Halloween Special: H. P. Lovecraft

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While there's something to be said for separating the art from the artist, I think there's a lot of merit in CONTEXTUALIZING the art WITH the artist. Did Lovecraft write some pretty incredible horror? Sure! Was he also a raging xenophobe? Absolutely! Are his perspectives on life connected with the stories he felt compelled to tell? Duh! If you look at Lovecraft's writing through the lens of his life, clear patterns emerge that allow us to pin down what exactly he built his horror cosmology out of. It's an invaluable analytical tool that allows us to take apart his writings by getting inside his head. So before you yell at me for Not Separating The Artist From The Art, know that it was completely intentional and I'm not sorry.
8:40 - COOL AIR
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Overly Sarcastic Productions
Overly Sarcastic Productions 2 yil oldin
Hey gang! Can't help but notice the comment section is a little bit on fire. That's all good with me, but one recurring complaint I've noticed has started to get under my skin - namely that my explanation of non-euclidean geometry was insufficient, or even - dare I say - inaccurate. Now this is a fair complaint, because after a lifetime of experience finding that people's eyes glaze over when I talk math at them, I concluded that interrupting a half-hour horror video with a long-winded explanation of a mathematical concept wouldn't go over too well. I put it in layman's terms and used a simple example to illustrate the point. However, since some of the more mathematically-inclined of you took offense, I now present in full a short (but comprehensive) explanation of what exactly non-euclidean geometry is. First, we axiomatically establish euclidean geometry. Euclidean geometry has five axioms: 1. We can draw a straight line between any two points. 2. We can infinitely extend a finite straight line. 3. We can draw a circle with any center and radius. 4. All right angles are equal to one another. 5. If two lines intersect with a third line, and the sum of the inner angles of those intersections is less than 180º, then those two lines must intersect if extended far enough. Axiom #5 is known as the PARALLEL POSTULATE. It has many equivalent statements, including the Triangle Postulate ("the sum of the angles in every triangle is 180º") and Playfair's Axiom ("given a line and a point not on that line, there exists ONE line parallel to the given line that intersects the given point"). Euclidean geometry is, broadly, how geometry works on a flat plane. However, there are geometries where the parallel postulate DOES NOT hold. These geometries are called "non-euclidean geometries". There are, in fact, an infinite number of these geometries, and because the only defining characteristic is "the parallel postulate does not hold", they can be all kinds of crazy shapes. (As you can see, my explanation of "this is just how geometry works on a curved surface" is quite reductive, but at the same time serves to get the general impression across without going into too much detail.) An example of a non-euclidean geometry is "Elliptic geometry", geometry on n-dimensional ellipses, which includes "Spherical geometry" as a subset. Spherical geometry is, predictably enough, how geometry works on the two-dimensional surface of a three-dimensional sphere. In spherical geometry, "points" are defined the same as in euclidean geometry, but "line" is redefined to be "the shortest distance between two points over the surface of the sphere", since there is no such thing as a "straight line" on a curved surface. All "lines" in spherical geometry are segments of "great circles" (which is defined as the set of points that exist at the intersection between the sphere and a plane passing through the center of that sphere). The axiom that separates spherical geometry from euclidean geometry and replaces the parallel postulate is "5. There are NO parallel lines". In spherical geometry, every line is a segment of a great circle, and any two great circles intersect at exactly two points. If two lines intersect when extended, they cannot be parallel, and thus there are no parallel lines in spherical geometry. Since the Parallel Postulate is equivalent to Playfair's Axiom, the fact that no parallel lines exist in spherical geometry negates Playfair's Axiom, which thus negates the Parallel Postulate and defines spherical geometry as a non-euclidean geometry. Also, since the Triangle Postulate is another equivalent property to the Parallel Postulate, it is thus negated in spherical geometry. Hence, my use in-video of an example of a triangle drawn on the surface of a sphere whose inner angles sum greater than 180º. Hope that cleared things up (and helped explain why I didn't want to say "see, non-euclidean geometry is just a geometry where Euclid's Parallel Postulate doesn't hold - hold on, let me get the chalkboard to explain what THAT is-" in the video) Peace! -R ✌️
tony ochoa
tony ochoa 18 kun oldin
Big deal-you stayed awake during math class
joseph greer
joseph greer Oy oldin
wow this is long
Mom's Beretta's
Mom's Beretta's 3 oy oldin
Hey guys Overly here! I'm going to use this man's work to make a lot of money but call him a piece of trash and give him no credit the whole time Happy Halloween!! Jesus Christ, maybe a little gratitude towards a master who's work you're parroting might be in order.
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher 4 oy oldin
Ban the people on here who keep making excuses for the racism, please.
Douglas Bonbeck
Douglas Bonbeck 4 oy oldin
So my brain is not functioning anymore. Can someone get Me a Guy from the black market so that i can get a new one
Yasin Tamer
Yasin Tamer 14 daqiqa oldin
This is just a shit-showing video of passive-aggressive political correctness...Are you judging the person or the work?!
A Toaster
A Toaster Soat oldin
Because I’m mixed-race myself, I like referring to myself as a Lovecraftian horror.
D C Tommy
D C Tommy 21 soat oldin
"Too delicate a constitution for math." Math anxiety is very real.
Trish Trash
Trish Trash Kun oldin
What i just noticed now: Innsmouth made the fish-deal out of economic necessity, which also gave them great autonomy. In the eyes of Lovecraft, who was/thought of himself as upper-class, this of course means that it is evil.
Alicia Benningfield
Alicia Benningfield Kun oldin
Ah, who doesn't love THE HORRIFYING UNKNOWN that any middle schooler could explain to you?
Golden Pun
Golden Pun Kun oldin
Woke up afraid of my own shadow, I mean, like genuinely afraidHeaded for the pawnshop to buy myself a switchbladeSomeday something's coming from way out beyond the starsTo kill us while we stand here, it'll store our brains in mason jars And then the girl behind the counter asked me how I feel today I feel like Lovecraft in Brooklyn.
King Erix
King Erix Kun oldin
The movie on netflix was pretty good 👌🏻 Book was better tho
Kaptain Khorneflakes Reads
Kaptain Khorneflakes Reads 2 kun oldin
I enjoy Lovecraft's works. Doesn't mean I like the guy or anything like that. I just enjoy reclining on a stormy night with nothing but a lamp on and reading through some nonsensical, mind-boggling spooks. I don't really care for the problematic label tbh but yeah, I guess he was a pretty bad for his time but yeah. Still enjoy the work he has put out both long and short.
Strykenine 2 kun oldin
That pesky uterus.
Jake Bryant
Jake Bryant 3 kun oldin
For Lovecraft I believe in separating art from the artists. I can completely stand against his questional beliefs yet still love and defend his work. Can't say the same for Victor Salva tho.
Doxiearts :P
Doxiearts :P 3 kun oldin
Summary of lovecrafian horror: *confused screaming*
Buck Hunter
Buck Hunter 3 kun oldin
Clearly Red either has no constitution for cosmic horror or speed-read over some important details. Also, the blind willingness to take a professor's analysis of Lovecraft's views and character over actually researching the man and what he had to say about himself was grossly overt. I'm not aware of another author whose work she has reviewed for whom she showed such disdain.
Jarrod Uland
Jarrod Uland 3 kun oldin
All of our geometry is non-euclidean. ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?!?!? From my understanding, non-euclidian means not like ours. If you know what minecraft is, go look up Theomonty, csx42 or something, and Shalz.
Iceling bolt
Iceling bolt 3 kun oldin
She had a mathematics degree
Either Light
Either Light 3 kun oldin
I love the songs at the end of the video
Kiersten Lee
Kiersten Lee 4 kun oldin
9:19 I vote D. It seems on par for Lovecraft.
L3 K0
L3 K0 4 kun oldin
If wilbur had no bones how did he stand? Water pressure? I want one of those t shirts with the inside biology for wilbur thx
Ms. Aizawa Shouka
Ms. Aizawa Shouka 4 kun oldin
This prompted me to buy a complete collection of all of his stories, i've always loved this style of horror, it's always very interesting
kazemizu 4 kun oldin
I’ve really taken to watching these videos...
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 4 kun oldin
Another break of narration form is "The mountains of Madness" wherein the narrator went to Antarctica and saw some... spoilers. And because people are going back to explore Antarctica further, which MUST NEVER BE EXPLORED or so the narrator says, he tells the story of how he came to that conclusion
EPI DEME 5 kun oldin
Of to someone else to actually get a history lesson without the hate speach 🤷‍♂️
Dan C
Dan C 5 kun oldin
This Harry Potter Minecraft guy has very interesting stories about Vilgax!
dr34dbolt 5 kun oldin
As a norwegian, and a particularly caucasion one at that, I can confirm that we are not to be trusted.
Sar Nicholas
Sar Nicholas 5 kun oldin
Wait a minute, the song at the fish people attack part was from Katanagatari!
Christian Palmer
Christian Palmer 5 kun oldin
Lovecraft was more of a xenophobe than a racist. Jews, Arabs, people from India, and the native peoples of Europe are all Caucasoid, and therefore the same race according to the racial classifications of Lovecraft´s time. (¨Race¨ is such a nonsensical and amorphous idea anyway.) The point is, it isn´t racism if the issue isn´t strictly race. It´s just a general xenophobia.
Unknown Entity
Unknown Entity 6 kun oldin
I just noticed: 7:55 “One trips over and clips through the map.”
Rosie Nicolson
Rosie Nicolson 6 kun oldin
"and Morgan just brought a really big gun" /Americans/
Living Paradise
Living Paradise 6 kun oldin
I enjoy your videos I wish u didn't focus so much on the negative and dated aspects but I prefer to keep my rose tinted glasses on idk how people function always waiting to be offended seems like it's a mind set that makes the world small and ugly I pray for a world where people are capable of forgiveness patience and tolerance one day we won't need social justice warriors as all the nazis are dead or everyone decides to let everyone do what they want say what they want and put anything they like in there own bodies
MySerpentine 6 kun oldin
I tend to side with the monsters in these stories, honestly.
my boy
my boy 6 kun oldin
Gotta be D. It's always D
Zachary Herr
Zachary Herr 6 kun oldin
wait, isn't old whateley a WARLOCK NOT A WIZARD!!!!
Cocky Cookie
Cocky Cookie 6 kun oldin
5:48 Good to know Lovecraft would've been afraid of me then 💀
Renato Corvaro
Renato Corvaro 7 kun oldin
Anyone else watch the (relatively) recent Color Out Of Space movie? It turns out that casting Nicholas Cage as a barely stable middle-aged man who only has a tenuous grasp of reality is a phenomenal choice.
Fallenblackangel 7 kun oldin
This actually explains so much. I have a favourite self-publishing author who wrote a gay romance story with mermen, and this story draws heavily on a few of these stories ... except the fish people are hot, not trying to take over the world, Miskatonic is evil, and Cthulhu is basically a god/summonable weapon? It's pretty neat.
Georgy Zhukov
Georgy Zhukov 7 kun oldin
Guys I'm starting to think this lovecraft guy is a little racist
Sabrina Trimble
Sabrina Trimble 7 kun oldin
I want more of these snarky story retellings/summaries with beautiful and funny sketches! Not just of Lovecraft but pretty much everything
Sabrina Trimble
Sabrina Trimble 6 kun oldin
@Ravenclaw yeah I just relaized... sorry I'm a bit new to the channel and I probably wrote that when I was very tired and probably very drunk since I barely remember doing so
Ravenclaw 6 kun oldin
Uh the whole channels full of them Shakespeare Greek/Norse/Egyptian/Hindu/Celtic/etc mythology A whole bunch of classics Just look around
julius white
julius white 7 kun oldin
1/2 octopus 1/2 human 1/2 dragon
Dustin Knight
Dustin Knight 9 kun oldin
I loved the video before the katanagatari OST started during the Innsmouth exposition, then I loved it enough to "ring the bell".
goodleshoes 9 kun oldin
Your judgement is cringe to me.
Samuel Harvey
Samuel Harvey 8 kun oldin
@goodleshoes you should maybe look at the channel's name
goodleshoes 9 kun oldin
As this video goes on it is honestly enraging me. Don't bother covering this author if you can't keep your sjw attitude out of it.
J. Masc.
J. Masc. 10 kun oldin
Everyone in the fish jawn looks like salad fingers😂😂
제규형 10 kun oldin
H. P. Lovecraft was an amazing man. In the worst way possible I think. He was so racist that his cat who's famous now was named the N-word Man. Imagine the reactions that would be happening now if somebody did that. Thanks for the video.
Stoopid 10 kun oldin
Is it bad i didn't really know who Lovecraft or what his works were before this vid?
W 10 kun oldin
Love craft had a cat named.... Named ...... Ni-
W 10 kun oldin
13:39 I can relate to the not being seen naked thing. A. I have standards b. I have some embarrassing thing on my body c. I'm shy d. I'm an incomprehensible monster
Memer Snas
Memer Snas 10 kun oldin
I’m 99% sure you just showed Azathoth as a great old one and I quite literally died a little bit inside. I won’t blame you because lovecraftian lore is absurdly complicated.
Jason 11 kun oldin
Non-Euclidian just means not flat.
Bread Lord
Bread Lord 11 kun oldin
The doctor from cool air is the living embodiment of "be not afraid"
Tanya Von Degurechoff
Tanya Von Degurechoff 11 kun oldin
Khut Khut
Khut Khut 12 kun oldin
Nice cloak. Where can I buy one.
8Ball 325
8Ball 325 12 kun oldin
Stephen Fong
Stephen Fong 12 kun oldin
Well you'll never guess what the first thing that comes up in the UZpost search engine when you search up "strange colors unlike any seen on earth"
Ulysses 1865
Ulysses 1865 12 kun oldin
I wish you would cover the other books like the nameless city, there’s more of a focus on the idea of unknown secrets you weren’t supposed to know.
nyxiiine 13 kun oldin
16:54 is that Nyaruko-san on page 755?
GarlicPudding 13 kun oldin
Another bit of horror in "Colour Out of Space"? The Blasted Heath is *expanding*.
IsisRenee1 13 kun oldin
I watch this video AT LEAST twice a week.
Bri Angel
Bri Angel 13 kun oldin
rip to the normal people who don't want to become fish in innsmouth but im different
Corvus Luna
Corvus Luna 14 kun oldin
If his works have not aged well, then why are you making a video about him? Hmmm.
sai sameer
sai sameer 13 kun oldin
She went in wanting to hate him and that's exactly what she did. I find it interesting how people hyper focus on his racism and ignore everything else about his life.
PhantomDragon99 14 kun oldin
My tentacle dog ate that page. Can I get a new "Great Old Ones 101"?
Carmen B
Carmen B 14 kun oldin
The names for Lovecraft get progressively better
Calvin Franklyn
Calvin Franklyn 14 kun oldin
The illustrations in these are truly hilarious. This channel is rapidly growing on me. Thanks much for your hard work!
Gabe Saravia
Gabe Saravia 15 kun oldin
Where do you get the music for this
Joe Tee
Joe Tee 15 kun oldin
The wizard Whateley was very white, his daughter whiter.
DTOM 15 kun oldin
10:56 This is my favorite joke. Is it strange that I'm 30 years old and googly eyes can still make me laugh?
Logan O`Hara
Logan O`Hara 15 kun oldin
Yoo God in fire from dissidia!!!
SmashBrosBrawl 15 kun oldin
Constantly bringing up everyone's racist comes off as pretty fucking preachy. had to stop watching. Thumbs down.
Liam 3 kun oldin
@SmashBrosBrawl she just talks about it in the summary of his life and then just every time it comes up in a story. Its ends up being a lot, but it's not overrepresented
W4ndr3r 15 kun oldin
@SmashBrosBrawl if you go back and watch the whole video you'll find that, racism is discussed for at least less than 5% of the total runtime. She doesn't talk about it that much and when she does it's moslty used for laughs.
SmashBrosBrawl 15 kun oldin
Yeah, it was mentioned to give context, and then 10 more times soon after that. when does it become "beating the dead horse"? The average person is fully aware that moral standards have changed greatly over the past 100 years.
W4ndr3r 15 kun oldin
@SmashBrosBrawl of course. and that aspect of his life influenced the themes in his books. Why would she not at least mention it when it shows up? Only someone who was purposefully trying to hide his racism for biased reasons wouldn't talk about it.
SmashBrosBrawl 15 kun oldin
The video creator said HP lovecraft had the most sheltered lifestyle anyone could have for the time period. what do you expect?
MG 15 kun oldin
If these were less obvious and less racist, they'd definitely make better horror material
Sir Sponky Boy
Sir Sponky Boy 15 kun oldin
19:32 I was just listening to this and I heard that noise and yelled "WHAT THE S*** WAS THAT"
Đorđe Milenković
Đorđe Milenković 16 kun oldin
"Wilbur bought a gun to shoot any dog that barks at him, just in case you still weren't sure whether you were supposed to like him" Because god forbid an unholy abomination takes precaution to defend itself from a random dog attack
MySerpentine 6 kun oldin
A dog kills him, so obviously he had a point.
Luan28 Martins
Luan28 Martins 16 kun oldin
I hate when writers transforms others civilizations gods in Satã. I mean, you could give your monster any name, or take one of the many ocean monsters in any mithology.
Bren Corong
Bren Corong 16 kun oldin
I find the narration very amusing **unlike anything I've seen** on youtube...
Jon Bui
Jon Bui 16 kun oldin
Girl on our first date: "so what's your favorite color?" Me: it's complicated
Tyler Adams
Tyler Adams 16 kun oldin
Why are we judging a guy born in a racist era for being racist?
Some Dude
Some Dude 17 kun oldin
Cthulhu is blind and insane
jack the ripper
jack the ripper 17 kun oldin
I just heard the hellsing ultimate abridged tracks in this. It’s not ost stuff but I’ve first heard most of the music in hellsing ultimate and it fits Bc it s both horror stuff. This made me very happy
Jonathan Brock
Jonathan Brock 17 kun oldin
Home boys face is jacked 😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣
It's Imp
It's Imp 17 kun oldin
I remember watching a movie adaptation of color out of space ft Nicholas cage and just thinking the entire time "wow. This is beautiful... And a total fever dream holy sh-t"
Katrine Truong
Katrine Truong 17 kun oldin
I have never laughed so much during a video about horror
伊紹菲 17 kun oldin
Nooooo I was as rooting for Wilbur
Link 10
Link 10 17 kun oldin
I like his monsters Like Cthulhu
kyle lang
kyle lang 17 kun oldin
Dear red i hope you get to be a new singer song riter 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
CharlieBlue 18 kun oldin
As a Norwegian I can confirm we are not all racist
Jun Rice
Jun Rice 18 kun oldin
23:48 From the anime Katanagatari
Dylan Wylde
Dylan Wylde 18 kun oldin
Lovecraft was the best weird fiction author to ever do it! A huge inspiration.
tony ochoa
tony ochoa 18 kun oldin
Even with this sarcastic and demeaning reading of Lovecraft,his stories are STILL creepy as hell.And as far as his prejudice towards black and brown people, it's NOT as over the top as your sjw a$$ intimatesmyself being latino,and my wife being black,I think I know a lot more about such things then your ignorant sjw a$$
Lawrence Sahanna
Lawrence Sahanna 10 kun oldin
@tony ochoa bruh what are you 13 or stuck in 2016?
W4ndr3r 15 kun oldin
Who would've thought that a channel called "overly sarcastic production" would have a demeaning and sarcastic tone for everything she talks about? that's so weird.
tony ochoa
tony ochoa 18 kun oldin
Post Script Btw,I happen to be a recipeint of a higher education,but I got mine before,scumsucking marxist dogs took over acadamia with the express purpose of brainwashing weak minded morons,(and yes,I'll admit,they have been highly successful-to the point we are witnessing the actule disintigration of western civilization, which,contrary to what you beleive,is NOT a good thing,something possibly even YOU will realise,before your turn for the dirt nap comes)
Lily Liao
Lily Liao 18 kun oldin
is this homestuck
Theodore Georgiou
Theodore Georgiou 19 kun oldin
"apparently had too delicate of a constitution for math" red, having gotten her goddamn math degree: : |
Eggy the egg
Eggy the egg 19 kun oldin
damn Red sings really good
Flynn Harrison
Flynn Harrison 19 kun oldin
Similar to H.P Lovecraft, I too am a racist, but I hate all races and the human race itself, so... I guess I hate everyone.
Hound Dogg YT
Hound Dogg YT 19 kun oldin
I hope she talks about why in almost every media "lovecraftian horror" is always tentacles. I mean I know it's hard to make something incomprehensible, but does everyone have to fall back on tentecles?
Mike Tufaro
Mike Tufaro 19 kun oldin
I think the Simpsons spoofed the dunwhich horror.... I can’t believe that was a real horror story lol. I love your videos
cheezemonkeyeater 19 kun oldin
So, Lovecraft being an agoraphobic and also extremely racist (yes, even for the time) really just lines up. As Mark Twain (and many others) have pointed out, the greatest cure for racism is traveling and getting to know people. But Lovecraft being agoraphobic, he spends all his time shut-in, reading only old books by an "aristocratic" family clinging to old, British ideas of heraldry, of course he's going to be extremely racist. He basically grew up being fed outdated beliefs by parents who desperately wanted to think they were more important than they were, and then never went outside. I love Lovecraft's works, but you can't NOT acknowledge that. At best, his metaphors are subtle enough that you could fail to notice them if you didn't know his background and didn't think too deeply about some of his narrative choices. He revolutionized horror and while you seem to get hung up on Lovecraft's lack of proper scientific or mathematical understanding, I will still argue that Colour Out Of Space is still an amazing story, possibly the best horror story written at the time. You gotta go into it knowing his history, though. That has to be a part of the conversation, because ignorantly, or unquestioningly repeating tropes is how racism or xenophobia get disguised and codified into pervasive cultural norms so widespread we fail to notice them - missing the trees for the forest, if you will. I think I was going somewhere with this when I started, but I left one of your videos open last night so I wouldn't forget to finish it, and thus started watching these as soon as I woke up - before I took my ADHD medication. So if I had a point beyond what I've already said, I have completely forgotten what it was. Maybe I'll remember later.
cheezemonkeyeater 20 kun oldin
*starts to leave a comment about non-Euclidean geometry *notices pinned comment Oh, nevermind then. I see I have already been dunked on.
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown 20 kun oldin
Lovecraft's stories kinda make me wanna vomit.
Finestle 20 kun oldin
this wasn't your normal racism, it was *ADVANCED RACISM*
FEnCSERX 20 kun oldin
The man's writings were not genius in that he knew what he was doing, but instead they were a decent writer's effort to put himself on the page. It just so happens that the writer's mind is such a freakshow that its rather entertaining.
The Inundation
The Inundation 20 kun oldin
it is funny to note there is more paranoia and frequent terror about the problematic racism and mention of the skin, like a strange mirror of lovecraft himself
GridironWarPlans 20 kun oldin
He never had the makings of a varsity athlete
Omni Cupid
Omni Cupid 21 kun oldin
17:26, I think one of those notes on the bulletin board says "Wilbur is a Sagittarius???" And that just made me laugh for some reason.
Omni Cupid
Omni Cupid 20 kun oldin
Yes, but I think it just says something about someone being a Sagittarius. Anyway, you know the paper that says "Old ones- HOW OLD?"? Follow the bottom right hand corner and that's where the note is. It's pretty hard to see, though.
Jean Roberts
Jean Roberts 20 kun oldin
I can't find it even zoomed in. Is this l is real?
Kyle Riedle
Kyle Riedle 21 kun oldin
Also am I the only Godzilla fan who thinks of the Monsterverse version of Dagon when he's mentioned?
Kyle Riedle
Kyle Riedle 21 kun oldin
Is it just Me, or is baby Wilbur really cute?
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