History-Makers: Ibn Khaldun

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Big thanks to our friend Al-Muqaddimah for his help with this video. The look of this video's maps is an homage to his wonderful mapmaking style. For more Islamic History, check out his channel here: uzpost.info/down/f0O2efB4K66UUaT7QJPVNA
From the coast of Tunisia across the Straits of Gibraltar, over the Atlas Mountains, and east to the Nile of Egypt, Ibn Khaldun had certainly seen history at work. That experience came in handy as he wrote The Muqaddimah, a genre-defining masterwork of Historiography - not just retelling the events of the past, but explaining their causes and effects through the lens of human behavior and sociology.
SOURCES & Further Reading: "Ibn Khaldun: An Intellectual Biography" by Irwin, "The Muqaddimah"
This video was edited by Sophia Ricciardi AKA "Indigo". www.sophiakricci.com/
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Key North
Key North 4 kun oldin
I don't mind historians if they don't skimp at there own cultures faults.
my boy
my boy 28 kun oldin
Wow those four generations.... Makes me wanna read Dune again. Herbert had to have been a big fan of this guy
Abdul y
Abdul y Oy oldin
could anyone please explain the difference between a seasonal and a cyclical happening (8:44)
redwolf Oy oldin
Blue literally every History Makers vid: This guy is the first historian ever
Evan Rudibaugh
Evan Rudibaugh Oy oldin
Bro... it's cool that you try to show the Arabic words, but none of them are displaying properly. For example, Khalud's name is خلدون but you have each letter separated like خ ل د و ن . Arabic words are essentially required to be written in "cursive" with each letter connected when possible.
Theocratic Vitifer
Theocratic Vitifer Oy oldin
Al Muqqadimah is not only one of the earliest examples of historiography, but a top teir you tube channel on Islamic history.
zakrise Oy oldin
Man, I would love to see a video about Timur and the Timurid Empire
Mark Oy oldin
Historical European supremacy would make you believe everything great started in Europe by white people. Always nice to hear from great minds from Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
ibrahim kouidri
ibrahim kouidri Oy oldin
Fun fact: asabiya is used as a slang meaning people getting angry in north Africa mainly Algeria ,Tunisia and Maghreb
N K Oy oldin
Asabiya sounds a lot like anger to me but okay
Rei Ridwan
Rei Ridwan Oy oldin
Listen, I had to memorise his full name for Islamic History and I've been bitter ever since
朱翺龙 Oy oldin
Oh hey! I wrote a whole ass paper on how rome's failing economy lead to the fall of the roman empire! IIRC I used Muqaddimah as one of my sources!!
Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper Oy oldin
So when does the Kickstart begin for the Blue on history books with the covers being the ones you that come in the videos and note by all the OSP team? Because I'm 100% backing that
Man in White
Man in White Oy oldin
He is the father of sociology too
DTOM Oy oldin
Just to make sure I follow; he wrote a 300-600 page *introduction* to history? How.... How long was the actual history book?
V Ling
V Ling Oy oldin
I was fascinated by his intuition when it came to evolutionary thought. To look at monkeys and think man came from them is something not many people in written history up that point had in mind.
Ali Yaser
Ali Yaser 6 kun oldin
Daris is just theoretical is not true
Muhd Syameal
Muhd Syameal Oy oldin
I really like this. Covering Islam and getting an auto subscribe from me
Fun Size Productions
Fun Size Productions Oy oldin
1. Build 2. Peak 3. Decline 4. Fall Sooo anyone wanna guess which stage we're in right now?
Tarek M
Tarek M 2 oy oldin
2:24 well said 😂 I need more personal opinions
Uber-Trooper 2 oy oldin
Barely 10 seconds in and Blue predicts January 6th
Lee Turner
Lee Turner 2 oy oldin
Why major empire have to destroy at least 1 major center of culture and learning? Alexander destroyed Persepolis Rome destroyed a great library Monguls destroyed bagdad What gives?
GL. Omar
GL. Omar 2 oy oldin
Arabs like the Greeks have a great influence on the world
Sean Hastings
Sean Hastings 2 oy oldin
1st Generation: Greatest Generation 2nd Generation: Boomers 3rd Generation: Gen X 4th Generation: Gen Y Me, a member of Generation Y: "Oh, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt"
Goorilla Grodd
Goorilla Grodd 2 oy oldin
I was listening to the part about social structures falling apart when I walked in my car, turned it on and heard “Born in the USA” on the radio. If that’s not an omen I don’t know what is
TheMrawesomest 2 oy oldin
@0:37 god damnit! At least the Arabic text is in the right direction (right to left). The letters are not connected. Pro tip: if your video editing software doesn't fully support foreign script, type the thing in a text editor that support the script, create a screenshot, and use it as graphic in the video editor. Cool video subject. Sorry about the rant.
Danial Bass
Danial Bass 2 oy oldin
Watched halfway through not realising this video isnt about Ibn Batutta
matthew mann
matthew mann 2 oy oldin
The Mongols really took it there
Bøø9 2 oy oldin
Having recently read the Dune triology, i can't help but connect some of the stuff here to the fremen, and how paul is later quoted to say "There should be a science of discontent. The desert is where people go to build their psychic muscles"
Zoom Maroc TV
Zoom Maroc TV 2 oy oldin
Ibn Khaldun: Hey scribe, can you give me the scientific study you used to back your claim? Scribe: I don't need to prove anything, I'm a respected learned man. Ibn Khaldun: mmmk.....
Sean L
Sean L 2 oy oldin
I'll be honest, I only clicked on this video to see how Ibn is pronounced.
Adnan Labiadh
Adnan Labiadh 2 oy oldin
He is the end goal of ENTPs.
ERROR_ 741
ERROR_ 741 2 oy oldin
Omg you can say hid name in arabic
abd nor
abd nor 2 oy oldin
ابن خلدون❤️🇲🇦🇹🇳
CaptainsEyePatch 2 oy oldin
7:07 so.... homeboy authored Dune....
Majd 2 oy oldin
Hey you guys should make nore videos about Southwest Asian/north african/arab/mulism historical figures! like Ibn battuta or salahu al deen (saladin)
Samah Rifla
Samah Rifla 2 oy oldin
You know, nothing pleases me as seeing Arab names pronounced correctly.
Sama Hardy
Sama Hardy 2 oy oldin
imagine being the neighbors of ibn khaldun growing up. he gets in trouble and it takes a whole minute to Full Name him!!
usman tayyab
usman tayyab 2 oy oldin
your pronounciation of arabic names is really good
adzil abidin
adzil abidin 2 oy oldin
Pliss cover about other great muslim scientists, inventors , and travelers (like Ibn Sina, Ibn Battutah...etc)
Fanaticos 2 oy oldin
Ibn khaldun tunisian🇹🇳
Omar Gaweesh
Omar Gaweesh 2 oy oldin
Maaan, please, if you are going to type an arabic name, do it right! Arabic is cursive. I love your videos ❤️, but please get this right ❤️😂
Wasee e
Wasee e 2 oy oldin
The Ottoman empire: 1) Build 2) Peak 3) Stall 4) Decline 5) Fall
mr box
mr box 3 oy oldin
The life of Josephus Flavius would be perfect for this series
Omar Mohamud
Omar Mohamud 3 oy oldin
al khawarizmi do em i want u to clown em for makin me suffer through algebra
Abd El Nasser Wardani
Abd El Nasser Wardani 3 oy oldin
Amazing pronoucation, near perfect.
Aya Faraj
Aya Faraj 3 oy oldin
If this video was in arabic I would've totally passed my social studies class - and I'm surprised that you're pronouncing his name quite well compared to other people that constantly butcher Arab name
Liam 3 oy oldin
Golden age, pandemic, dysfunctional politics, Bedouin, was there anyone better placed to write an overview of human society?
Izzy Lewis
Izzy Lewis 3 oy oldin
Imagine his mum being annoyed and shouting his full name XD
Basicc Boy
Basicc Boy 3 oy oldin
Why didn't you talk about Adam Smith's plagiarism?
Abdodt O
Abdodt O 3 oy oldin
Mmmm, are we gonna hear out a Tamerlane story???
Z C 3 oy oldin
"Everything has an end- except the sausage, that has two." German Proverb
Dandelion Dandylion
Dandelion Dandylion 3 oy oldin
Blue reminds me of that Weird History guy that everyone likes. Well- to be accurate, the Weird History guy reminds me of Blue since I was watching OSP long before I discovered WH
Saïd Metiche
Saïd Metiche 3 oy oldin
Good video except the Arabic text is super badly rendered like it's incorrect the characters don't link.
Ryan Tiemann
Ryan Tiemann 3 oy oldin
"History has a nasty habit of not letting up." Man...this DID NOT age well.
Ryan Tiemann
Ryan Tiemann 2 oy oldin
@Nose of the north star 2020
Nose of the north star
Nose of the north star 2 oy oldin
Can you explain why this does not age well
Lucy Kavanagh
Lucy Kavanagh 3 oy oldin
I literally came to the comments to see if anyone else what thinking this!
Anarcho thoughts
Anarcho thoughts 3 oy oldin
This dude was racist af tho
sin nombre
sin nombre 2 oy oldin
ezgi berf
ezgi berf 3 oy oldin
Is this the guy that says "Geography is one's destiny"? He was a wise dude.
Michael Ibrahim
Michael Ibrahim 3 oy oldin
7:18 Another way to put it is: 1. Hard times create strong men 2. Strong men create good times 3. Good times create weak men 4. Weak men create hard times
Tster 3 oy oldin
Comrade Khaldun
Kathryn 3 oy oldin
Hey, can I see your take on Empress Wu Zetian? All the things I've seen so far are very conflicting.
Eric Taysom
Eric Taysom 3 oy oldin
The hell happened all the views? On all of your videos?!
Rezaul Karim Khan
Rezaul Karim Khan 3 oy oldin
"Now in the 12 and 1300s was home to very much smaller and more fragile states." Me: *EU4 Nightmare playing as Granada*
Sami ippo tsuboku
Sami ippo tsuboku 3 oy oldin
0:36 i can't believe someone finally wrote arabic from right to left! Not inversing every word
Beregorn88 3 oy oldin
5:41 Wait a moment, I recognise that music in the background... Chocolate Outline!
Unlimited MTness
Unlimited MTness 3 oy oldin
"I'm being accurate" also writes the guy's name wrong
Unlimited MTness
Unlimited MTness 3 oy oldin
Arabic letters actually mesh together when in a word, "إ ب ن خ ل د و ن " actually looks like this: إبن خلدون when written
Ash Niesl
Ash Niesl 3 oy oldin
Can i just say that the videos you guys make are actually really great, not only in quality and accuracy, but also because I have ADHD and the way you pace the videos is actually really easy for me to keep up with
Benjamin Simons
Benjamin Simons 3 oy oldin
2:48 his parents wanted to mess with the ancient IRS.
RussianDrago 3 oy oldin
Cap'n Crunch: Oops, all berries Me, an intellectual: Oops, all Mongols
Arigadatred 3 oy oldin
Yes, I love historiography! Remember kids, the last ice age caused the American Civil War.
Ben Sears
Ben Sears 3 oy oldin
I know this sounds weird but can you do an episode on the Third Crusade and Richard and John as we have to study it at GCSE
171QA 3 oy oldin
Thanks Monguls!
Abd Bjl
Abd Bjl 3 oy oldin
You can speak the kh -letter really good
TK Wallace
TK Wallace 3 oy oldin
Blue, could you do a series on republics? You’ve done so much work on them already (Rome, your beloved Venice, Machiavelli’s analysis). I’d like to see a history video on the Dutch Republic’s Golden Age and see how they compare. What works? What fails? What conditions are necessary for a republic to flourish and how do they tackle problems like factionalism? (You can’t crush them like the Nika riots if you’re not an emperor.) Food for thought. Thank you :).
Kh-An Or-Cl
Kh-An Or-Cl 3 oy oldin
It is super surreal to hear blue saying my name and spelling the "kh" correctly Kudos to you, my man P.s. I have always been writing my name as khaldoun, is ibn khaldun in western books written without an o?? Also love your videos guys been a fan for 2 years now, have watched mostly all your video, keep the amazing work :)
Sarah LaVine
Sarah LaVine 3 oy oldin
I NEED a "Let's Do Historiography" shirt please.
Sleeping Rocks
Sleeping Rocks 3 oy oldin
omg why did the ding at 5:01 have so much reverb to it, it killed my ears :(
Speedy 99955
Speedy 99955 3 oy oldin
so this is the guy who figured out history repeats itself?
Temujin Hill
Temujin Hill 3 oy oldin
Peter Turchin is a modern evolution of Ibn Khaldun, and uses his concepts in War and Peace and War
Squiddy_101 3 oy oldin
I would like to see a video about the Habsburgs. Their rise to power, their eventual fall, and their... *unique...* family.
Master of shemes
Master of shemes 3 oy oldin
Regarding the Mongols, they did a lot of cool stuff with Astronomy as Hulagu Khan built the Maragha observatory in what is now Modern day Iran. Also later the Timurids also made interesting contributions in the form of the Samerqand Observatory, the largest and most significant observatory in the world at that time. With an Meridian sextant that had an radius of 40 metres wide. The Samarqand Observatory was circular in shape and had three storeys. It was over 50 metres in diameter and 35 metres high. It's builder was the scholar and Ruler Ulugh Beg, who was the teacher and co-worker of Ali Qushji, who made many contributions to Astronomy and Mathematics and fairly accurately determined the shape of the Earth, the other planets and movements of the stars. He also wrote in one of his books that the Planets of our solar system orbit the Sun, so he did the whole Heliocentric thing long before Copernicus. I just wanted to throw this in, because Islamic science did not end with the Mongol invasion and wanted to clear up this myth here, because it is often spread in videos regarding Islamic Science.
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright 3 oy oldin
7:23 so everything is Ancient China then *always has been*
Sid Zero
Sid Zero 3 oy oldin
I guess it never really occurred to me before that Ibn Khaldun did the Strauss-Howe generational theory first. Good to know.
alec christiaen
alec christiaen 3 oy oldin
Am I the only one who gets flashbacks to Chinese history due to the four-part cycle of dynasties?
Adoen Lunnae
Adoen Lunnae 3 oy oldin
Man, seeing people from so far appreciate Cordoba so much... Feel good
JG R 3 oy oldin
that's not a name, that's a patrilineal family tree!
endplanets 3 oy oldin
So its the "Hard Times Create Strong Men" meme?
potato liquid
potato liquid 3 oy oldin
And al_sabya not assabiya
potato liquid
potato liquid 3 oy oldin
He fucken said the name right arab happy noises
David Martin
David Martin 3 oy oldin
This is very fascinating. How the defiance and basiclly isolation of one guy shaped the way of hhistoric documentation.
TRAGOS 3 oy oldin
Great video, but as a history student I've been taught, Thucydides is the first historiographer as he took a way more objective approach to writing history than Herodotos
Queer_Dreams_Of_Soothing_Rain 3 oy oldin
@TRAGOS it’s all good, my friend. Thucydides is accurate, yes. All I said was he wasn’t the first lmao. And I gave some context on why you might’ve said that.
TRAGOS 3 oy oldin
@Queer_Dreams_Of_Soothing_Rain why would you assume that? Not saying you're wrong, but I gave you no footing to reach the conclusion my education is Eurocentric "and by contrast less accurate". I didn't tell you where I'm studying, neither did I say anything about how my university operates. For all you know, I could be a student in Africa ( where Ibn khaldun is from ). I mean, by that logic I could also claim the education you received is prejudice because of the country you study in, because no matter the place, each country has something to gain by teaching you in a certain not so objective way . Anyways, I don't want to come off as aggressive, but you've never said you've been taught Thucydides wasn't in fact the world's first historiographer. No matter where you've been taught, everyone familiar with history knows Thucydides is by far the most credible out of the first greek historians ( Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon ), so it's not a stretch to call him s historiographer. Finally, ( this comes from my teacher and I haven't researched it on my own, so I might be wrong ) Thucydides has stated he believed history should also describe the deeper motives behind actions, for the benefit of the future generations ( He was the one that first acknowledged the Trojan war didn't happen because of Helen, like Homer's poems claim, but because of Troy's beneficial position ). Again, don't mean to come off as aggressive.
Queer_Dreams_Of_Soothing_Rain 3 oy oldin
I’m a global history student studying to be a political science major. And I mean, I assume your class may be more Eurocentric and by contrast, less accurate. I was taught in primary school that modern medicine derived from European and jewish religious and spiritual practices, but medicinal teachings derived from so much earlier and eastern than that. Sashruta and Hua Tao are great examples. Eurocentric world views are often wrong and quite boring.
alldayagain 3 oy oldin
Jesus Valdivia
Jesus Valdivia 3 oy oldin
I love your overly sarcastic point of view
Prometheus Bringer of fire and god of forethought
Prometheus Bringer of fire and god of forethought 3 oy oldin
Hey I found the Greek myth for Capricorn “when Pan the god of the wild attended a party in the banks of the Nile, his wonderful music attracted the monster Typhos. Pan transformed in to a fish and goat “Capricorn” and swam away. Zeus seeing the amazingly confusing transformation thought it would be a good idea to save it in the stars making the consolation Capricorn.
fvkjdf mv fns
fvkjdf mv fns 3 oy oldin
6:40 it just goes to show how much group solidarity is important to build a stable society. Still, if there is serious inequality from the beginning, it will surely pop up at one point and ruin everything like a self fulfilling prophecy... It's like dieting :) If you want to see results without the boomerang-effect, you need to pick a suitable one that your body can endure for a very very long run.
WENCH, HA! 3 oy oldin
can you discuss something about Indonesia? I know it might be difficult, especially with the people's tendency to not write anything before the trade with China all that but I still want to see you take a shot at it
Adam Buckley
Adam Buckley 3 oy oldin
Why do I feel like western society is at the 4 stage and were all screwed
Anastasia Tano
Anastasia Tano 3 oy oldin
The thing is you need to keep the team work while also having a good living situation basically like you don’t need to give up living well and living comfortably and switch it for teamwork as long as you still care for the people who aren’t living comfortably and you help them live comfortably and you help each other then it will always be stable right as long as no one gets selfish and ignorant to the needs of others
Vance Underwood
Vance Underwood 3 oy oldin
You should do a video on Vlad the Impaler
Wicked Erebus
Wicked Erebus 3 oy oldin
7:28 strong men create good times good times breed weak men weak men create bad times bad times breed strong men
Lahly Bird
Lahly Bird 3 oy oldin
So this guy is basically the first person to have ever said humans actually kind of low-key suck
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