Fables and Folktales: The Snow Queen

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Welcome to 2021! It's cold, it's been a hell of a journey, and sometimes it feels like we're being pelted by shattered glass. What story could've possibly fit the bill so perfectly?
Disney really missed an opportunity when they decided Frozen was going to have exactly nothing in common with the original story. Honestly that kind of analysis could be worth a video all on its own…
It's myth-y enough I'm still gonna put it in the same playlist, but it would've felt disingenuous calling it a myth, soooooo
Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up.
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Aboc Stark
Aboc Stark 8 soat oldin
Whoa, wait... this episode about the SNOW QUEEN?! Aw, poo. I thought this was the Little Mermaid!!!
Jordan Kalmov
Jordan Kalmov 8 soat oldin
Who are those little old ladles, and why are they so scattered
Ethan 13 soat oldin
The whole kidnapping thing sounds suspiciously similar to another movie... not Frozen
Robert The Wise
Robert The Wise 19 soat oldin
Ah yes, the well known tale of Key and Gürda.
ธนาเดช ศุภนัทนพร
ธนาเดช ศุภนัทนพร Kun oldin
...She’s an Literal personification Of *Plot armor*
Beck Phillips
Beck Phillips Kun oldin
"If you're having problems, try crying." I know you're joking, but like... it does help clear the mind.
Arika B
Arika B Kun oldin
R: "It's like Santa, but backwards!" ... "and also a crime" best line of 2021
Chad Riggs
Chad Riggs 2 kun oldin
All stories need organized magic grandmas to help the heroes
Queen CeceElla
Queen CeceElla 2 kun oldin
Make more of these videos please
Aalin Shea
Aalin Shea 2 kun oldin
There's genuinely a really good Hallmark adaptation of this story from... 2003? It's one of my fave films, and honours the original story a lot
Tangle Kelp
Tangle Kelp 3 kun oldin
"If you're having problems, try crying." Cheers I'll drink to that
AJB 4 kun oldin
Kay almost got ara ara'd to death
Fräulein Zuckerguss
Fräulein Zuckerguss 4 kun oldin
2:24 Nehelenia is calling 4:30 Now I'm starting to believe that Naoko Takeuchi is just really inspired by this fairy tale for that plot line
Loke 666
Loke 666 4 kun oldin
The real moral of the story is that you should rewrite the story so much that it is impossible to recognize it if you want to earn a billion dollars on it. Once you done that you can do terrible sequels without people caring. Poor HC, Disney has really screwed him over multiple times and I assume they will continue to do so for a long time.
Carenne Etienne
Carenne Etienne 4 kun oldin
I lowkey thought that there would be an explanation for why the story is called the Snow Queen but doesn't even feature her. Like a missing section of a written fable, some pages and/or chapters going missing from Hans Christian Anderson's journal where he originally recorded the story and him having to make up for it.
An Jepson
An Jepson 4 kun oldin
You should do more fairytales. I mean.. if you want to...
Gabriela Valdes
Gabriela Valdes 4 kun oldin
wow this is more of a complicated tale than Frozen
Valletta Petra Cyneran
Valletta Petra Cyneran 4 kun oldin
Mab is more interesting as an Icequeen
Akhmad Djuraev
Akhmad Djuraev 4 kun oldin
In Russia we have a screen adaptation of this cartoon. Snow Queen 1957
Angsty Cinnamon Roll
Angsty Cinnamon Roll 4 kun oldin
Who else loves the word folklore?
Dan_The_Talentless 4 kun oldin
i just realized frozen was inspired by this fairytale...
Dachusblot 5 kun oldin
Ah, my favorite fairytale of all time! I'll never forgive Disney for making "Frozen" instead of an actual Snow Queen adaptation. (And yeah, okay fine, I like "Frozen." But I really wanted an actual Snow Queen adaptation, dammit!)
Aster Antimony
Aster Antimony 5 kun oldin
Kay not realizing he's freezing because he's focusing so hard on the puzzle is concerningly relatable
The Muzzy
The Muzzy 5 kun oldin
Out of curiosity, anyone happen to know the song that plays from 2:20 to 2:35?
yecnay25 6 kun oldin
It just hit me that this is Frozen. Straight up elements from this got Disney’d and turned into Frozen.
Berserker 6 kun oldin
I want a full novel about robber girl. She sounds legit.
wolfstyle 2074
wolfstyle 2074 7 kun oldin
You know, there is a confirmation that Winter Schnee (a character from RWBY) is an allusion to the Snow Queen.
Jennifer Schillig
Jennifer Schillig 7 kun oldin
Please do more fairy tales. I'd love to see your take on Cinderella and its countless variants, Beauty and the Beast and its first cousin East of the Sun, West of the Moon, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, etc... (Also, you could do a lot with an entry on Andersen himself. Many of his stories fixate on shoes and/or foot trauma which could be the result of his father being a cobbler, his own romantic history influenced his often-sad stories, some of his stories were unnaturally cruel to girls who showed the slightest bit of vanity--honestly, have you READ "The Red Shoes"?--etc.)
Jennifer Schillig
Jennifer Schillig 7 kun oldin
Ever see the Russian animated version of The Snow Queen from the fifties? It was dubbed into English, with Sandra Dee, Tommy Kirk and Paul Frees among the voice cast. It's the best Disney movie Disney never made...and you can find both the English dub and the original Russian version with subtitles on UZpost. Disney started out trying to adapt The Snow Queen, but they just couldn't make the ending (with that whole non-confrontation thing) work, so it ended up morphing into Frozen. (Which, don't get me wrong, I love, but I don't get why Disney found it easier to write a whole 'nother story than to simply tweak the ending of the original. But scuttlebutt is that Disney's developing a live-action adaptation of the original Snow Queen story, so it looks like we'll have the best of both worlds.)
MarshmallowRockets Lillesøster-Sti
MarshmallowRockets Lillesøster-Sti 8 kun oldin
I think there’s a mistake with the introduction. Hans Christian Andersen is from the 19th century, not the 17th.
Parker McCalip
Parker McCalip 8 kun oldin
So, guess that means that the “Snow Queen” quest in Persona was more accurate than expected.
Kimberly Kenyon
Kimberly Kenyon 8 kun oldin
There’s an adaptation of the snow queen called breadcrubs
Gio Gio
Gio Gio 9 kun oldin
I prefer Narnia’s take on the ice queen as an antagonist, literally the ice queen did nothing... at all. its like she knew what was going to happen.
Leo Blatz
Leo Blatz 13 kun oldin
heheehe, i did this story as the school play in my grade 9 year and watching this is giving me good nostalgia
Willy 13 kun oldin
"She prayed. And her breath summons two spear-wielding angels that beat up the snow demons" So, she's a paladin.
Jan Negrey
Jan Negrey 13 kun oldin
17th Century? I realize it is a mistake, but I trust you enough that I thought I remembered wrong ;)
Harpastan Man
Harpastan Man 13 kun oldin
*Disney* "Uh oh... this is getting too deep. Quick! Throw in some comic relief characters!" *Fart jokes* "Phew, that was close, we don't need audiences relating this to real life."
Alex Panciera
Alex Panciera 14 kun oldin
And THIS is why I refuse to ever see Frozen.
Tata Almera
Tata Almera 14 kun oldin
"If you have problems, try crying' babe, I already *do*
max 11n
max 11n 16 kun oldin
Can we all appreciate how well she sings that outro song!
Soham Date
Soham Date 18 kun oldin
''lf you have probIems try crying about it'' seems so reIatabIe....
Soham Date
Soham Date 18 kun oldin
Lol I just replaced the small Ls with capital Is
Zerro Nyx
Zerro Nyx 18 kun oldin
Little did people know that one of those shards embedded itself into the internet and became the website known as **reddit**
The ultimate Internet lurker
The ultimate Internet lurker 18 kun oldin
Wooow! I love these vids! Can't wait Alice in Wonderland there something in the story to make video i guess.
danteelite 19 kun oldin
I love all of the cute little details Red draws... lol like the helpful old lady writing directions on a fish. Haha So random, but makes sense because why would she have any paper? It's a shame how fast she talks though, because you gotta be really fast to catch a lot of her beautiful handiwork! I just rewatch them from time to time and always notice something new! I see you Red! I appreciate your hard work and dedication, and I enjoy all of it. Thank you!
PP God
PP God 20 kun oldin
Song: crying in the rain
phanfinger 22 kun oldin
I'd like to see this via a streaming show. That would be neat.
Nonametome 23 kun oldin
Hearing the English pronunciation of Kaj, is so funny 😂 . KAY! It’s sound nothing alike. But thanks for telling H. C Andersen’s story. I hate how Disney sugarcoat the stories. Like Andersen stories can be really dark and end in tragedy or bittersweet ending.
BlackTearDrop 23 kun oldin
B-but... the snow queen? I'm so damn unsatisfied wtf? Is she based on something? A goddess? A Spirit? AHHHHHHHH
Battle Angel
Battle Angel 24 kun oldin
It sounds like the story is a loosely a very imaginative way of showing two friends losing touch as they go through adolesence and are more exposed to the influences of societal expectations (intellectuality and detachedness ig at the time of this story) and reconnecting later in adulthood by reconnecting and reminiscing or whatever when he finally "recognizes" her from back then, and are able to reconcile. This is honestly the closest I can get to an actual theme, someone else can probably break down the actual, borderline satirical journey she went on.
Faint366 24 kun oldin
Did you just imply that what Santa does isn’t a crime?
RoF112 25 kun oldin
OMG she said fractal shards of ice! Frozen Fractals all around!
simply one hell of a neko
simply one hell of a neko 26 kun oldin
And that kids is how Hans Christian Anderson inspired both C.S. Lewis' Jadis, the White Witch and Disney's Frozen
sleeepu 26 kun oldin
I KNEW I HEARD THIS SOMEWHERE!!! there was this cartoon movie when i was little !!!!
Djed Vartanes
Djed Vartanes 26 kun oldin
We don't have enough helpful talking animals in stories nowadays. More nice crows and rendeers please!
Maxine Zeizoi
Maxine Zeizoi 27 kun oldin
onestly, i can relate to the dude, im wlw, if i would be the snowqueen i would absolutly be ready to freeze to death to be her gf
CAM Wind Thuggish Animates
CAM Wind Thuggish Animates 27 kun oldin
Why aren't you a Mythos Teacher?
phantomsearcher 2.9
phantomsearcher 2.9 28 kun oldin
5:53 I see what you did there. You thought you could sneak a Borderlands 2 song in there without anyone noticing didn't cha? YOU WERE SORELY MISTAKEN!!!!!!
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 28 kun oldin
Ever heard of Trinidadian folklore? I like a lot of the tales there
Selkie_Maiden 29 kun oldin
Fun fact: the two ladies Gerda met before she found the Snow Queen's palace are the Sami woman and the Finnish woman. This means Gerda traveled all the way from Denmark(?) to the Lapland region of Finland.
Awkward Squirtle
Awkward Squirtle 29 kun oldin
It's like Santa, but backwards And also A CRIME. Is breaking and entering not a crime if you leave presents?
セーラームーンThumbellina P.
セーラームーンThumbellina P. Oy oldin
It would be so cool if you were to talk about Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, a female croatian H.C.Andersen counterpart. She wrote "The tales of Long Ago" and as a croat it would make me very happy if you were to review at least one of her fairytale
big clover
big clover Oy oldin
Rachel Norris
Rachel Norris Oy oldin
1:44 i have not,,, thank u for making the connection for me red lmao
Matt B's blogs and theory's
Matt B's blogs and theory's Oy oldin
Is no one gonna about about the author and how he his the roasting god in fgo?
Clover Oy oldin
I think the entire mirror fell on me
lucy starlight
lucy starlight Oy oldin
I wonder if Kay being de facto kidnapped was the inspiration for the White Witch in Narnia
but ter
but ter Oy oldin
What does this mean for Christmas? Think of all the Xmas specials, explanations of Santa and elves. What is the mythology of Santa Claus gonna be like if people 1000 years from now Come across Elve on a Shelve, Frosty the Snowman or The Nightmare Before Christmas?
Danielle 'Smith'
Danielle 'Smith' Oy oldin
The whole Snow Queen part kind of feels like set up for a sequel. She's gonna come home, totally unaware of the plot, find the puzzle solved and the boy she tasked with solving it missing. WTF happens if she tries to keep her promise to Kay?
Jennifer Schillig
Jennifer Schillig 7 kun oldin
@セーラームーンThumbellina P. In the Faerie Tale Theatre version from the eighties (you know, that show created by Shelley Duvall that featured adaptations of famous fairy tales with lots of big-name actors, directors, and writers), the Snow Queen was a GOOD GUY, rescuing Kai and keeping him safe at her palace while she tried to get him to spell "eternity", which would help him remember what was important in life.
セーラームーンThumbellina P.
セーラームーンThumbellina P. Oy oldin
I remember two endings for that 1. She actually melted down from Gerdas love for Kay and 2. She was actually a spring fairy under a spell (idk if that has anything to do with the mirror shards). Idk why Red didn't mention this. I'm gonna give you an update cuz I'm going to re read the fairytale soon.
Four Alive
Four Alive Oy oldin
Plot Twist : Gerda is manipulating the boy to love her....
Terestrasz Oy oldin
What's also rather interesting about the Snow Queen is that she is an antagonist and not a villain. Her role as being barely in the story is vague enough that her actual role can vary. For example sometimes, she may be a villain who wants to keep Kai for herself. Or maybe she is trying to help save him from himself. Or maybe she's cursed and needs Kai to help break it. (Or perhaps she knows Gerta will still come and thus that act will help Kai and the snow queen.)
Emilie James
Emilie James Oy oldin
17th-century author? Hans Christian Andersen was born in 1805, which was the 19th century.
zoebigmac01 Oy oldin
Hey I know about that mirror! I heard abt it in ever after high
Bo Han
Bo Han Oy oldin
Wow I thought I had depression but I was just hit with a mirror as a kid
T3chKn1ght Oy oldin
And Disney took all of this and somehow turned it into Frozen.
Ginger-Ale Oy oldin
There’s a Russian movie that sticks to this plot almost exactly. Americans seem to think it’s a frozen ripoff and not good because MAN IS IT SCATTERED. But that’s just how fairy tales be
Mercedes Gazda
Mercedes Gazda Oy oldin
once upon a time enters the chat
Donna Barr
Donna Barr Oy oldin
Prince Hans in Frozen is SO the mirror. He just reflects whatever seems good for him at the time.
Donna Barr
Donna Barr Oy oldin
Little girl in thrift store finds the original Little Mermaid. Her mom is reluctant. Me: “That one ends with her deciding to die to save her prince.” Girl whirls around to mom: “I WANT THIS ONE!!!!” She got it, too.
BlackCover95 28 kun oldin
Mad respect for a kid who can take that.
Mary Richmond
Mary Richmond Oy oldin
I think that mirror did That To ME.... OMGness...what the name of this tale
Michael Gibson
Michael Gibson Oy oldin
Narnia continued the story if not loosely
London Jackson
London Jackson Oy oldin
This sounds much less like a single fairy tale (think Perrault's Red Riding Hood/Cinderella/Puss in Boots, Brother Grimm's Snow White, Hans' Little Match Girl, Beauty & the Beast) & more like a bunch or random oral stories Hans' stitch together/rearrange when writing. I honestly get why Disney skipped 95% of this tale when Frozen's repeated development hell finally stopped & got somewhere, but at the same time IF properly rewritten/modernized this could make a good mini animated series...
random artist321
random artist321 Oy oldin
I had a book about this story when I was little, it was way before frozen came out so elsa wasn't the idea of snow queen I grew up with. Also some fun facts about my book version!: 1. When Gerta reached the princess and prince's castle, the royal couple were sleeping in huge flowers suspended from the ceiling. 2. The carriage they gave gerta was made of cookies and candies so it tantalized the bandits with more than just the gold. 3. The snow queen actually did try to stop gerta and kay from leaving but seeing her puzzle was solved she reluctantly let them leave.
Maryam Yekini
Maryam Yekini Oy oldin
So the snow Queen never kidnapped him
Advancering Newholder
Advancering Newholder Oy oldin
9:13 This is actually pretty good advice
Advancering Newholder
Advancering Newholder Oy oldin
6:19 She's the typical yandere girlfriend
ZaadinandSetsuna Rose
ZaadinandSetsuna Rose Oy oldin
I love that last picture where the snow queen shows up with a mocha like 'where did he go? Oh, he solved the puzzle! Good on him.' Also, gotta say, I get why he went with her. Cause he literally had a 'everything is awful' filter always on, both for his sight and his heart and he STILL saw the snow queen as the most beautiful woman ever. Which... considering the mirror amplified all the bad parts about something reflected in it... doesn't that mean she's not evil? Or bad?
Herohammer Studios
Herohammer Studios Oy oldin
Andre der virkelig hader når Amerikanere snakker om H.C Andersen?
Herohammer Studios
Herohammer Studios Oy oldin
Snedronningen is written by H.C Andersen... It's not a fable nor is it a folktale. It's... Folkeeventyr, which is closer to fairytale. Regardless, this video is impressively wrong about the story on a lot of levels. You could just read it, you know?
Lee Guo
Lee Guo Oy oldin
What's the ending song!!!??
Komala Hayes
Komala Hayes Oy oldin
Disney IS a towering pillar of capitalism...I'M STEALING THAT👍😍
Bo Cowan
Bo Cowan Oy oldin
I feel like Disney didn’t even read the original story 🤣
Coyote Oy oldin
Red: *explaining the mirror* Me: *side-eyes OUAT*
Maggie Howell
Maggie Howell Oy oldin
Omg please do the story of Rapunzel next
Em Beboso
Em Beboso Oy oldin
Red: If you're having problems try crying Parents:
Segev Stormlord
Segev Stormlord Oy oldin
I mean, yes, you did just reinvent the plot of Inuyasha, but at the same time, you're right: the demon mirror would be interesting. It also has distinct properties of its own that are not the Shikon no Tama's generic "empower demons" thing. A cursed protagonist with a shard in his eye could even be something like a cut-rate Shiki: he can see the flaws in everything, and weaknesses are flaws, so he can clearly see everything's weaknesses.
Strong Wolf
Strong Wolf Oy oldin
“It’s like Santa but backwards and also a crime” breaking and entering is a crime
Evan Butler
Evan Butler Oy oldin
Gasp... Is this a story that doesn't force the main characters who are friends into a romantic relationship? Especially since they happened to be different genders. And they even hug!? I didn't know there was such a thing! Jk, it's really refreshing to hear.
Tom Chapman
Tom Chapman Oy oldin
Why is this not a movie ☺️✨
Toothpaste Oy oldin
this is a surprisingly feel good story also "if you're having problems try crying" actually do that, it helps
Shi Shi
Shi Shi Oy oldin
i remember this fromy my childhood 💀
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