History Summarized: Rise of Islam

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Note to viewers: This video contains images of the *Blue Mosque* in Istanbul, which is Not the Hagia Sophia. The Hagia Sophia was a church, later converted into a mosque, but the Blue Mosque, which, to be fair, looks fairly similar to the Hagia Sophia, is a totally different building, and was built by the Ottomans.
HE LIVES! ... by at least a few medical metrics. Blue went on a huge training montage for the entirety of Autumn and is back to talk about the history of Islam!
If you have any questions about anything in the video and would like to learn more, leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer!
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Deep Singh
Deep Singh 8 soat oldin
At 11:34 do you think the Ghaznavids followed Radcliffe’s line of partition of India .
Anmol Bhatia
Anmol Bhatia 9 soat oldin
Blue describes Islamic Golden Age Me as an Indian: Huh We call it bronze age
beril şevval bekret
beril şevval bekret 5 kun oldin
Islamic history is deep and rich and it is sad what has become of it modern times. Decline of scientific research and secular though in islamic states also credited to the Gazzali who was a mathematician , astrounomer , geometrist , poet and a scholar but during his research he started to see certain inconsistancies in the Quran about the world and afraid he will loose his faith he gave this fetfah (I don't know the english word for it...or if I wrote it right) 'any who debbles in the language of number is doing the devil's work' more or less translation and while there are other factors involved played a hand in curbing secular developments in the Islamic world for a millenia. Thanks Gazzali🖕
Jonathan wong zi cai
Jonathan wong zi cai 6 kun oldin
I had a different history taught to me in high school in Malaysia. That 'history' was more about saying 'my religion (Islam) is true, and we are going to teach it as an absolute fact that angels exist and appeared to Muhammad! Also, every other religious people in that region was terrible, especially the Jews!'. So the history this Easterner (me) was taught was the opposite side of the spectrum compared to most of you. Even the scientific achievements of Muslims was mostly glossed over, reduced to a single list in my textbook instead of being discussed.
Gormathius Nightstrider
Gormathius Nightstrider 9 kun oldin
"With that futile disclaimer out of the way..." You know the internet well, and it saddens me how justified your outlook is.
NeilSonOfNorbert 9 kun oldin
the destruction of the Libraries of Bagdad by the mongols is right up there with the Library of Alexandria for me.
Grokford 10 kun oldin
Arabic numerals aren’t Arabic and factually medieval monks loved the Ancient Greek philosophers so I wonder how many other inaccuracies are here.
NinjaGidget 10 kun oldin
Props to Blue for remembering artistic depictions of Muhammad are not permitted in Islam. Nice work respecting your subject.
Chad Neal
Chad Neal 27 kun oldin
I have had to go out of my way to see the world somewhat outside of a European world view. That western teaching of world history section hit hard.
yours, asra.
yours, asra. 28 kun oldin
It's sort of shocking to see how euro-centric history is when it comes to non arab countries. As an arab i was taught most of this stuff in class, as well as Roman/Greek/European/Asian history. I'm sure there's a bunch schools here missed but it is weird to see that people simply weren't taught about these things.
lkijuxs hjuixz
lkijuxs hjuixz Oy oldin
The boundless rutabaga likely bathe because passbook nearly greet underneath a ajar liquor. tidy, plain window
Possibly a Russian person
Possibly a Russian person Oy oldin
Amay Anand
Amay Anand Oy oldin
They aren't arabic numberals they're indo arabic. They were invented in india way before the arabs found out about them.
Maraiam Hafiz
Maraiam Hafiz Oy oldin
If you make a video that has religion sort of included, please don't make fun of it. Lots of people can take it the wrong way Nice video tho 👍
Aditya Sawant
Aditya Sawant Oy oldin
That assassin's creed music at the end struck right on my heart. It was so nostalgic. One of my favorite video games. And that too you played the soundtrack from Ezio Trilogy. Daaamnnnnn
Aditya Sawant
Aditya Sawant Oy oldin
"They integrated archers and heavy cavalry into their battle lines..." Me smiling thinking about Saracen archers and berber cavalry from aoe2
GG Gamer
GG Gamer Oy oldin
And the heavy cav archer :)
Samet Şahin
Samet Şahin Oy oldin
Hey man thanks for making this video I see so many people on internet saying if their country doesn't exists there isn't any history this is justice
Knowel Giorgio Gofredo
Knowel Giorgio Gofredo Oy oldin
Islam is a cancer to the mind
Tudi 10 kun oldin
Omair Shafiq
Omair Shafiq Oy oldin
That poem written by Rumi really made me cry. You really said it from the heart
Thomas Fieschi-Rose
Thomas Fieschi-Rose Oy oldin
are we just going to ignore that you can totally see a mustache on one of Blue's frames?
redwolf Oy oldin
The music at the end, is that what plays in Toussaint in the Witcher 3 lol?
Huey M
Huey M 2 oy oldin
Open an actual history book on this subject. You confuse theological history with factual history when you opened with mo. The free practise of religion is a serious misconception. Read the surah 9 ayat 29 of the qur'an. Add 9:28-9:32 for context and understand the word dhimmi.
Aaron 2 oy oldin
I'm a high school teacher and my kids love your videos.
Lmaoo is written by the victors and those guys lie a lot
Sir Mayonaise
Sir Mayonaise 2 oy oldin
Sorry not a very good video I see why people like red better
SinZeto 2 oy oldin
Thks to blue i now know that im crazy, tks blue :D
Online Gladiator
Online Gladiator 2 oy oldin
This brings a tear to me eye of how much I learned from this, no alteration, no censorship. Just raw history conveyed with a neutral speaker. You sir are the example all commentators need to follow.
blue ki
blue ki 2 oy oldin
man you would've been so proud to be a muslim back then, or rather happy about it and open. and now, god... god damn it....
The spanish Inquisition
The spanish Inquisition 2 oy oldin
Johannes van der Stuyvebode
Johannes van der Stuyvebode 2 oy oldin
Islam is not a religion, it's a political movement. Hence the khalifat.
BirbSeesAll Oy oldin
@Johannes van der Stuyvebode uh, yeah. Islamism is a reactionary movement, while Islam is a religion.
bader abduallah
bader abduallah Oy oldin
Same with Christianity
Johannes van der Stuyvebode
Johannes van der Stuyvebode 2 oy oldin
@BirbSeesAll _-islamism, islamology, islam, islamisation-_ There's a difference according to you? 😂😂😂😂
BirbSeesAll 2 oy oldin
Islamism is a political movement, not Islam.
Ryan Sinbela
Ryan Sinbela 2 oy oldin
8:25 yeah that's about it
bader abduallah
bader abduallah 2 oy oldin
As an Arab, I am grateful to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, for making us(Arabs)united and world leaders with his great teachings and morals .. Islam is the only religion that produced a great and glorious civilization ..
S 2 oy oldin
You also forgot Clock Washable Soup Old Chemistry Flying Coffee wind mill Toothbrush And ETC Their is more. Just go search All discovered and invention of Muslim Good Luck for seeing everything. We Muslim Are smart :3.
The Rad Lad
The Rad Lad 2 oy oldin
5:46 until u realise that they were made in India and Arabic people brought it over
Khalid Alshahari
Khalid Alshahari 3 oy oldin
I like and love ur way of thinking. Probably the best person i heard who self reflected and acknowledges the problems of our eurocentric way of living. I also like your analysis of whats happening in islam today saying it's going through what christianity went through before protestantism. Another thing i would like to say, is that this video opened up my eyes to my own religion islam, and i believe today the majority of muslim countries are not muslim but rather use Islam as a political tool and this has some side effects on it's population. It's population has become dumber, though slot but not all muslims are closed minded so it's funny to see that the islam at it's origin was even more open than these muslims today. Thank you for your video, you not only educate non-muslims but also educate muslims on their own religion better than our "priests".
I Am
I Am 3 oy oldin
“Make españa great again” ahahaha blue 😂
Abdullah Alkhaldy
Abdullah Alkhaldy 3 oy oldin
“Farewell does not happen except for those who love with their eyes, but for those who love with their soul and heart, there is no separation at all.” -rumi.
Androlis 3 oy oldin
Islam is a disgusting religion and should be erased from the earth.
BirbSeesAll 2 oy oldin
@Androlis No empire, the crusades. Look up the 4th crusade and try to tell me they were defensive. Not to mention the northern crusades which resulted in the genocide of pagans.
Androlis 2 oy oldin
@BirbSeesAll this sounds a lot like islam. What empire are we talking about?
BirbSeesAll 2 oy oldin
@Androlis By slaughtering jews, razing cities, spurring up fanaticism and violence, leading failed campaigns which led to paths of carnage and death, and practically destroying one of the greatest empires of the era?
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan 2 oy oldin
@Androlis Yeah by slaughtering innocent people, so peaceful 😂😂
Androlis 2 oy oldin
@DismayRay we did the crusades to protect our lord and our way of living.
MrLlamasKid 3 oy oldin
I find the Eurocentrism tangent interesting, as a student growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, my historical education was full of other cultures and societies, including Native American tribes. It makes me sad to realize how deprived many are, and info like this helps me understand where others may be coming from, not from malice but literal ignorance. Despite the pessimism and political discourse of the recent past, I’m hopeful for tomorrow.
gogo daal
gogo daal 3 oy oldin
Separate the religion from the civilization and i am good
DionnTheGreat 3 oy oldin
This channel has taught me more the all my history classes combined
ParadoxBJJ 3 oy oldin
Some inaccuracies in this video. -Arabic numerals [more properly Hindu-Arabic numerals] -Tolerance of medieval Islamic empires etc
Arman Mahmood
Arman Mahmood 3 oy oldin
Islam is a civilisation I ain’t complainin but im pretty sure-
hamood habibi
hamood habibi 3 oy oldin
great video sad to see the comment section get ruined by bigots
Enigma 3 oy oldin
sort by top and don't look at replies
MrChocoMilc 3 oy oldin
The American education system has once again failed me.. they barely taught us this
Stephie Calligraphy
Stephie Calligraphy 3 oy oldin
I.... Loved this. ❤️
Wolfgang Winter
Wolfgang Winter 3 oy oldin
I do not blame high school and primary school with focusing on most of the ancestors of the population. But college simply put has no excuses.
Darklanov 3 oy oldin
3:10 There was no Spain nor Portugal back then. I think it is better to call it by its geographical name: The Iberian Peninsula
Darklanov 3 oy oldin
These are the Arab numbers: 123456789 These are Indian numbers: ٠١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩ Why do Arabs in the Middle-East use Indian numerals? I don't know.
nova 69
nova 69 2 oy oldin
@sin nombre 123456 are arab numbers
Darklanov 2 oy oldin
@sin nombre Nah man, you got it wrong
sin nombre
sin nombre 2 oy oldin
its the opposite,123456 are Indian
Praatyush 3 oy oldin
More like the rise of terrorism
Steve-Killer_Q8 69
Steve-Killer_Q8 69 2 oy oldin
Dont blame terrorism on religion, blame it on the people
Strega Nona
Strega Nona 3 oy oldin
‘Fan fiction’. Really Blue? I always read it more as the ruling oligarchy of faith at the time decided who they did and didn’t like and erased the losers from history (that they were ultimately making). The canon tossed out Lilith. Hmmm, I wonder why. Sorry. I absolutely love your videos. I just have a sore spot for the ‘canon’, in this case.
imran raja
imran raja 3 oy oldin
Algebra zero numbers are not muslim but Hindu indian inventions ie Bhāskara
Lm7147 3 oy oldin
I really appreciate the segment at around 7 minutes where u explained these religious conflicts very well. Being from the UK I've seen my fair stair of anti Islamists that call it a violent religion and although im atheist I'm still Arab and its a big part of my culture and history, your outlook on it is very mature. Christianity isn't a violent religion just because some Christians did horrible things, and Islam isn't a violent religion just because some Muslims do horrible things. It's simple
Preston Jones
Preston Jones 3 oy oldin
8:49 Ha! We barely made itnout of the colonial era before the last week and just skipped on to WWII every single year for four years from grades 8-11 and then we learned about economics and why taxes suck. Not how to pay them or what they are mind you, just that they are a pain in the ass for the economy.
Mohammed Sulaiman
Mohammed Sulaiman 3 oy oldin
There are way too many things wrong with the map at 0:47, just wanted to clarify that. for e.g. Azd were situated in modern day Yemen and were known as the Azd of Shanu'ah and the Ghassanides lived in modern day Syria.
Bu3adel 3 oy oldin
3:03.. The capitol moved from koofa to damascus.. Caliph Ali moved it away from medina after caliph othman got killed then after caliph hasan gave the caliphate to Mo'aweya ruler of damascus to stop civil war who changed the election based caliphate and created umayaad dynasty
Ajay Thakur
Ajay Thakur 3 oy oldin
Rise of terror
Steve-Killer_Q8 69
Steve-Killer_Q8 69 2 oy oldin
yh be scared of us lololol
Krishna Pant
Krishna Pant 3 oy oldin
funny that blue is doing a video on islam insted of RED..
Taz 3 oy oldin
I like u so much! Ur my favourite person now
Jugainka Tiega
Jugainka Tiega 3 oy oldin
I love your videos. This is a song I've been singing a long time. It's nice to hear somebody else's song.
Algerian Talk
Algerian Talk 3 oy oldin
Now I have to Google Al Rumi
Alijah Guy
Alijah Guy 3 oy oldin
8:00 Wasn't that the Hagia Sophia which was built by the Orthodox Byzantines
BirbSeesAll 2 oy oldin
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan 3 oy oldin
Blue mosque not hagia sophia
beep 3 oy oldin
haha feudal futile
sad potato
sad potato 3 oy oldin
5:42 numbers weren't invented by arabic people and they were invented before event Christianism was created
Kroton07 3 oy oldin
Love when he uses Assassin's creed soundtracks
Carl Grau
Carl Grau 3 oy oldin
Amazing video I appreciate you trying to be fair ty
The discussion of stuff
The discussion of stuff 3 oy oldin
I’ve been to hambra in al andalus in Spain... will never forget, breathtaking
YMKhan 3 oy oldin
Your channel does more justice to history than literally every public school.
swingmattuk Oy oldin
Agreed - as a history teacher in the UK. Part of the problem is we don’t have time to cover what we want about British history - which is compulsory - and we don’t have time to then cover non-British history, even looking into the other aspects of the countries we invaded or examining the Empire really
YMKhan 2 oy oldin
@Grape Toad many of the schools in America have an extremely Eurocentric curriculum. Essentially Europe is glorified and many students walk out not having learned history holistically. Depending on where you live, this may not be the case.
Grape Toad
Grape Toad 2 oy oldin
Same for my school, but there are almost certainly school's out there who do do a good job. Like most (all?) people I have only been to a small amount of the school's out there, so while it might be easy to say that it is done better than 'every' public school. I am certain that it is not true and there are probably also schools who do history even better.
Erik Nixon
Erik Nixon 2 oy oldin
Yeah, even a private one (which are very different in Sweden than in America land)
zafar78600 3 oy oldin
1400 yrs ago, a man, Muhammad(SAWS)said words to the effect that "All men are created equal". The racist empires did not like it and wanted to kill Muhammad(SAWS). He had a small band of followers called Muslims. They defended themselves. The empires sent huge well-equipped armies. The Muslims fought with broken swords. But Allah(SWT) sent angels to help the Muslims. The empires' armies ran. Allah(SWT) told the Muslims to give chase, ambush, surround, fight with, and then tie up the empires' soldiers with ropes. Then Islam was presented to them, Many became Muslims. Those who did not were escorted back to safety. That is how Islam spread, after 600 encounters in self-defense.
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez 3 oy oldin
The haigia sophia was rebuilt by Justinian. He was christian.
nova 69
nova 69 2 oy oldin
@Alejandro Sanchez i confuse the both as well
channel name
channel name 3 oy oldin
@Alejandro Sanchez dw they look super similar
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez 3 oy oldin
@Shahrukh Khan ah, well I feel dumb. Haha.
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan 3 oy oldin
He showed blue mosque not hagia sophia
Robert 3 oy oldin
Respect Islam? An accomplished civilization? The Islamic world did not bring forth a damn thing the past 5 centuries. It is the most retarded piece of the planet....and we have to respect that?
Robert 3 oy oldin
@Hizarshii I agree with that. It will be interesting to see what will happen to these countries when global oil demand goes down.
Hizarshii 3 oy oldin
@Robert As for Gulf Muslims. They have never innovated since the beginning of Islam, most Islamic innovation came from Levant, Mesopotamia, and Persia. So don't expect much from those guys.
Robert 3 oy oldin
@Natalie Hale Talking humanitarian, I would say women are humans. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) made a ranking for the position of women in 160 countries (SIGI). 40 of the 44 Islamic countries are in the bottom half of the list. The best Islamic country to be a women is Turkey at place 57. Of the 10 counries with the worst gender inequality 9 are Islamic. I am an architect, but I don't know what you mean by architectural innovation. As far as I know, most famous plans in that region are made by western or east asian architects. And the Arab oil states are bloody rich, thanks to western discoveries and technologies. Yet they don't innovate..
Robert 3 oy oldin
@Hizarshii It is true that the west has done bad stuff. But that is not the reason why there is no innovation coming from the Islamic world. Germany was completely destroyed after WW2, yet some years later it was flourishing again. But the Islamic world has been stuck for about 800 years now. In the 12th century the Islamic doctrine became more dogmatic, the Quran the litteral word of God. In Europe book printing excellerated developement, but Islamic scholars banned it for 350 years. Defining natural laws was even seen as un-Islamic and free thinking was dangerous. If something was not written in the Quran it was not worth knowing, otherwise Allah would have written it down. And this mentality persists to this day in the education. Also the leaders prefer followers and not independent people. I have read there is no Islamic university in the global top 200. And by the way, the Islamic world has also benefitted greatly from western inventions. Don't they use electricity, cars, telephone, plains, bookprinting, antibiotics etc? Or the discovery of oil and the machines that make use of it which made many Islamic countries rich? But that does not fit the Islamic storyline of victimhood. They prefer to blame the west for their backwardness, then to look critically within.
Hizarshii 3 oy oldin
@Robert And i'm not even Muslim(In fact, i left Islam since i was ten, religion never sat right with me) but truth needs to be said
Detective 3 oy oldin
Fun+Real fact Muslims also believe in jeasus adam noah etc because they were the prophets before muhammad.
Sachin Venugopal
Sachin Venugopal 3 oy oldin
Liked the rumi poem.. but truth is always truth.. we live in a world everyone wants to kill everyone
RoastWorthy 3 oy oldin
watch David Wood's videos
DANTE GOAT 4 oy oldin
i'm from an islamic country, stop encouraging respect for islam. it's a tool of opression and has ruined many lives including mine. the history of this religions does not earn it respect when it does what it does now
Saaem 2 oy oldin
@meatiest 😂😂🤣🤣anything
meatiest 3 oy oldin
@Shahrukh Khan i didn't leave Islam because something "traumatic" or "life changing" happened anyways
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan 3 oy oldin
Stop blaming your countrys shortcomings on islam.
meatiest 3 oy oldin
He is right
mahesh panda
mahesh panda 3 oy oldin
You are right
Sheesh Sama
Sheesh Sama 4 oy oldin
The "Blue Mosque" you are talking about was bought and there is a agreement paper for evidence
Wasee e
Wasee e 4 oy oldin
why does this have more dislikes than any of the other videos about religion lol
mahesh panda
mahesh panda 3 oy oldin
U can guess it 🤣
joker laughs
joker laughs 4 oy oldin
U say freedom of speech. Muslim women don’t even have equality. Their women still wear burkhas.
meatiest 2 oy oldin
@Saaem in Afghanistan my mom was forced to wear burka or a hijab but I understand that not everyone is forced to wear a hijab and some do it out of choice
Saaem 2 oy oldin
Women r not forced, it's there choice
Saaem 2 oy oldin
What about the equality in West if u talking clothes as equality, In West generally mens wear full dress, but women wears small clothes like skirts, etc. How it is equality. Equality is nothing to do with clothing
Natalie Hale
Natalie Hale 3 oy oldin
Men wear kanduras....it's not about oppression, it's about modesty. Also many women don't wear burkhas or hijabs. It's a preference. And the countries where wearing burkhas is compulsory, things are changing. So, let's enjoy the coming insurgence of human rights in countries where governments use religion as a weapon.
meatiest 3 oy oldin
@Baddas Bitch it only depends if the woman is being forced to wear a burka
joker laughs
joker laughs 4 oy oldin
Islam is the worst religion.
Steve-Killer_Q8 69
Steve-Killer_Q8 69 2 oy oldin
you are probably a hindu
Sosuke Aizen but dressed up in a suit.
Sosuke Aizen but dressed up in a suit. 4 oy oldin
That “Istanbul” at last was kinda unexpected
Al Aswad Al Qaari
Al Aswad Al Qaari 4 oy oldin
Love your work are you Jewish?
Meme NN
Meme NN 4 oy oldin
You're right - originally Islam had a great society. Nowadays it is different in every country, so it is more like Islam being done with culture injected - some of these are good and some are bad. The main reason for this change was that after the Mongols destroyed the Muslim empire, ideas became very fractured and at that point it began to change. Later, the Ottomans then took power and they were more about wealth and power and conquering than being "Islamic". One could also argue that after the 4th Caliphate ended that Islam took the "Power/Greed" route (similar to Ottomans).
Emily Vince
Emily Vince 4 oy oldin
I don’t know why, but Blue saying “bloody well act like it” cracked me up. I think it’s because I’ve heard anyone with an American accent say it.
XLR8 GAMING 4 oy oldin
U are quite wrong... One of the first universities were in india
storm boy
storm boy 4 oy oldin
as a person who lived in the arabic and islamic culture and decided to exit I would like to tell you you had 90% of your information wrong ! Muhammed united all the gangs of the arabia under his flag as part of a deal he gives them power of unity and leadership and they give him the approval as a prophet and by mixing power with money and religion they could form a power that started to invade tribes and areas till they became organized political and rich group .. Exactly what ISIS did . and if you dare to have your own say or go opposite to them you are killed on the spot. the story of the criminal history of Islam is long and what you did was just beautifying an ugly history that caused disasters and still to million of people . dont fool innocent people otherwise you will help this cult to grow and add more causality
bader abduallah
bader abduallah 2 oy oldin
Lmao.. Wtf is that ??
the pokemon dude
the pokemon dude 4 oy oldin
Proof of this deal?
Gopal Singh
Gopal Singh 4 oy oldin
6:10 what was that
Isa Haque
Isa Haque 4 oy oldin
I like chocolate
Mostafa Selim
Mostafa Selim 4 oy oldin
Thank you you're one of the most respectable people I've ever seen 😀😀
Vijay Rana
Vijay Rana 4 oy oldin
ARABIC NUMERALS? HA HA HA 🤣🤣🤣. It's undisputed that 'Arabic' numerals came from India and are rightly known as 'Hindu numerals'
Saaem 2 oy oldin
Well it's indo-arabic numbers, developed with both contribution
Lewis 4 oy oldin
Weren't Arabic numerals actually from India though, they're only called Arabic numerals because it was the Arabs that introduced them to Europeans not because they created them?
nova 69
nova 69 2 oy oldin
it should be called indo-arabic numerals
ali agha
ali agha 4 oy oldin
This time when u talk about prophet muhammad talk more respectfully
Dhanush Tr
Dhanush Tr 4 oy oldin
Why are most of the beautiful buildings built by the islamic empire appear as buildings originally designed by Christian's or is built after islam enters India?
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan 4 oy oldin
What building originally built by christian? He showed blue mosque not hagia sophia
Tam AL Jazeera
Tam AL Jazeera 4 oy oldin
your video is fantastic, and yes all the advancements in science and math were in the period shown , which is 75o- 1258. However, the 13th century marks the decline as the Islamic Caliphate moved into militarization and battles took over the priority of sciences. Most the fundamental sects and Sufism sect of islam were dominated. Then the Ottoman Empire took place, and till today there was no brighter era then that for Muslims, and the rationality of philosophy and science raised on the west.
Alexander Balla
Alexander Balla 4 oy oldin
Comments sould be nice
The World is Fucked up atm
The World is Fucked up atm 4 oy oldin
I have been following your channel for a while now and I only saw this video today and I want to say thank you for this it was nice seeing people actually caring and saying the truth while giving an unbiased opinion about history we human must learn to love and care about each other despite all the different beliefs and ideologies as a Muslim from Iraq I would love to say from the bottom of my heart thank you 6:48 8:02 I cried a bit when I heard what you said there..... That was my favourite part out of all of the video fact that you addressed the problem and said the solution and moved on just while addressing the main points of the problem with no biased whatsoever just a mature perspective of life it was just.... beautiful. Thank You Blue.
McMillan Gamers
McMillan Gamers 4 oy oldin
.... and i'm sat here terrified that your 'dumbed down' summary of our history education has less holes than mine :/
Ryan 4 oy oldin
I found this video to be excessively preachy. I just wanted to learn about Islamic history, I don’t need a lecture about western education pitfalls
Loki Beckons
Loki Beckons 4 oy oldin
awesome video, thanks for challenging my prior conceptions with valid insights :)
加油GoingMonotheisT 4 oy oldin
It's always interesting to see how non Muslims who don't have a stick up their ass from political butthurt would talk about Islam.
Zion Sky
Zion Sky 4 oy oldin
1:38 wait. We are talking about completely different time periods though... why you tryna twist it as a competition like... Islam is better than Christianity because it only took 20 years to get the book together... why tone it in that way. Weirdo.
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Topper Guild
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Floyd Mayweather Breaks His Silence About The Jake Paul Fight
Caught On Camera
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I no longer care for sports
Ice Cream Sandwich
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Trippie Redd - Miss The Rage Feat. Playboi Carti
Trippie Redd
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