YetAnother MetaName
YetAnother MetaName 11 soat oldin
The wyrm was trans because the white rose produced someone be who would be assigned as a daughter but was able to become biologically male after turning human change my mind facts and logic don’t care about your feeling.
Athena Alysanne Grey
Athena Alysanne Grey 11 soat oldin
As a Capricorn, that time traveling goatfish is a no-no
Oliver Griffin
Oliver Griffin 11 soat oldin
When you're a dragon, but still a simp.
LunarWing 11 soat oldin
7:32 whats that song?
Oliver Griffin
Oliver Griffin 11 soat oldin
This was fucking great. Can we have more small, but sweet fairytales like this?
Daed Nevar
Daed Nevar 11 soat oldin
red is really out here making me contemplate if loki was jesus and if the aesir were the assholes
Benjamin Dixon
Benjamin Dixon 11 soat oldin
Naziism and Communism are not on opposite ends of the political spectrum. The Nazis were an inherently left wing political movement. Everything about the state was based on socialism, all of it's founders were socialists. They literally substituted ethnicity/ nationality (ie; national socialism) for class in relation to whom the targeted group was warring against. Being racist, doesn't make it right wing. Having a large military and expansionist policies doesn't make it right wing, ask Soviet Russia, or Maoist China. Just because something is to the right of communism, does not make it a right wing ideology
Einflys 11 soat oldin
I like to imagine the cant wake up version of Red is her trying to wake herself up inside and having way too much fun and instead keeps sleeping to keep singing.
Lucas Ramey
Lucas Ramey 11 soat oldin
Great video but what's with the hate for Swedish Fish
Jacob Hanna
Jacob Hanna 11 soat oldin
i see a lot of parallels with "Brave New World"
G4ming _Raven
G4ming _Raven 11 soat oldin
I love how this is a "serious" video, then theres megalovania at the back, if yall didnt know lmao
spinz 11 soat oldin
2:13 yeah I'm ADHD, and my studying basically does look like this.
ოeep Meep
ოeep Meep 11 soat oldin
I've read one with the same two flowers thing but there were twin sisters instead, and the other sister isn't a dragon or anything, she just rides a donkey and bashes pans together.
Meme Samurai
Meme Samurai 11 soat oldin
The second Persian invasion is when the 300 Spartans did their last stand for anyone wondering from what I was told they had to hold their ground so that the athenians navy could come and kick the crap out of xerxes navy
Livious Gameplay
Livious Gameplay 12 soat oldin
Imagine shooting at one color and then being told to shoot a different color immediately and undoubtedly. And just trusting your new ally you just killed a buddy of because your Party told you that you can trust them now.
Kyle 12 soat oldin
I JUST put together that Red said "revamped" when talking about vampires
SPARTAN085B 12 soat oldin
Palestino 12 soat oldin
Do anyone realize that *Upper* Egypt is south of *Lower* Egypt,I guess It is for wealth or something?
Jacob cronshey
Jacob cronshey 12 soat oldin
"Self-Loathing Loner" So that's like raven from teen titans right? (Shows raven from teen titans) I'm a gemus smert purple! (shows Firefly) (I giggle like a fanboy) YAY!!!
Athena 12 soat oldin
Obviously the best fix to this plot hole is to make the Lindworm a woman and the shepherd lady a shepherd lady who likes other ladies, boom, gay in both ways plot hole free story.
Generic Legionary Recruit
Generic Legionary Recruit 12 soat oldin
samnites after having athena and jupiter in the same pantheon 😳
Pine Dragon
Pine Dragon 12 soat oldin
If I make a script and find a cast will you animate this Like full on animation
Jacob cronshey
Jacob cronshey 12 soat oldin
"Disclaimer, disclaimer, not out of the ball park" Modest much?
RogerDat Caballero
RogerDat Caballero 12 soat oldin
“You are like a baby, run around making noise, don’t know what to do” - Avatar-
Mashed Potato
Mashed Potato 13 soat oldin
nobody: krishna:NOM
Elly - Elysa tan
Elly - Elysa tan 13 soat oldin
Hey red,could you do a vid about jiraiya
SM OnTheRun
SM OnTheRun 13 soat oldin
Westerners: haha the Gods are angry Filipinos: ah shit, they're kissing again
angeldude101 13 soat oldin
Why is Hades always so awesome? When he's a villain, he's awesome, and even when he _isn't_ a villain, he's _still_ awesome! After everything else in Greek mythology, it's kind of amazing that Hades and Persephone just have a perfectly loving relationship as the king and queen of hell with their pet dog (who's name is apparently equivalent to... "Spot"... just in case you didn't think he was just a cute doggo), with Persephone even taking regular vacations to see her mom again. Why is this so wholesome?
Wolfie Magnet
Wolfie Magnet 13 soat oldin
In my opinion, Guardians of the Galaxy doesn't have a darkest hour, because the characters weren't heroes. They were a-holes. The scene you pointed out was where they decide to be heroes, together, which is why it seems off.
LUGERshom Dela Cruz
LUGERshom Dela Cruz 13 soat oldin
Hey Red, I know that the probability of you reading this comment is UNLIKELY, but I I'm gonna ask it anyway. Could you do a video on The Epic of Ibong Adarna? You already did one on The Epic of Mwindo so why don't you go back to the Philippines and do a video on a book that many of the high school students in that country apparently have to write a book report or something on. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!!! 😁😆😄
Mariana Mora
Mariana Mora 13 soat oldin
"This is my brother, he keeps us humble."
Anastasija Habarova
Anastasija Habarova 13 soat oldin
Why is nobody talking about Red's singing at the end?? That was kind of awesome, I'd love to her the full version 👀
cheezemonkeyeater 13 soat oldin
B O O T Y.
Abyssal Scion
Abyssal Scion 13 soat oldin
Hades and Persephone should hang out with Hestia from time to time. They're among the only gods who go out of their way to *NOT* fuck shit up.
Maso Trumoi
Maso Trumoi 13 soat oldin
Of course Hycinthus will gloss over the part where the majority of Spartans were a different enslaved ethnic group that they "purged" routinely any time they were getting populated enough that they might be able to rebel. Super progressive, though.
Spencer Manning
Spencer Manning 13 soat oldin
Good video! May I suggest the "reason you suck speech" as a possible topic? I find it so satisfying when a Villain or a pretentious jerk gets their ass whooped, verbally.
Jakegothicsnake 13 soat oldin
So no one else is going to remark on how eating both roses not only caused one of the twins to be born a dragon instead of human but also male instead of female???Additional adverse affect of eating both roses I guess???
Silver Magpie
Silver Magpie 13 soat oldin
Was that a cheeky Six of Crows "No mourners, no funerals" near the end? Lol
Heather M
Heather M 13 soat oldin
I love this, tho the version of Herakles & Hippolyta I heard was: When the Amazons freaked out thinking Herakles would kidnap their queen & busted in on them in bed, Herakles was like, "Ladies, ladies! There's plenty of me to go around!" And they were like, "Well... we have been wanting to repopulate for a while. It's really hard having kids in an all-women society." So Herakles, being Herakles, did it all in one night.
LUGERshom Dela Cruz
LUGERshom Dela Cruz 13 soat oldin
"Sir Gawain is probably the most boring of Arthur's Knights" Well Red, considering he's getting a movie by A24 pretty soon... you might want to consider preparing yourself to eat those words. Because Gawain's most famous tale is actually an underrated popular fairytale that this video didn't do enough justice to.
cheezemonkeyeater 13 soat oldin
F O O L I S H I N D I V I D U A L.
Mark Zhang
Mark Zhang 13 soat oldin
1:59 my replay stamp
jdzencelowcz 13 soat oldin
I know how the gold touch coulda worked: lay BOTH HANDS, or stumps if U R an amputee, on an inanimate item say something like "I WILL WHAT I HOLD BE TURNED TO GOLD" to do the thing say "I WILL WHAT I HOLD NO LONGER BE GOLD" with both hands/stumps on the item to reverse the spell. (the reversal could also B used to restore people/animals) SIMPLE.
Manuel Dos Santos
Manuel Dos Santos 13 soat oldin
Wow this woke UN Charter woke has invaded everything. Now Greece is evil they had slaves! This is like Soviet propaganda.
Brian Gerstel
Brian Gerstel 13 soat oldin
I can never decide if Guy Gavriel Kay’s take on the Arthur-Gwenivere-Lancelot triangle (in his Fionavar series) is brave or wishy-washy. Basically, Arthur is condemned to be reborn over and over forever because he killed a bunch of newborn children in an attempt to kill Mordred (this was my first exposure to this particular weird story) and as part of his punishment (and their own) Gwenivere and Lancelot also get reborn with him, so they have to go through uncountable lifetimes of noble suffering. Arthur and Lancelot are still stalwart friends-till-the-end, and Gwenivere still loves them both, and they all talk about their tragic situation with everyone else but can’t bear to talk to each other about it.
Kalyani Donga
Kalyani Donga 13 soat oldin
indian history !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Atharva 14 soat oldin
If just a meteor would've fell on Europe , all of us would've been so happy today and I'd be writing this comment in my native language !
Brandon 14 soat oldin
7:20 Look at Blue going super saiyan, lol
cheezemonkeyeater 14 soat oldin
"Which is a historical fanfiction all its own and not one I'm interested in." Can you at least give me the name for the sake of my own curiosity?
leminjapan 14 soat oldin
I regularly come back to rewatch this video and hope you'll do something similar with Artemis. She is SUCH a boss and central to so many myths, though you've already covered a lot about her in your Orion, Arachne, Atalanta, Niobe, etc videos. Maybe a compilation of what you've already covered with an intro explaining her origins and worship!
Lorens ?
Lorens ? 14 soat oldin
Patroclus didn’t date achilles(?)
HOWABOUTNO 14 soat oldin
Krishna is actually the Supreme God, Vishnu is an incarnation of Him. He is the Supreme Person, the Source of all incarnations and souls
Spencer Reed
Spencer Reed 14 soat oldin
Holy fuck, Crash Course did such a terrible job at this I had to come here to cleanse my fucking palette.
TB96 14 soat oldin
Not gonna lie Red I feel unfair for the strong female lead too. Plus I wish that Ghost Rider meet this male "protagonist" and give him a Penance Stare to death leave him a lifeless husk.
Trash Cat
Trash Cat 14 soat oldin
This was 9 and a half minutes of pure fun for me to watch and I love it. Thank you for bringing this into the world
flamos44 14 soat oldin
Well to be fair certain novels where you have time loop or parrel worlds it is more justifiable for example guy dies in one timeline but due to luck is able to have a second chance in another parrel world. In such a case if executed well charachter deaths even with charachters not dying could work well
gem 2004
gem 2004 14 soat oldin
Omg the song. YAS
GhostBear3067 14 soat oldin
Ok, tired of posting this as a reply to other people's comments so I will just put this here... The rape backstory for Medusa was entirely invented by Ovid centuries, or maybe even millennia, later because he loved writing anti-authority poems/stories after being exiled by Emperor Augustus. It had 0 basis in the original mythology. It was essentially fanfiction that has since gotten way out of hand. Yes Red brings this up in later videos.
Alestorm5000 14 soat oldin
I always thought that the creation of Pandora was to make a beautiful woman that the one God would drop his guard around, not to insult or hate half the population of Greece, as women existed far before this myth. (someone had to be cursed with childbirth, and there were goddesses in the mythology long before Pandora)
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean 14 soat oldin
Well that's about 200 thousand pages summarized.
companyoflosers 14 soat oldin
glad they animate the highlights because there is NO way im sitting through the dumpster fire that is their streams. and i say that affectionately since i love the channel, but MAN they don't know how to run a stream from a technical standpoint!
Artemis Suzuran
Artemis Suzuran 14 soat oldin
Okay, seriously. Great video aside, Red's singing is sooo lovely. 10/10 for the whole 13 minutes and 27 seconds!
Lucy Arduino
Lucy Arduino 14 soat oldin
Re: the cask of amontillado, I've heard some urban legends about it being based on a true story from the fort poe was stationed at in the army. as it goes fortunato was based on a lieutenant everyone particularly hated, and it was a group of enlisted men who did him in.
Anna S
Anna S 14 soat oldin
I got a military add during this video. THE IRONY
Au Kinser
Au Kinser 14 soat oldin
I'm so confused right now, but I also enjoyed this video immensely
Mark DiBuo
Mark DiBuo 14 soat oldin
What about the video game Nier Replicant?
Austin Soares
Austin Soares 14 soat oldin
Wow, so this is basically Macbeth and Paradise Lost combined and hundreds of years before either were written... I think I need lie down now.
M.C. Goodwin
M.C. Goodwin 14 soat oldin
blindoutlaw 14 soat oldin
1:36 Idea for a 40k imperial guard army
fairyofdark101 15 soat oldin
Anyone else want an album of reds cover songs?
Hellothere 15 soat oldin
So what I'm hearing is not reiner from aot
Alestorm5000 15 soat oldin
I find it a little funny that everyone is talking about what an idiot Sisyphos was and no one is talking about how awesome your rendition of the reaper is!
Mark 15 soat oldin
...and no mention of The Hulk? 'K.
Nizati 15 soat oldin
"The powerhouse is usually the one who gets hit first to establish how powerful the villan is" Me: I wonder if they will bring up Worf... "This is also known as the Worf effect" lol.....
Gear Bait
Gear Bait 15 soat oldin
Why does Patrick Stewart look like Chiang Kai Shek in this movie
Robert Scannell
Robert Scannell 15 soat oldin
It’s not really foreshadowing if it was written after the fact.
thecountalucard666 15 soat oldin
Remember the end of Dinosaurs?
kingbeauregard 15 soat oldin
The gods telling the various characters to do this or that ... I wonder if that's a poetic representation of, "this character decided to be reasonable" or "this character got real mad". Shrug.
Andrew Schembri
Andrew Schembri 15 soat oldin
I come from the far off year of 2021 to say that HOLY FUCK, it only got worse, with calling ANY female protagonist a Mary Sue. Even supporting characters who just happen to have boobs are now called Mary Sue. People are now starting to go back to older media and applying it there as well.