3 Dumb Italy Stories

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If I had the time and energy, I'd have researched for a new video, but I have neither of those things right now, so you get Italy. Don't worry, I made it extra snarky to compensate.
SOURCES & Further Reading: I, uh, well, most of the anecdotal information in this video came by way of tours I myself went on and somehow managed to retain 9 years later, but as always, you can find more on Florence & Venice in "Florence: The Biography of A City" by Christopher Hibbert and "A History Of Venice" by John Julius Norwich.
Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up.
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CharleTheMagne 17 soat oldin
You would think a city literally built on water wouldn't be so prone to fires xD
tyler patti
tyler patti Kun oldin
why is Copycat in the yikes? I feel like I'm missing a lot of context here.
Ethan 2 kun oldin
That opening wasn't that surprising. Once in early 2021, I came across a comment saying "yes, it really was this crazy in 2018"
cjoutright 3 kun oldin
I missed the entire point of this video because now I want Constantine with a beard
wedge 471
wedge 471 4 kun oldin
Is Rick Steves Europe still going? haven't heard of that show in a long time
mrkisukes 4 kun oldin
I also was planning a 2020 summer vacation to Italy, but some bitch named corona had to ruin those plans.
hbeachley 5 kun oldin
Do a Palladio episode! (Auto-corrected spelling, but I don’t think that’s right.)
Duncan Whitted
Duncan Whitted 6 kun oldin
Anyone else want the video about Palladio codifying Neoclassicism? Cause I think that actually sounds interesting.
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 7 kun oldin
As an Italian I can in fact confirm, we are very dumb.
Edward de'Lisle-Tarr
Edward de'Lisle-Tarr 8 kun oldin
Nice succinct video with about the history of some of those places. Not sure it needed as much 'historical apologist' as it had though.
Douglas Bubbletrousers
Douglas Bubbletrousers 8 kun oldin
Everybody could use a sabbatical
Secular reflecter
Secular reflecter 12 kun oldin
Thanks for calling out Venice’s dark side. Plunder and copy - Venetians’ main talents after ship-building and buy-cheap-sell-dear.
creepy whiteTrash
creepy whiteTrash 13 kun oldin
Great video, i really enjoyed watching it. I loved ac2 aswell back in the day. I know its a touchy subject but in ref. to your statement about museums i think there are a lot of cases where i would disagree with you. Perhaps the people that currently occupy a geographical area aren't related to the people of the time. Or just museums of just high esteem are usually a better home for a lot of exibits
اباتراب علي زامل
اباتراب علي زامل 13 kun oldin
6:20 same , it was truly beautiful. No flying maniacs tho, YET!!
Grant Donahue
Grant Donahue 15 kun oldin
Lets be clear, the Rosetta Stone wasn't an artifact plundered by colonialism. It was unearthed by the French during the Napoleanic Wars, and hauled back in 1802, five decades before Britain would establish any real influence there and eighty years before Britain had an administration in Egypt. Britain came to Egypt to fight napoleon, and then, when that was sorted, left, cap in hand, with the blessing of the Ottoman administration.
Sadie Lynn
Sadie Lynn 16 kun oldin
It's late, I have a lot to do, and I cannot. This video gives me life because I relate far to strongly to the "I should be THERE and doing THAT THING. But somehow the rest of the world has doomed me." vibe. Obviously not blaming everyone. But ya get my meaning.
Amir Syamsyul
Amir Syamsyul 20 kun oldin
Exhibit A: DOME
Francesco Boselli
Francesco Boselli 21 kun oldin
As an Italian I also agree with you: WHY THEY DIDN'T CHOOSE THE PALLADIO'S BRIDGE!! Anyway today is the 1600th birthday of Venice
Alessio Gennari
Alessio Gennari 22 kun oldin
Its so wierd listening to a guy complaining about not beign able to go to Florence, while i straight up live there
Sir Harry Dresden
Sir Harry Dresden 23 kun oldin
I would love to hear about that thing u cut on Palladio. That guy was interesting. I study history myself. When I started watching on hear it was for myths but I now use your history videos to share will people who can handle my "never shuts about everything history". Sadly once I get going I can't stop.
Leviathan The Serpent
Leviathan The Serpent 25 kun oldin
"All of them." Me: SOVI- Blue: "YES. EVEN THAT ONE."
LGC_ 123
LGC_ 123 25 kun oldin
Cool to see that cool boats don’t have any yikes
2-D 29 kun oldin
Did you mean Venezia?
Logan Showalter
Logan Showalter Oy oldin
Blue: Venice Me: *Deep Breathing* *_V E N E Z I A_*
Over the dreams
Over the dreams Oy oldin
*three dumb stories about italy* Me *currently living in italy for more than half a decade* : Oh Boy Am i interested!
Ron Ashly Galang
Ron Ashly Galang Oy oldin
1 mussolini back stabs hitler
Bradley Winn
Bradley Winn Oy oldin
Dunno blue, i think you dodged a bullet there mate, italy was pretty bad virus wise for a good long time, until you blokes took over with the whole death toll sadness
Annalea Mayer
Annalea Mayer Oy oldin
Poor blue 💙
Calico Koi
Calico Koi Oy oldin
Of corce Hitler couldn't escape aesthetic, he was an artist after all
Zeta Phi
Zeta Phi Oy oldin
Am I the only one who wants to hear about that bridge?
nicolainaret Oy oldin
Even though it might be ideologically right to display art where it originated, I am a realist and I would have preferred the Buddhas from bamiyan rather in an English museum then where they were...
Floz Acoustic
Floz Acoustic Oy oldin
man i you want to extend your trip, you can stay at my place in the Superba city of Genoa. so you can see both side of the best naval repubblic cities in italy.
Veronica Carrilho
Veronica Carrilho Oy oldin
Blue, which bridge should it have been? and why? Please answer these two questions cause curiosity hurts my brain when it peaks like egg whites turning fluffy clouds for my family's recipe for pudding. When the secret is that Brazilian pudding is just creme caramel from France, just usually in a bigger form.
I I Oy oldin
Someone's fucking Patreon name is in FUCKING IPA. THE FUCK.
Paper Good
Paper Good Oy oldin
Hi, I'm Italian
Ryan Trent
Ryan Trent Oy oldin
Not being in Italy is something I can relate to because my class was SUPPOSED to take a trip there as well as Greece, but then covid happened.
Cultist of unn
Cultist of unn Oy oldin
Blues search history definitely has nsfw domes bridges and Mozaic you will only reject it in fear of the truth ...
Cultist of unn
Cultist of unn Oy oldin
Big oof blue be gettin that millennial gen z experience
loremitic Oy oldin
Sending you a nice tuscanian meal through... I dunno, thoughts? Sincerely, a tuscanian watcher c:
Edson dos Reis
Edson dos Reis Oy oldin
The Venetian Republic did the right thing with the bridge...
LeviathanSpeaks1469 Oy oldin
I don’t know what’s more dumb... The fact that the Italian city states were never able to reunite for centuries after Rome fell or that the Ottomans never took that peninsula throughout that span of time 🇮🇹 🇹🇷
Fish Raposo
Fish Raposo Oy oldin
Blue, I want an 1h video of you going rampant on archtecture. BRING IT ON.
Niska Magnusson
Niska Magnusson Oy oldin
lower effort is still good with me man. Do what ya gotta do for your mental health, i'll still be watching these nice simple ones :)
Marceline The Dragon
Marceline The Dragon Oy oldin
Some errors I see, the Republic of Venice been the first state in the world to abolish slave trade... Only 800 years before the USA
Mrkabrat Oy oldin
Im starting to think Blue makes his girlfriend wear a mask of Italy when they are together...
Josse Nunez
Josse Nunez Oy oldin
Did blue ever take that nap
Goldenrod Prime
Goldenrod Prime Oy oldin
V e m b i s
Fernando Rivas
Fernando Rivas Oy oldin
First blue video I’ve watched
Sombeon Dusk
Sombeon Dusk Oy oldin
3:21 No please blue rant and gossip about neo classism my anarchist ass is deeply interested
Francesco Deledda
Francesco Deledda Oy oldin
romans didn't fancy a beard man, also roman history is about a millennia long, plus, italy didn't exist until roughly 150 years ago. different domains different friendships. and yeah, mussolini and friends were not very accurate. but you know, propaganda... we had a little war to keep going.. you know. also, nazis' pressure... you know. rough times for common folks. btw i've never seen any other ruler kick starting art like our italian lords back then, like, no matter what, build that shit. it's something. can't see anything dumb tbh ;)
Francesco Deledda
Francesco Deledda Oy oldin
like pisa tower: my lord the ground is real shite howw dare youuuu build that shit before yesterday! done my lord italians: still fixing it.
Glum Plum
Glum Plum Oy oldin
“albeit a little surprised I managed to veer onto fascism twice.” *checks date* ah
バンジョベンジ Oy oldin
1:40 Weebs: but what about J- Blue: No. Just no.
platomica Oy oldin
how come i wish you'd rather be able to travel to these places in the midst of one of the tourist hordes? hmm. must be the sarkasm.
Michele Masuh
Michele Masuh Oy oldin
*every Italian liked this* And yes I'm Italian
mcccld73 Oy oldin
Any chance I can call you, so you can explain properly, I haven’t really understood much.
daniele Dalmonte
daniele Dalmonte 2 oy oldin
Italian looking for "dumb". Disappointed, there's no dumb.
LCB 444
LCB 444 2 oy oldin
As Italian, i am honored of these sweet words, and hope you will be able to do this trip in the future. Hope you're well and fine, thank you or, as we say it, grazie !
Roger de Brantes
Roger de Brantes 2 oy oldin
One of the worst ´history’ video I’ve seen... do you realize that without the Crusades, christians would get conquered and, well... you wouldn’t exist? If a country is attacked, it must defend itslef. I’m bafflef at your weird conception that any war is due to pure evil of both sides. Especially in the middle ages.
Douglas Bubbletrousers
Douglas Bubbletrousers 8 kun oldin
YT evil!!!
crickets 2 oy oldin
Damnit that bridge story sounded cool
Ibney00 2 oy oldin
“Hitler categorically refused to bomb this bridge” Gee thanks Hitler
giulsrules 2 oy oldin
Loved it, mate. You got me on Filippo "Ultradiva" Brunelleschi. Can't wait for you to come down here in Italy. Spina di pesce is the way, ciacciao
Christopher Lormant
Christopher Lormant 2 oy oldin
Why english peple translate places like naples ecc its hard to say napoli? I think its not...
Douglas Bubbletrousers
Douglas Bubbletrousers 8 kun oldin
It’s named after Naples, Florida
BRVHTOPIA 2 oy oldin
Colonies don't deserve any of the artefacts lol
Douglas Bubbletrousers
Douglas Bubbletrousers 8 kun oldin
Most shit would be lost or destroyed
The Geopolitical
The Geopolitical 2 oy oldin
Hahahaha greetings from Rome 😂🍷🇮🇹
Vanessa Magnifier
Vanessa Magnifier 2 oy oldin
I love the videos of you both! You and red made mythology and hsitory very interesting for me. I never thought that I would be that interested in these old times. History wasn't a boring topic for me, but I was bored of just Napoleon, Hitler, etc. Oh and I love the chibi drawings. x3
Michele Pella
Michele Pella 2 oy oldin
Is it strange that I'm Italian and I enjoy your Italy themed videos so much?
Rick Hollass
Rick Hollass 2 oy oldin
Who bombed Florence (as for the rest of Italy) were the Americans/allies not the nazi
CertainDeath777 2 oy oldin
they built the bridge, with more space for boat traffic underneath
Ashfire 2 oy oldin
3:36 God damnit, Blue! How dare you make me hungry!
Steven Hoover
Steven Hoover 2 oy oldin
shame if they sent those artifacts back to where they belong they'd get destroyed.
Douglas Bubbletrousers
Douglas Bubbletrousers 8 kun oldin
It’s almost like people can’t even pause for a split second to think before virtue signaling and condemning Europeans
Andrea Fasolini
Andrea Fasolini 2 oy oldin
Thank you for the stories about Bologna, from Bologna. We can’t wait to welcome you in Italy ASAP
Sergpie 2 oy oldin
Mmmm, replete with virtue and stunning bravery. Where the hell in 1500s anywhere on earth was there no exploitation, slave trade, ruthless mercantilism, or “copycating”? The ottomans lead the way on that one. And, though by a different name today, are, in large part, responsible for modern-day slavery.
Schrödinger's Pavlov
Schrödinger's Pavlov 2 oy oldin
I think you pronounced balony wrong.
Douglas Bubbletrousers
Douglas Bubbletrousers 8 kun oldin
It’s actually buh-log-nuh
Francesco Gabrielli
Francesco Gabrielli 2 oy oldin
Hooray for Northern-Central Italy, definetely the best part of my Country and naturally where I come from! Greetings from The Marches, mate :)
nni9310 2 oy oldin
What happened to the lady narrator, who dissed Dante, Shakespeare, etc?
Tom Reit
Tom Reit 2 oy oldin
They made the right choice in regards to the bridge.
Valents 2 oy oldin
LoL, this are interesting things that native Italians doesn’t knows
Nerovir 2 oy oldin
I lived in both Venice and Bologna. I guess Neptune penis finger wasn’t interesting enough.
Frozen Milk
Frozen Milk 2 oy oldin
Stakhanovites 2 oy oldin
Yay! Low-effort history!
Simon Schnedl
Simon Schnedl 2 oy oldin
Bologna? Like in the song? Wonder how they are doing...
okkies master
okkies master 2 oy oldin
slave trade was everywhere, why is he trying to bring it up unnecessary? is this what they call virtue signaling ? love the animations btw, with the map
jeremy 941
jeremy 941 2 oy oldin
Hey. Hey. Hey. Don't spit your sentence over rialto and venice. Don't like it ? Fair But don't talk shit about us and our history
Angelo Fontana
Angelo Fontana 2 oy oldin
Campari > Aperol
Jue Wang
Jue Wang 2 oy oldin
dude, why do you only have 4 fingers....
M TPA 2 oy oldin
i dont get it. dude - just take a break ^^
zzocalu 2 oy oldin
i was expecting the bucket war story
Mattia Sinisi
Mattia Sinisi 2 oy oldin
Torna presto
John Miller
John Miller 2 oy oldin
Are you related to Armored Gregory?
Theotmt 2 oy oldin
Welcome to italy, where they failed at the battle of adwa, and the invasion of greece.
Paul G.
Paul G. 2 oy oldin
... And welcome to a completely nonsense comment
Patavinity 2 oy oldin
I think the Napoleon story is complete and total nonsense (hard to verify, of course, since you didn't bother to provide any sources) for several reasons. First of all, I doubt Napoleon cared especially about the statues on display in the various towns of Italy, and to the extent he did, it was with admiration. He admired the Italian artistic tradition. If anyone particularly desired to get rid of such a statue, it would have been the Bolognese Jacobins: the educated idealists who were thrilled by the ideas coming from France (democracy, republicanism, anti-clericalism, enlightenment, classicism) who became the leaders of the Italian sister republics after the French invasion. *They* might indeed have resented a statue of a pope in the city. Second, you can't just change the headdress of such a statue. One can't just 'carve' a papal crown into a mitre (as you claimed) because you can't carve bronze. The crown is an integral part of the statue. They would have had to have placed a larger mitre on top of the crown - a ridiculous proposition. So a far more likely account of events is this: after the proclamation of the Bolognese Republic in 1796, the republican leaders (possibly at Napoleon's behest) changed the inscription to remove any reference to the pope, as a political move rather than to deceive anyone. The crown remained unchanged.
Nonno 2 oy oldin
I can show you around Milan if you happen to pass by
Frank Dick
Frank Dick 2 oy oldin
Hey my family lives in venice!
Nikki 2 oy oldin
Blue. You are talking about stuff in Italy TODAY, which still bears the influence of it's recent-ish history, ergo Fascism. OF COURSE YOU veered onto it!
Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos
Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos 2 oy oldin
the Uffizi has some truly spectacular pieces in it, I'd really like to go there too some day , the Trevi Fountain is also something I'd love to see irl, it's so pretty lit up at night
UnoSquid 2 oy oldin
Lasagna is important.
Natilra 2 oy oldin
"Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get back to writing the Venetian Republic more angry letters about how they built the wrong bridge" >I die of laughter
Anthony Situm
Anthony Situm 2 oy oldin
i really dont think boofing means what you think it means
Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem
Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem 2 oy oldin
There's a video that questions if Sappho was a woman at all...WHAT
kemis 2 oy oldin
Well, if you start in Venice and plan to move on to Bologna, you could take a day or two longer and go by way of Padova, Vicenza and Verona.
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