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Welcome to the challenge run of History-Makers, where I attempt to give insightful historical context to someone whose backstory is almost entirely blank.
SOURCES & Further Reading: "Confucius: A Very Short Introduction" by Gardner, "China: A History" by Keay, "The Analects of Confucius", "The Mencius".
This video was edited by Sophia Ricciardi AKA "Indigo". www.sophiakricci.com/
Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up.
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Robert Scannell
Robert Scannell 4 kun oldin
Wasn’t Confucius a contemporary of Socrates? I’ve read a article that said they could’ve talked to each other. Very unlikely but it’s cool to think about them arguing. A argument between these two turns if
Juensung Kim
Juensung Kim 5 kun oldin
Yo, you wanna talk about Mercenary Philosophers, can we go over how the Mohists trained all their disciples as fortifications engineers and went to besieged cities saying "Hey, nice city you got here. Y'know, shame there's not Mohists here. Would you like a Mohist?"
DiamondGuy 6 kun oldin
even in history videos for school, i hear kevin macleod music
Reilly-K 12 kun oldin
Don't let any of this distract you from the fact that historical Confucianism is inherently sexist. Always take your ancient moral codes with a healthy dose of NaCl.
Mr. Hankey
Mr. Hankey Oy oldin
You can say Confucius has got us all in a STATE of---Confusion.
John Weiss
John Weiss Oy oldin
Blue: does video about China Comments Section: Lots-o-requests for more videos on the subject. Blue: does video about other country Comments Section: Tons of butthurt nationalist attacking Blue and each other
Fin Mullen
Fin Mullen Oy oldin
always love to hear walter wanderly
Weeping Angel
Weeping Angel 2 oy oldin
Maybe Confucius didn’t like to talk about his personal life to his students
SinZeto 2 oy oldin
3:24 lu that miss his B am i rigth? xD
Jase Wheeler
Jase Wheeler 2 oy oldin
Literally swap out the beginning of this video, Confucius, replace it with Jesus. Your whole point still works... yet you wouldn’t make it. Like ever. The second it’s partial to anything correlated to contemporary American conservatism, it’s automatically discounted, ignored, and all perspective alike to the perspective you push forward in the majority of your other history videos, seemly would lack I feel. If push came to shove and you did make a video on Jesus, or Moses, or Abraham, I would bet 4 more years on Donald trump, 4 more years starting in 2024, that you couldn’t accomplish that. Your bias is so evident and peering to anybody who looks for it and can recognize it, even my liberal girlfriend can see it. Let’s be real, you can’t even make a video that would be as quick to defend the Bible and the history of the Catholic Church and it’s contributions to the modern world we live in, as you are to fold, simp, and defend cleopatra (no disrespect to her), as quick as you are to defend anything that’s simply NOT Eurocentric and or slightly painted by modern academia to be NOT Eurocentric. I see a great deal of bias in all of your videos, I still enjoy the channel, however there is a lack of balance in both perspective and a lack of divergence in the philosophical towards history, on this channel, and like academia it insists on its infallibility of its own perspective, and that is where your folly is the strongest, in your tone, and language in regards to the prominence of intersectionality in your content. And it’s repudiating to have to put up with politics even when the author of the content you are watching isn’t even being conscious of his course, or he is and he and her both attempt to not mention the bias, which leads kids down said radicalism, believing that their perspective is just simply objective, and the other kids are dumb and wrong. Smh.
Marlo York Rodriguez
Marlo York Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
Well yeah China is one whole school, look at the events and Hong Kong and tell me that ain’t an act of students who were pissed off because they didn’t get the school championship.
Noah Dubois
Noah Dubois 2 oy oldin
Guy is called confucius, of course it was gonna be confusing
L Snoozy
L Snoozy 2 oy oldin
"I found a goose you guys" made me laugh so much 🤣 2:03
Herbert Miller
Herbert Miller 2 oy oldin
1:30 life was deeply stressful and good governance was in dubious supply I wonder what that feels like? For once OSP was not being overly sarcastic
Thomas Fieschi-Rose
Thomas Fieschi-Rose 2 oy oldin
"fuck you, obey the law" Wise words from Bill Wurtz.
nalbakri 3 oy oldin
Here's a bit of Confucius trivia. Since 1005 CE, there has been an official Confucian advisor to the Chinese court/government that survives up to this day. The post is has been held by a direct male-line descendant of Confucius for the last 1,000+ years with the current incumbent advising the Taiwanese government. The post came with the title "Duke of Yansheng", but since nobility is no longer a thing in China and Taiwan, the advisor goes by the title "Ceremonial Official to Confucius".
Just some guy with a handlebar mustache
Just some guy with a handlebar mustache 3 oy oldin
aaand it broke again
Rob and Dawn Ramcharan
Rob and Dawn Ramcharan 3 oy oldin
I think it would be fun to open a coffee house and call it "The Duke of Joe".
Gus Vanskike
Gus Vanskike 3 oy oldin
7:02 Love the Bill Wurtz reference!
fightingblindly 4 oy oldin
Do we really believe China "shattered" after the Zhou. The Zhou enfeoffed many people including imperial family members and they gradually stopped recognizing the emperor over time.
Bente Huizer
Bente Huizer 4 oy oldin
Gods, I love the history makers series
Loki Beckons
Loki Beckons 4 oy oldin
great insight, thanks for the knowledge friend
Amberjeez 79
Amberjeez 79 4 oy oldin
Confucius: I don’t feel like writing. Disciples: We'll do it ourselves. Confucius: You don’t need to... Disciple: Shhhhhhhhh... Don’t worry old man.
snurk agurk
snurk agurk 4 oy oldin
Only China can turn a bloody civil war into a philosophical golden age
Faame Explains
Faame Explains 4 oy oldin
Electric brain
Weltkrieg Gaming
Weltkrieg Gaming 4 oy oldin
Blue, what do you consider to be a “mid-size battleship”
David Aguilar
David Aguilar 4 oy oldin
Lol comparing the Spring and Autumn period to present day US 2020, yep sounds about right haha
Damien Malkavian
Damien Malkavian 5 oy oldin
Blue telling his patrons "I will make you proud if it kills me" kinda sums him up. Blue, you make me proud just by doing what you do. 😁
George Kouris
George Kouris 5 oy oldin
Great job with this
MELT UP 5 oy oldin
6:18 "..a government that relies on harsh laws and punishment is doomed because it's acting in opposition to the people" CCP: *sweats profuesly*
ozwolf01 6 oy oldin
Growing up the only thing i knew about Confucius was a joke: Wise man says - man who smokes all his money gets stoned broke.
Chris Liu
Chris Liu 6 oy oldin
6:19 the CCP in a nutshell.
Sam Minden
Sam Minden 6 oy oldin
I feel Sima Qian would make for an amazing History-Makers video, partly because his life story is fascinating (he and his father were the court historians and astrologers for Emperor Wu/Han Wudi and hated it, and Sima Qian was castrated for speaking out against Wudi) and partly because the way he wrote history fascinating. In addition to what you mentioned there, he structured the Shiji not chronologically but based on topic (and THEN divided it chronologically within that) with those topics ranging from the history of music theory and agriculture to the biographies of merchants and assassins. In addition, he worked hard to give multiple perspectives on those he described before rendering his personal judgement (for example, showing the brutality and schemes of the Dowager Empress Lu but then praising her as an able and just ruler in his summation of her life). While he was influenced by the Spring and Autumn Annals, he went far beyond the barebones stories found there and tried to construct something grander. To Sima Qian, what he was making was a history of the world. I personally see him as a hybrid of the best of Herodotus and Thucydides (especially the spite and bitterness of Thucydides). Also, it should be important to note, The Shiji was not intended as a Court History despite being the Court Historian. Sima Qian saw his work as being for scholars like himself above all else, and includes a lot of digs at the Han (including ranking Liu Bang's rival the legendary warrior Xiang Yu amongst the reigns of Emperors rather than amongst the lives of generals or minor nobles). Overall, he (in my opinion) fully deserves his title as The Grand Historian.
Cynical Afflictional
Cynical Afflictional 7 oy oldin
That Mountain Dew commercial before your video.... That was pretty good.
Wesley Molt
Wesley Molt 7 oy oldin
Don't worry Blue, we could be doing worse when it comes to governance. Just look at Rome during the twilight of the Republic! During the Consulship of Caesar and Bibulus, Bibulus hated Caesar SO MUCH that he did his best to declare the entire consulship illegal while Caesar did all the work (to the point that some Romans called it the Year of Julius and Caesar rather than Caesar and Bibulus.) At least OUR government is ... somewhat willing to work together, or at least enough to get SOMETHING done
Malena Mordekai de Oliveira
Malena Mordekai de Oliveira 7 oy oldin
hulk and hulk pants colors on map
That V
That V 7 oy oldin
Zoe The Awesome
Zoe The Awesome 7 oy oldin
mercinery phillosipher ha
Dan Danni
Dan Danni 7 oy oldin
“This topic is brought to you by our patrons, who voted for this topic. I will make you proud... if it kills me...” Me: *instant like* You are a saint... I also have hugs available if they help with recuperation needs.
Steel 8 oy oldin
What if they found out Confucius's original writings were destroyed by Mao because they contradicted Communism? Chinese culture seems to be a mashup of the 2 ideologies so one destroying the source of the other could be culturally apocalyptic.
lovely town
lovely town 8 oy oldin
Before Confucius was alive, In a period of war What he preached Benevolent governance, love for the people It cannot be an ideological tool for vassal states to carry out war
Vasili Pantelidis
Vasili Pantelidis 8 oy oldin
China makes good corona
Phoenix Fire
Phoenix Fire 8 oy oldin
Blue: "after the Jo dynasty" *the Jojo fandom would like to now your location*
TheMelodyStar 8 oy oldin
It's an odd feeling coming back to a video that you already watched out of general interest because now you think it'll help with AP World hw. Thanks, I can finally put these videos to use.
方翊 8 oy oldin
I'm so glad that they use traditional Chinese in the video.
Vitória Dias
Vitória Dias 8 oy oldin
So, how did I get here from watching a reaction to the last episode of ATLA? Hmmm... It's in the Playlist. But why? Hmmm...
Aaron Budd
Aaron Budd 8 oy oldin
I was looking for a comment like this. I’m so confused.
Yen Nguyen
Yen Nguyen 8 oy oldin
Little did he know, Confucius was born to be a mystery. What a "Confusing" man. (Ha ha.. I'm terrible).
Sopheak U
Sopheak U 8 oy oldin
Hi, when is the next episode of Journey to the West?
Falxifer Rex
Falxifer Rex 8 oy oldin
I know the existence of Confucius is debatable but I can't help to feel that the last 2 millennium worth of Chinese history have probably sent him into a deep afterlife depression.
Alejandro Kaplan
Alejandro Kaplan 9 oy oldin
Now the only thing I can remember is the term mercenary philosopher
Trysten Lyth
Trysten Lyth 9 oy oldin
Can You do a History-Makers on Saxo Grammaticus?
William Dong
William Dong 9 oy oldin
This came out on my birthday. This is probably the best birthday gift I got in a long time. =]
Kenny Wong
Kenny Wong 9 oy oldin
Sigh, as if Confucius has no heir like that guy in middle east or that peninsula. He has many descendants which continues to spread his words, including an official in the court of the First Emperor. One of his descendant is Kong An Guo who happens to be a teacher of Sima Qian. That is where Sima Qian learns the story of Confucius. He still felt inadequate and visited Confcius hometown to participate in the ritual and interview the elders there. Today, Confucius descendants are over the world. By the way, Confucius did wrote commentaries on many books, but alas they were lost through time.
Lucas 9 oy oldin
I was thinking for the next history makers Blue could do Marcus Aurelius, since I’m sure he’s read meditations and we all know he loves Rome so.....
SpaDinner Xylaphone
SpaDinner Xylaphone 9 oy oldin
Do you think the Apostle Paul would count as a history maker? I know there's not much historically on him, but if he wrote like half the New Testament that's a pretty big deal. I'd love to see an analysis.
christopher snedeker
christopher snedeker 3 oy oldin
Yeah but the new testament doesn't really talk about history.
kimichan5 9 oy oldin
I will make you proud if it kills me. Story of my life LOL 😂
Letus Thanatos
Letus Thanatos 9 oy oldin
Ahh, two years after my public exam on his stupid teaching, this video came out I'm here laughing like an idiot at how badly I did on my public exam regarding Chinese philosophy
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 9 oy oldin
no mention of the Dalek on the cover of the Analects or Confucius say jokes? very sad panda :(
kaleidologist zan
kaleidologist zan 9 oy oldin
It is probably not fair to compare Confucius to Herodotus. Yes, there are a lot of disagreements in many historical facts, but Confucius is not a historian. Reading through sentences in the Analects said by Confucius himself, not by his disciples, we can clearly grasp his general idea. He is basically a right wing conservative politician.It's just, we Chinese were not as smart as Greeks/Romans to invent a democracy system to ensure the continuation of these politicians....
kaleidologist zan
kaleidologist zan 3 oy oldin
@christopher snedeker I think Confucius is one of the less mysterious figures in the Chinese history. He wished to restore the feudal system of western Zhou roughly 300 years before his time. This makes him one of those "conservative" politicians. However he failed to fulfill his political agenda due to various reasons and ended up as a teacher. Another 300 years after his death, he was deified by the imperial system Confucius cult and misunderstood ever since.
christopher snedeker
christopher snedeker 3 oy oldin
It's about how mysterious they where.
Adam Burgess
Adam Burgess 9 oy oldin
Here is an idea for a problematic history maker: Captain Charles Johnson and his book “A General History of the Pyrates”
Mike Mudrow
Mike Mudrow 9 oy oldin
Idea for another one of these: Marcus Aurelius. I love me some Stoicism.
Hate_Love12 9 oy oldin
No wonder he's called Confucius is called Confucius. He's confusing.
AnaxErik4ever 9 oy oldin
Nice shoutouts to Messeri Alligheri and Machiavelli, and to masters Chaucer and Shakespeare, at the start. It just goes to show you that you don't have to play the games of politics, conquering, and questionable statutes of marriages of nobility to make history. And Confucius, like Lao Tzu and Karl Marx, is still cited today as a figure who pioneered in teaching people how to think to make decisions for themselves rather than teaching them what to think. Ah the joys of philosophy, and of a liberal arts education in general.
kottadragon 10 oy oldin
Definitely not acting in opposition for me.
ArachCobra 10 oy oldin
Huh. With how much I heard about him, I thought more was confirmed about his life. That's actually fascinating. His words about governments essentially living on the mercy of its subject are inspiring.
TheStrangerTom 10 oy oldin
Hey Blue, did think about making a video about Han Feizi or legalism, maybe?
100mythfreak 10 oy oldin
Kay Kyser: Remember what Confucius says. Blue: I don't know. You tell me.
Colabuss 10 oy oldin
gosh darn it arson is so inconvenient
thewitchking84 10 oy oldin
wait, whose voice is the one at 2:26?
Caesar The Bubbleman
Caesar The Bubbleman 10 oy oldin
So basically, Chinese Socrates
Steven Flaningam
Steven Flaningam 10 oy oldin
Fun fact: That saying, "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." It was originally one of Confucius's pieces of wisdom.
Zambie Slaya
Zambie Slaya 10 oy oldin
Man no golden rule? smh
BetterThenBeingBored 10 oy oldin
Was listening to a philosophy podcast and I just listened to the episode on Confucius when I went on youtube and found this in my subscription feed
Anemoi 10 oy oldin
"Tell me now! (Tell me now)" "And show me how! (Show me how) "To understand! (Understand)" "What makes a good man?"
Zinervawyrm 10 oy oldin
So Confucius philosophy basically boils down to: Be a decent human being, makes the world a decent place? Yeah, I can totally get behind that.
Accrsd 10 oy oldin
I'm sorry i just can't take maps of china seriously ever since i noticed that the sea between the Chinese coast and Korea looks like Goofy Riding an out of control lawnmower.
AJ flip master
AJ flip master 10 oy oldin
Wait... At 3:00 did blue make a Papyrus sound??????
GameCyborg 10 oy oldin
so i guess Xi Jinping is skipping class then?
Rich Mitch
Rich Mitch 10 oy oldin
Do a video on the Duke of Zhou, that'll really stretch your source material finding skills
Kenny Adams
Kenny Adams 10 oy oldin
That screen darkening thing really fucks with me I keep thinking my phone is dying
Sara E
Sara E 10 oy oldin
Oooh! Oooh! Can u please do a video on Sun Tzu?
Ash Charlie
Ash Charlie 10 oy oldin
Including and not limited to ARSON
Otaku Man
Otaku Man 10 oy oldin
You know l tried finding rule 34 of this channel and ah well all l can say is this is a very pure channel l auctully couldn't find much which is a slite victory for all things good.
Darin Roodman
Darin Roodman 10 oy oldin
7:30 Killer sneak-Audible plug...nice
Reilly Desai
Reilly Desai 10 oy oldin
Confucius? More like Confusion
Joseph Harwood
Joseph Harwood 10 oy oldin
I really like the sarcasm in the references to the modern day. Very bien.
درع ماس
درع ماس 10 oy oldin
He spent most of the video without really talking about confucius Ideas I could have gotten more information by just googling.
Tabol 2450
Tabol 2450 10 oy oldin
Day 3 of telling OSP to play pathologic
d3Rm0Nk 10 oy oldin
13 years after leaving due to the sounds of "dancing", he came home and started teaching kids who were surprisingly all around the age of 13 ... Wonder where THOSE came from
SlightlyEmbittered Productions
SlightlyEmbittered Productions 10 oy oldin
For Teachers everywhere I hope Confucius knows he made a difference.
dontmindmejustadork :P
dontmindmejustadork :P 10 oy oldin
"What this guy is in is zilch" fun fact my class learned about him from our history books so HA! (But good job on what you could work with!)
Musomania27 10 oy oldin
Confucius vs Sonic; who says stuff better?
Snew47 10 oy oldin
Overly Sarcastic Productions could you guy maybe read shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Record of Ragnarok and maybe tell us how historically accurate each character is in that manga
Jessica Stein
Jessica Stein 10 oy oldin
Plot twist: Lu really was entranced by the sick dance moves the dancing girls were laying down and asked for lessons
el pepe
el pepe 10 oy oldin
Yo yall should really make a discord server that would be great!
Sophie Lemieux
Sophie Lemieux 10 oy oldin
Joe Reece
Joe Reece 10 oy oldin
Polybius would be neat
Unownshipper 10 oy oldin
I shouldn't have found that Goose gag so funny, but I guess I have the sense of humor of an 8 year old and Blue somehow knew that.
Waleed Khalid
Waleed Khalid 10 oy oldin
Just watched the intro so far- I never knew Confucius never wrote the analects! That brings him to the same level as Christianity and Islam (don’t know about Judaism) where the founders did not write their own teachings, but rather others compiled then years later into their respective holy books. Absolutely facinating!
Alexmations 10 oy oldin
The naming is very *confusing*
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