History Summarized: Atlantic Exploration

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So you just conquered Iberia, and you're wondering where to go from here? It's a more common conundrum than you might think. Consider: a big wooden floaty house that goes splish-splash in the atlantic ocean. Anyway, this is a video about Portuguese and Spanish (erm, Castilian) exploration in the Atlantic during the 1400s. Please note my deliberate decision to Nope on out at the turn of the 1500s.
This topic was requested by our longtime patron Antonio Juarez! Thank you Antonio for supporting our work and helping to provide entertaining educational content.
SOURCES & Further Reading: "Ornament of the World" by Maria Rosa Menocal; lectures from Great Courses Plus "1571: Spain, Portugal Encircle the Globe" by Donald J. Harreld, "Renaissance and Exploration: New Horizons" by Jennifer McNabb, "Portugal's Great Leap Forward" by "Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius"
TRACKLIST: "Scheming Weasel (faster version)," "Monkeys Spinning Monkeys", "Local Forecast - Elevator" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Felly Starway
Felly Starway 5 kun oldin
I misread and tapped the video for stories about the ATLANIS exploration, realized my mistake, laughed at my dum dum self and enjoyed the learning experience
Erinyes 12 kun oldin
You, sir, have perfect timing
ImperialFish 14 kun oldin
my man just ignoring navarre like that when counting the kingdoms in iberia. yeah yeah they're kinda french but dammit navarre is a big strong kingdo
destive 19 kun oldin
Please do the Spanish civil war
Rodri Pinto
Rodri Pinto Oy oldin
Cape of storms was actually called Cape of torment or cape of horrors because all the ships sank there, when the Portuguese were actually able to cross it they renamed it as to inspire future sailors.
Raquel Simmiss
Raquel Simmiss Oy oldin
Blue, Tim (Hello future Me) would be disappointed that you didn't include New Zealand in your world map~
Kei Rufino
Kei Rufino Oy oldin
Wait. If east was Portugal side... Then WHY WERE WE UNDER SPANISH RULE --
Ukraineball Aviation
Ukraineball Aviation Oy oldin
Conquistadorks... Lmao 😅
wannabecinnabon Oy oldin
SMH my head can't believe you used the cross of Burgundy for pre-habsburg Spain, innacurate flag reeeeee
Motion Pictures
Motion Pictures Oy oldin
the islamic golden age in spain was so cool that around 50% of all catholic martyrs come from that time. if you count the kids of force converted christians as muslims allmost no christian died.
bmsqqq Oy oldin
4:19 I never expected to get as much joy out of "let us correct this error by jumping into the ocean" as I did.
Jacob Vance
Jacob Vance Oy oldin
Pope: I abolish you by the power vested in me as pope and this fire I found
Dmol8 Oy oldin
Wait. I thought Prester john was Ethiopia? Edit: Oh so you did mention that. My bad for not watching the video to it's end first.
Jack Robertson
Jack Robertson Oy oldin
Cover Jack Churchill!
A N N Oy oldin
dilo mi rey habla de españita
Not_A_Bean Oy oldin
Well to be fair, they didn't know how big Asia was. But maybe we shouldn't be fair considering... You know... The slavery and genocide
Ni lol JK
Ni lol JK Oy oldin
10:16 Yeah but also a waste. Still funny though 😂
King Kyle
King Kyle Oy oldin
i dunno what to tell you, but you gushing over the period of al-andalus is quite insulting to many spaniards who we view that period of time as one where we were serfs in our native land by an occupying force, but i guess it's okay cause "It WaS DiVersE" fuck off
SHOW ME YA MOVES 3 kun oldin
I was using the sort of language some of these history youtubers like to use when dealing with Colonial European vs. Non-colonial European empires. They will take two identical conquests (one by the Arabs and one by Spanish for example), and describe one in a good way, and the other in a bad way. They love to do this with the Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch and British empires. What I was originally saying was; the more of these videos you watch, the more you'll notice this phenomena. I completely agree with you, the Spanish who conquered the Americas and the Moors who conquered Iberia are guilty of identical sins. I think you just mistook my original comment. God bless Spain.
King Kyle
King Kyle 4 kun oldin
@SHOW ME YA MOVES so colonialism and oppression is okay when the arabs do it :) i'm sure when we were being enslaved that was okay too
SHOW ME YA MOVES 4 kun oldin
When the Spanish conquered the new world, they were "forcing their religion and language on the local society" and "destroying traditional culture". When the Arabs conquer Spain they are "creating a new multi linguistic and multi religious society" and "creating a new diverse culture". The more you study history the more you pick up on this sort of thing.
Transuranic Elements
Transuranic Elements Oy oldin
conquistadorks - my new fave word
Kyle Hayden
Kyle Hayden Oy oldin
To be fair, Spain knew what platinum looked like, they just didn't consider it valuable. They thought it was "unripe" silver (which is actually what the name 'platinum' means) and discarded it.
Shadow Princess
Shadow Princess Oy oldin
205 BC: Erastosthenes figures the almost exact circumference of Earth measuring shadows! 2000 years later: we have ALL kind of technological evidences to say that is true(and we also got robots on Mars) also still 2000 years later: I d0Nt CaRE whAt Y0u sAy ThE EaRTh iS FlaT !
ElPayá 77
ElPayá 77 Oy oldin
A correction , the Aragón Kingdom wasn't a kingdom , it was a Crown formed for various kingdoms with the same king
Kwanele Masimong
Kwanele Masimong Oy oldin
"Quick, nobody tell Spain what platinum looks like. It'll be hilarious." Killed me Now I'mma move over to Red's El Dorado video for a good laugh.
Falcon_girl64 Oy oldin
"quick, no one tell Spain what platinum looks like, it'll be hilarious" was great 10/10
RaNik STAR Oy oldin
Make a history summary for Bulgaria. The history of the country is very interesting 😊
Rorke Oy oldin
“Cofounder of the gross colonial misconduct club”. I guess history before 1400 never happened?
el komodos-drago
el komodos-drago 2 oy oldin
It's your friendly reminder, it wasn't Columbus's math making the world smaller but Marco Polo's navigating making Asia bigger.
Marco G. Verbruggen
Marco G. Verbruggen 2 oy oldin
PORTUGAL, CARALHO! don't mind me just doing my standard civic duty as a portuguese citizen, have a nice day
Kaptain Necros
Kaptain Necros 2 oy oldin
I would love to see you cover "The Great Game" and how it evolved to be used in literature such as the Wheel of Time series, and to some extent Game of Thrones. Cuz I wont lie, Blue, you rekindled my love for history
Rio Reardon
Rio Reardon 2 oy oldin
Ayyy, Azores! Home island chain of my grandparents!
Viking Queen
Viking Queen 2 oy oldin
7:30 *casual incest? Intensifies*
my own sunshine
my own sunshine 2 oy oldin
love from an azorean history student
Andrew Fleenor
Andrew Fleenor 2 oy oldin
"I'm sorry, America, you've contracted clambo."
Drakkon Scythe
Drakkon Scythe 2 oy oldin
Crisco Clambo is the best roast on him I've heard yet
Weird Sisters
Weird Sisters 2 oy oldin
Potluck history of South Africa please. P.S. Cape of Good Hope is extremely ironic due to 4 seasons in one day weather and mist of turmoil so thick you need landing beacons at your front gate even at 11 am. P.P.S When did we change to the gregorian calendar?
liam mears
liam mears 2 oy oldin
Where were you when we had an assignment on this
Draiocht Tepes
Draiocht Tepes 2 oy oldin
*c r i s c o c l a m b o*
Draiocht Tepes
Draiocht Tepes 2 oy oldin
A whole episode about Atlantic exploration and that name is all we get of that guy. THIS IS THE WAY.
Jim Luebke
Jim Luebke 2 oy oldin
You just don't want to say much about Columbus because you don't want to be humiliated by Knowing Better, or any other UZpostr capable of actual research. But then, why not just be honest with everyone, and say Columbus is one of the most lied-about figures of the 15th century?
Jim Luebke
Jim Luebke 2 oy oldin
Spain and Portugal didn't "swiftly" lose anything, it look a looooong time for their empires to go kaput. Not a long time by the standards of Asia Minor, but still a long time.
savioblanc 2 oy oldin
This video talks about the slave trade like there was literally no continental slave trade happening at this point in history "cough" "cough" Islamic-African-Slavic slave trade ongoing since the 700s "cough" "cough"
Lmaonaise 2 oy oldin
Colombus wasn't off on *his* math. everyone knew the earth's size (everyone educated), they didn't know how big the ocean was. he thought he was on a weird unmarked island off the coast of sapangu (basically just what they thought was Japan). He got his map from bonatelli (not his actual name but he was Italian and I am big dumb) the key cartographer of his time, widely praised for his good skills at being a map Boi. Basically it wasn't Colombus who was wrong, *it was everyone*
Tolstoy111 2 oy oldin
The anti-Columbus propaganda these days is non-sensical.
wiseforcommonsense 2 oy oldin
I silly silly for being confused for half this video cause I thought the title was "Atlantis Exploration."
DropKickAnEwok 2 oy oldin
"4 Kingdoms in Iberia" Ik they're small but what about Navarre
Dreadfulme 2 oy oldin
Twice as much globe
PelicasPC 2 oy oldin
Everyone: Remembers the US Civil War and Colonialism Portugal: Maybe if I don't move, they won't notice me Americans: Oh that's Spain *Sad Portuguese noises*
imran raja
imran raja 2 oy oldin
I love it when it is said muslim rule everyone living almost equally. 🤣🤣😂😂 How many muslims openly allowed to convert to christianity in any muslim ruled country nation ever except last 100 years. Would really like to know if I'm wrong🙏
alejandro ojeda
alejandro ojeda 2 oy oldin
7:54...it's actually the other way around the word Canary COMES from the Canary Islands
alejandro ojeda
alejandro ojeda 2 oy oldin
1:05 angry navarran sounds...
Devansh 2 oy oldin
mim zim
mim zim 2 oy oldin
How come the polynesian travelled through the much larger pacific before the major civilizations of the west finally managed to cross the smaller atlantic ocean??
SonofSethoitae 2 oy oldin
The majority of the Polynesian expansion occured about the same time that Leif Erikson was colonizing Newfoundland.
Vignesh Nehru
Vignesh Nehru 2 oy oldin
Hey red, would love to see a video on Lord karthikeya AKA Muruga
Roy Ossai
Roy Ossai 2 oy oldin
Why did I find the name Crisco Clambo so damn funny ?
Gossiper Zoroark
Gossiper Zoroark 2 oy oldin
How to make a country according to the history of multiple nations: 1-Have land. 2-Europeans show up and claim it. 3-People get angry and fight. 4-After Europeans leave, try to make some form of government. In only 4 simple steps, you too can make a country! But seriously, how many countries can have their history be summarized in that way if you really boil it down?
2213 e2e2e
2213 e2e2e 2 oy oldin
do a video about Skanderbeg
Choly 2 oy oldin
we don't openly hate on portugal enough for my liking
SHOW ME YA MOVES 4 kun oldin
Why tf would we hate on Portugal?
Blaire Shadowpaw
Blaire Shadowpaw 2 oy oldin
PLEASE do a history video about Australia... Because OH LORDY England put EVERYTHING it learned about how to f**k up colonies into Australia. Just even The Stolen Generation is. Oof. Please?
Ethan Phillips
Ethan Phillips 2 oy oldin
I seem to remember a lot of the flak thats thrown at columbus is actually false
Miller Peshek
Miller Peshek 2 oy oldin
@Ethan Phillips "I'm gonna make an argument, but I don't care about facts"
SonofSethoitae 2 oy oldin
@Ethan Phillips Do whatever you want, but the sources are right there in the comment for you to peruse. At least as far as calculations go. There's no way to argue against Columbus' own writings.
Ethan Phillips
Ethan Phillips 2 oy oldin
@SonofSethoitae look i really dont care enough to dig into this and find sources and have a full on debate, i just know that ive seen multiple things saying he wasent as bad or stupid as a lot of people make him out to be, feel free to do your own reaserch but thats just what ive heard. Have a good day
SonofSethoitae 2 oy oldin
@Ethan Phillips Well , regarding the pear shaped thing, I'm quoting from Columbus directly: "I found it (the world) was not round . . . but pear shaped, round where it has a nipple, for there it is taller, or as if one had a round ball and, on one side, it should be like a woman’s breast, and this nipple part is the highest and closest to Heaven." -Christopher Columbus, Log of his third voyage (1498) As for the size of the earth, Columbus heavily annotated his copy of Pierre d'Ailly's "Imago Mundi", a compendium of geodetic and geographic theory from 1490, and we actually have his copy of the book. Therefore, we actually have his calculations of both the circumference of the Earth and the size of Asia. For the circumference of the Earth, he took Alfraganus' (Al-Farghani) revision of Eratosthenes' calculations, concluding that a degree of latitude was 56.66 miles. However, he used Roman miles and not Arabic miles, and therefore reduced the circumference of the earth from 25-33%. This got him much closer to Ptolemy's revision of Poseidonius, which he considered a good thing (it was not). As for Asia, he favoured the estimate of Marinus of Tyre, which posited that Asia was approximately 225 degrees of longitude wide from east to west. This was in contrast to Ptolemy's estimate, which was 180 degrees, or the true length which is 130 to China's east shore, or 150 to Japan's east shore. His reasoning was that the deuterocanonical Book of Esdras taught that the earth is "six parts dry and one part wet."
Ethan Phillips
Ethan Phillips 2 oy oldin
@SonofSethoitae everything ive heard has said that thats not actually true
Manek Iridius
Manek Iridius 2 oy oldin
"No-one tell Spain what platinum looks like, that'll be hilarious." *_MEGA OOF_*
Adam Everton
Adam Everton 2 oy oldin
Okay, I move that we officially rename the conquistadors as the "conquistadorks" who else is with me?
Eli Smirnov
Eli Smirnov 2 oy oldin
1:15 Order of Santiago did nothing wrong.
BlackBoy 27
BlackBoy 27 2 oy oldin
Question... what happened to the Muslim residents that used to live in that area? Did they get killed, or did they migrate, or do they still live there to this day? I’m genuinely curious.
SonofSethoitae 2 oy oldin
A lot of forced conversions, starting in 1502. Islam was officially banned by King Phillip II in 1567. Even the Moriscos, converts from Islam and their descendants, were expelled by Phillip between 1609 and 1614.
hamilton euzarraga
hamilton euzarraga 2 oy oldin
That little blank/uncolored part of spain is the Basque country
Minimalist Theatre
Minimalist Theatre 2 oy oldin
Are you go to make any videos on the Barbary slave trade? Not much of the world knows about it, despite the fact that their slave trade included at least a million more slaves than Africans taken to America.
Ad Astra
Ad Astra 2 oy oldin
Screw exploration, I wanna see Conquistadors fight Terror Birds!! (jk you guys are great)
Gauldame 2 oy oldin
Now I want a drawing of Cristo Clambo as an anthropomorphized clam carrying Crisco.
Tusiriakest 2 oy oldin
I truly recommend a book called:""Conquistadors: How Portugal created the first global empire" about the Portuguese explorations, the settlement in India, Japan and Indonesia, and the Portuguese crown's master plan of closing up the Indian ocean. I think it would make a wonderful video for this channel.
demonoflight 2 oy oldin
That's it, I'm only calling him Crisco Clambo from now on. And always to curse his stupid face.
Ultra Light
Ultra Light 2 oy oldin
Fun fact: if you go by the best maps of the time, than japan would be located on the west edge of Mexico. Certainly explains how old Clambo could convince the monarchs that the journey was possible and profitable.
richard polygamy
richard polygamy 2 oy oldin
Yay new video
Elizabeththegreatest 2 oy oldin
Conquistadorks, I love it!
Elizabeththegreatest 2 oy oldin
Although dicks might have been more appropriate, given all the carnage they caused!
- Violetdahyun -
- Violetdahyun - 2 oy oldin
When you said grand master of the order of I was expecting the Jedi Forgot what I was watching
- Violetdahyun -
- Violetdahyun - 2 oy oldin
Wait... did blue just say conquistadorks?
Adam Latosiński
Adam Latosiński 2 oy oldin
01:01 What about Navarre?
Nikki Griffin
Nikki Griffin 2 oy oldin
"no one tell Spain what platinum looks like" line nearly killed me. And I nearly made the comment about Ethiopia about 10 seconds before blue did.
OdD BeepBeep
OdD BeepBeep 2 oy oldin
Thank you for being great.
Shane H.
Shane H. 2 oy oldin
5:36 It's not pc of me, but I am so sick of hearing about "human suffering" and "violation of rights" every time someone wants to talk about European explorers and settlers, as if other places weren't also doing similar things. Yes, those things happened. Yes, they were wrong, but it feels like it's brought up way more for Europe than other cultures.
Shane H.
Shane H. 2 oy oldin
@devak You know what? That's a very good point. It's a lot more widespread than, say, the Aztecs and what they did. I will give you that; well said. Although I do still wonder if similar atrocities were done by other widespread, seafaring, influential empires like ancient China? I know Japan did some of it in the 30s (especially to Korea), but I only heard of some racism China had for Englishmen before the first opium war.
devak 2 oy oldin
It's because European colonization exported said suffering on a global scale?
Pia Carmela Velasquez
Pia Carmela Velasquez 2 oy oldin
OSP can you please make a Part 2 About the “Atlantic Exploration” on part of the Iberians?
Noah Masi
Noah Masi 2 oy oldin
This was cool
CMDR Viriatus
CMDR Viriatus 2 oy oldin
No mention of vasco da gama, BRUH great research, and btw you sound like a total sjw.
Justin van Oosten
Justin van Oosten 2 oy oldin
Hey blue I think you should really make a video about the history of the Netherlands
IANramos97 2 oy oldin
Canary gang yall ⚪🔵🌕
Micaerys 2 oy oldin
The joke about Castilian family tree is fun, but the subject becomes even more worrying if you think about how many kingdoms did the same, and with closer relatives than Isabella and Ferdinand XD
Raspberry Mint
Raspberry Mint 2 oy oldin
Crisco Clambo sounds like some kind of food.
Nathan Scott
Nathan Scott 2 oy oldin
I am surprise u guys have not done a video on thomas cocheane
ccvcharger 2 oy oldin
I think conquistadorks has become my new favorite word.
Bryce Jones
Bryce Jones 2 oy oldin
Hope u do pacific exploration
ike eki
ike eki 2 oy oldin
i did not know about the role of the Canary and Madeira islands in launching the trans-atlantic era
Okay ButWhyThough
Okay ButWhyThough 2 oy oldin
Ahem... *Conquistadorks*
jacob pacheco
jacob pacheco 2 oy oldin
You should do a video on the Hunnic Empire
Sabrina Simms
Sabrina Simms 2 oy oldin
Crisco Clambo, the only way to refer to him from here on out!
patrick wang
patrick wang 2 oy oldin
1:00 cries in Navarra
Himax9 2 oy oldin
"Quick! Nobody tell Spain what platinum looks like; it will be hilarious!" And it was...
Tom Carmy
Tom Carmy 2 oy oldin
Some guy: I keep trying to calculate the circumference of the earth but my error margin is dummy thicc and I keep finding new lands where india should be. Spain: It's free real-estate.
Slaveofamv 2 oy oldin
8:20 "Don't Look Too Carefully At Their Family Tree: 1479" Okay, not gonna touch that. Now let me watch this The Best Couples in History - Valentines Special which is recommended to me. What could possibly go wrong?
Drawnonstop _
Drawnonstop _ 2 oy oldin
I forgot that my playback speed was at 1.25 so for the first quarter of the video I thought Blue was just talking really fast
Ozan Akyıldız
Ozan Akyıldız 2 oy oldin
"Tool booths". Taxation, not a trade ban. Thank you. Channels I love and watch fall for Euro-centric viewpoints sometimes (I mean, you do too). But, thanks
Manny Fernandez
Manny Fernandez 2 oy oldin
May I say something, i think Columbus gets a bad rep he does not deserve
SonofSethoitae 2 oy oldin
I mean, he did calculate the circumference of the earth even more incorrectly than the already wrong estimates of his time, and thought the earth was shaped like a giant boob, so he deserves some of it
GM Steelhaven
GM Steelhaven 2 oy oldin
Columbus wasn't an idiot, he was going with the information commonly known at the time.
Operation Search Gate
Operation Search Gate 2 oy oldin
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