History-Makers: Sappho

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It's no use, dear algorithm, I cannot research, for Sappho has crushed me with longing for lost poetry!
SOURCES & Further Reading: "Sappho: ]fragments" by Jonathan Goldberg, "Girl, Interrupted: Who Was Sappho?" for The New Yorker by Daniel Mendelsohn (www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/03/16/girl-interrupted), "Sappho" from The Poetry Foundation (www.poetryfoundation.org/poets/sappho)
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mr box
mr box 2 kun oldin
There really needs to be a History-Makers episode on Josephus
Sir Jaojao
Sir Jaojao 3 soat oldin
Good idea!
Deathdome 25
Deathdome 25 6 kun oldin
Any kind of month for a group
PIX3L ROS3 7 kun oldin
i like to think sapho as more pansexual
Celt of Canaan Esurix
Celt of Canaan Esurix 8 kun oldin
I don’t care about identity politics just give me the interesting history and poetry uncensored and from an unbiased (including modern definitions) view please
K. A. Sumner
K. A. Sumner 8 kun oldin
blue says wlw rights
Nature of Reality
Nature of Reality 8 kun oldin
Great material, fun to watch:) Just one suggestion- it may be difficult to follow for non native English speakers, it’s too fast. Thank you:)
Grey 10 kun oldin
i need somebody to make a compilation of every clip where alexander the great is referred to by overly sarcastic productions because i have heard some really funny ones and i need to know them all.
NutiketAiel 10 kun oldin
Would it kill us to just openly refer to her as bi or pan? With all this talk about the fact that she had sex with men shouldn't diminish her status as a gay icon, can't we just accept that she was bisexual or bi+? Do we really need yet more bi erasure?
Keith Carson
Keith Carson 10 kun oldin
"Sorry mom, can't do stuff right now, I'm to horny" It do be like that sometimes..
Tom Crowell
Tom Crowell 13 kun oldin
That was very intriguing. I think I found a few more books to read. Sláinte!
Bradley Judge
Bradley Judge 14 kun oldin
"Hey there hot stuff, you sure are hot, and boy do I have some feelings about that!" The Lyrics that defined a generation.
Alex Vickers
Alex Vickers 14 kun oldin
lowkey popped off when Blue said "lets do some poetry"
sierra lawler
sierra lawler 16 kun oldin
A true ICON
The Lightning Rod
The Lightning Rod 16 kun oldin
9:38-10:00 so you're telling me yet another bisexual icon has been completely sidelined and portrayed as one side of gay? Color me surprised.
Al To
Al To 18 kun oldin
Szukalsky lo conocen? Cuantos más desentona lo europeo y son muy Interesantes, sería bueno ver sus protestantes pero de cultura europea sugerencia. Por cierto buen video han mejorado y su audiencia debe estar muy interesada y curiosa pues enseñar historia como un chisme les hace preguntar e indagar.
Al To
Al To 18 kun oldin
Por que Alejandro magno no fue a pelear con Roma y los conquistó? Si era tan bueno? Además creo existía eso en su época y hubiera sido otra historia interesante en Europa junto otro tipo de evolución de eventos, tecnología y filosofía que rara es la historia.
Barbara Pitts
Barbara Pitts 18 kun oldin
2600 years... Imagine have anything thing you've made last that long.
Bix McGoo
Bix McGoo 18 kun oldin
Brilliant logic, "she was clearly not gay and that idea is a recent one with no supporting evidence, but that's no reason not for her to not be a gay icon" Lmao like for real just accept that she was a normal person who was good at writing
Sarah Alyammahi
Sarah Alyammahi 20 kun oldin
Cataru Moore
Cataru Moore 20 kun oldin
6:36 the best line
TsukiKabanoki 20 kun oldin
i love that because we don't know if she was bi or lesbian, we just invented the word sapphic. it's what she would have wanted.
Madmouse 101
Madmouse 101 21 kun oldin
Me: *actually worried this would be a cringy pride preach* Me after the video: oh good, I actually learned more about poetry Now back to finding more Patrochilles-
ArchArturo 22 kun oldin
Time Heist 3: Shappho Unleashed.
Slyfox00 22 kun oldin
Pour one out for the OG! 🏳️‍🌈
Fire & Food Co
Fire & Food Co 24 kun oldin
So what you're saying is...Greek Bards?
Jim Luebke
Jim Luebke 25 kun oldin
The Greek stuff that was c**p, didn't survive 2500 years. Go figure.
Miller Sam
Miller Sam 26 kun oldin
Sappho, (ooh my phone knows to correct her name) the OG Lesbian. I also enjoy the fact that Red took the time to animate Blue for his own videos.
ImSegie 26 kun oldin
me learn a lot
angry chick
angry chick 29 kun oldin
After watching this, an idea popped in my head during class. What if she was a pansexual?
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels 29 kun oldin
Trinston was here.
Gilho Ahn
Gilho Ahn 29 kun oldin
3:30 Sappho returned to Mytilene during the time of the sage Pittacus (somewhere between 589-579 B.C.) and spent most of her latter days there until her death.
Clarence Weaver
Clarence Weaver Oy oldin
Awesome video! I’d love to see one about either the history of Russia or Doggerland if you could
Tia Selden
Tia Selden Oy oldin
I feel like you could do a good critique on the statue of nebuchadnezzar 🤔
Glory To Arstotzka
Glory To Arstotzka Oy oldin
As an idea for a history makers video, maybe you could look into Zera Yacob, an Ethiopian philosopher who was a big influence on the philosophers of the enlightenment. His ideas about discrimination were fairly progressive for his time. Ironically, his works have been ignored by historians until fairly recently.
Kyle Gribble
Kyle Gribble Oy oldin
So... a sexuality (lesbian) is named after someone of a different sexuality (bisexual)...? How did that happen? Or am I misunderstanding this...
Sir Jaojao
Sir Jaojao Oy oldin
And we cannot really be sure whether she was attracted to men or not, since we know so little about her life and most of the stories about her (like the Phaon-tradition and the Kerkylas of Andros-tradition) were developed long after her death
Sir Jaojao
Sir Jaojao Oy oldin
Yes, in the 19th century (when the word was first being used in a sexual sense) lesbian meant women attracted to women in a general sense, and only later (after the word bisexual became common) was it used for women exclusively attracted to women
GameGod7 Oy oldin
So the framing of Sappho as a lesbian is actually bi-erasure?!
Matt Affenit
Matt Affenit Oy oldin
Sappho: "Fine, I'll do it myself." _Invents love poems_
red_ hates_youtube
red_ hates_youtube Oy oldin
Sappho said “I love women so much I’m gonna die” and a ton of Ancient Greek lesbians went “retweet” and now we’re here
DragonkittyQueen MGA
DragonkittyQueen MGA Oy oldin
Sappo of Lesbos: Lesbian Except she’s bi...
Ulises Leon
Ulises Leon Oy oldin
Wait so originally Greek had some more or less comprehensible regional dialects isn’t that how standard Arabic compare to regional versions of Arabic or lower German dialects and high German or how Chinese language tends to work with mandarin being the common language used by the state.
Christian Blasco López
Christian Blasco López Oy oldin
Of course my dear Sappho isn't a lesbian icon. She is a bisexual one :)
SpetsnatzLegion 336
SpetsnatzLegion 336 Oy oldin
Historians: and they were roommates
Prizmar Valschi
Prizmar Valschi Oy oldin
The "I thought you were American" vine makes sense now somehow
Beat Button
Beat Button Oy oldin
So my takeaway from this is that Sappho is a bi lesbian icon
Al Art
Al Art Oy oldin
Bi icon✨
Mr Roboshadow
Mr Roboshadow Oy oldin
ancient greeks: Sappho cant be gay dont be stupid, women cant sleep with women also ancient greeks *with their young male escorts* : .....what?
4pastmidnight Oy oldin
I think that Sappho's sexuallity can best be summed up with this little meme. audiences: "Sappho do you like men or women?" Sappho: "YES!"
Entrachent Oy oldin
What I learned: Sappho’s writing was a mood
Alex Oy oldin
The O.G. lesbian
Ancient Buns
Ancient Buns Oy oldin
So munch history lost
Arctic Dino
Arctic Dino Oy oldin
Basically: Sappho definitely wasn't straight. But she wasn't really gay either. She was thirsty
Felix Abdella
Felix Abdella Oy oldin
As Blue said: “the Romans and Greeks were indiscriminately thirsty”
Keep up the great work, Blue
The legendary Nerd
The legendary Nerd Oy oldin
This should've been made for June ngl
Roberto Morales
Roberto Morales Oy oldin
Do we think we would have waited for that?
Tatiana Ballen
Tatiana Ballen Oy oldin
for a woman to talk sex often tries to teach her female friends to have "Sex" with them to try to tell how sex works if that person doesn't get it.
Marissa White
Marissa White Oy oldin
Bi/pan icon ✨✨✨✨✨👏👏👏👏
WhatTheFridge 1o1
WhatTheFridge 1o1 Oy oldin
The sapphics asking Sappho for help Meanwhile Sappho doesn't know what she's doing either djjfhd
Tom Katt
Tom Katt 8 kun oldin
lumity is sapphic
Crystal Wang
Crystal Wang Oy oldin
Video: has sappho in the thumbnail Lesbians: I have been summoned.
Eric gonzalez
Eric gonzalez Oy oldin
zitronentee Oy oldin
I don't know if Sappho is Taylor Swift, Jane Austen, or Stephenie Meyer
micah ingram
micah ingram Oy oldin
i love sapho and her really good close friend that she definitely wasn’t madly in love with and grew old with. they’re just good close friends. :)
Major Robinson
Major Robinson Oy oldin
the original t.A.t.u/girl in red
indanthrone sky
indanthrone sky Oy oldin
5:35 I have a print of this painting on my wall, I adore it so much
Sir Jaojao
Sir Jaojao Oy oldin
Cool! I really like Godward too, even if had a bit of "same face syndrome"
Danae Kelly
Danae Kelly Oy oldin
Me, a sapphic individual watching sappho
Shio Oy oldin
So you’re telling me she’s ancient Taylor Swift.
Vasili Stan
Vasili Stan Oy oldin
I'll add Dik from Man island to my list of names right next to Bigus Dicus
TodayLifeIsGoood Oy oldin
So she is Ancient Adele^^
Phaux Redtail
Phaux Redtail Oy oldin
Speaking of LGBT+ pride, would you consider doing a video on how it was viewed in various cultures throughout history?
Sir Jaojao
Sir Jaojao Oy oldin
Would be a very big topic, especially since Blue's clearly quite focused on Ancient Greece
Exhausted Ostrich
Exhausted Ostrich Oy oldin
I am a simple lesbian. I see Sappho, I watch the video.
MaryTC Oy oldin
Please please, make a video about the Acadian Enheduana! ❤️
Sentient Marshmallow
Sentient Marshmallow Oy oldin
Had a dream last night that there was a Disney Princess version of Sappho’s poetry and it was pink and had Snow White on the cover. My subconscious is an interesting place
D.R Paradox
D.R Paradox Oy oldin
Hold on a moment 9:40 Is that little goat wearing a leash/collar? Did ancient greeks keep goats as pets in the same sense as we do with dogs and not just as cute lawnmowers? Like "Oh it's a nice day to go for a walk, I think I'll even bring my goat along and maybe pay my girlfriend a visit while I'm out taking my goat for a walk"
Sir Jaojao
Sir Jaojao Oy oldin
Greeks and Romans did have some quite weird pets (like weasels and monkeys) though I don't think I have ever read of goats as pets. It might be an invention of the artist who made that painting, Simeon Solomon
Cute Cakes
Cute Cakes Oy oldin
So she lived in Lesbian and Sis. I sense a theme...
tothboy01 Oy oldin
I think you should do a video about Enheduanna. Enheduanna is the earliest known poet whose name has been recorded; she was an ancient Sumerian/Akkadian woman, who lived in the 23rd century BC.
Connor's Corner
Connor's Corner Oy oldin
Doric? That's the dialect of Scots we use in the North East of Scotland
Connor's Corner
Connor's Corner Oy oldin
@Sir Jaojao cool I didn't know that
Sir Jaojao
Sir Jaojao Oy oldin
Apparently the Scots dialect was jokingly called Doric because it, just like Doric Greek for Athenians, seemed harsh and rustic. It also fit with Edinburgh being nicknamed "Athens of the North"
ただ Tada-Kun
ただ Tada-Kun Oy oldin
Nothing against homosexuals, but why is an educational video flooded with rainbows and pride comments? Can't we just appreciate the research and the poem instead of abusing this to convey our political views 😕
Liam Largo
Liam Largo 5 soat oldin
Well it might be entirely irrelevant to you, (I'm going to assume you're straight but correct me if I'm wrong) it's entirely *relevant* to non-straight women and the LGBT community as a whole who need to feel reflected throughout history. Horny straight action hero's don't apply to us in many cases and it would be ridiculous to put out reviews about straight pride bs. As it is what she wrote about, it is impossible to separate Sappho's sexuality from her work. if its the content you want to talk about, it is the content we shall, and forgive us for getting a tad bit excited over a wonderful icon of history. 🏳️‍🌈
ただ Tada-Kun
ただ Tada-Kun 13 kun oldin
@bolt2395 I'm totally aware of that, it's just really irrelevant to me
bolt2395 14 kun oldin
Sappho is a leabian, her name us where the word sapphic came from, and her home, lesbos, im sure you can figure this out
ただ Tada-Kun
ただ Tada-Kun Oy oldin
@theamateurgamers I think you completely missed my point as I'm not even discussing that, I'm just sick of the abuse of entertainment and education for political purposes Good day to you too
theamateurgamers Oy oldin
@ただ Tada-Kun you have your right to be annoyed at that and since i dont want to discuss about pride politics, im leaving it here. Good day
Jacob Schwark
Jacob Schwark Oy oldin
Hearing Blue pronounce κοινη "kee-nee" hurt me a bit
LordThine Oy oldin
Can someone translate 2:20?
Spooked Blue
Spooked Blue Oy oldin
Blue: *Does a video on Sappho that focuses more on her poetry and the problems of literary drift than her sexuality* Me, a lesbian writer: Ha jokes on you, I’m into that shit
John Weiss
John Weiss 23 kun oldin
Schrodinger's TransCat
Schrodinger's TransCat Oy oldin
Here's Paul Chrystal on Sappho ('In Bed with the Ancient Greeks', p106): "Sappho's erotic poems eloquently demonstrate that female homoerotic relations were an integral part of a girls education in thiasoi, girls' schools, in Mytilene, possibly as a precursor to marriage. Sappho ... ran such a thiasos, a community in which Greek girls could receive a basic education and, at the same time, were exposed to homosexual love, sometimes for and from their teachers. Sappho herself writes of her love for various students--and sometimes their love for each other. As the polis evolved, however, marriage as we know it became established as social institution, bringing an end to the thiasoi and with it much of early Athenian female independence and homosexuality, neither of which had any place within the constraints of this emergent social organisation. "Despite critical acclaim from no less an authority than Plato, it was not too long before Sappho was subjected to male abuse and ridicule." Incidentally, the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken in the region of Lesbos--Aeolic Greek--is also sometimes called Lesbic or Lesbian. Can *your* hot date speak Lesbian?
Animated Stats
Animated Stats Oy oldin
As always on top 🔥 Are there sports fans here?)))
Vulpus Oy oldin
Query: Is this where we get the word "Sappy" by any chance?
Sir Jaojao
Sir Jaojao Oy oldin
I think that comes from sap, as in wood sap. Cf. how "wet" can also mean emotional
ParadoxNerdHLM Oy oldin
Pretty Girl *exists* Sapho: I can't work under these conditions
Blaze Maverick
Blaze Maverick Oy oldin
ancient Greeks were pan. prove me wrong.
Kichixchan Oy oldin
... Now I want to read her poetry.
Luke769 Animations
Luke769 Animations Oy oldin
(For the next Trope Talk) Does “Shapeshifter” count as a character trope?
Princess Stabbity
Princess Stabbity Oy oldin
Despite how little of her work remains, we can at least be grateful that *"I'm horni"* is a sentiment that transcends language, period, cultural framework and all literary conventions. Millennia later, we can still relate to and laugh at the idea of finding someone's voice so hot we need to sit down.
DragonkittyQueen MGA
DragonkittyQueen MGA Oy oldin
How did I only just now notice that blue has 4 fingers(per hand).
Ella M
Ella M Oy oldin
lesbians swooping into this video like 👀
Pedro Scoponi
Pedro Scoponi Oy oldin
In defense of the whole kerkylas business, "Dick Johnson" is absolutely a real name real people have. I think it's alright of the Suda to let that one slip by :T
Jack Napier
Jack Napier Oy oldin
Thank you, Blue. Before the video I had only heard the name "Sappho of Lesbos". After the video, I deeply regret that I won't be able to read all the poems she wrote... Damn you, linguistic drift
jollywell 145c
jollywell 145c Oy oldin
Bittersweet podcast It's a podcast about sappho and the creators are also collabed with the History is Gay podcast Both google and youtube
AMJ The_PaleoSquare
AMJ The_PaleoSquare Oy oldin
"Greeks being with whomever they had the hots for" That's it. That's ancient Greece. Thank you very much Zeus. Poseidon. Ashpollo. Your children thrived.
A. Cunningham
A. Cunningham Oy oldin
Middle ground: SHES BI
bolt2395 14 kun oldin
I mean maybe a 95/5 lady lean bi, still bi, but only barely
Cassie Rose
Cassie Rose Oy oldin
doubtful, I'm 99% sure she was a full on lesbian
Lisa Knox
Lisa Knox Oy oldin
Hey Blue, ever thought about going night-mode for your monologue sections?
Julia Lilienstein
Julia Lilienstein Oy oldin
So Andros is a real island in the Aegean. But it's not anywhere near Lesbos. It's off the coast of Euboea, on the other side of the Aegean.
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan Oy oldin
From an "unwanted advances" perspective, saying your husband is Dick from Man Island means she isn't constantly being hit on, thus leaving her free to hit on who she likes. In all honestly I refer you to the following quote: What a man and a woman (dramatic pause) and another woman (dramatic pause) and a dwarf (dramatic pause) and a donkey do in the privacy of their bedroom is no one else's business. - Kevin Sullivan 1990.
Harp Man
Harp Man Oy oldin
Hey there Blue, Try and make a video about the Great American Biotic Interchange.
Nyctophora Oy oldin
Happy International Women's Day!
Timothy Issler
Timothy Issler Oy oldin
Everyone: *makes Sappho a gay icon* Historians: "Well, like, yeah, but no, but yeah, like maybe?"
Hiro Akuma
Hiro Akuma 10 soat oldin
Bi icon you fuck We have nobody pans have Zeus, Apollo and possibly Poseidon. Gays have a shit ton of icons such as Freddie Mercury and Hermes. Ace people have Artemis, Athena and Hestia. We only have Sappho.
Cassie Rose
Cassie Rose Oy oldin
yeahh she gay
Blacc Coatl
Blacc Coatl Oy oldin
My cousin named his Dog after Sappho and I always wondered about the history of it.
Javiar Fasyah
Javiar Fasyah Oy oldin
Ugandan "morning breeze" host to sappho: why are you geh?
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