History RE-Summarized: The Age of Augustus

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Many Romans had conquered the Republic, but nobody could keep it, until Augustus. In the half century after the assassination of Caesar, his adoptive son would fundamentally transform the Roman state: expanding it, reforming it, and bringing it under the control of one man. The Age of Augustus found Rome a Republic and left it an Empire.
This video is a Remastered, Definitive Edition of three previous videos from this channel - History Summarized: "Augustus Versus The Assassins", "Augustus Versus Antony", and "How Augustus Made An Empire". This video combines them all into one narrative, fully upgrading all of the visuals and audio.
If you want more Histories to be Re-Summarized, please comment and let me know!
SOURCES & Further Reading: "The Age of Augustus" by Werner Eck, "Augustus and the Creation of the Roman Empire" by Ronald Mellor, "Cleopatra: A Life" by Stacy Schiff, Virgil's "Aeneid", Polybius' "Histories", Livy's "Ab Urbe Condita", Plutarch's "Parallel Lives", "SPQR" by Mary Beard, "Rome: A History in Seven Sackings" by Matt Kneale, (and also my degree in Classical Studies).
0:00​ 1 - Octavian V. the Assassins
07:40​ 2 - Octavian V. Antony
17:36​ 3 - Augustus as Emperor
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ogrejd 13 soat oldin
@9:40 - Since when did Romans avoid human sacrifice? What do you think was done in front of the temple of Mars with prisoners of war paraded through the streets of Rome during triumphs (including Caesar's)? No, the Romans might have normally saved it for special occasions, but they were no strangers to human sacrifice.
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell 16 soat oldin
Holy Crap he did a Darth Sidious and became the senate
Gregory fat terky
Gregory fat terky 23 soat oldin
Ahhh don't tell red but I like you content better
rascalferret Kun oldin
Caesar's clemency made many owe him their lives. How else to wipe a debt...?
Paparis Paparopoulos
Paparis Paparopoulos Kun oldin
Imagine if mark antony and cleopatra united their kingdoms and made and eastern roman empire. It would have been very cool...
TD, Esq.
TD, Esq. 2 kun oldin
So many people are unaware of Octavian. They talk about Alexander, Napolean, Ghengis Kahn, et al. Alexander was truly formidable. But, Octavian was ... hands-down ... The Baddest Ass this World has ever seen. And, what's most amazing about hin is that, as the 1st Roman Emperor (titled ''Augustus''), the Man did some incredible work stabilizing Rome, creating the solid foundation and infrastructure for an enduring genuine Empire. Yeah, Augustus (the ''Golden'' Boy) ruled with the proverbial ''Iron Fist.'' And he did so quite effectively. Not sure this presentation gives Octavian/Augustus the credit he's due. He was also a precursor to the Roman Stoic set (which peaked with Marcus Aurelius, the other bookend of the Pax Romana). The guy was the 1st Roman Emperor ... Self-Made. Yet, he slept on the floor. Says a lot about the kind of Man we're talking about here ... in my opinion.
Daniel Deering
Daniel Deering 4 kun oldin
Eh, I’ve read a lot of roman history. A LOT. And I’ve never seen the “Octavian sacrificed 300 romans” story EVER. In fact the last human sacrifice recorded in Rome was with respect to an impending invasion centuries earlier where a Gaul and Greek were buried alive in the Forum. Need some backup on the claim. There’s other gaps and omissions in this information. Antony and Cleopatra were buried in her mausoleum at Alexandria.
The Dark Lord of The Sith
The Dark Lord of The Sith 5 kun oldin
Gaius Julius Caesar is by far my favorite person in Antiquity. Octavian is a close 2nd with Hadrian. I have a cat that was found as a kitten who was found in August, so we named him after who the month was named for. Augustus. Auggie for short and at almost 9 years old he rules the house like a Caesar.
Kendrick Patton
Kendrick Patton 5 kun oldin
Man does blue have a major crush on rome or what??
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia 6 kun oldin
Octavian might be one of my absolute least favourite of the generally-recognised Big Historical Figures, but, dang, his journey is absolutely fascinating.
Axel Trujillo
Axel Trujillo 7 kun oldin
Lauryn Edel
Lauryn Edel 7 kun oldin
Dumpster fire VS more overtly treasonous dumpster fire. Take your pick
ian simmons
ian simmons 8 kun oldin
Now Blue do the Huns
Harry Tinsley
Harry Tinsley 8 kun oldin
Caesar and Octavian were actually related by blood. Octavian was Caesars great nephew as his mother Atia Balba was Caesars niece.
Isaac Strouse
Isaac Strouse 8 kun oldin
Question dose anyone else find history class soul sucking?
OCT2108BOI 9 kun oldin
Tushar Chetal
Tushar Chetal 10 kun oldin
God really got lazy with season 2 and basically kinda reskinned season 1 with this one didn't he?
Clay Heinzerling
Clay Heinzerling 10 kun oldin
Hey give my boy Octavian a break he argued for two days to keep Cicero off of the proscription list but Antony put him on there in the end
Biteso 12 kun oldin
Oo resummarisarion!
João Piteira
João Piteira 13 kun oldin
Anthony's will, or as Dovahatty put it, the gibs of Alexandria
C 13 kun oldin
Wait... Romans didn't sacrifice people? Didn't the triumvirates involve strangling people as a sacrifice to the gods or something?
Boss Isaac
Boss Isaac 11 kun oldin
Yes, they did.
Hammer Hand
Hammer Hand 13 kun oldin
Lets have a moment of silence for Cicero who died in the prescriptions
Sir Jaojao
Sir Jaojao 10 kun oldin
RamBam3000 13 kun oldin
What Blue leaves out of that is the Antony claims in his will that Julius Caesar’s son by Cleopatra, Caesarion, was Julius Caesar’s true heir, not Octavian, thereby personally insulting Octavian even more. Oops. Also, since Antony’s will was kept with the Vestal Virgins, he had to get it by force, a gross breach of tradition, not to mention probably the law as well.
Beau Shorkey
Beau Shorkey 14 kun oldin
Read the thumbnail as "Age of Aquarius "
Susan Li
Susan Li 14 kun oldin
Mawile #303
Mawile #303 14 kun oldin
Caesar's Avengers, ah yes, much like Charlie's Angles
Zap Gun
Zap Gun 14 kun oldin
Internet, Forgive me for this crime against decency I am about to commit. 1:31 O: "W- what are you doing, step-emperor?!" - JC: "It's okay, it's not like we're related by blood"
the world of fantasy
the world of fantasy 15 kun oldin
Great video! unrelated, maybe a video on Galileo Galilei I know he's kind of recent compared to your other stuff but.
Possibly a Russian person
Possibly a Russian person 15 kun oldin
Agrippa? I think you mean Swagrippa
Tebello Khala
Tebello Khala 15 kun oldin
Pretty Sweet
Pretty Sweet 15 kun oldin
Incredible. Actually incredible. Can't wait for the next episode!!
Kryptonian Guest
Kryptonian Guest 16 kun oldin
Btw, there's a boardgame about the East India Company on Kickstarter at the moment. It's called John Company and I thought it might interest you.
Aceofacez10 16 kun oldin
Goodus vidus
denDAY04 16 kun oldin
*chef kiss* Perfect. Please do continue doing these compounded re-summarized series.
DTOM 16 kun oldin
Can they make a Cleopatra film based on Blue's videos for Caesar, Augustus, and Cleopatra? Seriously, Augustus is the villain, Caesar is a supporting character/plot device, and Cleopatra is Queen/Goddess.
MartinXVEdward 16 kun oldin
I would like to point out that Octavian was biologically related to Caesar. He was a grandson of Caesar's sister Julia Minor (which is why he was a grand-nephew) before he was adopted as a son by Caesar.
Armin Hillman
Armin Hillman 17 kun oldin
This video has no right being as badass as it is.
Layne Lockridge
Layne Lockridge 17 kun oldin
Blue: "The ancient world was no stranger to animal sacrifice, but when it came to people, Ancient Rome DID NOT DO THAT" Saturnalia: "Am I a joke to you?"
Ethan Pheil
Ethan Pheil 17 kun oldin
Hey, I don't know where to put this, but I just realized while watching one of your other videos, I don't think I know anything "bad" about Alexander the great. You sounded like you would like to give the other side of history, and I think; as a fanboy, that would a great viewpoint to share. Thanks for your work!
Rebecca 19 kun oldin
I love this series but I have a small request. Could make a video about Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 or more specifically the Tainos? I'd really appreciate it. 🙏 Also, I also like to suggest a video from Red about the mythology of Taino Gods and/or the symbolism/legend of the Coqui (it's a Puerto Rican tree frog that is an important part of our culture). Thanks.
Modred 19 kun oldin
How can I enjoy this video without colored square people murdering each other?
Silva T
Silva T 19 kun oldin
"Romans do not do that!" After the 2nd Punic War anyway. During and prior....
Charlie Duff
Charlie Duff 19 kun oldin
Caesar: What up, I'm dictator for life! Conspirators: Perish. Caesar: *surprised Pikachu face*
Kylane Easterwood
Kylane Easterwood 19 kun oldin
“Annexed the duat out of Egypt” is the best line in this video.
Rick Kcir
Rick Kcir 19 kun oldin
Another move that made Agrippa the ultimate bro was that he forwent his own triumph (the ultimate glory of any Roman general) in order to help out Octavian with Pompey’s son.
Kolawale Ojomo
Kolawale Ojomo 19 kun oldin
Hey Blue 🥺, what app do you use for your maps🥺🥺?
TheGerkuman 20 kun oldin
Wait, was the first name on that hit list 'Carbon'?
Jake Despa
Jake Despa 20 kun oldin
Blue can you do the gulag archipelago? Plzzzzz its a really good book but its sooo long like 7 chapter can you summarized it plzzzz i find it fitting to your presentaion on youtube i bet there are many interesting facts on the concentration camps
Isaac Bourdeau
Isaac Bourdeau 20 kun oldin
How does Biggus Dickus play into all of this?
KurtRu5selCrowe 21 kun oldin
For the algorithm
Anonymous Fellow
Anonymous Fellow 21 kun oldin
Rome, with a side of dome
Ryan Stone
Ryan Stone 21 kun oldin
A-GRIP-PA comes in clutch!
Mike Tacos
Mike Tacos 22 kun oldin
Weeb Extraordinaire
Weeb Extraordinaire 22 kun oldin
Julius "prematurely perforated" Caesar has to be my favourite nickname.
haljoa 22 kun oldin
11:00 Soldier TF2
Ghost of Socrates
Ghost of Socrates 22 kun oldin
1:30 is instantly contradictory. How can Octavian be both Caesar’s great nephew and not biologically related. Octavian was the son of Atia, Caesars niece. They were distantly related which called for the post Morten adoption, but biologically they’re kin.
Boss Isaac
Boss Isaac 22 kun oldin
Either Blue made a simple mistake, or he was working under the assumption that Octavius being related to GIC via his _sister_ would normally result in them not developing a close relationship as Roman genealogy and laws of inheritance traced descent and worked through the father.
Researcher Chameleon
Researcher Chameleon 22 kun oldin
Hey red, you know how you do a Halloween special every year, I think a story that you could do this year is “The Island of Dr. Moreau”
msrcali 22 kun oldin
Hearing him say son of Pompey the Headless just hits different lmao
iki iku
iki iku 22 kun oldin
octavian was the son of ceasar niece, so they were related !
Radiyas 13
Radiyas 13 22 kun oldin
"He annexed the Duat out of Egypt." I see whatcha did there . . . .
Belle Wells
Belle Wells 22 kun oldin
Thank you this makes me miss my history teachers a little less.
Derric K.
Derric K. 22 kun oldin
Just to clarify, Gaius Julius Caesar was Octavian's great-uncle, they were biologically related through Atia, Octavian's mom. Additionally, Caesar called himself the son of Venus and Octavian called himself the son of Apollo. You have to give Octavian some credit on how he quickly came to rule Rome in just seventeen years [44-27 BC].
Corvus 22 kun oldin
11:24 Blue: "Was this, by any chance, legal?" Octavian: "I will make it legal."
thediamondshard 22 kun oldin
Is it historically accurate too call Julius Caesar and mark Antony simps?
Boss Isaac
Boss Isaac 22 kun oldin
No. Iirc Simp is understand as a man worringly desperate to gain the attentions of a woman they're infatuated with despite all signs that said woman will not end up reciprocating.
Vinnie G
Vinnie G 22 kun oldin
This is definitely one of my favourite history channels
Hansall's Fables
Hansall's Fables 23 kun oldin
It's always nice to hear the guy speak. He seems more friendly
rick davis
rick davis 23 kun oldin
Definitely! Mind control boobs. Definitely.
The AJ
The AJ 23 kun oldin
MVP: Agrippa my man
Shane McDowell
Shane McDowell 23 kun oldin
Cleopatra shouldn't be remembered as anything other than a seductress. She did nothing of note but cause political turmoil in Rome, not to mention using Rome to claim the throne of Egypt which she did NOT deserve. She got dabbed on by my boys Agrippa and Octavian, and deserves all disrespect.
The British Show
The British Show 23 kun oldin
Wait how can you be someone’s grandnephew and not be Related by blood becuase I don’t think you can be someone’s grandnephew without some Grand uncle or aunt
Boss Isaac
Boss Isaac 11 kun oldin
Roman genealogy traced descent through the male line, so Gaius being related to Caesar through his sister Iulia, not a brother, uncle or son, would, I imagined, be disputed.
Dawson Hollingsworth
Dawson Hollingsworth 23 kun oldin
me thinks yon cassius has a lean and hungry look
Corbin Eby
Corbin Eby 23 kun oldin
I wonder who would be on a roman avengers team...
Kramp 23 kun oldin
i didnt notice it to much hear but not a fan of the abrupt "chapter 2" a separation is necesary but a little more discreet
Pint sized Kiwi
Pint sized Kiwi 23 kun oldin
Excuse me what happend to the how to survive college videos?
Demoulius 23 kun oldin
13:31 Mind control boobs.... So just boobs?
Abby Hawkes
Abby Hawkes 23 kun oldin
Is no one talking about quite possibly the shortest Blue intro ever?
Ender 23 kun oldin
Google says Agrippa only built a canal, not an entire lake.
Titanwaves 23 kun oldin
This is a BLESSING I have a test on this tomorrow!!
Strideo1 23 kun oldin
If anyone wants to go more in depth in this stuff check out the UZpost channel Historia Civilis. Probably one of the best Rome and classical ancient history channels out there.
Rose Dunphy
Rose Dunphy 23 kun oldin
Marcus 'Gorilla' Agrippa
Sadiyah Asaad
Sadiyah Asaad 23 kun oldin
If you have the time could you make a video about the peryton, it’s a mythical beast for Greek mythology that is half deer and half bird with (in my opinion) some good background stories and information.
Kasaix 24 kun oldin
The cardinal rule of surviving Rome is 'Do not f**k with Octavian'. -Simon from Biographics
Daniel Survivor
Daniel Survivor 24 kun oldin
*Augustus Amongus*
Metzyah Rosenstein
Metzyah Rosenstein 24 kun oldin
Archeology probably supports the vast amount of slaves needed to dig Agrippas lake, but he's still a hardass
papajohnloki 24 kun oldin
Tiberius gets the short end of the historical stick every time. He was one of Rome's greatest Generals. After Varus destroyed the Roman Legions in Teutenburg Forest, he stabilized the situation
TazTheYellow 24 kun oldin
Gaius "Little Caesar's" Octavian are you freaking kidding me
Julianus Victor
Julianus Victor 24 kun oldin
Would it have been feasible for Antony to have marched through Illyria? It would likely have been a long march but it would've given Antony a path to Rome that avoided the sea. As always this whole video was just amazing :)
JC S 24 kun oldin
You got the Pantheon wrong. It was built by Hadrian where another structure built by Augustus for Agrippa used to stand. Only the inscription with the name remains from the former temple. Typical mistake.
Princeps 24 kun oldin
Italy history is envy of the world
Chris Bumface
Chris Bumface 25 kun oldin
I hope Cicero gets a future video. The things we generally know about that era of the Republic is owed a lot to him.
Hjalmar Freidenvall
Hjalmar Freidenvall 25 kun oldin
THULANI 25 kun oldin
2:29 *WW2 Italy* Some things never change huh
pyrosianheir 25 kun oldin
Blue - "...Her probably Mind Control Boobs." Me - And the Roman senate/Octavian using that as a reasoning has echoed through the ages as one of the only things people think about Cleopatra. Poor Queen deserved better.
Nick Hart
Nick Hart 25 kun oldin
*octavian thinking he will be viewed as a god when he becomes dictator*.... *nerdy blue guy making a sarcastic animated video of him*
Nick Hart
Nick Hart 25 kun oldin
ps... i love you guys keep it up
Tin Watchman
Tin Watchman 25 kun oldin
So is it fair to say that Cleopatra's reputation as a seducer/femme fatale might have been *entirely* the result of Augustus' propaganda? Because damn. Talk about lasting impacts...
Tin Watchman
Tin Watchman 25 kun oldin
Wow. You really outdid yourself. I learned a ton of stuff I didn't know. The human sacrifice stuff? Hadn't the slightest clue! Thanks for sharing all of this. A+.
Fedora Ferret
Fedora Ferret 25 kun oldin
Blue: The Aeneid was so good. Red: I sense a disturbance in the Force.
huaffles123 25 kun oldin
Marcus Agrippa my boi!!!!!
hegazkino 25 kun oldin
Trope Talk: Deal with the Devil
Aliamus 25 kun oldin
I kinda want an episode on Cleo now.
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