravager = Rhino/Bull Demon Villager = Random, useless mountain god
Tristan Harrington
Tristan Harrington Kun oldin
HA, more please
Katielovably 2 kun oldin
Two pals playing a game together
HuneeBruh Gaming
HuneeBruh Gaming 4 kun oldin
The FPS on blue's recording is so bad it hurts
Siddles TheSkittle
Siddles TheSkittle 5 kun oldin
Where are we going?! I'd love to tell yo- WRONG WAY!!!!
Connor Oud
Connor Oud 6 kun oldin
Over a year later, Red's Minecraft skin is still based on Sun Wukong and Blue's skin is still Zenyatta.
Titanaboa1 ch
Titanaboa1 ch 7 kun oldin
blue: *sees other horse* also blue: COW
HoeDown ThrowDown
HoeDown ThrowDown 8 kun oldin
Time to watch this while doing 2/7 overdue assignments I haven't passed yet
Torlik11 10 kun oldin
This is the only april fool video that's worth the rewatch
Spider Doctor
Spider Doctor 14 kun oldin
By the way... ...when's the next Journey to the West? * u *
Holly J
Holly J 15 kun oldin
Wait, why didn't you fly?? Monkey can fly
TheSquigy 15 kun oldin
"hey, littlekoriboh! Where's the new episode!"
The Undead Cactus
The Undead Cactus 17 kun oldin
38:35 sometimes, foreshadowing is obvious
Hopeless Hopeful Romantic
Hopeless Hopeful Romantic 20 kun oldin
I adore the fact that Red and Blue made an Uncharted 3 reference with the lead on lay on macduff thing
Just a Regular Human
Just a Regular Human 23 kun oldin
Wait doesn't bouddhism doesn't allow murder ? Bluepotaka what are you doing !
D W 24 kun oldin
I need more J2TW!
Shugo Pendragon
Shugo Pendragon 25 kun oldin
Tripatoka whips out a a Tripaglocka
Sharp Xenon
Sharp Xenon 26 kun oldin
red has 30 frames. blue has none
RT Garbage
RT Garbage 27 kun oldin
Enhanced Mode is actually a pretty good way to simulate trying to cross the Himalayas XD
ash 10
ash 10 28 kun oldin
That jump isn’t hard to make
Madison Myers
Madison Myers 28 kun oldin
I just caught my lonely ass quarantined self just thinking about how nice it would be to play Minecraft and D&D with these folks.
Madison Myers
Madison Myers 28 kun oldin
I miss people.
Madison Myers
Madison Myers 28 kun oldin
To be honest I am constantly wondering what it would be like to play D&D with different people. I'm in a campaign right now but I wonder how other people play and the dynamics that may come with that.
Ruby Rangitsch
Ruby Rangitsch 28 kun oldin
42:50 I didn't know that you watch Game Theory! I love that channel!
Dan Warren
Dan Warren 29 kun oldin
rip blue's computer
Darius Cahyadi
Darius Cahyadi Oy oldin
Golden carrots are basicaly the same with steak
Voldechu Oy oldin
its been a year since this came out. let that sink in.
Mistyphox Oy oldin
43:13 *creeper* : I'm going to be the one!
Moira Shoffstall
Moira Shoffstall Oy oldin
Omg this video is only a year old, wtf
Kalebfenoir Oy oldin
This just kinda confirms that Journey to the West was someone's RPG. I feel sorry for the DM that had to arrange events, when one of the players had frickin' Monkey.
Rachel Guderjahn
Rachel Guderjahn Oy oldin
You two are so much fun! *hugs* Have a great day!
joseph greer
joseph greer Oy oldin
the golden carrot is the best food
Ethan Karp
Ethan Karp Oy oldin
when do we get this as an OSP animated?
Aleeza Haq
Aleeza Haq Oy oldin
that’swhat_gsaid Oy oldin
“NO! Dont fuckin’....! Hold on, I’ll save you.” Be honest, that’s the high-level summary of this character dynamic between Monkey and Tripitaka
I Live To Fight
I Live To Fight 2 oy oldin
Coming back to this nearly a year later. Still a little disappointed they didnt get friends to play demons and cause problems, but this is absolutely golden regardlesd
Reflexo The Mirror Master
Reflexo The Mirror Master 2 oy oldin
"Don't worry i'll block the arrows with my face"
Vanessa Walsh
Vanessa Walsh 2 oy oldin
Someone animate this, it'll be so hilarious
Gryphon Liter
Gryphon Liter 2 oy oldin
tripitaka x sun wu kong confirmed!
Wyvern 0m3g4
Wyvern 0m3g4 2 oy oldin
I love how Red is so much like Monkey in this video that she doesn't even need to put in the effort to be in character. That and Blue's Tripitaka as he slowly descends into madness. That's some real entertainment right there. Seriously, this was a lot of fun to watch; makes me wish I was talented at animation. If I could, I would *so* animate Monkey and Tripitaka alongside Red and Blue's voices as the two go on the most cursed road trip of all time. (R.I.P. horse. You never got to become a dragon.)
Eario 2 oy oldin
i mean technically if you used Ice and Fire you could have a dragon as a mount but like. cant turn into a horse
Wyveria 2 oy oldin
tiko verhelst
tiko verhelst 2 oy oldin
Who took the effort to add subtitles for the whole 40 minutes!?!
Falcon_girl64 2 oy oldin
TheIntimateAvenger 3 oy oldin
This video makes me want to home brew a table top version of Journey to the West.
Matthew LeTexier
Matthew LeTexier 3 oy oldin
Red and Blue are honestly friendship goals. The major crime of this channel is that they don't cross over history and literature more often
DragonQueen 3 oy oldin
I dont need armor, my positive mental attitude will protect me! And also you and you giant ---- spear.
Gormathius Nightstrider
Gormathius Nightstrider 3 oy oldin
2:06 Wait so you can have your helmet and wear it too?
BossViper28 3 oy oldin
I never noticed this before.
Lauryn Walton
Lauryn Walton 3 oy oldin
...anyone else find it funny how accurate to the original material this is? XD
CAIPING Cui 3 oy oldin
Honestly, i would love to see red draw this into an actual video and just see the thing but.. drawn
Ethan Blank
Ethan Blank 3 oy oldin
L Smith
L Smith 3 oy oldin
Oh mah gawrd? More like oh my gourd 😎
Lynn Babcock
Lynn Babcock 3 oy oldin
Red is sun wukong reborn
HakuryuHaruna 4 oy oldin
"We're Buddhists, we don't eat meat." (5 seconds later) (Insert Red screaming because she was stabbed and Blue telling a skeleton to die)
Roll For Severity
Roll For Severity 4 oy oldin
I would have absolutely filled that last section under the chest with TNT so when he dropped the scroll into the chest, it triggered redstone to blow the top of the mountain up. Congrats! you delivered the scroll and can now ascend.... -gravity kicks in- and then rapidly descend!
milady Pink
milady Pink 4 oy oldin
Blue: “let’s not mess with the cow” Cow: *is horse*
Adama Diagana
Adama Diagana 4 oy oldin
Doesn't Blue voice xuanxang
George Andriopoulos
George Andriopoulos 4 oy oldin
you could use the monk mode
Morgan Grant
Morgan Grant 4 oy oldin
*Journey to the Dietician* *Journey to the Acupuncturist* Wow, fanfics are getting really crazy with their modern AUs huh?
tree leaf
tree leaf 4 oy oldin
man, red's art style looks different
TheDanishGuyReviews 4 oy oldin
31:28 MLP:FiM did this really well with Starlight Glimmer. Probably the only time l've ever seen a former villain status acknowledged, except for maybe a quick callback from Majin Vejita in Dragon Ball. She mentioned being a seriously bad person more than once, and l love the idea of a reformed villain where the only one who hasn't forgiven her is herself.
Patricia 4 oy oldin
In Overwatch's 2017 Lunar New Year event, they actually released a bunch for skins for the characters based on Journey to the West, and Zenyatta got a Tripitaka skin. So Blue using a Zenyatta skin is actually appropriate.
Morgan Grant
Morgan Grant 4 oy oldin
Every time Blue hits Red, Tripitaka makes Monkey's circlet shrink
Jordan Kalmov
Jordan Kalmov 4 oy oldin
Hearing cursing from this channel somehow fills me with joy
nobody Flores
nobody Flores 4 oy oldin
I am willing to wait until 2023 for that video
Madalyne smith
Madalyne smith 4 oy oldin
• GearGamer •
• GearGamer • 5 oy oldin
Red: thats a dungeon Me: so is this the equivalent of Tripitaka getting kidnapped
Holy priest of GALFRĪDUS
Holy priest of GALFRĪDUS 5 oy oldin
Reterbid 5 oy oldin
Fun fact: All great videos start with "What's up, motherfuckers?"
Miles Lindqvist
Miles Lindqvist 5 oy oldin
Ummm... in what abyss has the journey to the west series disappeared to?
Richard Dominguez
Richard Dominguez 5 oy oldin
Isn't the reason to get to the West is to _pick up_ the scrolls?
Shiggins 5 oy oldin
While rewatching this an ad came up that said "In your day to day life, it's never a good thing to ask... Are my bones strong?" I just thought that was funny because blue was just about to fall off a mountain.
dan d
dan d 5 oy oldin
we have only been waiting for lord knows how long for a new episode and this is totally worth the wait
Svampis 5 oy oldin
Wow these guys suck at Minecraft
Casual Sleeping Dragon
Casual Sleeping Dragon 5 oy oldin
I want a journey to the west anime
hamburgerdog25 5 oy oldin
The dragonball music is the icing on the cake
that game theory and osp crumb i never asked for....but will think about forever now
Richard Dominguez
Richard Dominguez 5 oy oldin
10:04 "I'm done parkouring, I'm punching my way to victory" She's really getting into character
Sawyer Paul
Sawyer Paul 5 oy oldin
I love this.
Alicia Neguisse
Alicia Neguisse 5 oy oldin
blue:*looks at horse* blue:lets not hurt the cow
Please Suffer
Please Suffer 5 oy oldin
you could summon a 32k featherfalling pair of boots, that would make you invulnerable to fall damage, but that's kinda more cheaty I guess the command would be something like /give [PlayerName] diamond_boots{enchantments:[{id:feather_falling, lvl:32000}]} and you can also do the same for the "staff" by making a stick have 32k sharpness which can 1 shot mobs, or you can give it 32k knockback, just don't do 32k looting, that can destroy servers easily :( I know b/c I tried it. Also the command is on the minecraft wiki if you need it for reference (I think this version of the command only works in minecraft versions after 1.13, later version require a number in place of the id)
Typos in the brain
Typos in the brain 5 oy oldin
This is the funniest content still
Me Me
Me Me 5 oy oldin
I now just want to make a journey to the west minecraft map
Sara Alam
Sara Alam 6 oy oldin
Wait are you two friends or involved romantically?
Sara Alam
Sara Alam 6 oy oldin
Sorry I’m just too full of whimsy :(
Sara Alam
Sara Alam 6 oy oldin
I like that tripatanka is the one having a hard time staying vegetarian.
GhostBear3067 6 oy oldin
"We have gone 30 feet west and already running into problems" Sounds like Journey to the West to me.
Thatmelloguy 223
Thatmelloguy 223 6 oy oldin
My sword is really bad"fucking iron sword
Fif Gallag
Fif Gallag 6 oy oldin
35:50 Wait do people dislike Uptown Funk for a reason i havent been made privy to?
Nick Braman
Nick Braman 6 oy oldin
You should release the seed, I wanna do this with my friends
Kakouhai 6 oy oldin
never knew i needed to hear red whisper "whats up mf"
Just Nierninwa
Just Nierninwa 6 oy oldin
It took me a whole of 10 minutes to realise there were red and blue sides to the video to tell you whose screen it is…
Ace 6 oy oldin
Red: *talks about season one villains and season two* Me: zuko from avatar???? Blue: *five seconds later* prince zuko from avatar
Calamar1e 6 oy oldin
Blue's comment about being immortal at the end made me think of an interesting game idea. Essentially, it would be an rpg in which the first 10-20 players who join are given quests which lead them on perilous journeys in different biomes/conditions. Each quest out of the 20 acts in accordance with a different element or power, obstacles of which have to be overcome by each different player in the open-world map. At the end of the quest, the players will individually find a single item that encapsulates the power that has been the theme of the questline. This item gives the players the Immortality buff, which is only available to players who have completed one of the 20 quests and can only be granted by one of the players who has gone on one of the 20 quests (to 3 players max, which will trigger a similar quest for each with its' own subset of themes, based on the power of the Immortal in question). The buff makes it impossible for a "mortal" to kill you, but it also gives you a weakness (which is also specific to your individual theme) which can be exploited by other "Immortals". The buff also gives you the ability to manipulate whatever aspect of nature the theme relates to, and it gives you the ability to create npc's out of that aspect, which you can set to different goals and behaviors. For example, if you were given the Plant-life Quest and became a Plant God, you would be able to create a certain number of tree nymphs that would have more aggressive or helpful behavior to "mortals" (depending on what you set it to). If the game had more advanced AI you could also set different personalities for the npc's but that's besides the point. These 20 players will also be able to travel at incredible speeds across the open world and will be able to change their appearance in accordance with their theme. They will basically be Gods. The mortals of the game will be able to level up, but it will be incredibly difficult to get even close to a percentage of the strength of any one of the Immortals. Mortals need food and water, while Immortals do not. Mortals can kill each other, while Immortals can only weaken and imprison each other. When an account associated with one of the 20 Immortals is inactive for more than a month, a new God must be chosen by the other 19 in a vote, over the course of a few months. I feel like this could make for a really interesting concept that would create fascinating power dynamics between the Immortals (who basically control the world) and the mortals (who NEED the world). Another interesting aspect would be that, if the 20 Immortals abused their power, the Mortals could petition for the emersion of the Titans. This would essentially be a repeat of the 20 questlines given to 20 players, chosen by vote from the Mortals of the game. Each Mortal would go on a quest that would be similar to the theme of one Immortal, but it would target the weakness of the Immortal and also give the Mortal a weakness that the Immortal in question would have to figure out.
Dennis Flowers
Dennis Flowers 6 oy oldin
I really want to see red and blue play dnd
TheCommonGentry 6 oy oldin
and it only took 40 some minutes lol what's the likelihood for a Dante Version to this?
TheCommonGentry 6 oy oldin
Steel Rexer
Steel Rexer 6 oy oldin
That ending was perfect
Christopher Cruz
Christopher Cruz 6 oy oldin
What the hell this isn't journey to the west
wozzen 6 oy oldin
"...Tripitaka pulled out a gun" So, a thing: there's an anime based VERY loosely on Journey to the West wherein Tripitaka (or Sanzo, pick your poison) DOES IN FACT HAVE A GUN. It's...not a particularly good anime.
Amateur Programmer
Amateur Programmer 6 oy oldin
and today we learned that blue's computer is much, MUCH worse than red's
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