History Summarized: South Africa

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In the past few centuries, few corners of the African Continent were quite as busy as the south. It's a winding river from the first migrations and waves of colonists in the Cape Colonies to the Rainbow Nation we know today, so let's dive in and see how it all played out!
SOURCES & Further Reading for Black History Month:
- "The African Experience From 'Lucy' to Mandela" From the Great Courses Plus, lectures 15-18 "South Africa: The Dutch Cape Colony & The Zulu Kingdom & Frontier and Unification & Diamonds and Gold", 26 "Segregation and Apartheid in South Africa", and 32 "The South African Miracle"
- "Born A Crime" by Trevor Noah: bookshop.org/books/born-a-crime-stories-from-a-south-african-childhood/9780399588198
- Home Team History is a UZpost channel covering all corners of the African continent. They have several videos about Southern Africa, such as "A History of Stone Architecture in Southern Africa" (uzpost.info/vision/video/abtsutdndp2EZYU.html) and "Southern Africa: The Birthplace of Iron Mining" (uzpost.info/vision/video/m5-AspKDhaKynYE.html), and "A history of the Xhosa People" (uzpost.info/vision/video/mt6ZzbKdjZ58pp8.html)
- Lastly, looking to modern times, it's important to recognize how the COVID crisis has exacerbated massive preexisting disparities between healthcare for Black and minority communities and that of white Americans. It's not enough to just acknowledge history, we all have a responsibility to understand modern problems and work on solutions. Read more: (www.scientificamerican.com/article/too-many-black-americans-are-dying-from-covid-19/) and please consider Donating to support the NAACP's COVID relief programs: (naacp.org/coronavirus/coronavirus-resources/)
With special thanks to the members of our discord community who helped polish my script: Holben, Klieg, Good Hunter, and Sticc (who has a History of Africa podcast: www.listennotes.com/podcasts/history-of-africa-history-of-africa-Q_wqt8EpsVB/)
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war thunder
war thunder 2 soat oldin
You left out a lot and r That intern made the boere look bad. Tell the truth or shut up entirely.
war thunder
war thunder 2 soat oldin
I'm a proud boer and your not telling the truth in the right order
Kathy Whitcombe
Kathy Whitcombe Kun oldin
Oh dear what a lot of BS
Eugene Vorster
Eugene Vorster Kun oldin
now make a video about South Africa's corruption, the crime rate, the farm murders.... I'm pretty sure those things are far more important topics to discuss, and its something no-one except Suid-Afrikaners know about.
Mister Muffin
Mister Muffin Kun oldin
He actually pronouncing all the words correct😮
Deon van Rooyen
Deon van Rooyen Kun oldin
You guys can stop sugar coating it, I understand that he is english but he really did not pronounce the afrikaans words that well. People in the comment section saying its "on point" ... seriously dude. I'm not picking on the guy cuz its not his home language... but don't lie to him about it.
Marcel Botes
Marcel Botes Kun oldin
Your pronunciations were fantastic. If you want to pronounce the word BOER like the Afrikaans word it is, the 'oe' is pronounced like the 'oo' in BOOK. But other than that, FANTASTIC!
Robbie Costa
Robbie Costa Kun oldin
lol - 10:40 the picture was made to look like that for views , check online to see what it really looks like , there are no nice clean pretty area like that anywhere , it all looks like shit
Kevin Heslip
Kevin Heslip Kun oldin
You need to talk just a tad slower, my man. I paused for a sec and felt like it was a breath of fresh air.
Bboy RSA
Bboy RSA Kun oldin
One thing channels and docies like these like to do is stop the show at 1994. SA didn't stop existing post'94. The world needs to know what's going on.
Crimson Daoist
Crimson Daoist 2 kun oldin
Forgot to mention that nothing actually changed, just the positions of who's oppressed and who's not.
Regal Bastard
Regal Bastard 2 kun oldin
I liked how you skipped over why Nelson was in prison in the first place. Necklacing and mass murder of innocent civilians. Also South Africa is a failing state with the Third largest SA Party singing and chanting about "Killing all the Whites." South Africa still has Systemic Racism. There is extreme discrimination against Whites. There is so much info you left out, proving your ideological bent.
omar 2 kun oldin
great effort in pronunciation, but muslim is pronounced like an s not a z lol
E-_-Z -Eddy
E-_-Z -Eddy 2 kun oldin
It is possible to rebuild. But unfortonutly when mandela died the ANC turned to blatant corruption draining out the money with mansions and tenders to their friends and family. Dont even get me started on the products they deliver with the millions they get. They couldn't upkeep the infrastucture. The roads and buildings are going to shit. The only bad part about apartheid was the rasicm. The entire africa would have lived in tribes if it was never discovered.
Tshinakaho Nthangeni
Tshinakaho Nthangeni 3 kun oldin
Hey! South African here! Just wanted to say, "good job."
PoisonousBadge 3 kun oldin
He didnt talk about the border war
Joe Smit
Joe Smit 3 kun oldin
Would have liked more on the war between the Zulus and Boere
Samuel Joel
Samuel Joel 3 kun oldin
Your pronunciation💔.... A for effort!
Duan Kotze
Duan Kotze 3 kun oldin
But still South Africa is racist Thank you UK you made the boers life in South Africa hell because apparently we chose apartheid, nah boet, UK
MsTifalicious 4 kun oldin
I'm really intelligent, but this was way too hard to keep up with. I'm usually all about talking and listening fastly, but I know ZERO about Africa so I didn't get any of this to stick. Looks like I'm going to search for some PBS special on the subject instead. 🙄
SandmanEnters 4 kun oldin
Hierdie is leeu wereld. Great video. Learned more history about my country than I did at school.
The Stalking Ghost
The Stalking Ghost 4 kun oldin
I live there
Deal Dr em Deal de em
Deal Dr em Deal de em 4 kun oldin
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Deal Dr em Deal de em 4 kun oldin
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Based Autist
Based Autist 5 kun oldin
I guess the whole “appropriation of land without compensation” for the descendants of the Dutch that built SA wasn’t worth a mention?
BISON KNIFES 5 kun oldin
I'm a suid afrikaner and it is funny how you pronounce the words
Marco Kruger
Marco Kruger 5 kun oldin
Jy se Boer verkeerd jou poes
Karlalee Stander
Karlalee Stander 5 kun oldin
I'm from South Africa and we have learn this more than 10 times and trust me it is not fun 😐
Nikheel Rajman
Nikheel Rajman 5 kun oldin
Interesting that this video shows more history than the SA schooling system. All they teach is about bad apartaid was. Nothing before that
Sagi 5 kun oldin
You know what your pronunciation wasn't that bad props to u
PSung 5 kun oldin
Ja nee fok
The Only Gordan Freeman
The Only Gordan Freeman 6 kun oldin
We are in 2021, and I can openly say racism in still very strong in South Africa, if you don't have blinkers on you will know apartheid is now in reverse in South Africa. Rainbow nation my ass
Dragon hart 999
Dragon hart 999 6 kun oldin
I live in South Africa and the way you pronounce some of our words is funny
Rohan Swarts
Rohan Swarts 6 kun oldin
You sed Boers wrong
Jimbob Jones
Jimbob Jones 21 soat oldin
..and you typed "said" wrong.
LegoNightcore 6 kun oldin
Dude i love how you did this and you are doing well with some of the pronunciations BUT your are butchering a lot of them as well 🤣🤣🤣
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 6 kun oldin
I love how they left out soooo much. Like the battle of Bloedrivier, why Mandela was imprisoned, the racial bullshit of BEE and Julius Malema, a major politician who openly encourages the killing of whites. And the fact that our government can't even keep the lights on. Anyone still confused? UZpost One Bullet One Farmer being sung by thousands of EFF and ANC supporters. South Africa is my home and I will always love this country but our nation is living on borrowed time...
Minimiggie Gamer
Minimiggie Gamer 6 kun oldin
This is my new favorite video now :)
ark Ph
ark Ph 6 kun oldin
I'm glad he pronounced Apartheid properly and I'm sad he pronounced Apartheid properly.
TTV-Pepa-pig 6 kun oldin
Why are u making this vid if u can’t say nelson Mandela
MNP Studios
MNP Studios 6 kun oldin
My recommendations have yet to fair me
willie schoeman
willie schoeman 7 kun oldin
If the Africans can stop having 3-6 babies then it would equalize the black and white races and there wont be need for so many blacks to live in townships because there would be enough work for everyone
Brendon Peter
Brendon Peter 7 kun oldin
Kinda unfortunate that the Indian slave trade was left out of this, but great video nonetheless!
Enrico 7 kun oldin
Yes our country is fucked up.. alot was skipped over here. ALOT
XNLaC 7 kun oldin
Crazy how a YT video taught me more about my country's history than my schooling ever did. Thanks
kazuto xz
kazuto xz 7 kun oldin
Your pronouncing is better than me and im south african
kazuto xz
kazuto xz 7 kun oldin
I live in South Africa
Fresh Mobile
Fresh Mobile 7 kun oldin
Thank you my brother ....you shared our history with the world
Reliquiae 7 kun oldin
You "forgot" to talk about the part where the Afrikaners helped the Zulu's just before the English fought and conquered both of them...typical.
Justin Jonker
Justin Jonker 8 kun oldin
the man who broke appartheid or ended it just bombed the country himself
Christiaan Schulze
Christiaan Schulze 8 kun oldin
This man butchering Afrikaans and African words and names, but his knowledge of history is awesome!
Jacques Jansen
Jacques Jansen 8 kun oldin
At least we have load shedding equally now LMAO
Rajiv Singh
Rajiv Singh 8 kun oldin
Hey, double check the part about the Indian slaves. It wasn’t mostly Muslim. Also the history wasn’t just white and black...
Crazy Cat
Crazy Cat 8 kun oldin
The fact that this is not what is taught in schools in SA is dissapointing....
André Visser
André Visser 8 kun oldin
Not to bad for an American that doesn't know anything about South Africa except what he is told. 😄 You should have included the history of the last 27 years also where we were the richest and fastest growing country in Africa (despite worldwide sanctions), now on the brink of total collapse and lawlessness.
Metamorphic Me
Metamorphic Me 8 kun oldin
Now it makes sense where our sense of humour comes from South Africa - we've been through some bat shit crazy times. The story continues, from white oppressors of the NP to now black oppressors of the ANC. The saga continues.....
Nicolette Spykerman
Nicolette Spykerman 8 kun oldin
Would have been nice to see you spend at least a little bit of time on post-apartheid South Africa instead of just skipping past it.
Mr.J Gentleman
Mr.J Gentleman 8 kun oldin
South African from Cape Town here.....this was good. Its funny how diverse South Africa is. For instance I'm a Cape Town born coloured(colour with a u) We use British culture, spelling system, slang(sometimes), foods and other things. Some of our meals are sometimes based off of Indian meals, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. We have a mix between Australian and British accents with the differences being the pronunciation of the letter 'R' and even then there are different accents South Africa is developing kinda fast but the only problem stopping us is the government(South Africans know why) I feel like if we had a good government we'd be a fully developed country by the time every 15year old turns 30.
Brandon Graham
Brandon Graham 9 kun oldin
As a south African I need to inform you that this video is historically very incorrect!!!!!!! in short......its bullshit!!!!!
Ainsley Spongebob
Ainsley Spongebob 9 kun oldin
You did not even talk about our food. .. poes
Intlock 9 kun oldin
was gonna go to the voortrekkers today.
Yoganandhan Moodley
Yoganandhan Moodley 9 kun oldin
Ange vdw
Ange vdw 9 kun oldin
So did you just conveniently leave out the part where Britain actually implemented segregation long before the NP government decided to rebrand it with the literal translation "Apartheid" or are you genuinely unaware of laws implemented by the British such as The Glen Grey Act of 1894 - 54 years before "Apartheid"?
Andrew Randston
Andrew Randston 10 kun oldin
this "history" is revised history.. lots of errors
Kian Savar Naik
Kian Savar Naik 10 kun oldin
i live in south africa and i just clicked on this vdo to check if it is right
Peace 10 kun oldin
I'm going to go out on a limb. An American liberal made this video.
Leon Luwes
Leon Luwes 10 kun oldin
I know this man isn't Afrikaans, but he calls the boers , boars.
Tiaan Fourie
Tiaan Fourie 11 kun oldin
Should have mentioned how the country went from a 1st world country (pre 1994) to a shithole terror zone
Wesley 11 kun oldin
I always find it strange how videos about South Africa gloss over so much nuance... Like re: the khoisan, many lived quite happily farming with the boers in the cape after the initial (small btw) conflicts when peace was made and non-aggression pacts made with some of the khoisan tribes, and while you can say they were used as a labourer class or whatever, when smallpox hit those in the colony left freely to move to the orange river area. The cooperation is pretty apparent when you consider that the 3 main branches of the modern Afrikaans language that were utilized in standardizing the language were Kaapse (from Cape Colony) Afrikaans, Oosgrens (From the Voortrekkers in the East) Afrikaans and Oranjerivier (from the Orange River where the Khoisan migrated to due to smallpox) Afrikaans. There are a lot of words in Afrikaans that the settlers learned and adopted from the Khoisan, like Gogga (bug), Dagga (cannabis), eina (ouch) etc. These videos also gloss over a lot re: the zulu and their migration south over the course of history, there was an entire event called the Mfecane where a shocking amount of natives of other tribes were killed as they moved South. Most common estimates are 1 - 2 million, which at the time was an absurd amount of casualties. Otherwise great video, I just feel like the colonial aspect is focused on so heavily and the framing always feels a little uneven. In general during the Khoisan wars, and for the Zulu/Bantu people as well, most accounts seem to omit the fact that these were not homogenous groups. The khoisan had different tribes that would battle and fight for resources with one another, and some of those tribes even formed alliances with settlers. The second "war" (it is a bit scattered to even call a war imo), involved the settlers fighting on behalf of some of the khoisan groups. The same goes for the Zulus. There were some tribes whose chiefs were on the side of settlers and military cooperation did in fact take place. We are so tempted to make everything black vs white, and while that is fair in the 20th century with apartheid, I feel like the earlier history should be looked at in a way that keeps this nuance in check.
Frans Zeelie
Frans Zeelie 11 kun oldin
A good quick run of a very complex history, but unfortunately, it already contained some information that isn't entirely so simple, or factual. There are "bigger picture" elements that also needed to be mentioned (most importantly that the jurisdiction as it is known today does not include the same groups as back then, you will almost have to tell each small part's personal history, you cannot tell it as a whole for one country of this nature), and the effective timeline vs today is also significant in any history lesson. As a major in history, I can state this. I will definitely demand an edit of the following error: Institutional racism has been removed by the new system. This is far from the truth. The new regime has reincorporated this, also by the form of various pieces of legislation, creating new levels of discrimination, which various groups, including the business sector, has started to note. The economic performance of the country is also showing the dire effects thereof.
TJ Krüger
TJ Krüger 11 kun oldin
Unfortunately for the past 27 years in which the African National Congress has been in power they haven't done anything good for this country or it's people. But it's wonderful seeing foreigners taking interest our wider history nonetheless :D
Neil Smithsonian
Neil Smithsonian 12 kun oldin
As a post-apartheid Afrikaner (born after) I feel slightly misrepresented here. The Apartheid era was an elitest few oppressing our black brothers and sisters while the majority did nothing about it. There were some of the Afrikaners who did help the fight against oppression and ultimately had a hand in its demise, but today the black government conveniently forgets that. Today we are in the black version of Apartheid. Whites are oppressed, murdered in their homes and economically outcast. Ironically, the wealth is limited to a few black politicians and theirs families while the vast majority of blacks are still living in poverty. The ruling party punts the narrative that whites are to blame for black poverty, but how can this be if whites are themselves systematically falling into poverty? I am proud to be a South African, I'm proud of our diverse cultures, I'm proud that we beat Apartheid and I'm proud that for the most part, on the surface at least, we are living together in harmony and trying to build a better future together. If only the hatred of the old pre-Apartheid members of government will die out, we can truly begin to build this magnificent country up
MunchiesGaming 12 kun oldin
What this guy isn't telling People is that us white People are being Slaughtered for our skin color.
Nathan Jena
Nathan Jena 12 kun oldin
Please make a video on Zimbabwe
RivalHydra 910
RivalHydra 910 12 kun oldin
I’m from sa
Doom Knight
Doom Knight 13 kun oldin
just to correct u its not boars its boers they may almost sound identical but its a long "o" sound I kinda got triggered for u pronouncing it wrong not ur intention i know just wanted to show u how to say it right in the future
X plays
X plays 13 kun oldin
awe ma se kiners
FoxRZ The BrUh
FoxRZ The BrUh 13 kun oldin
I’m South African and u hit the nail on the head
JiLoa13 13 kun oldin
Just some points. The Bantu weren't originally from South Africa, they were a far northern tribe the pushed their way south and forcing Khoi-Khoi out. The British overpowered the Zulu's and thought they could do the same with the Boers. The British were cocky and outnumbering the Boers 10-1 they thought it would be an easy victory, they were defeated. Apartheid was horrific, but out of the bad came some great leaders that changed the world. It gave other countries a turning point in their ways.
Dewald Van Rensburg
Dewald Van Rensburg 13 kun oldin
Yea,thanku my friend.😃
Liam Van Hille
Liam Van Hille 13 kun oldin
This could get me past my History test and mind you I live in SA so this is what I need to put up with. Makes me think that a few UZpostrs should teach history not ms. What’s ya name.
Juan Don
Juan Don 13 kun oldin
10:36 South Africa made great progress to become a multiracial democracy, but has since become ever increasing economically unstable - from US$1=ZAR2 to US$1=ZAR16 - and institutionalized racism has also taken a turn. Minority groups are being marginalized by government legislated policies of Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), Employment Equity (EE) and Affirmative Action (AA) where employment is given to a black person, because he is black, and not to the most qualified/suitable candidate. Same With tertiary education - a non-black student passing highschool with an average mark of 95% can't get into medical school because space must be made for the black student who passed highschool with 60%. The ideal of a rainbow nation has turned into the rainbow being only one color - black.
Jonnathan Pope
Jonnathan Pope 13 kun oldin
I just wish all the post '94 leadership and politicians hadn't thrown all this potential away through their wastage and corruption. It's a depressing country these days. All we can talk about now is hope. Hope is the language of dissent. That's unacceptable to me. And it feels increasingly desperate as time goes on. It doesn't seem like we're a happy nation. As Britain was all shooty-shoot grabby-grab back then, seems like we're all shooty-shoot grabby-grab to one another now. And it's not even always a racial thing anymore, we're just like that as people. Not all of course, but enough of us to spoil the bag.
Angelo Alexander
Angelo Alexander 14 kun oldin
Britains royalty must be insanely wealthy. Also, thanks for this video, it kinda makes me proud to be South African.
Chanté van Biljon
Chanté van Biljon 15 kun oldin
I've watched many history of South Africa/Apartheid videos and I have yet to see anyone mention the 1992 South African apartheid referendum. This was a major part of why apartheid ended - nearly 70% of all white South Africans voted 'yes' to end apartheid.
wildcat reloading
wildcat reloading 15 kun oldin
Good story but now let's cover the last 26 years of mismanagement from the ANC 1) corruption 2) permanent roling black outs 3) lack of municipal service delivery 4) a extremely high crime rate 5) a quickly failing economy 6) the notion to abolish proporty rights via land expropriation without compensation (butt the bill says property, not land soo its expression of private property) 7) only needing 30% of your marks to graduate high school 8) multiple State owned entities that have declared bankruptcy in the past year deu to corruption from ANC members 9) townships not having access to water 10) only 15% of the population pay tax so that 65% can live of social grants obtained from taxes 11) weak and failing borders witch lead to xenophobia amount african people, and of last week with ISIS in Mozambique it leaves the country open to mass undocumented immigration (that will lead to more xenophobia) as well as terror attacks 12) having the worlds largest parliament consiting of over 300 members, this leads to unnecessary tax money being spent 13) land grabs and farm murders 14) firearms being distributed to gangs in the cape flats via the police Need i go on
Phantom Roo
Phantom Roo 15 kun oldin
Me, a south african, watching this for 3 reasons 1- if the information correct 2- if my home is mentiond 3- how he pronounces the names and languages... Afrikaners.... its Bores my bru Dont worry! Ive lived here in my whole life and i still battle 😂😄
PoisonousBadge 15 kun oldin
NOW history of Rhodesia!
BePositiveUNDERDOG 15 kun oldin
Cool story
DireMaster 15 kun oldin
Any other South Africans get kinda triggered when they don't say the words properly
J 15 kun oldin
South African here, you misrepresented our history a lot, but i dont blame you, youre a foreigner and everything you lern about SA's history has been put out by our uniparty state.
Mr Grey
Mr Grey 15 kun oldin
And now the country is being driven into the ground by a corrupt government, black supremacy and China is basically claiming SA for themselves. How unlucky of me to be born in this country.
TreyVlogz 16 kun oldin
Seeing this shows that blacks never dominated back in the days and never colonized anything or invaded anything smh
Kai Hendry
Kai Hendry 16 kun oldin
Institutional racism is still policy. Typical to end on “the rainbow nation” and overlooking the economic crises South Africa is in.
Barend Jansen van vuuren
Barend Jansen van vuuren 16 kun oldin
ok some things to say ...so mapungubwe change to zimbabwe just like that ??? im gonna call bullshit on that because it was called Rhodesia before it was changed to zimbabwe for a long time and its not khoekoe its ( KoiKoi ) who only spoke in click sounds and no one else understood them so trading would have been a issue because when they were found they where still walking naked with sticks and bows sucking on roots of plants and making rock paintings ...then the Boers as you call them never ran from the british instead destroyed them over and over and the zulu's destroyed the british aswell then after the Boers were attacked aswel by the Zulu's but the Zulu's got defeated and the battle was named the battle of the blood river where the blood formed like a river on the battlefield (hence the name ) then yes appartheid came in and things carried on where the world tried to seize power over south africa because of the mineral rich land that led to a war of the south africans and alot and i mean alot of other nations where they still could not defeat the south african millitary that war was named ( The Border war ) of south africa where the war was won in combat but lost by politics and boom the new south africa was born and started its course to a slow demise ...and you say mandela was president but before was in prison ... do you know why ? i would understand if you made a ( in a nutshell video ) but getting some facts wrong there buddy ... but other than that and some other things not a bad video
Angie Ferreira
Angie Ferreira 16 kun oldin
This is a great summary
Mj Grove
Mj Grove 17 kun oldin
Let's not forget Nelson Mandela was a badass leader of a" terrorist" group pre incarceration 😂🤘absolute mad lad and we owe him so much yet the current government system is just pissing it all away. I want to see my country become what it cam be at it's fullest potential...but it's just not possible to live a life here anymore.... it's all about survival.
Daniel Moolman
Daniel Moolman 17 kun oldin
Great video. It’s weird how I learned a lot about South Africa despite being from South Africa. Most of history class is (understandably) about Apartheid but I’m amazed how much stuff about the Bantu and Khoisan was left out.
JASON POTGIETER 17 kun oldin
This was a very left wing view of the country's history. Not objective at all.
Tristan Conway
Tristan Conway 17 kun oldin
More or less On point
Why South Africa is still so segregated
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