Historical Realism Review: Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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How Historical is Assassin's Creed Valhalla? In some ways, Very! In other ways, Barely! It's a mixed bag, but that's why we're going through it to see where it succeeds and fails in depicting the history of Viking-Age England.
SOURCES & Further Reading: "The Vikings" by Walaker Nordeide and Edwards, "Vikings: A Very Short Introduction" by Richards, "Age of the Vikings" and "The Conversion of Scandinavia" by Winroth, "The Vikings" By Harl via The Great Courses, "The Viking World" by Graham-Campbell, "The Viking Way" by Price, and the generous help of our friend and medieval expert Yellow!
You can find Yellow's historical gaming livestreams over at Twitch.tv/LudoHistory
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Bell 30 daqiqa oldin
good video thanks
Nachiket Deshpande
Nachiket Deshpande 2 kun oldin
The ISU-fying of myths & legends in AC games is a low blow. The Excalibur in the game looks so underwhelming :( Also Can you recommend some books for 877 CE English History?
Withinashes 4 kun oldin
For me the most egregious thing is the presence of Greek statues in Asgard
Robert Lukacs
Robert Lukacs 9 kun oldin
You can tell that Ubisoft just watched a few episodes of “Vikings” and thought “Hm I guess this is what Vikings are like. Time to make a game boys!”
RynDaMan 20 kun oldin
uh but in the game there so many Christians Vikings, its not set on the first Vikings in England, even Halfdan/Ubba/ and Ivarr are old like 40 or 50 years old
Average Alien
Average Alien 25 kun oldin
Forgot the fact that they made 50% of the warriors/soldiers/leaders women. No evidence of such a thing exists.
Lagotron 1234
Lagotron 1234 26 kun oldin
I didn't even realise those creepy guys in the woods were meant to be celts. They look nothing like them! If they were true celts they would be naked, obviously
Paddy234 Oy oldin
Assassins Creed is for the uneducated woke crowd, simple as that, theres little historically accurate about it, there never has been
Manic mania
Manic mania Oy oldin
If it wasn't for vinland saga I probably wouldn't feel as annoyed with this need of overexaggeration
elvenbee Oy oldin
How could they get odyssey so accurate but valhalla so wrong ;A;
Christian Banick
Christian Banick Oy oldin
Your uneducated about 9th century England you shouldn't of even made this video
Fuzzy Dunlop
Fuzzy Dunlop Oy oldin
Knew this setting would be a crapshot - while a lack of historical sources can actually be beneficial for a film (see - Free State of Jones), an expansive and detailed game like the modern AC titles would end up with too much cascading speculation and guess work and end up somewhere in Skyrimsville. Can’t believe we got a bloomin’ viking AC before one set in feudal Japan. THEY LITERALLY HAD ORDERS OF ASSASSINS! NINJAS! GUN MONKS! It’s an easy lay-up, Ubisoft, even you could do it.
Redemption & Revenge
Redemption & Revenge Oy oldin
I hope that in the Ireland dlc they have most of the land being Christian but the druid enemies you face are like the last of the celtic pagan bois
Anonymous 123
Anonymous 123 Oy oldin
1:03 I like how it’s set in England I mean I’m from Newcastle which is really near Northumbria so even to have Hadrian’s wall in a video game is cool but they were always going to do a game styled like origins and odyssey with a huge map covering Europe plus I also think it covers a lot of medieval England as well and there’s not been a game like that before
Attak Zak
Attak Zak Oy oldin
My biggest gripe? A respectful and non-outlandish Assassin’s outfit for Eivor doesn’t exist.
FakeEmoJace Oy oldin
Is te game worth it? I really want to play it but I don't know if it's any good
Goat Warrior
Goat Warrior Oy oldin
At least half the viking raiders are female and we got a black viking too, so at least that is historically accurate. Disappointing that we didn't get any transgender, Asian Saxons though, that would have helped make up for some of the other inaccuracies regarding clothing.
nathansmathan Oy oldin
I remember when they at least pretended to care about historical accuracy.
Thatvikingguy Oy oldin
Ac should never have left the crusades.
Thatvikingguy Oy oldin
7:25 the Norse did a 4 month siege dumbarton rock and won. but agreed the game is full of problems with historical representation.
Nora Eld
Nora Eld Oy oldin
I love how you used oddysey music here
RedAlert1604 Oy oldin
Eivor isn't an assassin. She openly denies having any interest at multiple points in the story, even after receiving a direct invite from an assassin.
The Muffin Man 69
The Muffin Man 69 Oy oldin
Well actually leather clothing was not terribly uncommon, but leather armor was a no no. Chainmail being the norm? I don’t think so, we are playing just before the middle of the Viking age, meaning their tech wasn’t as advanced as their tech in the Battle of 1066. Chainmail would’ve been amazing to see more of but we cannot imagine every Raider wearing it. It was very expensive to get a shirt and I believe hearing that it might’ve been reserved for royalty, but I’m not 100 percent sure about that. I do know that the shirts were very expensive and I highly doubt every raider wore it when they went on a Viking.
Ajay AVSM Oy oldin
2:40 Asgard was all Eivor's hallucinations of how she interpreted her "ancestors" memory, so thats why it has Roman and Christian influences too because those are things she comes across while exploring England
Alexander Lehigh
Alexander Lehigh Oy oldin
Blue: Talks about Assassin's Creed Valhalla Also Blue: Uses Assassin's Creed Odyssey soundtrack as background theme
David Bell
David Bell Oy oldin
sigh....... its a game...
Kyle T
Kyle T Oy oldin
To be fair all the "castles" and forts are at least all ruined Roman forts. The only Saxon forts that aren't roman ruins are just earthwork and palisade defenses which is realistic for the time.
kyle tooma
kyle tooma Oy oldin
Terrible game. Played 2 hours and put god of war on.
Shadowkiller 420
Shadowkiller 420 Oy oldin
I do like the Witcher
Acid Oy oldin
Duel wielding is actually grounded in viking history though... Usually axe and sword, axe and axe, or axe and shield. =\ At least according to another youtube content creator who focuses on Scandinavian history/culture. Also "An Icelandic Saga" does not equal "THE Sagas".
Eternal Champion
Eternal Champion 2 oy oldin
Imagine being so brainwashed that you think right wing groups have anything to do with hate. I guess loving and protecting your own and being connected with nature if you are aryan is "hate" now.
buttlicker Oy oldin
@Eternal Champion you're the only one who made that connection here, but if you say so
Eternal Champion
Eternal Champion Oy oldin
@buttlicker The symbols are used by right wing groups and right wing groups are often called "hate groups" by uneducated/brainwashed.
buttlicker Oy oldin
Who said anything about "right wing groups"? Blue said "modern racist hate groups"
Nunya Bitnazz
Nunya Bitnazz 2 oy oldin
Good one Debby downer
Alayne Nedrow
Alayne Nedrow 2 oy oldin
Another thing that will piss just about anyone who knows anything about norse mythology off is they basically combined fraya/fraja with frigg/frigga fraya is not odin's wife people its frigg
Alayne Nedrow
Alayne Nedrow 2 oy oldin
I am so getting teased if my friends see this lol
Sarah 2 oy oldin
What am I missing with vikings and modern racist hate groups? I'm so lost
Eternal Champion
Eternal Champion 2 oy oldin
"Modern racist hate groups" is name brainwashed people give to white nationalist groups. Most European nationalists are pagans and use pagan symbols since its a way to be connected with your ancestors and cherish them.
Alex Panciera
Alex Panciera 2 oy oldin
The landscapes are pretty.
Jamie Walsh
Jamie Walsh 2 oy oldin
But didnt vikings do sieges ? Vikings led by Ivar ( Imar ) and Olaf the white laid siege to Alt Clut for 3-6 months before taking it. Which was a ridiculously defensible fort
Clayton Dunn
Clayton Dunn 2 oy oldin
Don’t forget in the game you go to Vineland 200 years earlier than the rest of the Vikings did
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 2 oy oldin
TL;DR - i have a bunch of ideas for the future of AC. So me and and dad both play the AC series, he's a late addition I've been playing since the start. He loved origins the most....but i preferred odyssey. And my favorites, aside from the original and the ezio trilogy, were probably 3 and black flag. Wasnt a big fan of rogue/unity/origins/and we do not speak of chronicles. So were talking about AC games we wanna see, we landed on a few we really want to see. Along side ceaser on his rise to power like in gaul and roman civil wars, through the campaigns of Alexander maybe joining one of the uprisings in bactria after realing hes a templar in the end (sensitive since then bastria is modern Afghanistan), during the conquistador era of mexico-south america...call it a wide central America (like a mix of the last couple game styles with a black flagish vibe in central america), or like the colional days throughout africa (imo specifically the zulu nation-boer wars timeframe in SA) although there are many time frame and location specific example that could work, similarly colonial age inda or opium war era china, and definitely samurai/ninja age japan and/or China during the rise of the (i forget the word...but basically the precursors to ninjas) i feel like that may be the most perfect setting in history for the the concept of an AC game..maybe not the best game, but quite possibly the most perfect setting. Ninja assassins...i mean c'mon, nuff said..mic drop. Hell, even a return to the original with some good ol crusades (possibly from a different pov than altiair...maybe a splinter faction of the assassins within the crusades...maybe the knights hospitaller or...the other ones 🤔 are a rival of the templars or something) Theres so much more i want to see from this series, especially as tech advances and theyre able to do more with a game than weve seen thus far.
I 2 oy oldin
Vinland Saga is less stereotypical towards Celts than AC, which is kinda funny.
Kristian Freeman
Kristian Freeman 2 oy oldin
Viking berserkers used two axes normally
Jacob Willis
Jacob Willis 2 oy oldin
Head canon: the church in Asgard is an embassy.
Rhys Shaw
Rhys Shaw 2 oy oldin
You should do a late realism review of AC 4 Black Flag!
The Wiz Of Pants
The Wiz Of Pants 2 oy oldin
I'd like to see Blue's take on the Last Kingdom and Viking series.
FirstTime Author
FirstTime Author 2 oy oldin
Some of these inaccuracies are likely for the same reason the monk in Dr. Strange was not Tibetan.
Triumvir Pyrum
Triumvir Pyrum 2 oy oldin
Viking is basically Vietcong of the 9th century 🤣
J. McConnell
J. McConnell 2 oy oldin
Whilst the individual characters for the Futhark runes may be right. They went for the old stereotype of ‘they were only used for magic’ which Skyrim and the like introduced. Many runes were used in very mundane circumstances, especially when it comes to rune stones following a basic ‘this stone was out of by X in commemoration of Y’
Miles Davidson
Miles Davidson 2 oy oldin
I would have loved it if it was possible to go to Muslim Iberia in the game. It makes sense historically for the vikings to go there, and it would have given us some of those classic urban environments that the older games had.
Raf015 _
Raf015 _ 2 oy oldin
I guess that the usual degree of historical accuracy was what we sacrificed to have a game back on track with the lore...what a shame.
The Northlander
The Northlander 2 oy oldin
Zero Punctation: The focus on the Viking's authentic culture and diversity ruins the Barbaric Fantasy. Blue: The focus on the Barbaric Fantasy ruins the Viking's authentic culture and diversity. Me: Oh. So nobody's happy. Thanks, Ubisoft.
The Northlander
The Northlander 2 oy oldin
Fuck yeah, been wanting this video for a while.
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 2 oy oldin
Still just want to be an assassin tho. Don’t give a toss about vikings.
Anthony Worstell
Anthony Worstell 2 oy oldin
But, I mean, a Viking with a hidden blade is cool...
Miles Davidson
Miles Davidson 2 oy oldin
I think that the 1060s and 1070s would be a much better time period for Valhalla. The raven clan could be one of the last pagan settlements in the area, trying to hold out against the Saxons, Kelts, Normans, and other vikings. They could actually make the game more historically accurate then, because it would be a timepoint where you could have both viking aspects like Longships and longhouse while still having Norman aspects like mounted knights and large stone fortresses.
Cameron Gunn
Cameron Gunn 2 oy oldin
Fire arrows. Why do I hear Shad screaming from here?
Mina Hunt
Mina Hunt 2 oy oldin
Thank you! Why are there ruined castles and ruins that wouldn't be in Rome itself.
Blue Squadron
Blue Squadron 2 oy oldin
Dont care, game fun
MadebyMelz 2 oy oldin
this was overly sarcastic
Harris Syed
Harris Syed 2 oy oldin
Origins is the most historically accurate of the Layla Hassan Arc AC games while Odyssey is kinda in-between and Valhalla is really stretching it.
Joseph Elliott-Bach
Joseph Elliott-Bach 2 oy oldin
7:49 Let's see; Battle of Hingston Down - 838 AD. Battle of Aclea - 851 AD.Battle of Ashdown - 871 AD.Battle of Norditi - 874 AD.Battle of Edington - 878 AD.Battle of Thimeon - 880 AD. Siege of Asselt - 882 AD.Battle of Leuven (891)...
C Mac
C Mac 2 oy oldin
Things that stuck out to me: - The roman ruins are colossal in this game, but Roman Britain was a fringe province that was never as wealthy as the core empire in the Mediterranean. - They are celebrating Samhain in England when its an Irish and Scottish tradition (seems like a missed opportunity to include it in the Ireland dlc). - Hadrian's Wall is treated like a border with the Picts when Northumbria actually extended pretty far into Scotland. - Northern Britain does not get snow like that.
oogity Boogity
oogity Boogity 2 oy oldin
I hate the Asgard stuff and all the roman ruins I know they want to add some connection to Odessy or something but they don’t feel normal
skjaldulfr 3 oy oldin
Actually there are a couple sources from that time describing major tattoo coverage. The Arab source you mentioned described tattoos from "throat to fingernails." So why do you assert that the tattoos are sensationalized? And racist? Give me a break. Nor did Vikings always lose in "fair fights." Vikings fought each other as often as not, which is as fair as it gets. They won major pitched battles on the field. And they captured Paris--you know that! And here you are saying they don't do siege warfare.
Sir Jaojao
Sir Jaojao 2 oy oldin
Many historians believe Ibn Fadlan is referring to embroidered clothing or body paint, since the sentence is very vague. AFAIK there are no other textual references to it and neither have any tattoo needles been found in archaeological digs
Dark Sapphire
Dark Sapphire 3 oy oldin
What if its actually a timeshift thing, since most characters of the first ac were pretty white notably canadian, this is kinda the most consequential and since this exists in a different reality this whole mushing of different styles and very different people having small changes to overall plot, it stands to reason that ubisoft ubisoft is just backtracking.
Tom Owen
Tom Owen 3 oy oldin
Following the raids down the Volga and seeing Constantinople would've made more sense for the type of forts and combat they wanted from AC Valhalla.
Luca Picchio
Luca Picchio 3 oy oldin
I find it hilarious that they ripped the saxon square shields directly of The Last Kingdom. Because square saxon shields didnt exist the last kingdom invented them to distinguish Saxons from Danes because they used the same gear
SailorYuki 3 oy oldin
I've been playing all of the AC games since the start. I've never really took any of it as accurate facts in the same way I don't take any Hollywood movie as fact, even if they claim it to be. I'm Scandinavian, so I do know my Viking history and groan at some of the depictions in this game. Not just the vikings, celts, and historical buildings, but all other stuff like Polar bears in the southern part of Norway?
Jack Seax
Jack Seax 3 oy oldin
As an Englishman it’s kinda annoying we’re never shown in a good light and this period just shown as meat bags for Scandinavians to chop up , where’s my Anglo Saxon DLC like every folk love about the vikings the English tribes did earlier lol shit we even come from the same bloody place
Elisa Mon
Elisa Mon 3 oy oldin
This is where I come for my Crusader Kings 3 lore
Filip Studený
Filip Studený 3 oy oldin
I hope Ubisoft never and I mean NEVER touches Slavic culture or any other culture
Goat Warrior
Goat Warrior Oy oldin
Can't wait to see all those black lesbian Slav warriors.
Justin 3 oy oldin
I really hope they update the graphics engine next game, characters just don’t look good lol
Grayson Baker
Grayson Baker 3 oy oldin
To be fair about "doing the celts dirty", there's actually a ridiculous amount about the celts that we don't know anything about--they're worse than the Danes for that matter. The Catholics (and the romans) kind of erased their presence off the face of the earth.
DCdanger 3 oy oldin
I mean the "good guy" is also a Viking, as in the murderous raiders that pillaged Europe for a couple centuries and were only in Britain to "make a new home" by invading them and killing anyone in the way
Broxim 3 oy oldin
The armor, clothes, hairstyles and weapons of almost everyone were awful. You couldn't even have a mail shirt with a normal spectacle helmet, come on.
Z Truth
Z Truth 3 oy oldin
If a game was 100% historically accurate would that make it boring?
TheOtherSalling 3 oy oldin
The notion that the hyper stylized vikings look like modern white surpremacist hate groups is simply the wrong way to look at it. - Modern white surpremacist groups have taken icons from pre-existing cultures (That usually isn't their own, like the Swastika and many Celtic/Scandinavian symbols) and used them. I agree that the vikings in Valhalla are over stylized but that does not make the symbols we see white surpremacist signs. Do not give the inhuman bigots the satisfaction of stealing my culture, please.
Eternal Champion
Eternal Champion 2 oy oldin
"Modern racist hate groups" is name brainwashed people give to white nationalist groups(which have nothing to do with hate). Most European nationalists are pagans and use pagan symbols since its a way to be connected with your ancestors and cherish them.
Liam Locke
Liam Locke 3 oy oldin
This game sometimes makes me wonder what if they did the opposite like the story was. If you were an Angelo Saxon or(my Irish side is crying Celtic) assassin who has to stop the templars from using the Vikings to take over England and Ireland and we’ll rest of the Europe
Apolitical Corner
Apolitical Corner 3 oy oldin
Regarding the Great Heathen Army, there were seiges done by the Vikings. At first it did not, but this is after the initial of the Great Heathen Army. The protagonist would be wearing textiles, later yes he would wearing chainmail under leather padding. Dual Weilding was a tactic of Berserkers. I love this video, and yes the modern day racist groups took inspiration from the Northsmen. Or the Norse
171QA 3 oy oldin
Very funny rant.
Mythic Hysteria
Mythic Hysteria 3 oy oldin
Wait what? Alot of tattoos or the type of tattoos look like modern racist group? What? That makes almost no sense. That is the main point you made that kinda made me mad. Other than that I disagree. I have Nordic blood with multiple Jarls in it and I think this is great. It's over the top because its supposed to be. AC4 was way over the top yet it's the best imo. I get it's not historically accurate but it's an AC game that breaks historically lore in all games and it's by Ubisoft. Don't expect it to be too accurate. Alot of this is pretty nit picky but I see where you come from in some points. The racist group thing tho is still really wack I don't get the connection.
Eternal Champion
Eternal Champion 2 oy oldin
"Modern racist hate groups" is name brainwashed people give to white nationalist groups. Most European nationalists are pagans and use pagan symbols since its a way to be connected with your ancestors and cherish them.
May the Science be with You
May the Science be with You 3 oy oldin
It is clear that AC Valhalla got inspiration from the TV show Vikings.
Jon Rodgers
Jon Rodgers 3 oy oldin
Go back and do Black Flag!
politically Relaxed
politically Relaxed 3 oy oldin
Assassins creed stopped being great historical right odyssey was made.
I Smell BS
I Smell BS 3 oy oldin
Timeline and historical inaccuracy is the least of this games problems it has to be the worst polished game ever released
Ace Spaders
Ace Spaders 3 oy oldin
The diss to the celts! So much this. The actual Britons got shafted. Evil cultists. Especially after the developers totally ripped off the matching runic symbols from “hell blade”.
Timor Atkins
Timor Atkins 3 oy oldin
Bro its assassins creed its not meant to be historically accurate
Lucas Nobrega
Lucas Nobrega 3 oy oldin
"The celts are just a bunch of stereotypes mashed together." Oh, yeah? Where are the potatoes, then?
CoffeK 3 oy oldin
Oh dear. You usually carry the ball, but with this one you made a few mistakes. There are finds of the daneaxe since the 9th century and at the end of the viking age it was so entrenched in English culture that it was used by Harald Godwinsson and his English forces. The stave churches might actually have been pagan temples repurposed into Christian churches. And in fair fights the vikings usually won, it was mostly when they where outnumbered or caught of guard that they lost, for instance stamford bridge or the battles in the varangian guard. There are a few other small errors but not that much. -ChrisK
Painocus 3 oy oldin
Those "churches" are Hofs, right? While they might look too complex for the time and place I don't see the problem of basing Hof achitecture on stave-churches as they are the closest architecturally we have much surviving info on. And while we don't know for sure what their historical relationships were hofs are our best bet at where stave-church architecture came from.
Mariana Mora
Mariana Mora 3 oy oldin
So I gotta ask, does this mean Vinland Saga an a time is technically more historically accurate than this game?
Aveera Whitestone
Aveera Whitestone 3 oy oldin
This video is the reason I'm not buying Valhalla - it's piss me off too much. On another note, am I the only one who wants Blue to go into the previous games and dissect them too?
Lucas Dupke
Lucas Dupke 3 oy oldin
While the world being historically inaccurate is new, the weapons and armor have been bad since Odyssey. The main offender being the vambraces, that the Greeks never had, and yet you said nothing about that in your Odyssey review. Sorry for bad english.
octapusxft 3 oy oldin
Grounded fantasy? The same is true for every game in the series
Steve Strangelove
Steve Strangelove 3 oy oldin
Have to nitpick but, archeological evidence is really none conclusive with the whole "female warriors" things because most findings have been graves of female skeletons with weapons, which sound like a close case until you think "wait a minute, couldn't someone just be buried with weapons?" and thats the big deal, the few evidences show swords which were more of a status symbol for the culture and lack of battle injuries, which mean plenty of bodies didn't belong to "warriors" (warriors as the social status of someone prepared for war from childhood) but to high status women who may be related to the warrior culture. I don't want to say that female fighters didn't happen, or that these graves have 0 female warriors, but rather than people have been jumping on conclusions since it was reported on the news years ago and that this is still a debated topic because for archeology a warrior is not just someone who go to wars but it holds a social meaning behind that we are careful to jump to (and actually in many cases we prefer to not talk about, for both men and womens, as it place our own bias of what a warrior is).
Error 404
Error 404 3 oy oldin
AC valhalla is like 99% fantasy fanfiction
Error 404
Error 404 3 oy oldin
As a Norwegian I'm honestly a bit insulted how little effort was made into making the game accurate. Having things look cool or nice, or being diverse was much more important than making a game based on norse culture.
Alberts nyhedskanal
Alberts nyhedskanal 3 oy oldin
danes were much more important than what they are in the game
Majesthijmen II
Majesthijmen II 3 oy oldin
It's a fantasy game based on a historical setting. It's over the top and the most 'interesting' things from those few centuries are mashed together to make a fun fantasy game. So it basically asks the question 'what if every myth and legend about this setting was true?' and that's a really fun idea in my opinion. It isn't meant to be realistic, but it's grounded in actual historical events so stuff that isn't important to the gameplay I'd usually depicted pretty accurately and that's the perfect balance if you ask me.
james501 3 oy oldin
Also This gem: Raiding and pillaging are core part of the gameplay where you and your buddies invade innocent monasteries kill all their guards and steal all their possesions BUT....you get desynchronized for killing "civilians" LMAO
DaRandomDog 3 oy oldin
I love this game because I love fantasy Viking shit even when fake/non historical And I love assassins creed as a game series
Ketamine Addict
Ketamine Addict 3 oy oldin
*Shad has entered the chat*
Jeremy Kimble
Jeremy Kimble 3 oy oldin
Wish you touched on it’s take of Vinland. I thought it was a cool idea, completely off in timeline but it also just wasn’t flushed out at all.
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