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OSPlays: HADES (ouch)
Trope Talk: Tragedy
3 Dumb Italy Stories
MISFIT Recon 13 soat oldin
Sometimes it's nice to have a story that's the equivalent of a heavy metal song
Ethan 13 soat oldin
The whole kidnapping thing sounds suspiciously similar to another movie... not Frozen
Emmit Stewart
Emmit Stewart 13 soat oldin
Romulus and Remus weren't raised by a wolf. A shepherd named Faustulus saw them being fed by the wolf and adopted them.
KittyKat Lawton
KittyKat Lawton 13 soat oldin
As I listen to Loki's history my one thought is, "Wow, all we are missing is Wu Kong coming into play somehow leaving a note for his friend Loki to say, hi." They're very similar in being chaotic and still helping others whether they caused the problem or not. The only thing that would make it sillier is if they sang the Father and Son song from Aladdin and the King of Thieves movie.
Noah Klinsky
Noah Klinsky 13 soat oldin
Do you guys think you could do a legends video on Tarzan? The whole “Dominance of the White Man” trope that saw this whole 20-something book series hit the best seller list across the entire world in the early 20th century??
Joshua Sanders
Joshua Sanders 13 soat oldin
No one's want after that platinum in the ocean?
Gregory Mathans
Gregory Mathans 13 soat oldin
I think this is a romantic comedy the way A Modest Proposal is a cook book. Shakespeare is commenting on a society where men have all the power and Patricio is the embodiment of how that power subjects women. To people in the audience who think that a woman's place is second to their husband this is the furthest the argument can be taken.
Erik Nieto Reynoso
Erik Nieto Reynoso 13 soat oldin
Beautiful video
Matthew Carlson
Matthew Carlson 13 soat oldin
??? I’m confused, i thought hel was queen of the dead and presided over helheim. But you said she was thrown into niflheim?
ogrejd 13 soat oldin
@9:40 - Since when did Romans avoid human sacrifice? What do you think was done in front of the temple of Mars with prisoners of war paraded through the streets of Rome during triumphs (including Caesar's)? No, the Romans might have normally saved it for special occasions, but they were no strangers to human sacrifice.
Craig Donnelly
Craig Donnelly 13 soat oldin
My favourite use of the damsels in distress are both in One Piece The first one takes place in the Water 7 saga (3 arcs Water 7, Enies Lobby and Post Enies Lobby) Where it shows Pirate Nico Robin captured by the world government And it uses this to not only explore the MC as an MC but uses it to incredibly develop Robin (The damsel) and make it clear who she is as a character while destroying me emotionally as a reader And the second is in Whole Cake Island And it's sanji the 3rd best fighter of the Crew and the chef Sanji can't break out and is forces into a marriage And again We use this to explore who he is and stuff that has been drip fed for 20 years and now we finally know the rest Two amazing example
Bumble 13 soat oldin
My god the whiplash of having the rampant racists at Extra Credits show up hurt my neck
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 13 soat oldin
All of the "pun-etymologies" saying that Easter was just stolen from pre-existing holidays are infuriating because IT'S ONLY CALLED "EASTER" IN ENGLISH AND GERMAN. Everyone else calls it some cognate of Passover. Yes, some of the *specific trappings* of the celbrations of Easter and Christmas in *certain cultures* come from pre-Christian elements of those cultures, but like... yeah, no shit, that's how cultural mixture works. Germans who convert to Christianity because of their exposure to Rome don't just culturally transmogrify into culturally Roman Christians. They're just Christians. Who are culturally German. Which includes culturally German traditions and ways of celebrating winter and spring and whatnot. There's no grand conspiracy or anything, and all the histronics about the ~pagan origins of Christianity~ are just people not understanding how culture fucking works.
kingbeauregard 13 soat oldin
About the hop from Old English to Middle English, there may well have been an important step along the way: the Vikings settling in England. I shall explain. If you've studied German, you know there are four cases, three genders, plus singular and plural; it gets complicated. Old English a.k.a. Anglo-Saxon had all of those same features, and was comparably complicated, and I stress that a lot of that was not strictly necessary for comprehensibility. So what happens when, as a a resident of Mercia (or wherever), you find there are Danes moving in next to you who don't speak Anglo-Saxon? Well, you'll probably start speaking a very very stripped-down version of Anglo-Saxon, with as few of the inflections as were strictly necessary, so that you can engage in meaningful communication. It would have sounded like caveman talk -- "you may borrow plough; we can drink beer this evening" -- but it was adequate. That is, I postulate, what Old English turned into, after only a couple generations of Danish neighbors and nobody bothering with dative masculine inflections in everyday speech. We already know that the Danes introduced a lot of vocabulary; they even brought some redundant cognates, for example "skirt" to go along with Anglo-Saxon "shirt". So there is plenty of evidence of linguistic influence, and it may have gone past vocabulary. "But we have writings in Old English well past the Danish settlement that still have all the cases and genders and stuff! Explain that, smart guy!" Yes, those writings were using traditional picture-perfect Old English, but note that they were very formal, very official writings. That was the language of highly educated men making very important records, so it's very likely that they were writing in the most educated fashion. It was (I speculate) almost exactly the same way how the Latin used on the streets of Paris morphed into French, while in the monasteries they were still writing in very formal Latin. Anyway, that's what I suspect happened to all the inflections that were features of Old English but not Middle English. Once that was done, all that was left was loading Old English up with French / Latin vocabulary to bring it to Middle English.
Safehouse 13 soat oldin
Does this mean jesus will be in the next thor movie?
Ethan 13 soat oldin
Alright, now I know that if a fox moves into my house and declares that she's my wife, all I need to do is insult her smell
Fedoramaster 13 soat oldin
The whole silver hand thing nearly ruined how cool the elven language in the inheritance cycle is
Frederick 14 soat oldin
oh yeah, if there is just on single shared thread, humanity is going to work together and be super great to solve it. Isn't that what we all learned in the Covid19-Pandemic. (-;
TreeFolkDruid 14 soat oldin
I recommend you all to read "Lore Olympus". It is so good.
lettner 14 soat oldin
the myths of the ancient world almost seems like the Marvel/DC comics of that time.
Infinite _ Rotation
Infinite _ Rotation 14 soat oldin
I get what she’s saying about rey but the problem is that her just learning force powers on the spot is a bit of a stretch. Before Luke could levitate objects with the force he had to train with yoda and yet here Rey is managing to Jedi mind trick someone with no prior experience. The force isn’t something you can just use, its a very soft magic system but its still established that you need training and experience to pull it off effectively. On that note however imagine if ray still used the force but it was very clearly shown that it was unfocused and unrefined possibly even dipping into her using the dark side. Imagine an escape sequence of her ripping apart the station as her untrained force powers run rampant tearing the place apart around her as she fights her way out in frantic desperation.
Tristan Harrington
Tristan Harrington 14 soat oldin
Have always loved this tale. Subscribe earned!
Amanita Muscaria
Amanita Muscaria 14 soat oldin
Right, so how many changes need to happen to get to the point where Loki, fucked a wolf, got fucked by a horse and have birth to an octo-horse and then did something with a serpent.
David Perry
David Perry 14 soat oldin
Curious fact: There is a major meteor shower, the Perseids, that seems to come out of the Perseus constellation. A shower of gold? And one of the stars that now comprises Medusa's head is Algul, which, because it is actually a binary star system, winks out every three days as one star eclipses the other. The eye of the Graeae?
Melody OfBlue Wings
Melody OfBlue Wings 14 soat oldin
Yeah I came from genshin impact 😌
Bush 14 soat oldin
18:00 it only gets better +w+
George Payne
George Payne 14 soat oldin
wow, the loki at 1:27 is hot
SuperEdo07 14 soat oldin
Only lesson I see here is don't tell your animal wife about the skin you stole. You take that information to the grave.
Carrie Hunt
Carrie Hunt 14 soat oldin
“I am only an egg”
Denis Pepic
Denis Pepic 14 soat oldin
Oh so that's where the concept of the gold and silver brothers comes from
Viktoria Baugher
Viktoria Baugher 14 soat oldin
10:42 makes me want to watch Hellsing Abridged again
Garnet _gaming
Garnet _gaming 14 soat oldin
Why tf isn’t this an actual anime
Icarus Irving
Icarus Irving 14 soat oldin
As someone who's legally changed their name to Icarus, I'm very glad you've covered this one already. (Really enjoying your channel!!)
Em Beboso
Em Beboso 14 soat oldin
nobody is talking about how the roc egg card was a bird creature
Micah Mock
Micah Mock 14 soat oldin
If only her slideshow was bigger so I could read it on my phone.
Rashid Sa'di
Rashid Sa'di 14 soat oldin
Does gimli from lord of the ring fit into this archetype, because he has funny moments but he is not a complete blithering idiot but he is also a badass warrior too....
Stella29 14 soat oldin
I always thought that his role in society way back when was that (just like the gods would) he was blamed for things going wrong like- oh this minor inconvenience happened? Guess Loki was messing with you, so basically you prayed to him so that hopefully he would be satisfied and not pull a prank on you and you’d have overall better luck 😅
Âriš •
Âriš • 14 soat oldin
The white horse might be from the whole christanisation thing, bc in revelation jesus rides a white horse into battle (I think also the four horsemen of the apocalypse are there?)
Leopardmask 14 soat oldin
When my dad and I were watching The Librarians for a while, I was absolutely baffled by the main characters' romantic subplot and I honestly hated it. I didn't catch any sort of buildup - I suppose maybe there was some I missed, I can very often be as oblivious to this stuff as Red, but iirc they've kissed by the end of episode 1 or 2 and that first kiss to me was ????? because I frankly did not see the chemistry at all, and continued to not see the chemistry through three and a half seasons. My dad was very confused by *my* confusion and said I was just a cynic, but I stand by my opinion that it was Not Good.
Simon Lamkin
Simon Lamkin 14 soat oldin
hearing the words "a mysterious color unlike any seen on earth" again threw me so much i had to put down my sandwich
Brian Sweetman
Brian Sweetman 14 soat oldin
Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment!
all4ourking1 14 soat oldin
It's funny to hear you say "free will is pretty concrete irl." Definitely made me go "um... Sam Harris wants a word"
shinraset 15 soat oldin
I know this isn't a video concerning Pan but I wanted to share some thoughts. I get this funny little image in my head of Pan going through the woods and then all of us and he roars out, "Worldstar b******!" Or I see the the scenario of someone telling Pan to show them his war face. One terrifying roar bleat later and everyone is ducking for cover!
Art 15 soat oldin
Your hair is like a blanket (✪ ﻌ ✪)
\/ 15 soat oldin
I feel like you would love to do deity work with hades, he’s like a goth dad and he’s really sweet
Joshua Sanders
Joshua Sanders 15 soat oldin
This series hasn't ended has it? Or the modern classics one
Jack Hendrickson
Jack Hendrickson 15 soat oldin
For wierd monsters, you forgot the snake with 100 mage hands
Kara Schmidt
Kara Schmidt 15 soat oldin
@OverlySarcasticProductions just wondering, how much connection does Persephone have with Ereshkrigal, the Sumerian goddess of the underworld? The “dread Persephone” narrative definitely appears similar on the surface.
Emma Elg
Emma Elg 15 soat oldin
Ok lol Izanagi: It's so dark in here I can't hear anything.. like what... dark? sound? ugh
Lamc B.
Lamc B. 15 soat oldin
Reading Lore Olympus on Webtoons, I knew there was something whack about Kronos supposedly only eating Hades and Poseidon. I vaguely knew that the other gods except Zeus had been swallowed too, but had to come fact check here
Adisura 15 soat oldin
Kali and sakhmet would be besties
Myne 15 soat oldin
I swear the logs in the fire looked like a sniper
Karma Retribution
Karma Retribution 15 soat oldin
Capricorn Ignored Since Creation
Emmanuel Durán
Emmanuel Durán 15 soat oldin
Now that 3 years have passed can you tell us the name of the show you didn't want to spoil?
Erin Jardine
Erin Jardine 15 soat oldin
Urban fantasy BOOK SERIES recommendation: The DRESDEN FILES BY JIM BUTCHER
Erin Jardine
Erin Jardine 15 soat oldin
Books, not tv show. The show sucks.
Son Goten
Son Goten 15 soat oldin
i thought it was the eye of horus but okay
Dom J
Dom J 15 soat oldin
Can we appreciate how interesting these videos are?
Fox Hound1878
Fox Hound1878 15 soat oldin
The Major
The Major 15 soat oldin
Loki is from the word Lúka, it's the noun form of the word. Lúka means to end in that case, it's the dative form Lokit and Loki is the proper noun of that verb. Oh and it means Concluder. And he most likely was a God of Law and Order. He was the one to bring the Judgment of the Gods, Ragnarok. The only god who was innocent was Baldur, and as such Baldur was the only god spared in Ragnarok. This is the most likely scenario, as even Odinn's name means Mad One. This also makes sense with Utgarda Loki. As Utgarda Loki gave trials to Thor Loki and their 2 servants. Impossible trials, such as drinking the ocean, fighting time, lifting the world, and racing against thought.
Dank_Smirk 2nd Channel
Dank_Smirk 2nd Channel 15 soat oldin
Pygmalion and his robo waifu with giant pants.
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander 15 soat oldin
We are men, manly men! We are men, manly men! Care to dance like a true man. Skyrim shuffle!
Augustus 1909
Augustus 1909 15 soat oldin
damn stories like these make me cry
Sonic THD
Sonic THD 16 soat oldin
Im kinda surprised they look extremelly similar to their drawns
Sharp Xenon
Sharp Xenon 16 soat oldin
also 1:03, I think red got the pronunciation incorrect as, Bramhan ( pronounced with a d in the end. dont ask me why . its sanskrit) is basically the universe. While brahmin (or romanticized brahman. again. dont ask me how) is a person who understands or uses that power. Hence the top of the caste system
King Crimson
King Crimson 16 soat oldin
so loki is just eren
Freja Nielsen
Freja Nielsen 16 soat oldin
I love Theis long videos, i would love ond abort hepheistos or hades ! ❤️❤️❤️
Tamás Aradi
Tamás Aradi 16 soat oldin
I would love to see a movie about this!
Sonic THD
Sonic THD 16 soat oldin
> He goes to Nun which is literally space (fun fact: egyptians thought it was an ocean) Palkia: I told them the same regarding my type and no one bought it
Franziska von karma
Franziska von karma 16 soat oldin
The "a lot of feelings" reminded me of the "Unnecessary feelings" line in ace attorney.
Kene Ifezue
Kene Ifezue 16 soat oldin
Oh my goodness, the music choice just makes me love you even more~
Laura Chalmer
Laura Chalmer 16 soat oldin
I love the personal horoscope at the end 😂.
Dark Raptor
Dark Raptor 16 soat oldin
Blue: She's hundreds of miles away- Red: *angry godzilla noises*
Innokentiy Iakounitchev
Innokentiy Iakounitchev 16 soat oldin
PieTheGoon 16 soat oldin
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell 16 soat oldin
Holy Crap he did a Darth Sidious and became the senate
Hawaiian Homestead
Hawaiian Homestead 16 soat oldin
-- 17 soat oldin
Xanatos is the best
David Maxwell
David Maxwell 17 soat oldin
The vengeful parent angle was not one I was expecting for Loki, but honestly I kind of like it! Also it wasn't mentioned in the video, but Loki was bound to that rock under a snake by his son's entrails. After the Aesir turned said son's brother into a wolf and had him murder him. So a little more torturing of Loki's children to add to the pile.
Bumble 17 soat oldin
"Don't get any ideas" Me who just wants to alleviate my student debt: Awwwww